The Weekend Away Turns into a Night Pt. 06 – Holiday

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Part 6 – More modelling, more clubbing, and more sex!

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This story continued from part 5, taking place the following morning.


After the events on the hidden beach the day before Dan and Hayley had stayed in that evening, choosing to have a few drinks at the hotel beach bar, rather than hitting the clubs, meeting up with Ben, Paul, and the rest of their friends who were staying at the hotel for the night to save money since they had overspent the last few days and wanted to go big again before they went home. Whilst nothing sexual had happened, the conversations had been pretty raunchy and flirtatious, and it had been obvious that Ben, Paul, and their friends all wouldn’t hesitate if Hayley said the word. Dan and Hayley headed back to their room at around half 1, leaving the guys to their free drinks and fantasies and hearing them talking about what they would do to her as they walked away, laughing between themselves at what they heard.

After waking up and having breakfast, they went back to their room and had a few drinks in the hot tub, before Hayley revealed a revelation. She explained to Dan about a recurring dream she has started getting regularly since they have been on holiday, and how much it gets her turned on when she thinks about it, so wants to know his thoughts. This intrigued Dan, so he told he wants to hear about it, and after she made him assure her he won’t think bad of her, she told him about what she keeps seeing in her sleep.

“We go out, and I get really, really drunk. Like, steaming drunk, and when we get back, we’ve got some new friends we recently met that come back to carry on drinking with us,” she started. “Anyway, long story short, I pass out, and you encourage them to fuck me while I’m asleep, I wake up knowing I have been fucked, but don’t know who by. I don’t know why, but I keep dreaming about that and it turns me on so much imagining it.”

Dan chuckled at this, before saying that it sounds like fun and he is sure they could always find someone to help “scratch that itch” in the near future. Just as she started to expand on it, her phone pinged to indicate a message, so she picked it up and read it – ‘Hey Hayley, its Miruna. Just checking you and Dan are still on for the shoot today. Could you confirm with the other girl and let me know please.’ After reading this out to Dan, he picked his phone up and text Lauren to check she was still game, and got an almost instant response that she was, and was currently pacing about in their room as she was excited to get going. Dan replied back, inviting her and Vinny to come to their room for an hour and chill in the hot tub, whilst Hayley messaged Miruna. As Dan’s phone pinged again, he said to Hayley that Lauren and Vinny were coming round, so she should put on some bikini bottoms at least, as he got out and put his shorts on, before unlocking the door and getting back in to the hot tub as Hayley picked up two more drinks for them and joined him in the bubbling water.

It didn’t take long for Lauren to knock the door, and after calling out that its unlocked, Lauren and Vinny walked in carrying a few bags, one with a few beers in for now, and headed over to join them in the hot tub. As the got closer, it became obvious to both of them that Hayley didn’t have a bikini top on, her erect nipples being occasionally revealed by the bubbling water. Lauren removed the sleeveless t-shirt she was wearing and untied the sarong wrapped around her waist, revealing her incredible body, before climbing in, as Vinny also took off his t-shirt and joined them, all drinking as they spoke about the day ahead, Lauren’s excitement being obvious as Hayley explained about her own first nude shoot, and how much she enjoyed it, especially since Gia and Luca were there to see it as well. As the conversation carried on, Hayley asked Lauren why, if she is going to be posing naked in front of the people in the room and the photographer, did she not take off her bikini top before getting in the hot tub, laughing as she said she wanted to see those “damn big titties” set free! This raised a chuckle from everyone as Lauren said she hadn’t really thought about it, but reached behind and unhooked the clasp, before slipping the top down over her arms and dropping it over the side to the floor.

“Damn Vinny, I bet you’re always playing with them aren’t you!” Hayley laughed as Lauren large boobs bobbed about in the water. “I’m lucky in that Dan loves small boobs, and I’ve grown to love them recently, but good god, I would love to have a pair like that!”

The group was chuckling away as Vinny agreed, saying that Lauren was the first girlfriend he had dated that had big boobs, and whilst he does love them, he also loves small boobs, commenting that both he and Lauren agree that Hayley has got a fantastic pair.

“They’re the perfect size for your body, not at all saggy, look like they’re ümraniye escort perfectly firm, and I love your nipples, they’re just like Lauren’s, I could play with them for hours!” Vinny added, grinning as he alternated his gaze from Hayley’s chest to Lauren’s, and back again, comparing the two extremely different sets of breasts in front of him.

“What do you mean, they look perfectly firm?” Dan asked, “They are perfectly firm! Feel for yourself!” he said, encouraging Vinny to fondle with Hayley’s tits as he looked towards Lauren to see if she would object. As they had now had a few drinks, Hayley didn’t mind or object to Dan’s suggestion, instead reaching under the water for his hand, intending to prove her boobs were firm. Vinny looked over at Lauren, seemingly seeking permission, which she gave by nodded towards him, which Hayley saw and moved over to directly in front of him and located his hand beneath the water, guiding it up to her breast and prompting him to check for himself. As he began massaging the small tit, Lauren moved over to where Dan was sat, and placed herself in front of him, finding one of his hands and moving it up to her left boob, asking his opinion on her own chest, while her hand moved back to beneath the water and began running it up his thigh until she was holding his length in her palm. As he began playing with the boob in his hand, they both looked over and watched as Vinny continued with Hayley, now using both hands to stimulate her, occasionally tweaking and pinching at her hard nipples as their respective partners looked on.

“Well, it looks like Vinny likes the smaller boobs as well, but I think he should do a taste test, you know, for science.” Dan said laughingly as he continued playing with Lauren’s tit while she was slowly stroking his cock through his shorts beneath the bubbling water.

Needing no additional encouragement, Vinny immediately lowered his head and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking and nibbling at the erect nub on Hayley’s chest as she arched her back to give him even easier access to her chest clear of the water. Dan leaned in to Lauren and began whispering some instructions in to her ear, initially getting a shocked look from her, before she raised her eyebrows and smiled as she moved to behind Hayley to do what he had suggested. Beginning by tilting Hayley’s head back, she started by gently kissing her neck, which Dan knew gets Hayley really going, before snaking her hands around Hayley’s body, placing one on top of Vinny’s hand as he continued massaging her left breast while he sucked the other, her remaining free hand sliding further down Hayley’s body to her hips, slowly pulling at the string tying her bottoms until she felt it go limp, implying the bow was undone. She then repeated the process on the other side, before moving her hand to between Hayley’s legs and rubbing her fingers over the tingling slit beneath them. Hayley had almost been oblivious of her bottoms being removed as she was too focussed on the pleasure she was getting from the other parts of her body, however now she could feel the fingers teasing at her pussy and began moving her hips in an attempt to get them to enter her. Lauren had other ideas though, making sure her fingers didn’t penetrate the wanting hole beneath them, instead taking hold of Vinny’s hand and removing it from the breast he had been enjoying, and replacing her hand with his.

Once again, he needed no second instruction, immediately using his skilful fingers to tease at Hayley’s desperate pussy as his mouth remained occupied with her breast, sliding his digits between her folds from her clit down to her entrance, before doing the same in the opposite direction when she again tried to manipulate them inside her. This brought a frustrated groan from Hayley as he continued to tease her, knowing that she was like putty in his hands, desperate for someone, anyone to slide their fingers into her aching hole. Having watched this play out, Dan now slowly moved to behind Lauren, took the waistband of her bikini bottoms, and slid them down to her thighs, before his hand began rubbing her pussy in a similar way to how Vinny was rubbing Hayley. Ensuring he also teased Lauren, Dan continued sliding his fingers up and down between her folds without entering her, before stopping at her clit and twitching his fingers, stimulating the sensitive button beneath them.

Now knowing how it felt, Lauren understood Hayley’s frustration, and moved both of her hands beneath the water, her left to her own pussy, and her right join Vinny’s hand still playing with Hayley’s. Feeling her boyfriend’s fingers as they continued teasing Hayley, she took hold and guided them to enter the slick hole, ensuring he went in as far as he could, drawing a satisfied moan from Hayley as she finally got what she had long needed. Despite everything taking place beneath the water meaning she couldn’t see Vinny fingering Hayley, üsküdar escort simply knowing what was happening was a huge turn on for Lauren, and being able to feel his fingers as they slid in and out of her added to the thrill. Lauren had now almost completely pushed Dan’s hand away from her pussy and was meticulously playing with herself, alternating from sliding her fingers in and out, to strumming at her own clit, before reinserting them into her hot box. Dan had become aware of this, so undoing his shorts and freeing his erection beneath the water, he moved closer behind her and lined his end up with her eager pussy. As Lauren manoeuvred herself into a position to slide down his cock, Hayley’s phone began ringing – Miruna. Dan answered it and she explained that is leaving her apartment, and will be a roughly 5 minutes before hanging up.

“Alright, time to get ready, Miruna will be here in 5 minutes.” Dan announced, just as Lauren slid the tip of his dick into her.

As much as he wanted to carry on and bury himself balls deep in Lauren, Dan managed to show tremendous restraint, pulling out of her and swiftly exiting the hot tub, heading to the bathroom and returning with towels. By the time he got back, everyone else had gotten out of the hot tub and took a towel from him, quickly drying themselves for Miruna’s impending arrival. Hayley and Lauren went straight into the bedroom, changing their bikini’s since what they were wearing was wet, and passing two pairs of shorts out for Dan and Vinny to do the same. As they both did so, Dan couldn’t help but notice Vinny’s dick, it was typical of the black man stereotype – massive. It hung down like an elephant’s trunk between his legs, thick and long, with several veins weaving their way through the huge organ from its base, right down to the bulbous, rounded end. Once everyone was ready, they picked up the bags they had prepared, and headed out to the front of the hotel, getting there just as Miruna pulled up.

Once they were on the beach, Lauren was a lot more comfortable posing this time, showing no hesitation to remove her top without prompting, and like Hayley previously, she quickly began playing with her bikini bottoms, teasing at the side as she moved about for Miruna to take the pictures. Dan and Vinny were sat back up the beach in almost the same position as when Hayley shot with Gia, and were quickly chatting away as though they were old friends, talking about anything from sports, through to how Dan used to work with Lauren, all the while watching Lauren pose. Miruna seemed distracted by the big boobs in front of her, continually complimenting Lauren on them, before once more asking to check that Lauren was certain she wanted to proceed to nude. After taking a deep breath, Lauren exhaled sharply, and answered yes, before quickly grabbing the sides of her bottoms and yanking them down, making Miruna and Hayley both burst into laughter.

“Well, I have to admit that I’m impressed with what I see,” Miruna began, “but normally we don’t just go from wearing bottoms to naked, so can I ask you to pull them back up and I’ll photo you taking them off slowly and seductively.”

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” Lauren blurted out. “It’s just that I thought I’d take them off quickly so I couldn’t chicken out!”

Despite her admission, Lauren had made no attempt to pull her bottoms back up, apparently now concentrating more on explaining herself than covering herself up. As Miruna began talking about how the model usually teases at both sides of the bikini before gradually inching it down until she is nude, Hayley began demonstrating it, tugging at her own string ties to give Lauren a better understanding. What she had apparently forgotten though, was that both her boyfriend, and Dan, were still sitting up the beach, and had a perfect view of her naked body whilst he stood talking, and whilst Vinny had seen it many times before, Dan was certainly impressed. Her toned and slender figure almost seemed out of place for such big breasts, and a well maintained landing strip similar to Hayley’s was clearly visible, neatly adorning her pubic mound. After a short time of discussing the posing, Lauren pulled her bottoms back up and began the process of removing them, albeit a lot slower and more sensuously the second time, taking a good two or three minutes to take them off completely. Once she was naked though, Lauren still seemed to have come over shy again, keeping a hand between her legs to cover herself up any time she was facing towards the camera or the guys, despite the fact that not long ago they had seen everything when she forgot to pull her bottoms back up.

As Miruna kept taking pictures, Hayley began trying to encourage Lauren to move her hands when she was face on to the camera, repeatedly saying how gorgeous she looked, before hitting on an idea.

“When we did the shoot with Gia before, everyone here got naked. That yenibosna escort might help you relax and feel more natural if you want to try that?”

“Yeah that might help, so long as you don’t mind?” Lauren replied. “I just feel really self-conscious that out of three girls I’m the only one with no clothes on.”

“Alright, I’ll tell the guys that everyone is stripping. If they don’t like it, they can leave!” Hayley said, as she turned to walk to the two men sat watching.

“No, they’re fine. If they strip I might get too horny!” Lauren laughed, “But I’ve been naked with groups of girls when I’m getting ready to go out loads of times, so I’ll be fine if it’s just the girls!”

Hayley immediately removed her top before turning to Miruna, who despite not having been included in the conversation, or in fact, having any say, was now being expected to strip naked. As Miruna set her camera down on a rock to undo her top, Hayley quickly slipped her bottoms off, and was now standing roughly the same distance between the two other women, completely naked, facing towards Lauren with her back to the guys. Despite her hand staying where it was, covering herself, Lauren immediately felt a lot more relaxed, taking in the sight of Hayley naked in front of her, before both turned their attention to Miruna, who was now topless, and reaching for the camera again.

“Err, that’s not naked!” Hayley stated, staring at Miruna with a playful scowl as Lauren looked on sheepishly.

“All of the girls are getting naked, and you’re a girl, so come on! You even admitted you enjoyed it last time, show Lauren there is nothing to be embarrassed about!”

Miruna let a fake sigh and put the camera back on the rock, before quickly stripping from her bottoms as requested, and picked up the camera again, before resuming taking pictures as Lauren continued to pose, slowly getting more and more adventurous and covering herself less. After what seemed like an age and following plenty of encouragement from both Hayley and Miruna, she moved her hands completely and allowed herself to photographed full frontal nude, letting a huge grin spread across her face as she did so. Suddenly feeling liberated, confidence began surging through her, and she began moving a lot more freely, no longer restricted by how she could pose in such a way as to keep herself covered. As the shoot continued, Hayley moved away so as to not be a distraction, and after picking her bikini up, wandered up the beach to where the guys were sat, watching the group of gorgeous naked girls in front of them. As she came closer, Vinny could not help himself from following her movements across the sand, her hips sashaying side to side, and her small tits jiggling about as she walked, before she sat between them.

“I’m so glad she has moved her hand. I don’t think it looks natural to keep a hand in front of yourself, and she looks amazing!” Hayley said to Vinny, as he turned his head back to his girlfriend in an attempt to not stare at the naked girl sitting next to him.

As the day went on, Lauren became a lot more comfortable wearing nothing, and happily did more shoots, changing her bikinis between shoots, and similarly to Hayley’s first time shooting, getting progressively raunchier with each set. After a bit of lunch, Miruna asked if the girls would like to do a few duo sets, which both were happy to do, so they went back down the beach and carried on, until all were happy and called an end to the day, Vinny choosing not to do a couples set at the end. In the car on the way home, the discussion turned to what everyone fancied doing for the rest of the day, so when nobody had any plans, Dan and Hayley invited everyone back to their room to drink in the hot tub. As Miruna didn’t have anything planned for the next day, she was up for it, and it quickly became a plan, so they headed back to Dan and Hayley’s room, calling in at a mini market to pick up some extra alcohol on the way.

Upon reaching the room, Vinny put the drinks in the fridge whilst Dan went to fetch a bucket of ice from the machine, and the girls went straight to the hot tub, climbing in and switching it on whilst they waited for Dan to return. Even though all three had been naked on the beach not long ago, initially only Hayley removed her bikini top as she got into the bubbling water. Finally, Dan returned

With the ice, putting some in each drink, and he and Vinny joined the girls in the hot tub, everyone sitting around laughing and joking as the drinks began flowing. It didn’t take long for the talk to start taking on a more sexual tone, with the girls being the ones to lead it in that direction, discussing past exploits and jokily comparing experiences. As the sexy talk continued, Hayley asked why Lauren and Miruna were still wearing their bikini tops, at which both removed them, apparently not even remembering they were wearing them, and simultaneously threw them on the floor by the door to the balcony.

Several hours later, everyone was now quite tipsy, and the conversation rapidly turned into a game of truth or dare, which Hayley nominated Miruna first, and she chose truth.

“What is the single hottest sex session you have had, like, the one that always makes you tingle when you think about it?” She asked.

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