The Traveler

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M/f, consensual, light bondage

She first saw him at the gate in Denver. Absentmindedly, her gaze had settled upon him as she tried to pass the time before boarding by perusing her fellow travelers. She didn’t mean to stare, but surely must have, for he felt her gaze. Folding his paper, he looked around as if seeking the source of a curious sound. His eyes scanned passed her, and then snapped back. Her eyes softened and widened a bit, but not for a moment did she consider looking away as a gentle warmth flooded her. He seemed similarly contented as he drew a deep breath and let out a sigh and smiled.

Just then, the music dribbling into her ears from her iPhone switched to Prince’s “Sexy Mother Fucker.” She threw her head back and laughed lightly, and looked back to see him smiling and laughing with her for no other reason than the pure joy of it.

Their gazes ran into each other again and again. On the way to the restroom. In line to board. Moving about the plane. She tried to play it cool, but she noticed that it seemed each time she found herself more and more distracted.

Once in Miami, she lamented what would likely be her last glimpse of him as she sought the gate to her last leg that would take her into Key West. She consoled herself with thoughts of all the crystal clear blue warm water that awaited her during the impromptu week away she’d scheduled at the last minute. After a hell of a week she’d hit the discount travel sites and booked a flight, called her favorite bed and breakfast on the island, and then headed home to pack a bag with skirts, sarongs, and t-shirts. Packing in less than half an hour, she grabbed her gear bag, already packed and ready for a warm water destination.

Everyone else was standing in line at the counter at the gate, so she fell into line and daydreamed of the power cat ride out to the Dry Tortugas, where she intended to finally overnight after at least two leisurely snorkeling swims around the fort. An island fort and state park 70 miles off of Key West, the idea of being so isolated and alone (or nearly so) thrilled her. She could only imagine what the cosmos would look like at night from that vantage point.

Lost in her thoughts she fidgeted in line, and as she whirled around to relieve the dislike of standing still she nearly struck him with her bag. Standing somewhat dumbstruck she tried to compose herself and smiled in response to his gentle, “Hello.”

“Going to Key West?” she asked. “Absolutely, but maybe not the way we planned.” He pointed to the board behind the counter, and she saw the word, “Cancelled.”

“Well… crap,” she said as she dropped her bags. Turning back to him, she extended her hand and introduced herself. “I’m Morgan,” she said. “Mark… very nice to meet you,” he said as he took her hand in both of his, shaking it but also giving her a bit of a bow.

They both went to the counter to hear that yes, the flight—which was the last of the day—was cancelled. The smiling attendant assured them they were already booked on the next morning’s flight. “Oh hell no,” she said. “I’ve got a boat to catch tomorrow morning. What kind of deal will you give me on a rental car?” she demanded. The counter woman signed and handed her the voucher from underneath the counter. Morgan smiled, said thank you, and turned to look at Mark.

“You coming?” she said, surprising herself that she’d just invited a total stranger on a 3-4 hour car ride.


Almost four hour later, they neared Key West, no longer strangers. They’d fallen into an easy partnership of driver and navigator as he shared his local knowledge of growing up in South Florida and the Keys to guide her around traffic snafus, found a great snack and smoothie at Robert is Here in Homestead, and reviewed the must-see places in the Keys, many of which she’d found herself in the half dozen times she’d visited in the past ten years. He’d bought gas, and she’d bought dinner: huge plates of stone crab claws at Keys Fisheries in Islamorada, a concrete block building that brought seafood in the rear, moved most of it out to trucks for Miami and beyond but served fantastic deals out the little diner window on the other side. They dove in to the luscious salty and sweet meat inside casino şirketleri the porcelain claws with gusto, butter dripping and saltwater flying.

He enjoyed seeing the way she rolled her eyes and moaned in pleasure as she ate, and she enjoyed how he smiled and shook his head at her when she laughed a little too loudly, or stole a look at her when he thought she wasn’t looking. There was a spark between them, a warm connection and unusual comfort. She tried to downplay the edge to the spark, but her defenses fell when he reached over, laughing, and used his thumb to wipe away a stray drip of butter from her chin. She froze as his thumb grazed her bottom lip, and he must have felt it too for he froze, effectively holding her face in his hand for a moment.

Her pulse fluttered, her mouth suddenly went dry, and her nipples hardened all in a split second as a burst of warmth flooded down her core and into her pelvis. Suddenly her cheeks flushed and she turned her head away, wondering how to put the brakes on her runaway limbic system that was suddenly dumping arousal into every pathway in her body.


The rest of the drive in to Key West was a little uncomfortable. After a few miles, she suddenly pulled the car over, throwing sand on the shoulder of the road. Turning sideways into the car she looked at him. “What was that?” she said. “I’m not sure,” he chuckled. “But I liked it.”

She held out her hands, palms up, and he slide his large, warm hands onto hers, and there it was again. Warm flowing energy with a wonderful spark. She relaxed, clasped her hands in his and closed her eyes. She relaxed at the exact same moment he pulled her to him, across the seat of the car and into his lap. She nuzzled his chest as he enveloped her in his arms, the warmth growing and covering her. Gently he stroked her hair, and softly kissed the top of her head as he ran his hands over her body. Chills and waves of pleasure washed over her, and she knew with a thrilling certainty that before long she’d be peeling away his clothes and pressing skin to skin.

“Stay with me. Or let me stay with you. Or…” she looked up and said, “I’ve got a king bed in a cozy B not pulling hard enough too hurt, but holding firmly enough that it nearly immobilized her, like picking a kitten up by the scruff. This allowed him to easily spin her around to face away from him, and he yanked her back against him. Her hands hung limp as he grabbed the top edge of her button down shirt and yanked downward, popping buttons and exposing her bra and stomach. She moaned as his large, warm hands gently roamed over her sternum, then gently slid into one of the cups of her bra. The switch up of strength and tenderness drove her wild, wondering what was next. Gently he caressed the silky smooth, firm yet soft orb of flesh and moaned in his own pleasure at the discovery. As his fingers pulled back, grazing her nipple, he pushed her head down so she could watch as he quickly pinched it firmly between his fingers, first drawing a moan as he rolled it, then a yelp as he pinched hard and pulled away.

The rush of pleasure made her legs go weak as a lightening bolt struck deep in her pelvis. She started to sink down onto her heels, turning around toward him, effectively sliding down his body to the ground. Grabbing onto his hips she nuzzled his crotch as he went for his belt and zipper, and as those opened she dove a hand in and grasped his rock hard cock. A flood of warm scent of man came to her and she felt the pheromones do their work, further revving up her engines as she brought his cock to her lips, first for a gentle kiss, then a lick, then to slide her lips over the head.

As she drew him all the way into her mouth he stroked her hair and moaned, and after a few strokes he gently wrapped his hands in her hair again, and added a little push to her head with each stroke, just enough to convey his excitement. She did him one up by plunging all the way down onto his cock; it slid into the back of her throat and he felt her twitch but his cock both caused and stalled her gag reflex. He laughed as he felt the next strokes were wetter, the thrust having caused her to salivate madly. She couldn’t help but laugh, too, and the little casino firmalari interlude assured them both that all was okay.

She tended to his cock with all her skills, thrilling as she felt him progress toward orgasm. As he approached the brink he yanked her head back by the hair, taking a deep breath to push the pending release down, and she moaned at the missed opportunity. “Not yet,” he whispered with a little growl.

Deftly he stripped her shirt off of her, and gently said, “Hands.” Her immediate response was to present her hands, and before she realized it he had used her own shirt to bind her hands together. Turning, he led her through the house to the deck which faced the water. Leading her to the railing, he used the dangling shirt arm to tie her hands to the rail. “You said you do yoga, do you know modified downward dog?” She nodded. “Do it,” he said. Letting her hands be held by the rail, she backed away until her torso was stretched and parallel to the ground, and stretched into the hips. He went behind her, grabbed her hips and pressed his cock against her clothed rump that stuck out proudly. She moaned and begged him to do it, just do it now. “Oh, no,” he said, shaking his head and smiling an evil little smile.

A firm slap landed on her shorts over the roundest part of her ass, and it surprised her a bit. “What the hell do you think you’re doing picking up strange men 2500 miles away from home?” He paused and when she didn’t answer, he smacked her ass again, this time a little more firmly. “Hmmm?” Her face flushed with embarrassment and she wasn’t sure if the questions were rhetorical or not. With a quick movement he yanked the shorts down, exposing her flimsy panties and soft pale skin, and the next slap smacked and stung, causing her to moan. His touch was perfect; never too much, but just at that invisible line between maximum pleasurable torture, and when things turn sour.

“Answer me,” he growled, sounding serious, and he stood back, slowly drawing his hand back to impress upon her the cost if she didn’t. “I don’t know I’m sorry I’ve never done something like this before It just seemed right I’m sorry!” she nearly wailed. He relaxed and gently caressed her ass with his hand. As she melted into him he quickly pulled back again and delivered five hard smacks to her ass, alternating sides. “Don’t. Ever. Do. That. Again.” The rush took her breath away and she collapsed, allowing the tie of her hands to the rail to support her. Tears sprung up in her eyes, and that wonderful feeling that came with it, a mix of excitement, humiliation and yet comfort.

“You’re safe with me, but, seriously,” he said, “You’re also lucky.” This time he slid down her body, and she felt his hands begin caressing her ankles, calves, and thighs. He removed her sandals, and pushed her feet apart, wide. Kneeling behind her, he peeled down her underwear, and she again flushed as she realized he was getting quite a show as he kneeled behind her. As he kissed her thighs, she trembled and became almost woozy as one hand caressed up her back while the other slid down over her rump and into the cleft between her legs.

His hands gently passed over her mound, then slowly slid between her lips. Wetness literally sprung up around his fingers, coating them in the luscious slick proof of her arousal. He was barely touching her and already she was breathing more heavily and her hips started to slightly grind. As his fingers gently traced her lips, she began to moan and whimper. He teased her by gently stroking his finger around the outside of her vagina, and she tried to back herself onto his finger but she was already as far away from the bar as she could get, so it was futile. This caused more moans and whimpers.

He slid his hand up her torso on the front, up to where her bra remained covering her breasts. With the other hand he reached up and unhooked her bra, then pushed it up in the front releasing her breasts. They hung full and lush, and he covered them both with his hands as he stood and leaned over her body, pressing the length of his cock against her wetness.

It was killing her that she couldn’t touch him, that she was stuck in one position. Usually moving, undulating and caressing güvenilir casino was how she released energy, and instead it just built up inside of her and was driving her crazy.

As he pulled his hips back, she yearned for his cock to return and enter her. Instead, his hand slid over her ass and she felt two fingers fill her, firmly but slowly. This time it was she that growled, in a low sound of pleasure. Her hips bucked and she yipped when he buried his fingers into her to the palm, and then gently laid his thumb over her tender bud, not entering her but circling his thumb gently. She began to buck back onto his hand, frustrated that his position neglected her clit. He let her suffer for a few minutes as he caressed her deeply with his fingers, and then he came around to her side, and wrapped his other arm around her hip and slid two fingers of his other hand between her lips and on either side of her clit, which was noticeably swollen. In rhythm, he fucked her with one hand and stroked her with the other, driving her higher by nuzzling her hip with his beard, kissing the ridge of her pelvis and biting the hollow where the hip curved up into waist. In moments he felt the trembling start, and as it grew so did her moans, which then turned to pleadings of him and a higher power.

He felt her pleasure pass over the point of no return, and felt the orgasm start deep within her. He kept up until the first few ripples of contractions caused her to jerk and cry out, and then he swiftly moved behind her and slid his cock into her, up to the hilt in one smooth motion. The surprise took her breath away. He ground his pelvis into her as she continued to come, the muscles rippling over his cock, almost making him swoon as he felt her energy pour forth in pleasure.

His cock buried deep within her took it to another level, however, and she yearned to ride together with him, creating that beautiful symphony of fluid movements that mirrored his own, two bodies writhing together. Grabbing her hips he slowly started to thrust into her, with a deep and tender focus that made her feel safe, but also drove her desire to be fucked hard. Using every bit of movement her position allowed, she curled and extended her back, pulling away and driving back into him. He ran his hands over her back as he saw her working so hard, muscles rippling and relaxing, and before long an additional urgency was driving his thrusts as his slow and loving movements became harder and faster. She contracted against him each time he hit the bottom of his thrust, and he had to grit his teeth to stave off his own orgasm, for he felt her start to tremble and knew she was close, again. He held off until she became very vocal, sounding almost as if she were fighting against sliding over the edge of a waterfall and then finally giving up and wailing as the freefall began.

His voice soon joined her as he could no longer hold off and he poured out into her, wracked by spasms of pleasure, grunting and gasping with each wave until he was spent and she was left panting and sighing. They continued to sway back and forth for a while as the tingling subsided. With one hand he grabbed the tail of the tie around her wrists and the rail, giving a tug, which released the knot. Knowing she would fell forward he whisked one arm under her and caught her fall. He pulled her up and to him and wrapped his arms around her, drawing her to him in a large hug.

They stood together panting for a few minutes, and then slowly began to turn to go back into the house. They both froze as they turned to see a gentleman sitting on the couch that faced out onto the porch which usually gave a stunning view of the ocean. Sitting calmly with his hands folded in his lap, he had a gentle yet mischievous smile on his face. After a pause, Mark said, “Oh, wow, I didn’t think you’d be home.”

“Please, no worries,” said the man in a luscious London accent. “Welcome to my home, what’s mine is yours.” He approached them, and gave notice to absolutely no awkwardness as he gave Mark a quick shoulder hug, then turned to her and held her face in her hands, then wrapped her nakedness in his arms, drawing her moist skin to his cool cotton shirt and shorts. Turning to the table, he picked up two towels which he must have fetched earlier, and handed one to each of them.

“I imagine you’re famished,” he said with a little gleam in his eye. “What would you like to do for dinner?”

Perhaps the excitement of this vacation had but just begun.

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