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Traveling is always difficult. Flights and hotels, cab rides and city maps. It always helps to have a few friendly faces to sit down and relax with when away from home. Business trips are sometimes especially lonely since the rest of the family stays home. Bill found himself in just that situation as he grabbed his suitcase from the airport baggage claim and headed for a cab ride. He asked the driver about the area, hoping to hear about some social hot spot, but alas all he got was a few restaurant recommendations and the name of a strip club. He checked in, tired and hungry, debating if it would be worth the expense to order room service. It was early evening and he felt that staying in to eat would be too depressing, so he headed out.

There was a nice restaurant about 2 blocks from the hotel, which he walked to since the evening was cool. It was not terribly crowded on a Sunday evening, but there was a short wait of 15-20 minutes according to the Hostess. He settled in to wait beside a couple on one of the benches in the atrium.

Jack and Susan were a handsome couple, very comfortable with each other as they discussed their plans for the week. Bill quietly listened as he waited, stealing a few glances at Susan’s sexy hose covered legs and red heels. He hoped that she and her husband hadn’t noticed his glances. She excused herself a few minutes later and went to the ladies room, her ass swaying seductively as she walked away. Jack looked over at him and smiled, “I’m Jack.” He introduced himself. “Susan has a sexy ass doesn’t she?”

Bill was taken aback and a bit embarrassed by getting caught looking. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare.” He stumbled over the words.

“It’s ok, I want her to be appreciated.” Jack explained.

A bit reassured, Bill introduced himself. “I’m Bill. I’m in town for a conference this week and it’s been a long trip.”

“Alone in a strange town, I know how you feel.” Jack empathized with him. “It’s lonely being away from home. Would you like to join us for dinner? We can tell you a little about the area.” He offered.

“I wouldn’t want to intrude.” Bill answered a little hesitant. Susan returned, swaying seductively as she walked. She was clearly showing off for Jack as her eyes were locked on his.

Jack grinned as his sexy wife crossed the room. He knew all eyes were on her and reveled in the desire that she induced in all the guys and some of the ladies. “Trust me, it isn’t intruding.” He told Bill. “Dear, this is Bill. Would it be ok if he joined us tonight?” He asked Susan.

Bill stood and she looked him over before answering. He was average height with a few gray hairs. She was pleasantly surprised to see that he didn’t have the beer belly so many men develop as they age. “I guess so.” She answered.

Something in her voice sounded hesitant and unsure, but she was smiling and her smile was heartwarming. “Thank you.” Bill said, then added “You are very kind and very beautiful.” A waiter came over at just that moment to seat them. It was little trouble to add the 3rd place at the table.

They spent about an hour chatting and eating. Bill explained about his trip and home. Jack enlightened him on all the things to do in the area during the evenings. Susan warmed up to the new friend and was soon as vocal as Jack about where to go and what to see. Both of the guys stole glances at Susan whenever they could. Her red dress was snug in all the right places and the front v neck showed just enough breast to make the guys drool. By the look on her face there were a few occasions where Jack was teasing her under the table. As dinner closed Bill took the check, saying the company was well worth it. Jack of course offered to drive him back to the hotel.

The valet opened the doors and ushered everyone out of the car as soon as they pulled up. Jack laughed and tried to explain that they were not staying in the hotel. “It is a beautiful place if you wanted to come in.” Bill suggested and told the valet what room he was in.

Jack glanced at Susan and grinned slyly, “I guess we could visit a little longer.” He let the valet have the keys and took the claim ticket. Susan led the way inside as a uniformed doorman held the door. Jack reached over and placed something in Bill’s hand and whispered, “A little gift from Susan.” He grinned and increased his speed to catch up with her.

Bill walked a few steps behind in the large open atrium. He glanced down at the item in his hand, it was a red thong and it was slightly damp. Shock was the first thing he felt. He stood and watched the couple pointing out various features of the hotel lobby. With a slight shake of his head he cleared his mind and tried to catch up to them. “There is a nice little canlı bahis seating area on the second floor.” He suggested.

Jack saw the quick motion as Bill stuffed the panties into his pocket. “That sounds like a great place to visit.” He glanced at his wife who nodded her agreement. They walked towards the escalator. “Is there a bar nearby for drinks?” He added and guided Susan onto the first step. Both of the guys looked up at her as they rode.

Her long legs reached up under the edge of her dress. When the front step rose it raised her left leg giving a shaded view of her bare ass and swollen labia. Susan enjoyed the silence behind her, knowing they were both watching her and amazed at how excited she was showing off for them. She always liked teasing Jack, but the public nature of this had added a new sparkle to the event. Nearing the top she looked down at them, both quickly raised their eyes and Bill blushed. “I am a bit thirsty.” She said.

“I’m not sure about any bars in the hotel, but there are drinks in the room.” Bill answered. It felt like a cheap pick up line when he thought about it. Susan and jack grinned with a similar thought after he said it. But they all headed past the sitting area and towards the elevators.

Jack rubbed Susan’s ass as they rode up, her skirt was barely covering her butt cheeks by the time the doors opened. Susan was getting a little bit flushed and breathing faster now as her husband teased her in front of their new friend. Bill was a bit uncomfortable, but enjoying the show. He led them down the hall and opened the door to his room. There was a beautiful view of the city twinkling in the dusk visible from the window.

“I’ll get some ice.” He suggested nervously as jack and Susan stepped over to the window.

“Hurry back.” Jack suggested.

It only took a minute to get the ice bucket filled and return. When he walked back in Bill was greeted with the sight of Susan’s ass fully exposed and facing him. Jack was kissing her and had pulled her skirt up, his hands squeezing her cheeks.

Jack kissed over to her ear and whispered. “He’s back in the room and staring at your bare ass.” She groaned and quivered in his grip. Even had she wanted to, his hands prevented her from turning or covering up. “Ask him about the view dear.” He prodded.

“Do you like the view from your room?” Susan gasped as Jack nipped her earlobe and squeezed her ass.

Bill set the ice down on the counter. “It’s an amazing sight.” He answered. Susan was squirmed a bit, but that only made her ass sway seductively. Jack grinned watching Bill’s reaction to his wife’s motions. Bill sat on the bed and stared at the couple kissing and fondling. He pulled the thong out of his pocket and smelled the odor of her excitement on them. Jack nodded encouragingly at him. He stepped over and added his hands to her thighs rubbing and squeezing.

Susan could see a hazy reflection of herself and the room behind her, but her focus kept being interrupted by the activities of her husband. Her body tingled as he kissed and rubbed. Knowing someone was watching them was making her wetter than ever. Then she felt the hands touch her thighs and moaned. Four hands lightly touched her thighs and ass, tantalizingly close to her dripping pussy, but never seeming to reach it. She was desperate to be touched and leaned close to Jack. “Please touch me.” She begged quietly.

Jack grinned, knowing his wife was extremely sensitive to tactile stimulation this must be driving her wild. “We are touching you.” He pointed out. Bill looked up and saw that she was literally dripping with excitement. He ran a finger through her juices and felt her shudder. Then he noisily licked it clean. Susan groaned and leaned into Jacks arms. He held her tight “You liked him touching you, didn’t you.” He whispered into her ear. All she could do was nod as her mind reeled from the sensations. “Damn, I’ve never seen you this hot before.” He added a bit louder.

Bill slid over and reached into the ice bucket. “Think this might help?” He pulled out an ice cube and popped it into his mouth. Jack’s eye widened, they had never done anything with ice, but he nodded hopefully. Bill positioned himself on his knees behind Susan and started rubbing her ass as jack raised his hands to her back to hold her. The ice was melting and he let a few drops fall at the small of her back to run down between her cheeks.

Susan screamed “Oh Shit!” and jumped. Jack held her close as she tried to turn and see what the freezing cold intruding on her hot evening was.

Bill removed the cold ice and licked the wet area with his tongue. This felt extra hot to Susan compared to the icy drips. “Too much?” Bill asked slowly licking bahis siteleri up and down the crack of her ass.

Susan wanted to say ‘Hell yes.’ But the warm tongue was heating her up again. The changing sensations were startling but not really uncomfortable. “No, just unexpected.” She answered. Her grip on Jack tightened and she pushed her ass outwards.

“In that case I’ll continue.” Bill put the ice cube back in his mouth. This time he kissed her ass, his tongue tracing around the curve of her buttock. As he reached the bottom he pushed the cube forward to graze over her skin. She shivered and jumped, but didn’t scream as the cold made her ass clench. By the time he finished both sides the cube was gone. He continued to lick with his warm tongue, which felt like fire on her frosty skin. “Such a nice rosy ass now.” He sat back to admire the view.

Jack released her and moved to see as well. “Wow, it is rosy red.” He agreed. Susan put her hands on the window and wiggled her ass for the two guys. It was still tingling and that was making her excited as much as the attention. “Take it off babe.” Jack encouraged as her ass swayed.

Susan felt a little self conscious, but was very excited. She turned around and saw both men sitting on the edge of the bed watching her intently. Her skin warmed and her ego swelled. She slid the strap of her dress down her right shoulder, eyes locked on her husband as she slowly exposed her lacy bra beneath. A turn and wiggle later and she was staring at Bill as the left shoulder strap slid down.

Both men adjusted the bulges in their pants when she slipped the top down to reveal a lacy pink push up bra. Her nipples were visible as a hazy dark patch under the pink lace. She was clearly excited as evidenced by the raised nub in the center of each breast. The guys helped her to pull the tight dress down over her hips and it fell to the floor, leaving her in just bra and garterbelt.

“Your breasts are gorgeous.” Bill told her as she stepped free of the dress. Susan smiled and Jack reached up to unhook the bra. She leaned forward, her breasts swaying right in front of Bill. The bra popped open and she slid the straps from her shoulders, freeing her mammaries for inspection. He reached up and cupped one in each hand. Gently kissing the stiff nipple once on each side, “May I?” he asked.

Susan was a little leery after the ice on her ass, but she was curious about what he might do to her breasts. “Yes, please do.” She assented. He licked his way around each breast, listening to her gasping as he licked the underside. She looked up at Jack with glossy lust filled eyes. “This feels so good.” He grinned and joined in.

Bill slid over a bit as jack moved around to his side. He concentrated on the left breast while Jack took over the right. After a few minutes of licking he grinned, “Now to get her really hot.” He lifted a small ice cube from the bucket and indicated Jack should do the same. He slid his tongue to her raised areolae and nipple, making a circle around the darker area. Underneath he started at the outside edge and rubbed the ice cube along the crease between chest and breast. Susan gasped and bit her lip, a small squeak escaping her lips as both breasts tightened up and goosebumps raised over their surface.

The ice slipped easily along up through her deep cleavage sending shivers along her spine as the men kept a warm mouth centered on her nipples. Hot or cold, she couldn’t quite tell which signal from her breasts to believe. Then the mouths left her and she whimpered. Realizing her eyes had closed, Susan started too open them and see what was happening. But just then a cold stab of electricity shot through from her nipples. “Fuck!” She exclaimed and reached out to steady herself by grabbing a shoulder of each man.

Jack mimicked Bill’s movements with the ice cube, replacing the melted first one as they neared Susan’s nipples. As soon as the ice touched her nipples she made her exclamation and her areolae hardened and contracted, wrinkling tightly. They made two passes as the water dripped from her breasts. Then Bill moved in with his mouth and Jack followed. Susan gasped and clamped her arms around their heads pulling them tightly to her chest. Grinning, Jack swirled his tongue around the cool hard nipple, feeling it slowly softening as it warmed back up.

Susan went from gasping and shivering to flaming hot in the space of a few seconds. They guys both latched onto her sensitive breasts at the same time. Unlike before their mouths felt like fire shooting from her chest to her spine and spreading out from there. She groaned and held them close, her body trembling and close to orgasm. A quick series of nibbles and a tug on her nipple bahis şirketleri sent her over the edge. Her thighs were dripping, she could feel her juices flowing as her body quivered and shook with the orgasm. She gradually released the men and let them breathe again, looking down at her husband she kissed Jack deeply and passionately.

Desire and lust controlled her body as she climbed into Jacks lap. Kissing him repeatedly all over his lovely face. Her breasts mashed against his strong chest tingling each time he took a breath or moved his arms. Jack wrapped his arms around her and fell back onto the bed as she mounted him with more animal lust than he alone could bring out of her. Susan’s legs parted around his hips as she took a cowgirl position, grinding against the bulge in his pants. Except it wasn’t in his pants!. She turned and saw Bill easing jacks pants down to around his knees and felt the length of her husbands shaft rubbing between her pussy lips.

Bill watched her rub along the shaft as it swelled and thickened. He reached in and lifted Jack’s cock just slightly and was pleased to hear Susan moan as the thick head slid between her damp labia. He continued to stroke the exposed ridge of the shaft as she worked her ass further and further down onto his cock. Once it was all the way in he massaged the balls and began to kiss Susan’s toes.

Susan groaned and quivered when he licked between her toes. She was in heaven, she felt thoroughly full riding Jack’s cock and their new friend had discovered one of her secret hot spots, her toes. She ground her hips onto Jack and whispered he knows about the toes into his ear. Jack could only murmur his response as her breasts were now pressed into his face. He licked and sucked hungrily happy to be smothered by her luscious breasts.

She eased up a little and rolled her hips as the lips finally left her toes. Then she felt hot breath on her right ear and a voice whispered. “Would you like him to feel bigger and hotter?” Bill’s voice was quiet and confident as he licked her earlobe. She nodded her head suspecting what he might be planning. “Think he would mind me keeping him up while I tighten your horny little cunt?” She groaned and felt her nipples stiffen at the statement.

“No, he won’t mind.” Susan answered and felt the warm body behind her shift. She lifted her hips and leaned down to kiss jack raising her ass in the air. They both heard the shifting of the ice in the bucket and quivered. Both gasped simultaneously as Susan felt a cold ice cube slide into her hot pussy and jack felt a warm tongue around his cock.

Bill slid a finger into Susan, rolling the ice around inside her and feeling the muscles contract as the cold intruder slowly melted. He also licked up along Jack’s throbbing shaft, following the ridge all the way to the top. Lips closing around the head, his tongue went to work in circles and then stroking as his lips slid further and further down. He bobbed his head on the cock until the ice cube in Susan was gone. With a last lick of the tip he guided the thick swollen shaft into her again.

Gasps and moans filled the room. It had been quite some time since jack had felt his wife be this tight around him. The cool slick skin engulfing his cock slowed his climax just enough for him to thoroughly enjoy it. Susan on the other hand had never felt jack like this, his hot throbbing shaft felt huge as it tugged the tight sphincter muscle wide just to squeeze in. The normally warm sensation she felt had been transformed into a blazing heat that filled her insides causing her to flush from head to toe. Her orgasm hit on the third stroke of his cock and her body gushed thick juices onto him.

Jack grinned and drove in harder as Susan creamed all over him. She was warming up and very slick now as he pounded into her. Bill’s tongue soon added to the heightened excitement as he started licking the juices from Jack’s balls and around the edges of Susan’s gushing pussy. With a grunt jack slammed deep and held her tight, his orgasm adding his thick white cream to hers. He pulled her down onto him and held her close as his shaft softened slightly inside her.

Susan was panting as she pressed herself into Jack, whispering how wonderful he felt inside her. Then she felt him slip out and whimpered a bit. His still semihard cock rested against her thigh, and then she remembered that there was another still in the room. Her eyes widened as her husband mirrored her expression. He could feel Bill’s cock sliding past his and between her well lubed labia. Susan’s breathing quickened as the erotic sensations built yet again. Jack felt helpless, but his cock actually twitched as his wife was filled. Each thrust felt by both of them, Bill’s thick cock gliding by Jacks and into Susan. For several minutes the three were all bound up into a single shared moment of lust and desire. Then he twitched and drove into Susan and added his cum to her husbands deep inside

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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