The Vacation Ch. 5

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Chapter 5: Lisa’s Liaison

This is a continuation of The Vacation, chapters 1-4 are recommended reading.

* * * * *

Lisa waited impatiently on the lobby house phone, listening to ring after ring at the other end. “Where were they?” she thought, muttering under her breath, “I told Melanie I’d meet them at two o’clock”.

She had met Melanie on the flight to Las Vegas. Lisa had noticed her and her boyfriend in the gate area as they waited to board. Melanie was easy to describe as a very pretty young woman, probably early twenties, about Lisa’s height, 5’4”, and very slim, small breasts, and a tight, trim butt. She wore a light cotton jersey tucked into snug denim jeans. Short curly red hair and fair complexion gave away her Irish heritage. Her boyfriend or male companion looked to be a few years her senior, clean cut, attractive, and buff. Lisa rarely took much interest in the male form, but this was extraordinary. Sandy colored hair, blue eyes, he resembled a younger Brad Pitt, only larger and more muscular.

Lisa had resolved to find them during the flight and had made a bet with her lesbian lover Vanessa she could meet them and arrange to get together with them later on in Vegas. Vanessa had upped the stakes, challenging her to seduce Melanie before the plane landed. Lisa took the bet and while they were seated in first class, she began wandering about the cabin, as if for exercise, but all the while watching and waiting for an opportunity. Finally she noticed Melanie had gotten up from her seat and was moving about looking for the nearest lavatory. Lisa was walking the opposite aisle in the big plane, but managed to maneuver close as they reached the bulkhead.

“Honeymoon?” Lisa had asked, making casual conversation with her as they waited for an empty lavatory.

“Uh…no, not…we’re just…friends,” Melanie explained hesitantly, lightly waving her left hand to draw attention to the lack of a wedding band. She looked intently at Lisa, her eyes slightly glazed. It appeared she had had too much to drink. “You?” she asked.

“Honeymoon…no,” Lisa laughed out loud. “I’m here for a short vacation with my lover…she’s up in first class.” Lisa said casually, awaiting the reaction.

“Your lover?” Melanie’s eyes narrowed as she spoke. “You’re a lesbian?”

“You could say that…I prefer to think of myself as bisexual…but I’m currently in a lesbian relationship,” Lisa replied. “You look surprised, does that shock you?”

“No…I mean…well, a little bit. You’re so open about it.” Melanie answered. “Well, we’re both comfortable with it, we don’t flaunt our lifestyle, and one does have to be discrete at times…but, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.” Lisa smiled.

“I’m not knocking it,” Melanie said quickly.

The two women talked for a few more minutes. Lisa worked fast, confidently moving through small talk, obtaining introductions to Melanie and her friend Pete, then an invitation to first class for Melanie to meet Vanessa. Vanessa had guessed Lisa’s plan and after a few minutes of idle chatter offered Melanie her seat next to the window and excused herself. She didn’t go far, preferring to linger close by and observe Lisa’s next moves.

As they talked Lisa began pointing out mountain ranges and landmarks easily observed from the aircraft window. Doing so she blocked the physical view of Melanie from the other passengers, most of who were not paying attention anyway. Vanessa, standing nearby, noticed Melanie’s head jerk back slightly as she appeared to squirm in the seat. Moving closer to get a better view, and distract the attention of a flight attendant if necessary, Vanessa smiled as the scene unfolded to her.

Lisa had unbuttoned the front of Melanie’s jeans, unzipped the fly, and had worked the jeans loose to the point where she could get her hand inside. Stretching the white panties to one side revealed a thick patch of curly red pubic hair, Lisa’s palm resting there as her fingers teased Melanie’s clit. She squirmed as Lisa’s fingers danced and teased, and occasionally threw her head back, in full view of Vanessa standing quietly by the end of the seat row. Vanessa smiled as she saw the look of pleasure on Melanie’s face and knew the bet made with Lisa was as good as lost.

The noise from the aircraft drowned out Melanie’s moans even as they increased in intensity. Lisa’s fingers worked furiously and to maximum effect. Lisa smiled as she felt the first wave of warm juices on her fingers as Melanie’s pussy contracted once, then again. Melanie was writhing in her seat, Lisa’s index and middle fingers deep inside her, finding her G-spot and rubbing it incessantly.

The passenger in the seat behind Melanie, a man in his late forties, looked perplexed as he noticed the movement in the seat in front of him. He looked up at Vanessa, “Is everything all right?”

Vanessa smiled at the man. “Yes, there’s no problem, she’s just getting off…I mean into her seat,” she explained, a hint of humor in her voice.

Lisa withdrew her hand, satisfied that Melanie maltepe escort had come, and come hard for her. She knew Vanessa had seen the whole thing. Melanie’s eyes were closed, her body quivered from after shocks of the powerful orgasm, her jeans soaked with her juices. Lisa leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

“You enjoyed that didn’t you?” Lisa whispered. Melanie nodded her agreement and opened her eyes. Her juices everywhere Lisa used tissues to clean her up, even then, as Melanie rose from the seat, a dark stain was evident on the front and into the crotch of her jeans. Vanessa shook her head as she watched her leave to back with Peter. “Proud of your self?” she asked Lisa.

“I got her off didn’t I?” Lisa smirked.

Later on at the baggage claim area Lisa had gone over to the young couple and offered them a ride to their hotel. Vanessa agreed to stay and meet Ann and Brandy, two bisexual women they were to vacation with in Las Vegas, and would be arriving on a later flight. As they drove to the hotel Melanie suddenly told Lisa, “Pete and I would like to see you again, maybe spend some time with you while we’re all here, if that’s possible?” Lisa was surprised, but delighted, and had readily agreed. She normally was not into guys, but the invitation was from Melanie, and Pete interested her. It had been long time since she had felt a hot, throbbing cock deep inside her.

Lisa had arranged to meet them in the lobby of their hotel at 2 o’clock. And here she was listening to dial tone and incessant ringing. In disgust she hung up the house phone and walked over to the front desk. Explaining her situation the clerk stopped her, “Just a minute, let me check for messages. There was a young couple stop by earlier and leave a message.” Lisa could not see what he was doing and was growing increasingly impatient.

“Ah, you would be Lisa, no?” His slight Spanish accent was pleasing.

“Yes, yes…” she replied as he handed her an envelope. Lisa tore it open and unfolded the paper it contained.

“Lisa, please accept our apology for not meeting you. Pete and I had some last minute things we wanted to pick up before seeing you. Please take the enclosed key card and go up to our room, 704. Make yourself comfortable and feel free to use the mini-bar. We’ll be back soon…Melanie.”

Lisa sighed as she took the key card. “I wonder what they have got planned?” she thought, smiling wickedly.


Vanessa and Ann looked like sisters as they sunned themselves by the hotel pool. Both were around 5’6” tall, dark haired, Ann’s jet black, fine featured in the face with dark brown eyes and creamy white skin. They had large, full breasts, Ann’s were a 36D, and as she was at least ten years younger than Vanessa, carried them higher and firmer. Vanessa peered through her sunglasses taking in the sights. The pool was large, and quite busy on a hot afternoon in the desert.

“Brandy really does draw a crowd doesn’t she?” Vanessa remarked as she watched the seemingly endless number of men approach Brandy and talk with her as she sat on the edge of the pool dangling her feet in the cool water. Brandy was a stunning blonde, pale skin with blue eyes, beautiful facial features and a wonderful smile. All in a trim 5’8” body with ample breasts and a firm round ass barely covered by a seductively cut black bikini.

Ann turned toward her. “When you’ve got it, why hide it, I guess,” Ann sighed.

“Ann, I recognize this may be none of my business, but how is your relationship with Brandy?” Vanessa asked, her voice serious. “And spare me the recreational sex, no emotional commitment stuff.”

Ann felt herself on the defensive and cringed slightly. Vanessa had a way of getting directly to the point. “It’s fine,” she lied.

“Okay,” Vanessa said slowly, after a long, silent pause. “Should you ever want to talk about it I want you to know that I’m a good listener…and not without considerable experience in such things,” Vanessa laughed at her last comment, lightening the mood.

Ann laughed as well, but nervously. Inside she was becoming confused with her emotions and feelings towards Brandy. Ann had actually awakened Brandy’s interest in women, her bisexuality, and they had become lovers. Bill, Ann’s husband, was supportive of her relationship with women and she shared the details of her sexual encounters with him. What she had carefully omitted for him in the past while were two key facts.

Brandy had slowly taken over their relationship and whereas Ann was at first aggressive and dominant she was now passive and submissive. Brandy decided where, when, and how often they had sex. Ann initially enjoyed Brandy’s more aggressive lovemaking and frequently found herself in a multi orgasmic state, but now was becoming less comfortable as Brandy rarely wanted Ann to take the time to satisfy her. Brandy’s influence extended beyond their sexual activity. She had begun taking Ann shopping, picking out fashions and determining what she wore when they were mecidiyeköy escort together. Ann’s diet, fitness workouts, hairstyle, were subject to Brandy’s scrutiny.

The other key fact was Ann had always had new female companions. They were to her as sport, find a woman and help her explore her forbidden side, her bisexuality. This had been Ann’s interest in women while married to Bill. However, she now found herself telling Bill, for the first time since their marriage, of encounters that were false. She did not wish him to become concerned about Brandy’s increasing presence in her life, and ominously, her own growing emotional attachment to her.

Ann was startled as water suddenly splashed on her warm body. “Are you coming for a swim or what?” Brandy scolded reaching out for her. Ann protested in mock indignation but was soon up walking arm in arm with Brandy toward the pool. Vanessa smiled as the two walked away, noticing Brandy’s hand slide down Ann’s back and pat her gently on the ass.


Lisa let herself into Melanie and Pete’s room and helped herself to a hard lemonade in the mini-bar. As she sipped on her drink she looked at the view from the room. She could see the gathering of people down below, in front of Treasure Island, for the pirate show. Further on to the east were an endless string of hotels, resplendent in garish neon signs, less noticeable by day. In the distance she could barely see the dusty brown hills through the haze of the city.

The room itself was unspectacular. She had read somewhere that Las Vegas hotel rooms were comfortable, but not too comfortable. They wanted their guests out of the room and in the casino where the slot machines, table games, and sports books could take their money. And after all, you can stay home and watch television, in Las Vegas you’re there to gamble.

As the vodka began to kick in Lisa slipped into the washroom. Looking in the mirror she was pleased with what she saw. At 5’4” she had always felt too short, her compact body too heavy, and with a less than ample chest she had become self-conscious and somewhat insecure in her appearance. Her self-esteem at a low point she had led an unhealthy lifestyle with equally unhealthy relationships. By her mid twenties her weight was almost 180 pounds. She had pierced almost every available spot on her body and had a tattoo for each relationship she had been in, which meant she was covered with them.

While the tattoos and piercing remained the woman before the mirror was at least 40 pounds lighter. Her belly protruded slightly but she was obviously in good physical shape, neck, arms, and shoulders well developed with good muscle definition. She had put the past ten years to good use and thought of Vanessa, who she had met through a mutual friend. For the first time in her life she felt loved, and in turn, had learned to love life.

Her mind drifted as she thought of her times with Vanessa. She remembered the rebellious young woman who Vanessa had tamed, making love to her as no other had before, seemingly anticipating her every desire. The wonderful feeling of being brought to orgasm time and time again, of floating in time, as wave after wave of passion pulses through your body. The total release of giving in to Vanessa as she brought her pleasure and taught her to pleasure in return.

Lisa felt a tingling sensation deep within her, a wetness gathering between her thighs. Taking her hand she lifted her light dress and slid her other hand under her white lace panties. She felt the smoothness of her shaved mound and the slick of her juices as her finger probed down to her opening. A moan escaped her lips as she fingered herself, sliding her middle finger into her pussy while gently massaging her clit. Removing her finger she brought it to her mouth, her tongue eagerly licking her own juices. Two fingers replaced the one before, and she probed deep into her core, grunting with the raw pleasure.

She twisted her fingers slightly as she worked them in and out of her hot pussy. Her other hand, up under her dress, found her breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples, making them hard under her touch. Lisa closed her eyes, imagining Vanessa standing behind her, kissing and caressing her neck and shoulders, whispering to her, encouraging her masturbation, imploring her to come for her…

“RRRRing,” Lisa’s thoughts crashed to reality as she heard the phone ring. She picked up the extension in the bathroom.

“Lisa?” Melanie’s voice was breaking up, she was on a cell phone.

“Yes Melanie, where are you two?” Lisa yelled into the phone.

“About five minutes away, is everything okay?” Melanie sounded clearer.

“Yes, but just get here, I’m bored…and horny!” Lisa replied.

“Good, so are we…we’re going to have a fun afternoon,” Lisa could hear Melanie laugh as the line went to dial tone.


“How about you Vanessa?” asked Brandy as she tossed her wet bikini bottoms at her, landing with a wet splash on top pendik escort of Vanessa’s thigh. Brandy had a large towel around her and was in the process of sliding on a pair of dry shorts. She had become quite adept at changing in public using a towel as cover up.

Vanessa, who was sunning herself on a reclining chair, looked up at her over her sunglasses. She put her book down then lifted up the black bikini bottom. “I think…these are yours,” Vanessa said drolly. “If you want them back, you’ll have to come get them.” Vanessa stretched them open in front of her and suddenly made a playful licking motion with her tongue. She then casually slipped them into her straw bag under the chair. Smiling, Vanessa knew several men by the pool had watched Brandy change, hoping for that glimpse or slip that might reveal more than they had already seen. Now they would know, or at least conclude, her orientation.

“I just might take you up on that…later. Ann and I are going shopping, there’s a fashion mall five minutes walk along the strip. Do you want to join us?” Brandy asked.

“No dear, but thanks for asking. I’m enjoying the dry heat, I’ll stay down here a while longer,” Vanessa replied as she looked around the pool deck. “Let me guess, Ann is upstairs changing…she’s the one you’re shopping for.”

“Well, yes, if that’s…a question?” Brandy was puzzled at Vanessa’s comment.

“Not a question, just an affirmation of your relationship,” Vanessa said quietly. Brandy looked at her quizzically. “Brandy,” Vanessa paused for effect, “know that despite what may have been before, or what exists today, Ann loves you…and you, love her.” Brandy felt as if a vacuum had been created in the pit of her stomach. She knew Vanessa was right, the relationship she once had with Ann had changed, but she had denied its significance, fought against it. The impact of Vanessa’s words had taken her by surprise, pierced her defense, and forced a reckoning with reality she had been avoiding.

“Take time with her Brandy, enjoy her and let her enjoy you…now go have a good time at the fashion mall,” Vanessa smiled as Brandy brightened at her words then turned to leave.


Melanie kissed Lisa hard on the mouth as they embraced in the short hallway of the hotel suite. Pete grinned as he watched Melanie quickly assert herself, her hands caressing Lisa’s back and buttocks as they continued their passionate embrace. Lisa reacted with mild surprise to Melanie’s aggressiveness, enjoying the spontaneity and energy she displayed. Melanie kissed along her cheekbone to her ear lobe, sucked on it gently, her tongue flicking at the loop earring she was wearing.

“Why don’t we…” Lisa was about to suggest they move somewhere more comfortable but was cut off as Pete leaned over Melanie’s shoulder and kissed her. Lisa couldn’t help but feel the difference in the kiss, Pete’s scent, the texture of his skin, the forcefulness of his motion, all so foreign to her now, but felt so good.

“Hush…let us take care of you,” whispered Melanie as she kissed down the side of Lisa’s neck to her shoulder. Lisa sighed as Pete released from their kiss and moved behind her. Melanie had unhooked the top of her dress allowing Pete to slowly unzip it as she moved her hands to Lisa’s breasts, cupping and fondling them through the light material. Melanie’s tongue left tracks of saliva on Lisa’s smooth skin as she laved along her shoulders.

Lisa’s light dress dropped silently to her feet as she felt Pete’s hands slide down her back gently massaging as he caressed her. Melanie laved from Lisa’s shoulders to her breasts sucking and biting her large nipples already hard and taut from Lisa’s own earlier attention. Lisa felt herself shiver as the two lovers worked their magic on her. Pete’s hands had traced around to her belly and she could feel him fingering the folds of her abdomen, circling the large metallic stud that pierced her navel. Melanie alternated between Lisa’s breasts continually sucking harder as she moved from one to the other. “God, that feels good,” Lisa exclaimed as stabs of pain shot from her engorged nipples to her pussy. Melanie smiled as she felt Lisa’s body shiver when she drew her taut nipples into her mouth, sucked on them hard, lightly biting as the flesh withdrew from her mouth. Lisa’s attention diverted she did not notice Pete slide away from her and rummage through the shopping bag he and Melanie had returned with. Moments later he returned and, while kissing the back of Lisa’s neck, he took hold of one of her arms.

Lisa felt something tighten on her wrist as Pete slipped on a leather restraint. He repeated the process with her other wrist, very gently fastening it using Velcro. A pair of open rings looped through the leather dangled from each. Pete continued, returning this time with gold nipple clamps handing them to Melanie. He leaned into Lisa’s back and shoulders, she could feel his muscular chest and upper body, his hot breath mere inches from her ear. Pete slid his hands around her, underneath her breasts cupping and presenting them for Melanie as she prepared the clamps. Lisa’s existing jewelry presented a bit of an obstacle, overcome only by Melanie opening the clamps slightly wider and installing them on the fleshy aureola. Lisa gasped, drawing in a deep breath, as Melanie fastened each clamp then carefully threaded a fine gold chain between them.

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