The Stepbrother Ch. 03

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Snow fell heavily outside a restaurant, with the name Santoni outlined in green neon along the top edge of the building. Several people left out the front door and four of those broke off from the group and piled into a maroon SUV parked in the back.

“So cold,” said a young woman as she closed the back passenger door of the SUV and began rubbing her hands together. “I wish I was in that sauna right now.” She was pretty, with mascara-covered lashes over her pale blue eyes. Her platinum blonde hair was waist-length and her bangs framed her large forehead. She had a button nose with ring through her left nostril. She was tall and thin, wearing fuzzy pink earmuffs, black leggings, a pink coat, a tight knee-length skirt, and calf-high fur-lined boots.

“It doesn’t just make you warm. It’s supposed to be healthy for you Ashley,” said a girl with glasses, who sat next to her in the back. The glasses were frameless over her green eyes and her honey-blonde hair was braided tightly in a bun. A vest, a long sleeved blouse, an infinity scarf and thick wool pants, were loose over her body, which gave her figure a boxy look. She was the only one without makeup, but her face was pretty with large round cheeks, an upturned nose and thick lips with a bit of acne on her chin.

“Really Caitlyn? Who says?” Ashley argued back.

“Mom did. And I looked it up online,” she said shaking her smartphone in the air. “Right after our stepfather suggested that we go.” They all buckled up. “You’re supposed to have a shower to rinse before and after. And take off all jewelry and glasses or they could burn your skin.”

“Courtney could you be Navigator again?” said a young man in the driver’s seat to the woman in the front passenger seat. He was quite attractive and thin with cerulean blue eyes. He looked to be older than Ashley and Caitlyn, probably in his early twenties, with short styled platinum blonde hair. He wore a thick wool jacket, over a polo, and dark denim pants. “I don’t quite remember how to get back to the rental house.”

“It’s not that far away Aiden. You seriously don’t remember?” said the woman, who looked to be a similar age. She was beautiful as well, and looked related to the others with thick lips and slightly upturned nose, a narrow chin, sky blue eyes, and long flowing golden blonde hair. As Aiden turned on the car and warm air started flowing from the heat vents she unbuttoned her thick wool coat, revealing an exaggerated hourglass shaped figure, with amazing cleavage in a green ankle length dress.

“I would know how to get back if it wasn’t so dark,” said Aiden. “It’s hard to see street signs and everything Courtney.”

“Maybe we should have done Uber,” she said, opening a map app from her phone.

“I like driving,” he replied. “So are we all going to the sauna?”

“I don’t know,” Ashley said, removing the pink earmuffs.

“I am,” said Caitlyn as she adjusted her glasses.

“For reals?” Ashley said incredulously. “I thought you’d be afraid of Marlon and Mateus seeing your ankles,” she said with a laugh. Caitlyn shook her head dubiously.

“I’m not going to be naked. But for the health aspects… as long as the duration is limited to 20 minutes and you rehydrate immediately after with 200mL of water, saunas are fine.”

Aiden started laughing with Ashley and Courtney joining in.

“What’s so amusing?” Caitlyn asked.

“How you make everything sound like science class,” Ashley said with a straight face.

“Hey what was it with you and the waiter?” Courtney asked.

“Which one?” Ashley replied.

“The really tall guy,” Courtney said.

“He reminded me of this guy in my English class, but hot.”

“Did I see you give him your number?” Courtney asked.



“Why does it matter?” Ashley asked. “I’m eighteen, I can make choices for myself.”

“We’re only here for a few days,” she said dubiously.

“Hot is hot,” Ashley said flatly.

“Same old Ashley,” Aiden said with a smile.

Courtney pushed down the sun visor and examined her eye makeup in a small lighted mirror.

“Did you notice how Marlon ordered the most expensive thing on the menu?” Aiden asked.

“Steak,” Courtney said, noticing a small wrinkle on her face. She frowned and cursed quietly at the mirror. “But the food wasn’t that good. Mother said it would be high end…”

“So he ordered steak?” Ashley replied. “You vegan now?”

“No, he’s obviously just here for our money,” Aiden said.

“The dinner wasn’t that bad Courtney,” Ashley said. “And I wouldn’t blame him because he ordered fuckin’ ribeye.”

“Language please,” Caitlyn said.

“Shit, fuck, pussy, fuck,” Ashley said with a smile. Caitlyn shook her head in disappointment and Courtney laughed.

“I’ve missed you guys,” Courtney said. She hadn’t laughed like that in a while. Things had been too serious lately.

“A real greeting card moment,” Ashley giggled. “So how’s your boyfriend Jim?”

“Ok,” Courtney replied.

“Just ok?” She asked dubiously.

“We’re canlı bahis just really busy, hard to make time for each other.”

“I see,” Ashley said.

“I bet you’re excited about that movie though?” Aiden said.

“I’m a little nervous of what it will mean for my career, but I’m hopeful,” Courtney said. She had only just brought up the movie prospect over dinner. It was an independent drama movie, with her in one of the leading roles.

“It’s fuckin’ cool,” Ashley said.

“I’m still a bit hesitant, because it’s not with a big studio, but Jerry explained how I can use it to springboard to higher profile movies.”

“Your agent?” Aiden said.

“Yeah. I mean obviously I deserve a better movie, but I think I waited long enough.”

It was quiet for a bit. Courtney was proud of this recent career opportunity, but still nervous she would be stuck doing indy movies forever. She had gotten a lot of offers for horror movies or drama with nudity. She was primarily known for her body because of how she started modeling swimsuits and underwear, but her agent was able to find a leading part in a small movie that didn’t require her to be naked. She felt like she was starting to be rewarded for her acting talent and not just her looks.

“I miss nana,” Caitlyn said suddenly. “We always see her at Christmas.”

“Yeah,” Courtney said sadly.

“The cold wouldn’t have been good for her,” Aiden said.

Their grandmother’s health had been declining over the last few months. They were all quite close with her when they were little. For the moment Courtney was just happy her grandmother was still alive, although she didn’t know for how much longer.

As they arrived at the house and parked, Aiden cleared his throat.

“So what do you girls really think of Marlon?”

“He seems nice. Devoted to family, but not very focused at school,” said Caitlyn, pushing her glasses back into place.

“Why do you think that?”

“Because of how he lost his football scholarship when his GPA dropped. Mom told me that’s why Mateus is helping him with college.”

“He’s an idiot,” Aiden said.

“And you’re a grade A student?” Ashley replied. Aiden frowned in response.

“How about you Courtney, what do you think about him?” he said.

“He’s not smart, that’s for sure.”

“Yeah all he has are looks,” Aiden said.

“Just like you,” Ashley replied.

“Mean,” Aiden replied.

“I’m joshing.”

Aiden turned off the engine. The rental house was nestled in the snow covered woods. They stopped their conversation and went inside to get prepared for the sauna.

They individually changed their clothes in the comfort of the rooms, rinsed in a warm shower briefly and then began going outside to the sauna in the back of the house. Courtney was one of the first. The air outside felt freezing, but when she entered the 10×10 steam room, she immediately began to sweat.

Courtney has taken off the robe and sat down. Her large breasts were wrapped with a white sauna towel and her amazing neckline, shoulders, trim arms, and athletic legs were showing.

Aiden sat in the center of the bench that wrapped around the inside of the sauna. He had removed his robe completely, only a white towel laid over his lap for modesty. He was quite slim, without much fat or muscle on his tall frame.

“Good, very healthy,” said a handsome man in a thick Brazilian accent as he came in and sat. He was Mateus, Courtney’s stepfather who had brown skin and graying temples in his hair. He sat on the other side and opened his robe, revealing a body that was a little overweight, but not unexpected for his age.

“A nice way to end Christmas Day,” said Courtney’s mother Cara as she sat next to Mateus. She had a beautiful oval-shaped face similar to her daughter’s, but she had green eyes and her hair was layered, chest-length, and champagne blonde. She had a wrapped towel around her fit body. The only sign of her being older than Courtney was the hint of crow’s feet on her face.

Ashley sat next to Courtney, her thin arms and legs were glistening and her body was in a relaxed position. She had removed her nose ring just as everyone else had removed their jewelry.

The door opened and their stepbrother Marlon came in and sat across from Courtney nearest the door and Mateus. He had his thick black hair styled in a short fohawk fade. His handsome face was characterized by light brown eyes and a square chin with thick lips and a soul patch of black hair. He was tall, at least six feet, and his muscular chest peeked beneath his robe.

Caitlyn came in last and sit next to Courtney. She left her robe on, the fabric reaching mid-thigh.

Marlon shrugged off the top of his robe, revealing the chiseled muscles of his torso. He was built like a V, with square shoulders above a wide muscular chest and rock hard abs.

Courtney thought she heard a sigh. Did she made that sound? The sight of his body seemed to excited her. She closed her eyes and tried to relax, but the heat made it difficult. As she bahis siteleri was breathing heavily she noticed how quiet it was. There was something about the sauna that made her family very calm.

Courtney opened her eyes slightly and glanced to her mother who was removing her towel and setting it on her lap. She had some plastic surgery about a year ago and Courtney was very impressed. It wasn’t too extensive, a breast reduction and lift. Most of her results had been the exercise she was doing.

Courtney looked to Mateus next, but only briefly between his legs. She wondered if he was as big as his son Marlon, but “little Mateus” wasn’t even close. She smiled and closed her eyes again, leaning back against the wood.

She tried to slow her breathing and using the techniques she had learned in yoga. She started to feel much more relaxed and she began to feel drowsy.

Her thoughts went back to when she had arrived to this rental house in Colorado a couple days ago…


Courtney was impressed by the Chalet as the Uber pulled up to the house. It was only one story tall and built on a mountain with an amazing view. The tall angled roof and ground was covered in a thin layer of snow. The driver dropped off Courtney by the door with her four bags of luggage.

With her heavy black coat pulled tightly closed as it began to drizzle, she pressed the doorbell. There wasn’t an answer, so she rang it again. The door opened and her stepbrother Marlon was standing there. He was dressed comfortably, in a long-sleeved shirt and loose jeans.

“Hey Courtney,” he said.

“Hey? I thought you weren’t coming.”

“I changed my mind,” he said with a shrug.

“Looks like you packed enough for everyone,” he said, looking to her four large luggage bags.

“Shut up,” she replied defensively.

“I’ll help you with ’em.”

“No, I can get them,” she protested as Marlon took the handles of two, one in each hand.

“Honey?” said her mother Cara, as she came into view. Her dark jeans hugged her legs and a long white turtleneck covered her torso with a cream colored vest and dark gray knitted scarf. Black lashes framed her green eyes and dark pink gloss colored her lips, but the rest of her makeup was subtle. She was only a few inches shorter than her daughter.

“Hi Mom,” Courtney said with a smile. Her mother embraced her. When they broke their hug she heard a feminine voice.

“Hello Courtney.” It was her youngest sister, who was dressed in loose pajamas.

“Hi Caitlyn,” Courtney said with a smile and they immediately held each other close. “It feels like forever since I saw you last.”

“I know, I’ve missed you.”

“Is it raining outside?” Caitlyn asked, feeling her sister’s wet clothes.

“Just sprinkling, though I thought it would be snowing here. You’re all ready for bed huh?”

“Yeah I’m usually asleep by now,” she said with a yawn.

“Mateus and I are going to get ready for bed as well,” their mother said, “You can put your luggage in the room at the end of the hall, just follow me.”

“Ok,” Courtney replied.

While Marlon took three of her bags, Courtney carried the last. As they entered the living area, she immediately noticed a couch with a pullout bed. The sheets and pillows were already set up. There were a couple comfortable looking armchairs flanking the couch and a rocking chair. On the wall in front of the couch was a large flat panel television.

“You and Ashley get to sleep here,” she said, indicating the pullout bed.

Wasn’t there a normal bed they could sleep on? They were going to be here four nights, she thought to herself as she furrowed her brow in annoyance.

Marlon moved past them with the luggage, presumably to drop off the bags.

Lying in the pullout bed with her phone was Ashley. She was under the covers wearing a pajama shirt with a lace hemline. Her thick lips were covered in pale pink lip gloss and her face had a blank expression as she typed on her phone.

“Hi Ashley,” Courtney said.

“Hey sis,” she said, looking up. “Nice coat.”

“Thanks, how’s the bed?”

“It’s ok. At least it’s soft.”

“Where’s Aiden?”

“Bathroom,” she said, looking back down.

“Ok, see you later.”

They followed the direction Marlon was heading, past the kitchen and around to the rear of the house.

“Here’s the back entrance,” her mother said, pointing to a door. It was inset with a window that revealed a small foyer leading to another door. “There’s a sauna and hot tub outside,” Cara said with a smile. “And the Master bedroom is on the left over here where Mateus and I are staying.” Her stepfather came from the room Cara had indicated with his arms outstretched.

“Courtney, so good to see you again,” he said with a smile. He hugged her and kissed her cheeks. She gently reciprocated his hug.

“How was the flight?”

“It was alright.”

“Well I hope your ready to have some fun in the snow. We’re all going to the resort tomorrow.”

“Sure,” she said with a wan smile. bahis şirketleri He turned back around to the bedroom as they went down the other side of the hall.

“Here’s where Caitlyn and Aiden are sleeping.”

They entered a spartan bedroom with a twin bed on each side perpendicular to the entrance. Caitlyn picked up a Bible that was laying on the bed and after getting beneath the covers she began to read.

Then they reached a bathroom where her brother Aiden was brushing his teeth. He was already dressed in a plain white tee and pajama pants.

“Hi Aiden,” Courtney said with a grin.

“Hey Courts.” He gave a white smile and then hugged her before returning back to brushing.

“He just got here this morning,” her mother explained.

“This is the bathroom you’ll all share, but there’s also a half bath in the living room if you need it during the night.” They moved to the last room at the end of the hall. “You can keep your luggage here,” she said, entering the room at the end of the hall.

Marlon was sitting at the edge of a Queen size bed, starting into his phone. Her luggage was standing inside a small open closet in the wall.

“Why don’t Ashley and I share this bed?” Courtney asked her mother.

“Your sister tried it last night, but it was too hard for her.”

“The harder the better,” Marlon said with a smile.

Cara laughed and Courtney rolled her eyes. Despite their experiences together, Courtney still didn’t like Marlon as a person. Their brief physical relations were the only good thing, but Courtney thought of those as mistakes.

“I’ll just grab my things and get ready in the other bathroom.”

“Ok I’ll see you tomorrow morning honey. I’m so glad you could make it,” Cara said, giving Courtney a hug.

“Me too,” she said. Cara left and Courtney put one of her bags on the end of the bed.”Could you leave for minute while I change?” she asked her step-brother.

“Sure,” he said, standing. He grabbed a toiletry bag from the top of the dresser and walked out of the room.

She closed and locked the door with a sigh before she grabbed a small bag and a compact and sat at the edge of the bed. She took a wipe from the bag and carefully removed her makeup. Then she removed all of her clothes except for her panties. She had an hourglass shape to her figure, characterized by an enviable bustline and ass. She put on a cream colored foam sleep bra that completely covered and supported her large breasts. Then she pulled a fitted pink T-shirt over her head that barely revealed her belly button. Lastly, she pulled on some flannel pink tartan PJ pants and pink slippers. She still felt a little cold, but she figured it would be warm enough beneath the covers.

She put her other clothes away in her luggage and grabbed her toiletry bag. She opened the door and Marlon was there, looking into his phone. He brushed past her and entered the room.

“Uh,” she scoffed. “Goodnight,” she said sarcastically.

“Yeah night,” he said. He pulled off his shirt and tossed it to the floor as he pulled back the bed sheets. His torso looked as amazing as she had remembered. Two silver crucifixes each hung from a separate chain around his neck. His wide chest and tight abdominals were like chiseled marble. His lower abs led down to a trail of trim black hair that disappeared beneath his jeans. As he unbuckled his pants, he went to the door to close it.

Courtney turned away and went to the bathroom. Her sister Caitlyn was just leaving.

“Night Courtney,” Caitlyn said.

“Night Caity.”

Courtney brushed her teeth and washed her face, before going to the pullout bed. Her sister turned off her phone as she approached and set it on the side table.

“Goodnight Court,” she said. Her sister wasn’t always in the mood for small talk.

“Goodnight Ash.”

Ashley turned off the lamp. It was almost completely dark. The window to the living room shone very little light, due to the cloudy skies. Courtney turned on her phone.

{Getting into bed now}, she texted her boyfriend Jim.

{Was the flight ok?}, was his reply.

{Yeah not too bad. First class was nice.}

{It is early for bed} He texted back. It was showing 10:30 PM on her phone.

{Everyone else is going to bed}, she texted in response. {What are you doing?}

{Just checking my feeds on socials and stuff}

Courtney heard heavy breathing and looked to her side where Ashley was already fast asleep. She checked her social feeds and saw many users agreeing with her earlier tweet about how she liked the President the exact same amount as she liked cilantro.

{Ok going to bed. Night (Kiss Emoji)}, she texted.

{Night babe}

She set her phone on the table next to her side of the bed and pulled the covers up to her chest. She had trouble going to sleep, because the sheets were thin and rough. Probably low thread count, she thought. She heard the hard sound of sleet or rain around midnight as she finally fell asleep.

Courtney woke shivering, with a wet feeling on the thigh region of her pajama pants, next to the mattress.

She sat up and felt around the bed. It was wet over a large region of the mattress. She grabbed her phone and used the light to see what had happened.

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