Thirty Something Years Old

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So here’s my second submission. I was pretty happy with the number of views and votes my first story got, although I would’ve liked a higher score. But the people have spoken! I can only get better… hopefully.

Anyway, LEAVE MORE COMMENTS AND FEEDBACK. I only received a few. I really want to know what you guys think of me so far, even if it’s only been two stories. Please let me know what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong so I can keep doing the good and fix the bad. I won’t post as much if the scores are low. Then again, maybe I’m just bad. Who knows?

I typically like to write celebrity fiction, but sometimes write about other things. Somehow it always seems as though I leave my stories open for continuation, so if you do like this, tell me, or it’ll stay as a standalone. Moving on, all you guys can pretend the professor is whatever hot professor you’ve encountered in your days. I tried to describe her as little as possible so your imagination can roam. Enjoy the story!

* * * * *

I had already missed a handful of classes, either because of oversleeping or my lack of interest in the class. However, I didn’t want to take US History again seeing as I wasn’t a history major. I needed to pass, and I figured that if I talked with my professor I could make up an excuse as to why I’d been missing class.

I sat through two hours of boring group work before I could watch everyone pack up and leave. I made sure I was the last one in the room. I then walked down the stairs of the small lecture hall and stood in front of Miss Cassidy. She had packed her papers and looked about ready to leave. I felt pretty good about convincing her to give me a break. Though she was smart, she was perhaps a little too nice to her students. She wanted them to succeed, and I’m pretty sure I was no different. She had also been sending me a lot of emails that voiced her concern.

“Miss Cassidy?”

“Oh hey, did you want to…”

“Yeah,” I said cutting her off. “Could we talk about, uh, the missing classes and what not?”

“We actually don’t have that much to talk about. If you read my emails you would know that you waited too long. We’re past the point where you could have made up some work.”

“I read all your emails. I don’t remember you saying there was a deadline.”

“Did you read my latest email?”

“I… I guess not.”

“Well then,” she said staring at me.

It was obvious she wanted me to leave since she didn’t want to budge on my grades. Though I knew this, I couldn’t help but continue on.

“So… what, I can’t do any extra credit work or anything?”

“I’ll try and give you a D if you keep up with your work from now on and show up to class for once.”

“I was here today.”

“Yes, but we’re already more than halfway through the semester and you’ve attended less than half of those classes.”

“I know. I don’t want to miss class. It’s just that I’m usually tired. This class is too early for me.”

“It starts at eleven and ends at one. Most people are awake by then.”

“Ok, but not me. You know how college is,” I said trying to squeeze a last bit of desperation out.

“Still, it’s your fault for missing class.”

“Can’t you give me work to do instead? I won’t tell any of the other students you’ve given me special treatment.”

She smiled and looked right at me. Her hands were on the edge of her table as she leaned forwards towards me.


I hated waking up early. All my other classes were in the afternoon, and this was my morning class. Ba-humbug to anyone who says I should be awake at eleven in the morning. I didn’t want to wake up for any class, no less US History. I took that at least twice in high school. I decided I was just going to go for it. What’s the worst that could happen?

“Well, I have another idea then.”

“What’s that?” she said.

She was definitely upset I was still trying to get my grade up. I could tell. She was simply toying with me. Answering me like she was going to actually consider what I was going to say. I hoped she would.

“You’re gorgeous,” I said as she kept her smile but became a little more aware of where the situation was heading.

“And I’m attracted to you. What if… I make you “feel good,” and in return I get some points I’ve missed out on?”

“You do realize I shouldn’t even respond to that,” she said, still bent over the table with her arms straight down supporting herself. She was too intrigued to move.

“You’re what… thirty five? Maybe?”

“Thirty nine,” she said correcting me.

“Well then,” I said, impressed with how incredible she looked for her age.

“You’re thirty nine, single, and you teach at a school where temptation stares you in the face. I’ve seen the way you sometimes look at the male students. Don’t worry. I’m not gonna judge you. Though you usually get the male professors with wandering eyes.”

I started walking around the table, and her eyes followed my footsteps as I moved in behind her. If she opposed, she had güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri enough time to move yet she still stayed bent over the table.

“Don’t you dare,” she said.

She barely turned her head back to face me, but I felt her eyes gazing at my crotch. I stood next to her and grabbed her waist, sliding my hands up to her breasts. After a quick few squeezes and a small moan or two from Miss Cassidy, I ripped off her belt and stuck my hands in the sides of her jeans. I quickly pulled them down along with her panties. I left her jeans at her knees though in case someone walked in. At least we’d have a small chance at looking inconspicuous.

I put one hand next to hers and the other straight to her pussy. She hadn’t said a word since I started working on her, and I figured I was going to be able to keep this going a little bit further, right to where I had planned. My dick had worked itself up quite enough, and so I sprung it free. It wasn’t as hard as it was going to get, but it stood at Miss Cassidy’s attention for sure. I stroked it as I moved behind her. She looked over her shoulder and stared at it for a moment, impressed with it I hoped. Her hungry gaze turned towards my eyes and asked for me to begin fucking her. I rubbed my dick along her slit, and she leaned forward, spreading her legs as far as her jeans would allow. I grabbed my dick with my right hand and grabbed her ass with my left. I slowly entered her waiting pussy with my now throbbing cock, and we were ready to seal our deal.

I easily slide all seven inches inside of her. She was much wetter than she should’ve been. Then again, when I first mentioned I should fuck her for my grade, she didn’t move or oppose me, so maybe she really did want this.

Miss Cassidy moaned as she leaned forward with my thrusts. I grabbed her waist and picked up the pace. My dick tore into her wet cunt. She was surprisingly tight for a woman her age, but she did have the body of a thirty year-old. Maybe it had been a while since she’d been fucked. I didn’t care. I was taking care of two birds with one stone here. I got to fuck my hot professor and improve my grade in one afternoon. I slowed down and put my hands next to hers on the table. I leaned forward and thrusted into her as far as I could while I rested my head on her back. I looked up at her, and she looked back at me lustfully.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck a student,” she said.

She bent over and put her arms down on the table. I stood back up and squeezed both of her ass checks in my hands.

“You should’ve been a little more aggressive then, because the first day of class, all I could think about was what you would’ve looked like bent over your little podium over there.”

“That would have been amazing,” she moaned. “If only one of my students had done that.”

“I think it’s a bit of stretch for a student to fuck his professor on the first day of class.”

“Yeah, well, you still should have done it. I wouldn’t have stopped you.”

“If I had known. I just went home and jerked off thinking about you instead.”

“You jerked off to me?”

“Yeah,” I said, sliding Miss Cassidy’s ass up and down my dick.

“Wouldn’t you rather have been doing this?” she asked, smiling.

“I wish I had heard you were such a hot slut,” I joked. “You talk like I should’ve fucked you when you handed me the syllabus. How often does this kind of thing happen?”

“It never has,” she moaned as I reached up her shirt to grab her breast. “But now we can both check something off our to do list.”

“And I won’t have to go home today and jerk off.”

“Fuck me,” she groaned. “I can’t believe you masturbate to me. I mean, hmmmpphhh… I’m sure other guys have as well, but no one has ever told me in person.”

“There’s no logical reason why I wouldn’t go home and stroke my cock while thinking about my hot college professor.”

“Unless she fucks you,” she smiled at me.

She took control and bounced her ass back against me. I let go and put my hands behind my head. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was as I looked down at her pussy sliding along my cock. Miss Cassidy looked up at me while biting her lip. The largest smile was plastered on her face.

“Good thing you seem to know what you’re doing otherwise I may have stopped you. I think from now on you’ll be my student-fuck.”


“Student that I can fuck. It’s what it sounds like. Sort of like a fuck buddy.”

“Fuck me, Miss. Cassidy. Really? I mean… that works for me.”

“I hoped you’d say that.”

Miss Cassidy pushed back hard before sliding off of me and standing up. She turned around and stepped out of her jeans. With her enthusiasm, I didn’t care if she wanted to take her clothes off. This was a dream come true. If we got caught, well, fuck it. She jumped back up on the desk and sat still. Her fingers circled her clit, and her eyes lit up with lust. She started to pull her shirt up when I took the opportunity to slam back into her. She güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri dropped her shirt and let it rest just atop her breasts, bra still on. I throw her legs over my shoulders, and she put her hands on the table behind her. I thrust my entire length inside her, which elicits a few sexy moans. Her eyes closed, and it seemed she accepted that I was in charge now. I pounded into her hard and fast, and her orgasm hit her out of nowhere. It was cute, yet powerful as her body shook ever so slightly. I let my dick sit inside of her while I took my shirt off. Even though she was just calming down, I was ready for more.

“What are you doing?” she asks.


“Our deal was you make me “feel good.” I just came.”

“Wait… what? You just talked to me about how I’m your student-fuck and I should’ve taken you on the first day. At the very least you can’t leave me like this,” I said pointing at my now fading erection sitting half in her cunt.

I picked her up and carefully lowered us to the floor. She didn’t come off my cock as I fell to my back and let her get comfortable on top of me. She threw her shirt and bra by her other clothes, and instinctively she started slowly riding my cock. Her face hadn’t lost any of her previous lust. I almost wished I had been in her class more often so I could look it as much as possible. Then again, if I attended class I wouldn’t be in the position I was. With her hands on my chest, balancing her body, Miss Cassidy began grinding herself on my dick.

“Look. We both want more. You said all of those things. So just keep doing what you’re doing. Please?”

She moaned, “Ohhh fuck. You love my pussy don’t you?”

“What the fuck do you think?”

I grabbed her ass and started thrusting up into her.

“Oh fuck. Oh my god!” she exclaimed.

She tilted her head back with her mouth wide open and moaned loudly. A long “oooohhhhh” escaped her, interrupted for a brief second in between my thrusts. She stretched her arms up and grabbed onto the piece of the whiteboard that held the markers and erasers. I slid my hands to her waist and gave all I had as I began thrusting up and down as fast as I could. I was stopped short when Miss Cassidy moved her right leg so her foot was flat on the floor. Her right hand came down and rested on her knee as I continued fucking her pussy. I got a very brief view of my cock spreading her lips wide. Then she moved her other leg so on both feet were flat on the floor.

I was extremely impressed with her flexibility and skill. Fuck thirty-nine. No thirty-nine year-old could slap her ass down on my cock with such ease like Miss Cassidy was doing. Her hands moved back up to the whiteboard ledge to better steady herself. Mine held her breasts. I loved watching them bounce, but damn they felt fantastic. I squeezed and started fucking her back. My upward thrusts matched her downward ones and we began colliding in a harsh, balls deep, skin slapping ecstasy. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t lost it yet. She must have read my mind because Miss Cassidy slowed things down and started a conversation with me, which shifted my focus away from my pleasure.

“So, what do we do in your fantasies?”

“Well, nothing special really. We just have sex, cum, and go our separate ways until we meet again… for more sex obviously.”

“Oh c’mon. Be a little more specific than that.”

“Ok, ummm, there’s this one where we’re fucking in the classroom, and a few of the girls from my group walk in.”

“That’s right. You’re group is all girls except you. I bet I know where this is going.”

“Yeah. We just all have sex. Simple, but effective.”

“I bet.”

She moved back into the classic cowgirl position. I regained some composure as she slowly rocked her body forward and back, not bouncing on me, but just grinding her hips on my cock. She leaned forward and put her hands at the sides of my head. Then she kissed me hard. I wasn’t expecting it, but we both stopped fucking for a moment in order to assault each other with our tongues. We broke but for a second before our lips met again, and I ran my finger across her ass hole. She slapped my hand away. I smiled, but wasn’t dissatisfied I wasn’t going to get that. She eased us out of the kiss before pulling on the whiteboard ledge to help herself up.

I was quick to follow. By the time I was on my feet, Miss Cassidy was already bent over. Her forearms were lying on the ledge, and luckily my dick was at the same height as her ass. I took my place behind her and guided my cock right back into her cunt.

“Ffffuuuuuuuuuuuccckkk!” she groaned. “That nice big cock of yours is gonna make me fucking cum again!”

I fucked my professor deep and slow, and she loved it. I was pushing my hips hard enough against her that her face and shoulders were starting to press against the whiteboard. In that moment I wanted nothing more than to pin her against it and fuck her as hard as I could manage, but I figured her thighs would hurt from slamming güvenilir bahis şirketleri into the ledge. I let it go for now and took a step back to allow her to move away from the board a bit. I kept up the slow pace, but didn’t enjoy the feeling of her tight cunt any less because of it.

“Yeeeaaahhh!” she moaned. “You’re doing a very good job.”

She looked and stated into my eyes as she brought her legs right up against each other.

“But if you want those extra points, you’re gonna have to do one thing for me.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

I leaned against her back as she stood up to meet me. Grabbing her breasts, I gave her a quick kiss before she gave me her demands.

“Fuck me,” she stated.

“I am,” I laughed.

“Faster,” she breathily moaned back into my face.

I leaned back, and Miss Cassidy bent back over. I held onto her hips and fucked her like we were porn stars. I had no idea I could fuck her so fast in this position. There wasn’t much to hold onto but the whiteboard ledge, so she pushed against the board itself and I pulled her hips into me. Her head fell down. I assumed her eyes were closed as she looked towards the ground.

“Miss Cassidy,” I said, getting her attention.



“C’mon what?” she moaned, releasing a few “aaahhhh’s” right after.

“Cum. Cum for me again.”

“Ohhh shit! Keep going, keep going, Keep going! Yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeessssssss!”

She stopped moving as I continued thrusting into her. Her back arched, and her orgasm ravaged her body. Her mouth opened wide, and her eyes cringed shut. No noise escaped her mouth. Her right hand moved back and rested on her ass. I took my hands off and took long strides into her mature wet cunt. She definitely appreciated that I slowed down with the thrusting, but my cock was nearing its boiling point. I wasn’t going to last even a few more minutes.

“Miss Cassidy, I’m going to cum soon.”

“It’s about time,” she said sexily smiling at me.

She closed her eyes, enjoying the pleasure of her post orgasm. Such an intense amount of lust and satisfaction washed over her face. I wanted to cum on that face. I figured she wouldn’t go for it, but still I had to take the chance. Even if she didn’t want to, I was going to try extra hard to get my way.

“Miss Cassidy?”


“You’re just, well… you’re very pretty.”

“Thank you,” she said smiling as I continued to slowly and steadily fuck her.

“When I cum, can I shoot onto your face?”

“No,” she said with eyes closed, still enjoying the fuck. “Fuck me some more, and just shoot onto my ass.”

I was angry at that answer so I started pounding my whole cock into her. Her pussy was so incredibly tight. The slow balls deep thrusts were going to bring me to my orgasm quick.

“Miss Cassidy, your pussy is so damn perfect. It’s making me go crazy, but I want to cum on your face. Get on your knees and suck me off.”

“I said no, alright. Just cum on my ass? Don’t make me kick you out.”

It seemed like she meant that. It was a bit out of character considering the intense love making we had been having. Still, I guess it was equally out of character for me to order her to drop to her knees and blow me. I was still mad though, and so I grabbed her by the waist and moved her across the room to a flat wall. I pushed her against it, and pushing her waist against the wall, began to fuck her harder than I had the whole time. She looked back at me and was surprised at my assertiveness, but was also thoroughly enjoying our rough fuck. I held her tight so she couldn’t get away.

“Fuck, Miss Cassidy!” I’m going to cum!” I yelled in an attempt to scare her to her knees.

“You’d better pull out. My face is one thing, but you better not cum inside of me!”

“Oh shit, professor. I can’t stop now. Fuck! Fuck me Miss Cassidy!”

I was obviously bluffing, though threatening her like this was turning me on. Either way, she didn’t want to wait until I did cum inside her.

“Ok pull out! I’ll get on my knees!” she yelled.

I pulled out of her, and she slowly turned around as I stroked my dick and smiled. She gave a small smile as well, slightly upset but still turned on. We both knew I got my way, but she didn’t really seem to mind. I wasn’t quite there yet so she realized she’d need to move things along.

My professor deepthroated me instantly. Miss Cassidy, my college professor, could deepthroat. My cock wasn’t gigantic by any means, but it wasn’t small. Goddamn were her blowjob skills impressive. With each bob of her head her lips pressed against my balls. Closing her mouth on my dick, she’d take in almost my entire length. Then she’d open her mouth wide and run her tongue along the underside of my dick, taking me into her throat. She gagged and pulled off, saliva everywhere.

“So let’s go. I wanna see that cum,” she admitted. “I got on my knees like you asked.”

“Deepthroat me once more, and you’ll get all you can handle.”

“Yeah,” she said, licking at my cock. “You like when it when your professor swallows your cock?”

“Fuck yes,” I moaned. Then I begged her, “Put it back in your mouth already.”

She did and it felt incredible. My head sat down her throat, and she winced while still moving her tongue about, attempting to lick my balls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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