The Wrong Thing To Do Ch. 02

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I would like to thank darkangel718310. She was a great editor. There is a lot of detail and its takes time to get to the sex. There will be mistakes feel free to help me improve, by telling me what can be fixed. However be kind while doing so.


It was a cool June night as Mark peered over the edge of the Penthouse deck. However his eyes ignored the beauty of Tribeca as he stared inward. Mark was in deep thought, about life and his past actions. Beyond the doors that separated the large deck from the immense penthouse, the music was pulsing, the girls were shaking, and the drinks were flowing.

“Mark! Oh there you are. Man I’ve been looking for you everywhere, what the hell are you doing out here?” Mark turned his attention toward the voice.

“It’s the best part of your penthouse, why shouldn’t I be out here Richard?” Mark replied.

“It’s nice that you like my view, but you have one just like it in your loft next door, not including that one, but your dad owns like four properties on the island… Whatever, I just wanted to let you know that you’re missing your party…” Richard stated.

“Rich, thank you for throwing it for me, but I should really get home.” Mark said, attempting to escape the group of Manhattan socialites he barely knew.

“Your fucking with me right? Tell me your just fucking around! Your twenty-two today, grow a pair, man up, and come back in.” Richard said consulting his watch, and confirmed that it was well past midnight, and indeed Mark’s birthday. “You just graduated magna-cum whatever from Dartmouth, go in there get yourself some pussy and celebrate your cock off.” Richard said fighting his losing battle.

“Seriously thank you for this, I know you invited a whole bunch of people and went through a lot of trouble, but I’m not feeling it.” Mark said continuing his attempt on finding a way out.

“This isn’t about me pulling the A list up in here Mark. Just stay one more hour and you can go.”

“I don’t even know a quarter of these people…” Mark began to say.

“Well they may not know you like I do, but their experts on the weight of your last name, and they want to know you real good. Man there’s supermodel caliber ass in there that would do anything to, for, or in front of you.”

Richard seeing the unflinching change in Mark’s posture decided to pull out one last stop. “My sister Catlin will be stopping by later and she’ll be bringing her best friend.” Richard said using the tone a teacher would use on a difficult kindergartener.

Marks attitude made a one eighty as he heard the last statement. “Courtney’s coming here?”

“Yes, your ex-girlfriend who dumped you four years ago will be stopping by, you pathetic excuse for a billionaires son.”

Minutes later Mark was back in Richard’s penthouse as he headed for the bar. He sat there alone slowly sipping his blue label. There were supermodels, actresses, amongst others. Simply put the women out numbered men eight to two. He did have to give credit to Richard, he really knew how to throw a party.

Mark knew his old-school father would have appreciated the King George’s edition blue label he’d been sipping.

As Mark sat there, he was smothered with the attention of one bombshell after the other. Suddenly, Mark got up as he saw the one he’d been waiting for had arrived. Mark quickly made a beeline toward her. Courtney entered the room, her dark hair and tanned skin a reminder of his childhood love. Suddenly a tall man appeared next to her and their tongues embraced as they began to dance.

Mark feeling quite defeated and worthless walked the opposite way, not back outside but down a hallway looking for the room with the loudest music. He needed a place where he wouldn’t be allowed to think. On his way there, his shoulder was tapped by a striking leggy blond in a tight strapless silver dress that extenuated her already substantial bust. “You want to dance….?”

“Yeah,” Mark said cutting her short with his quick reply.

As she pulled the both of them to a room, Mark realized it wasn’t the room he intended to go to. It was a bedroom, now he could have sworn she had said dance.

She pushed Mark onto a bed as she straddled his waist, giving him a deep kiss. “Happy birthday,” she said before unzipping his pants and she fished out his cock. The touch of her hand felt amazing. But Mark was distracted on many levels of consciousness.

However as she looked in his eyes, she wondered why he wasn’t hard yet? He wasn’t even semi erect.

The beylikdüzü escort blue-eyed blonde looked at him and asked. “Do you want me to ask my friend to come in here too, I mean, if you want it, you can get a double blowjob?”

Mark simply shook his head in agreement, as he jolted back into reality. He had been stuck thinking about Courtney, which brought back thoughts of his stepmom, and how he betrayed his father.

That was the defining cause of his limpness, well, until a double blowjob was brought up. Before Mark could say anything, the girl was texting on her iphone.

“She’ll be here in a few seconds…. but I have to ask… is it me?” the girl questioned.

“God no, you’re beautiful, you look incredible…. I saw my girlfr.. ex-girlfriend and that led me to think about things I shouldn’t have.” Mark said, holding the girl as he began to harden. To give him credit, as soon as she mentioned the second girl, he had been knocked out of his daze and he started to resemble a rock down there.

“Ohh well, fucking forget that bitch and thanks!” She said smiling and hugging him as he felt her breasts pressed against his chest, and she in return felt his hardened cock. She then stepped out of her dress revealing a stunningly toned body.

“Well, we’re good to go,” She said as she patted his now hardened cock. Mark wasted no time as he disrobed.

“I should have asked… What’s your name?” Mark asked, disappointed in himself for being such an asshole even though she didn’t seem to care.

“It’s Abbey,” she stated with a glow.

“Abbey that’s a great name, my name’s Mark Bryce.” She simply laughed while shaking his hand, and he smiled remembering, yeah, she knew it was his birthday, so of course she knew who he was.

“You think it’s nice, it’s my grandmother’s name and I hate it.” Abbey said contorting her face as she stepped out of her pink panties and red bra.

“It’s a cute name, but your beauty amplifies it beyond reason.” Mark said as she blushed like a thousand suns.

Abbey dropped her body to begin the overdue festivities. As she did this Mark lifted her up, positioning both of them into the sixty-nine position.

Abbey rolled with it as she adapted her body. She licked the tip of his cock as he licked her bald vagina. He used his finger to part her pristine lips as he began to tongue the sensitive flesh. She captured more of his cock with her mouth as she slowly worked deeper. He moved two fingers into the unbelievably tight vagina.

He moved his fingers in slowly as he began to lick her clitoris; he felt her hips rotating into his movements. He slapped her tightly shaped ass with a free hand as he felt a change, a shift in the universe.

He felt a second tongue on his cock, but “no way,” he thought as he was sure there was a third tongue. He was on the verge of cumming now. His cock buried in the depths of Abbey’s mouth.

He was on the edge, as one ball entered the suction of someone’s mouth as the other was being licked like it was the sweetest candy. That was until that person began to suck as well.

“Oh my god I’m going to cum!” He yelled out as he gripped Abbey’s firm ass. He tried to make it up to her licking and fingering her vagina with as much finesse as he’d been sucked.

Mark started riding her with his fingers as her pussy adapted and her hips shifted to every inward push. His tongue drove her mad with ecstasy, like she had done to him as he licked her clitoris with purpose.

He then used his finger to entice her clit as he began to tongue her asshole. She jumped at this before backing her body up without thought as her ass was tongued and her pussy fingered.

Mark did not get what he intended which was the two of them orgasm-ing in sync. His hips arched up, and he yelled “Fuck I’m cumming.”

His warning went unheded, but to his surprise Abbeys’ head stayed in place and the other two mouths he knew were there kept working away.

After he came in the depths of Abbey’s throat, Abbey backed up grinding her ass into Mark face, almost cutting his oxygen off. She arched her back and gripped the bed, slipping his cock from her mouth as she released a sticky aroma over his lips. “Aaammh Ooohhhhhmmm.” She let out as soft as a whisper.


As Abbey rose off Mark, he got a surprise. One of the two naked mystery girls sucking his cock was identical to Abbey.

“No fucking way, you have a twin… I mean your twin büyükçekmece escort just…” As Mark said this Abbey’s twin got up and moved toward her sister, giving her a french kiss.

From the show developing in front of him, Mark was once again engorged. As the two kissed, the nameless twin seemed to be the aggressor. She steered at Mark as she put on the show while this happened she whispered something to Abbey.

The third girl was a brunette who looked familiar to Mark, but he couldn’t place her. She gripped Marks cock in one hand as she began to lick it staring up at him with her hazel eyes.

As the brunette kept her rhythm, the twins moved toward the bed. As they lay next to Mark, they got into a sixty-nine position as they licked each other attentively.

Mark looked on as the brunette sucking his cock made rapid movements in sync with her manic hands. As her tongue whirled around his cock, familiar feelings began to rise in Mark’s cock. Mark lifted himself out of the brunette’s hold.

She was confused, but seconds later he returned with a condom. Thinking he wanted to fuck her, she positioned herself with a smile. “What’s your name?” He asked spreading his fingers through her hair.

“Elle,” she answered.

“Elle which one is Abbey?” Mark questioned intently.

She pointed to one of the twin’s confirming his suspicions. Marks assumption was correct as he positioned himself behind Abbey.

Mark slowly eased his cock into her warm, ready passage as her sister’s head below his cock moved so his cock could do its work. However, everyone seemed to pause as he entered Abbey. The room seemed to freeze, as he entered her tightly slick passage.

Abbey clenched her teeth as Mark slowly entered her tight warm soaking pussy.

After a few seconds, everything returned to normal as Elle rose to her feet making her way over to Mark, who she became tongue tangled with. Elle kissed Mark, rubbing his muscular chest as he moved his hips connecting with Abbey, ass smacking away.

Mark was in ecstasy as his cock was squeezed by the tightest vagina he’d ever fucked. Although in many books he was kind of still a freshman at this, however, after tonight in many other books he’d be considered a, well, player man whore so on and so forth.

Elle used her hand guiding Marks head downward and their mouths griped like a vice, as their tongues danced. Mark took the time to acquaint himself with Elle’s firm breasts, he slowly slipped his tongue from her mouth down to her neck and to her breasts.

As this happened, Mark was undeterred from fucking Abbey, as he maximized his efforts as he sped up the pace. Unannounced to Mark, Abbey’s sister had left from under her sister and began to elevate a two-way kiss into a three-way.

The twin stole Marks mouth away from Elle as she initiated a deep kiss, with one hand falling behind Marks ass giving it a squeeze. She was a feisty one, as they kept this up Mark quickly exploded. As the night progressed, Mark had his way with three beautiful women, in what could only be a dear penthouse moment.

It was early Saturday morning as Richard Milton or Richie, walked into his bedroom to find the friend that he thought had left last night. He looked on smiling as he whispered, “Lucky son of a bitch,” under his breath.

His friend was in bed with three beautiful women, having clearly fucked them all. “No fucking way!” He said out loud. Two of them had been twins. Then he looked at the third. The third looked familiar. He laughed as he realized who it was. It was Elizabeth, Mark’s ex-girlfriends eighteen year old sister.

Just then Richard realized he knew not one, but all three girls, and they must have crashed the party. They weren’t underage, he knew that, they were eighteen but they were still in high school. He probably invited a few eighteen-year olds but no high school kids even if they were seniors. Sure he fucked eighteen year olds but he figured Mark Bryce and his big moral code would object.

Then Richard laughed as a bulb went on in his head. “He doesn’t know!”

“What are you laughing about Richard.” Said a voice barging into his room.

It was Courtney, “My parents seem to think my sister is here have you seen her?”

As Courtney walked in the room, she saw Richard smiling and then looked at the bed, she was shocked for a second. Surprised that Mark had beded three women, but then she saw it and she flipped out.

“WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” cevizli escort Courtney screamed.

The four sleeping heads woke up immediately.

“Mark! What the fuck is this; you wait four years to get back at me like this! What the fuck is wrong with you?” Courtney yelled at the unaware Mark.

Courtney hastily grabbed her naked sister, pulling her out the door. Richard just stood there smiling. Richard left after giving Mark thumbs up and Abbey’s twin who Mark later found out was named Blair left as well.

Mark and Abbey lay together in bed alone. “I always imagined losing my virginity to a guy I was dating, I mean it’s no big deal and I knew if I got a chance with you last night I would lose it to you, but it was, well, a lot in one moment.”

“I had no clue you were a virgin.” Mark stated regrettably, like he had done something wrong as he held her naked body close, which ended up making him hard.

Abbey paused for a second, filling the room with silence and reflection, her fingers toying with her post fucked hair as she decided to say it. “You should probably know this, you’re a good guy, I wasn’t expecting that, my sister and my friend crashed this party.”

“Oh, so you’re not rich, I don’t care!” Mark stated while caressing her arms.

“Well we’re not billionaires, but no.” As Abbey spoke Mark started to think, well if Elle was Courtney’s sister she was well off then that meant Abbey was well off, so then what was she saying?

“We’re all senior’s in high school.” Abbey stated as Mark realized that Courtney’s sister was four years younger than him; he wished he’d realized this earlier.

You could see the shock in Mark’s face from a mile away.

“I’m eighteen I mean where all eighteen.”

“Oh, oh,” Mark said as he slowly rose.

“I am so sorry.” Mark stated apologetically.

“Why are you sorry, there are sixty year olds married to twenty year olds, that’s much more of a leap in age than it is for us. You didn’t do anything wrong, it was a very right first time.” Abbey said giggling.

Abbey said as she began to straddle Mark’s waist and he began to harden.

“Plus I like you,” she said.

“I like you too.” Mark replied continuing with “I’m sure there guys your own age that you dreamed of losing your virginity to.”

“I’m glad it was with you.” Abbey said with a smile, as she pulled Mark’s head in for a morning breath kiss.

“Me too!” Mark said in reply in between kisses to Abbey’s soft lips.

“Well that’s that then, nothing else to it, when Victoria Secret Angels were hunting for you, but I got you and I have no regrets…. I mean…”

“What?” Mark asked.

“It did take two other girls for me to get you.”

“We would have had sex without them being in the room.”

“Prove it.”

“What?” Mark asked.

“I dare you to take me right now.” “The door is open!” Mark cried.

She didn’t say another word as she beckoned him with a simple come get me stare. Mark didn’t wait a second as he flipped Abigail over, with him on top. Mark positioned his cock at her pussy lips, his cock head slowly breaching her entranceway, driving her wild. He was overwhelmed as they kissed; his cock now slamming forward with no second to waste.

His hands staking hold of her breasts as he dropped his head to feast.

Later that day, Mark realized he had things to sort out and a truth to tell his father. He couldn’t carry the burden of having slept with his stepmom any longer. He was resolute as he boarded the private Boeing 787 as he headed to Chicago to tackle his problems head on.

Leaving the small airport in New Jersey, he was surprised as about twenty minutes in the private jet began to descend. The phone near his seat began to ring, and as he picked up the pilot spoke. “Mr. Bryce we’re landing at Stewart International Airport. We’ve been informed that your father isn’t in Chicago; he is currently at the Bryce estate in Poughkeepsie. That’s about a twenty minute drive from the airport.”

As Mark landed, beyond the military aircraft he saw a Gulfstream jet with the Bryce logo. Later to his surprise there was no car waiting for him. As he got off the airplane, he spotted his dad surrounded by bodyguards and a few other people. They were waiting for him next to a Bryce helicopter. “You thought I forgot your birthday didn’t you. You kind of ruined the surprise though.” John Bryce stated with his white stately head of hair flapping in the breeze.

Mark embraced his father as he began to speak to him. “We need to talk alone in the flight back, in the helicopter.”

“It’s like a four minute flight.” John Bryce stated, as he saw something in his son’s eyes he never saw before. It was fear.

“It’ll be quick; it’s just the right thing to do.” Mark stated.

To be continued if you’d like…

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