The Weekend Guest Pt. 02

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Note – The events related here go back to the late noughties. My wife Sara and I had moved to Amsterdam when the business we worked for relocated an office from the south of England to take advantage of lower business taxes. We both got a relocation package and were living in some style in a large apartment overlooking the Amstel River. Around forty staff and their families had moved over, and we spent a lot of time socializing together, especially in the first months we were there. This particular weekend, we had arranged to have Stuart, a friend and colleague stay with us. We had had an eventful Friday, described in The Weekend Guest Part 1.

It was almost ten before we surfaced on Saturday morning. Sara and I lay in bed and talked about our plan for the day; museums and cultural stuff before and after lunch, then spending the late afternoon in the Red Light District. Sara checked her phone and saw a message from our friend Astrid. “Great. She’s found someone to join us tonight.”

“Who?” I asked.

“One of their friends, Saskia. Astrid thinks we’ll like her. We’re going to meet at the usual place at eight.”

“Great. Are Astrid and Rob coming?”

“Yes. They were going to visit relatives this weekend, but they cancelled.”


Sara smiled, “I told Astrid how big Stuart’s dick was… Speaking of who, I’m going to check on him.”

“You mean fuck him?”

“No. You know I’m not a morning girl.” Sara got out of bed, put on her dressing-gown, and left the room. I could hear her chatting to Stuart as I showered and dressed. I left the room to see them both in the living room. “I was just telling Stuart we are on for tonight.” Sara said, “Now, I’m off for a shower if you two want to sort out breakfast.”

I prepared coffee and toast and Stuart and I talked about the plan for the day. “So, this club, how does it work?” he asked.

“Well, we’ll turn up around nine, have a few beers, then get changed.”

“What into?”

“Underwear is the dress code, but there are some who just wrap themselves in a towel.”

“I’m not sure I have anything suitable.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure Sara will help you find something in town later.”

“And after we get changed?”

“Depends. When Sara and I are there on our own, we check out the other couples and see who we like the look of. Then try and make eye contact, see if they are interested. If they are, we just take it from there.”

“And do you just go with one other couple?”

“Depends, sometimes yes, ankara moldovyalı escortlar other times we might do more, or have a bigger group. Every time is different.”

Sara returned from our room wearing a pale blue summer dress with her hair in a ponytail, “I’m going for the wholesome look today.” she said.

“You’re nailing it. And tonight?” I asked.

“Wait and see…”

We had breakfast then got our bags ready for the day. “By the way, Stuart needs to find something to wear tonight,” I told Sara.

“No problem, I know just the place.”

The three of us left the flat and caught a tram to the museum district, where we spent a typical tourist morning; the Van Gogh Museum first, then the Rijksmuseum, followed by a light lunch and people spotting at a canalside café until mid-afternoon.

Around three o’clock, we got the tram back to Dam Square, where Sara led us to a street just off the main shopping area. There were two shops side by side, one with a selection of women’s lingerie in the window, the other similar but with men’s underwear. We went into this shop and Sara exchanged a few words with a camp looking guy standing behind the counter. Sara gestured to Stuart to follow her and went into a changing room at the back of the shop. The assistant gathered up several items from the shelves and passed them to her through the curtain. I sat down in a chair opposite the changing room and checked my phone for messages. The assistant walked over to me “That’s one lucky girl. She said he was huge.” he said, mock-scandalized.

“He is,” I replied. “It’s absolutely enormous.”

“I should be so lucky.”

“Be careful what you wish for. His wife hates it, won’t go anywhere near it.”

“Is that not his wife?”

“No. That’s my wife actually.” I smiled. This time, I think the assistant was just a bit scandalized.

Sara walked out of the fitting room with Stuart in tow. “He’ll take these please,” she said, handing over a pair of black mesh boxers. Stuart handed over his card and paid, then we headed to leave. “Bye. And enjoy you lucky thing!” the assistant said, holding the door open.

We got to the pavement and Sara immediately walked towards the shop next door. “I think I’ll have a new outfit for myself,” she said, opening the door. Stuart and I followed. Again Sara spoke to an assistant, this time a glamorous-looking woman. They disappeared behind a rack, talking in Dutch. Stuart and I sat on a bench opposite the changing room and watched as Sara ankara ukraynalı escortlar went in with a few items in her hands, followed by the assistant. We chatted for a while until Sara came out. The summer dress was gone, and Sara was wearing a white basque with a matching thong and stockings. The basque had no bra cups, so Sara’s big tits were on full display. “Well, what do you think?”

“Wow.” Stuart and I replied simultaneously.

“I’ll take that as a positive. Wait there,” she replied, turning and returning to the fitting room.

About five minutes passed and Sara appeared, wearing a similar outfit, but this time black. “How about this?”

“Also wow,” I replied.

“Stuart, you’re the guest, which do you prefer?” Sara asked.

“I think white. Keep with the wholesome look!” he replied.

Sara went back into the fitting room. Shortly, the assistant returned with the white outfit and wrapped it up. I paid and Sara emerged from the fitting room again, back in the summer dress. “Let’s go boys.”

We walked the short distance to the Red Light District and strolled around the narrow streets. Even at this early time, it was busy, and many of the windows had lights on, but curtains drawn, indicating it was occupied. Stuart was intrigued by one place; ‘The Banana Bar’. “What’s that?” he asked.

“No idea. They don’t allow women in,” Sara replied. “Maybe you boys can go another day and tell me about it.”

Further along, we came to a building with a neon sign outside: ’24hr Non-Stop Cinema – 100% Hard Porno’. “How about this?” Sara said, gesturing for Stuart to enter. I paid for three tickets and we walked along a short, dark corridor and into the cinema. Stairs led to five tiers of seats with around fifteen seats in each row. On the far wall, hardcore porn was being projected. There were around twenty people in the room, mostly single guys, with a few couples in the back row. Sara led us to the far end of the second row and we sat down, Stuart and I on either side of Sara.

We watched the film for a few minutes, Stuart and I each feeling Sara’s tits and pussy through her dress, while she manoeuvred each of our dicks out of our pants and began to slowly wank us off.

I noticed a quite few of the other guys in the cinema had moved to get a better view. “We have an audience,” I whispered to Sara, “I know,” she replied “Let’s give them something to see.” Sara pulled her dress up over her hips to reveal her bare pussy.

“Fucking hell… sincan minyon tipli escortlar What happened to your knickers?” I asked.

“In the bag, I took them off at the shop…” she smiled. “Now, is one of you going to fuck me?”

Stuart and I looked at each other. “Your turn to go first,” he said.

I stood behind Sara and slid my cock into her wet pussy. Stuart moved in front of her, and she eagerly took his dick into her mouth. By now, nobody in the cinema was paying any attention to the film. Guys stood around watching as Sara and I fucked rhythmically, Sara grinding herself against my hips. We continued, going faster and deeper now “Fuck yes… Yes. Yes. Yes… Harder!” Sara exclaimed. I was getting close and pounded as hard as I could until I couldn’t hold on any longer. I pulled out as my balls spasmed, pumping a thick rope of cum over Sara’s ass and back. I paused for a few moments, then moved aside and motioned to Stuart to take my place. “Condom?” he asked.

Sara shook her head, “It’s OK. Just fuck me.”

Stuart didn’t need a second invitation. He grasped Sara’s hips and pushed himself inside her. “Oh god,” she moaned, gripping the back of the seat, bracing herself as he thrust deeper with each stroke until his entire length was inside her.

“Right there, yes,” Sara moaned, “Yes, yes.” Stuart was thrusting like a machine, slowly pulling his cock back until it was almost out, then pushing powerfully into Sara’s engorged cunt. Sara moaned gently as he fucked her. I could see her gripping the seat back as Stuart started to thrust harder and faster. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard!” Sara was shouting now, as Stuart’s hips were practically a blur. “Yes, yes,” he groaned.

“Cum up me!” Sara ordered.

Stuart looked at me.

“CUM UP ME!!!” Sara screamed breathily.

I nodded at Stuart, but he was already there, his body shaking as he unloaded into Sara. After a few moments, he pulled out, his already half-erect cock glistening from a mix of spunk, sweat and Sara’s pussy juices.

Sara stood and got back into her chair. She spread her legs, placed her feet on the back of the seats of the row in front, and began to frig herself as creamy rivulets of Stuart’s cum oozed from her pussy. Within minutes, Sara brought herself to a massive climax, oblivious to her audience, then sat back and closed her eyes. One of the couples on the back row had started to fuck, and most of the guys moved away to watch them.

After what seemed like an age, but was probably only five or ten minutes, Sara sat up and reached into her bag, pulling out a pack of wet wipes. “Just as well I packed these, huh?” she smiled, as she began to wipe herself down. Eventually, she stood up and pulled her dress back down over her hips, “Right boys. Let’s get some dinner. We have a big night ahead!”

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