The Vibrating Panties Ch. 02

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Light coming through the window wakes you. At first the room’s not familiar, then, what happened in the hotel room last night flashes back to you and immediately your thoughts bring a tingling between your legs. You remember the vibrating panties, the blindfold, the incredible sex, and finally, you remember your best friend Kelly watching and filming the whole thing.

I’m still asleep with your breasts pressed against my back and your arm draped across my chest. You rub my body and trail your hand down to my cock. You can feel its already hard, and you imagine I’m replaying last night in my dreams. You stroke me slowly and begin whispering in my ear, “I know you want her. You couldn’t have her last night, but you can now. I want to watch you. See you inside her. I want to kiss you and look into your eyes while you fuck her. I want to hold your cock as it slides into her.”

You move tighter against me. Releasing my dick, you reach across my body to touch the other person on the other side of me in the bed. Again you think back to last night. How it started all girly and silly while watching the replay of the movie she’d made of us, but got VERY serious as the sexual tension grew, finally exploding when the two of you kissed, and began touching each other’s bodies. You remember her pushing a finger inside you, just like you are doing to her now.

In her sleep she responds to your touch, taksim escort bayan mewing, and stretching her long body like an oversized cat. Manipulating us in our sleep, you replace your fingers inside her with mine, then rock my hand back and forth until I begin to move it on my own. You lay her leg over mine and draw her hand back to help you stroke my cock, all the time whispering to both of us how much you want to see us together. Still stroking my cock, you move me closer to her body until you can feel the wetness of her pussy beginning coat your hand and the head of my dick.

Moving down our bodies, you begin to lick my cock and her pussy where they meet, listening to us moan and sigh, and knowing you’re in charge. When you’re SURE neither of us can stand it anymore and when you’re pretty sure we’re no longer asleep, you slide up the front of her body and kiss her soflty, leaving the taste of her own pussy on her lips. You ask her in a whisper, “Kel, do you still want him like you told me last night? I’m ready to let you have him. I want to help him, and watch him take you.”

Satisfied with her answer, you move back down our bodies. Taking my hand from her pussy, and her hand from my cock and replacing both with your own, you move us to bring the two together, watching intently as my cock begins to disappear inside her. With that ümraniye escort bayan done, you manipulate my balls, urging me with movement and words to begin a fucking motion. Fully awake now, Kelly and I begin moving more intently, leaving you free to suck on her clit and lick her pussy juices from the shaft of my cock as it enters and leaves her body.

Realizing our growing need to fuck harder, you move me over her body and lift her legs onto my shoulders. As you settle in behind me I feel your hand around my shaft once again as you whisper in my ear, urging me to fuck her harder and make her cum. I feel myself ready to cum. You sense it too and use your grip on my cock to pull me back. You tell me, “It’s not time yet.”

As my urge to climax recedes, you kiss me HARD on the lips, keeping a tight grip on my dick. Once you know its “safe” you place my dick at her opening and start teasing her clit by rubbing the head against her it, finally allowing me to push my full length inside her. You go back to talking us up. No longer whipsering, you demand I FUCK her so she’ll remember. You want me to fuck her until YOU come from watching.

Realizing you want to see my face, you move from behind my body and position yourself over her. Settling your dripping pussy over her face, you take in a sharp breath when you feel her tongue üsküdar escort bayan invade your wetness. Staring me in the eye and goading me on, you take her ankles from my shoulders and draw her legs back toward your body, allowing me to go deeper inside her. You lean forward and give her clit a quick flick with your tongue causing her to shudder beneath you and suck your clit between her teeth.

Leaning forward, you kiss me, allowing me a first taste of her pussy, so different from yours. Looking into my eyes, only inches from my face, you tell me to take her ass. You let me know you want to see me cum deep in her tight little pucker. When I ask you if she’s ready for that you tell me she LOVES a good cock in her ass and was wanting last night to try mine. To convince me, you grip my cock and force me back and out of her pussy. You realign my cock with her sweet little asshole and slowly let it slide through your fist and into her bottom. You can feel the vibration of her moans through your pussy as I begin to plow into her ass. By the look on my face you know I won’t last long and you begin to urge me on; telling me to cum in her ass. Saying you want to watch my face as I unload inside her. Then it happens. You see my balls draw up and my face go red as the first shot of cum leaves my dick, painting the depths of her ass.

You stop talking and just watch, enjoying the expression on my face and Kelly’s squirming underneath you as I let loose deep in her bowels. When you’re sure I’m finished you lean forward and ease my still half hard cock from inside Kelly’s ass. Wrapping your mouth around it, you taste the combination of my cum and Kelly’s muskiness, savoring the unique flavor. When you’re done, you kiss me again. Telling me how long you’ve wanted to see that.

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