The Talk

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I suddenly found myself in one of the most bizarre situations I had ever experienced — naked and spread-eagled on a big table in the main conference room where I was applying for a summer job. I had been told that the Company had adopted a new criterion for screening potential male employees, and that it was my turn to be tested. As incredible as it seemed, the new criterion was defined as, “forcefulness and duration of the ejaculatory response”. Apparently their human resources department had concluded that men who excelled in this area would be more likely to help the company compete. I could not believe it was legal, but I really needed the job.

My score would be determined by a panel of women who were selected to be observers. Not coincidentally, they were all younger than 35. This group occupied the seats surrounding the table. They were naked (at least from the waist up) and their breasts, which were all different shapes and sizes, were displayed for me.

Seated next to me was the official HR department representative. Her sole purpose was to provide what their personnel manual euphemistically called, “uniform penile stimulation.” She looked like she was fresh out of college and was drop-dead gorgeous. She also had the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen. They were firm, pointed and the perfect size to flow in a tantalizing way with the motion of her body.

“Are you ready to begin, William?” she asked softly.

“I suppose so, but I still think this is pretty bizarre.”

“Yes, it is somewhat unconventional, but the evaluation is mandatory for all male applicants. I’m now going to begin the stimulation.”

She grasped the head of my penis with her left hand and cupped my balls with her right. She begin to move my foreskin up and down while her other hand gently caressed my sack. Her lovely breasts put on a provocative display as she performed this “stimulation” and I noticed that her nipples were becoming undeniably erect.

“We don’t get that many uncircumcised applicants,” she observed, “are you experiencing any discomfort as your foreskin moves up and down?”

“No, you’re doing fine.”

“As you have been told, the employees seated at this table are evaluating all of the male candidates. This approach assures that the results will be unbiased and comparable. I will continue to stimulate your genital area until your ejaculation is complete (assuming you are able to perform at this minimal level). Do you understand?”


My penis was now fully erect and I figured I might as well do what I could to enjoy the incredible events that were unfolding. I must admit, the variety of young breasts surrounding me was having a positive effect on my libido.

Miss HR said, “I believe you have now obtained a complete erection so I am going to begin stroking the length of your shaft until ‘completion’ as specified by our manual.”

Her technique was very effective and I could already feel an orgasm building in the depths of my body. I wondered if cuming quickly scored extra points or just the opposite.

“Remember, the only criteria being assessed are how forcefully your semen is expelled and the duration of your orgasm. The latter is a crude estimate of volume but eliminates the need for us to gather your ejaculate and perform a notoriously inaccurate measurement. Time between application of the stimulation and completion is not one of the criteria you are being judged on. There is, therefore, no need to concern yourself with this parameter as you would during actual intercourse.”

To my surprise I found myself getting very aroused by the circumstances. I had the feeling that my audience was going to be very impressed with my “performance”. That sweet, pre-orgasmic feeling began building inside of me and I concentrated hard on suppressing it for as long as possible. I figured the longer I could hold off, the bigger my load would be.

“Ladies, please make sure you are paying close attention because I believe William is very close to the initiation point.”

The HR babe was right. The feeling was getting stronger and stronger and could no longer be suppressed. I gave myself the green light and over the edge I went. Long, thick steams of semen began to shoot out of my cock. The first one landed on my chest, and the next one was even stronger. They just kept coming and coming. Six, seven, eight and still they came. There was no sign of a decrease canlı bahis in the volume or intensity. Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. I could not stop!

“Oh my God you can stop now. You’ve already exceeded maximum expectations!” my stimulator cried.

“I can’t!”

She was no longer stroking my penis, but my semen kept coming and coming. It was drenching the table and the onlookers were becoming hysterical.

“Please stop! Oh my God how do I make him stop!” cried my stimulator. “Somebody make him stop!”

Covered with a cold sweat my body jerked up into a sitting position and I awoke to discover that I was alone in bed in the house where I grew up. I was there for the summer after my first year at college. It had been nothing more than a macabre dream — or perhaps “nightmare” was a better word. It took me only a moment to realize that my penis really was erect and that I had ejaculated all over the bed.

My first thought was that my mom was sure to notice the mess I had made. It was Saturday morning, and she changed the sheets that day as regular as clockwork. My second thought was how an eighteen year-old guy could be having a wet dream. It’s not like I hadn’t been “relieving” myself on a regular basis. As far as I could remember, I had never had one before. What a great time to start. I thought about trying to clean up the residual pool with tissues, but it had already pretty much soaked into the white sheets. My best bet was to hope my mom didn’t notice; or at least that had the decency not to say anything if she did. I decided to go down stairs and have a bowl of cereal as if nothing had happened. Unfortunately, my hopes were dashed when I heard my mom yell down the stairs.

“Can you come up here for a minute Billy?”

My mom was the only person on the planet who still insisted on calling me by my childhood name. My blood ran cold as I realized I was about to walk into one of the most embarrassing situations of my life.

“Why don’t you tell me about this stain on your sheet, Billy?”

I must have turned eight shades of crimson.

“Look Hon,” my mom scolded, “I’d be worried if you weren’t masturbating regularly at your age, but do you think you could come up with a way to avoid making a mess in your bed? Not that it isn’t kinda cute.”

“Mom, you won’t believe this, but I wasn’t even touching myself. I had this really weird dream and when I woke up I realized I had…um, well, made kind of a mess.”

“Well, Billy, nocturnal emissions are a normal part of development, but usually they occur at a much younger age. This is something I should have explained to you long ago. One thing I really regret is that I never got around to having a frank discussion with you about such things. Ever since you were little I’ve tried to prepare you for the changes that would occur in your body and to help you take good care of yourself. Things like feeding yourself, brushing your teeth, even wiping your bottom properly when you go to the bathroom. Well, somehow we never got around to having a serious talk about the development of your penis.”

“Gee, mom, it’s really OK. I mean I think I’ve pretty much figured out what I need to know.”

“Is that so? So mister smarty pants, does that mean you’ve gotten intimate with a girl?”

“Well…not exactly, mom. But I know all about it.”

“I’m sure you do Billy, but I’m from the old school and I hope it’s beautiful for you when it happens. In my day, sexual intercourse happened the first time like this: You and a girl that you really like decide you want to get as close to each other as two people can get. You’ll probably have done plenty of kissing and touching and you both will be feeling sexy and excited. New lovers usually help each other take off their clothes, and get more and more turned on as they reveal their bodies to each other. It’s very likely that your penis will be hard and poking straight up into the air. If the time is right for your partner, she is likely to tell you that you have a beautiful erection and begin to touch it tentatively. When you are both ready, you will slide your erection slowly into her vagina. Depending on whether or not she has had intercourse before, she might feel a little discomfort the first time you enter her, but that is normal and won’t last long. After a little while, you will both discover that it feels the best when you slide your penis in and out as you think wonderful thoughts bahis siteleri about each other.”

“God mom, do we have to talk about this, you’re embarrassing me.”

“I suspect you’ll both be a little embarrassed too Billy, but you’ll also be excited. Her nipples will be erect, just like your penis, and you’ll feel the muscles of her vagina tightening around your erection. After a little more time, that lovely feeling you experience when you masturbate will gradually build. You’ll automatically begin moving you penis in and out faster and faster while the feeling gets stronger and stronger until all of the sudden you’ll ejaculate into her vagina. If the spurts are strong enough she might tell you how nice it was for her to feel them deep within her body. If you’re lucky, she will have her own orgasm at about the same time you do. If it’s a good one, her nipples will look like they are bursting and she may scream out with pleasure. Girls don’t ejaculate semen, but their orgasms are just as wonderful as boys’.”

I couldn’t believe my mom was telling me all of this. It must have been a turn-on for her too because her nipples were noticeably poking out through her polo.

“If things go the way they’re supposed to, you’ll hold each other very tightly as your erection softens, and you’ll relish the special closeness you are sharing. After a while, you penis will slip back outside and you can continue to snuggle as long as you want. Her vagina will be wet because it makes slippery stuff when she’s aroused to help your penis slide in and out without hurting her. Depending on how much you’ve ejaculated, some of your semen might leak out too. It’s a messy, but very special time.”

My own penis was starting to swell and I was really hoping my mom didn’t notice.

“Of course, thank goodness you can masturbate until you find a girl who wants to have intercourse with you. I have never understood why some religions teach that this important part of maturation is wrong, or why some parents may tell their kids never to do it. In my mind, telling a boy (or a girl) not to masturbate is like telling a tree not to grow. It simply is not going to happen.”

My heart was now pounding and although I felt like a deviate, I was really getting turned on by all this explicit talk.

“Billy, I’ve got a question. I know you masturbate, but I’m curious as to how you do it. Have you experimented with different ways to play with yourself? I’ve heard many boys use one hand and rub their fingers up and down over the head of their penises (that’s called the glans) while other boys like to stroke down the length of their shaft with one hand after the other, over and over. A book I read said that most boys discover what feels the best and use that technique for the rest of their lives. Have you figured out what feels best for you Hon?”

“God mom, I can’t talk about this with you.”

Well, perhaps you can tell me what you think about when you do it. Do you fantasize about things that you would never do in real life? Or are you fine with just thinking about a girl’s breasts and what it would be like to touch them, and kiss her nipples. Or imagining what it would be like to put your finger inside her slippery vagina when she offers it to you, or maybe even your penis. All of those thoughts are just fine and perfectly normal. As you gain experience, your fantasies will probably become more sophisticated. I don’t want you to ever feel guilty about things you fantasize about.”

“OK mom, I promise I won’t. Can I go now?”

“In a minute Billy but there’s one more thing we need to discuss that I should have addressed years ago. Your father and I decided not to have you circumcised. I assume you have discovered that it feels really good when you slide your foreskin up and down over your glans when you masturbate. But I’m a bit concerned about your personal hygiene. If you aren’t conscientious about washing under there, a gummy substance called smegma will accumulate. The truth is the same stuff can build up under the hood of a girl’s clitoris. I’m sure you know that’s the very sensitive little organ located at the entrance to the vagina that girls rub when they masturbate. It’s almost like a miniature penis. Anyway, smegma isn’t dangerous unless too much of it accumulates, and then your glans (or a girl’s clitoris) might get irritated and sore.”

Oh my God, where was my mom coming up with this stuff?

“Of bahis şirketleri course, the glans and clitoris can also get sore from being rubbed too much during masturbation, but that’s not harmful and is something you can deal with on your own. Besides, there isn’t much we moms can do about that! But what is important is that you retract your foreskin as far as it will go every time you take a shower or bath and that you make sure you wash away any of the stuff that you find there. Do you think you can do that for me?”

“Sure mom, I promise,” I responded, hoping to end the conversation quickly.

“Have you looked under there before?”

“Of course mom, I’m really fine in that department.”

“Well sweetie that’s great but I can’t help but be a little suspicious. Boys your age are often not as thorough as they should be. So I’m sure you won’t mind letting me take a quick peek under there just to be sure. That way I’ll know your foreskin pulls back easily and we’ll both know you’re keeping yourself nice and clean.”

“Please mom, this is just too bizarre. I really need to get going.”

“Not so fast mister. I don’t see how I can be a good mom until I know you’re keeping yourself clean. Now Hon, there’s no need to be worried. After all, you’re forgetting that I’ve seen that penis of yours hundreds of times when it was little. You didn’t think anything about showing it to me then. There is absolutely no reason for you to be hesitant about showing it to me now just because it’s bigger. And besides, no matter what you say, that tent in your shorts tells me you are excited by the idea. Billy, I’m afraid I’m going to have to insist — it’s time for you to pull down your pants.”

It was clearly useless, and I had to admit, my mom was right. As sick as it was, I was hot and getting hotter at the prospect of revealing myself to her in such an explicit way. I stripped down to my underpants and resumed my spot on the bed. My erection was straining forcefully against the soft cotton fabric.

“That’s good sweetie, now go ahead and finish the job.”

I took a deep breath and inched my white cotton briefs over my erection, tossing them aside.

“Oh Billy, what a fine healthy young penis you have! Just look at the way it’s standing at attention for us. I wish I could be there when you show it to girls. You know it’s very good that you’re hard because that will make it much, much easier for us to accomplish our task.”

Not only were my mom’s nipples still erect, but the smell of her arousal fluid filled the air.

“OK, why don’t you try to peel back your foreskin, and let’s see what we find?”

Obediently I used two hands to expose my glistening glans for her inspection. I had never done this for anyone before, least of all my own mother, and I allowed myself to revel in the erotic embarrassment I was experiencing.

“That’s very good Hon. The good news is I don’t see anything that we need to be concerned about, but I still want you to promise to clean yourself under there every day. Do we have a deal?”

“OK mom, I promise.”

“Billy, does it feel nice when you do that?”

“Um, well, yes mom, it feels really nice.”

“Is that one of the techniques you use when you’re alone?”

“I guess so mom. One day I just did it for no real reason and then I realized how nice it felt and I kept doing it.”

“Look Billy, after all this talk I’m sure you’re about ready to explode. Why don’t you just keep doing it and let me watch what happens. I’d love to see what a man my little boy has become!”

How could I resist? My penis was throbbing and precum was already oozing out of my opening. I continued moving my foreskin up and down with one hand while using the other to gently play with my balls. My mom was rubbing her small breasts through her shirt as she intently watched my self-stimulation.

“Oh sweetie, you’re such a big boy!”

A few seconds later, the room dimmed, my stroking intensified and my penis erupted in stream after stream of thick white goo.

“Oh Billy, I’m so proud of you I could burst! Just look at how much came out! And how far it shot! Even after having that big wet dream.”

It was the best orgasm I had ever had.

“Now let’s clean you up.”

She took a bunch of tissues and did the best she could to mop up the semen that covered my legs, chest and hands. She put the wet tissues under her nose and inhaled deeply. Then she and milked the last big drops from my softening erection and lovingly licked them off with her tongue. She smiled contentedly and said, “Now Hon, I think I’m going to see where your father has gotten to.”

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