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After what seemed like hours of teasing we were finally home… alone… laying naked in bed. Her body straddling yours as you kiss… feeling her breasts pressed against your chest… your hands grabbing and kneading at her hips and ass as she grinds on you.

You can already feel how wet she is as the warm lips of her pussy rub up and down your cock… soaking it… at just that right touch and a gasp escapes her lips… the head of your cock rubbing the nub of her clit.

Your throbbing, the need to be inside her grows… she can feel the hunger radiate from your body, sparking her own even higher. A slight movement of her hips and you can feel the head at her opening. The tip of your cock seeking her warmth slowly enters … the tightness of her opening making you eager to seek its depths as your cock slides in just a little more … into its warm embrace .

Her pussy so tight and welcoming becomes even wetter as you glide in reaching the center of her essence. A gasp escapes her lips at the fullness… her head thrown back embracing its deliciousness. Slowly she begins to move her hips up and down… more and more but just slowly at first… feeling every inch of you inside her and casino şirketleri the many sensations it arouses. The feel of her pussy milking your cock excites you as a groan leaves you lips… it’s all she needs as her hips begin to move a little faster… but you want to hold onto that sensation just a moment longer… grabbing her hips for a quick pause… wanting to feel her so deep.

Taking control, your hands urge her to move again… slowly at first… but it becomes harder… faster… her pussy feels so good… your fingers digging into her hips as you thrust upward taking her even harder and deeper. Her cries of pleasure encourage you, as you feel her juices dripping down your balls.

She slows her pace a little wanting to enjoy the ride… making every inch crave for more… her pussy walls squeezing your cock tight as her hips rise up.. extracting a moan from you, as the sensations are overwhelming. Her own cries of pleasure as she looks down at you in bliss trigger a fire within as your hands grab her ass. You pull her in close … her breasts in your face urging you to kiss, lick and bite them… knowing what it does to her.


It fuels her need for control… casino firmalari she leans in to kiss you… her lips moving down your chin and neck as her nails gently glides over your chest. As she rises, her hands run over your nipples, giving each a little pinch… then a soft caress that makes them harder.

Her hips once again begin a slow up and down movement… wanting to feel you so deep inside. Her appetite matching your own as your cock throbs even harder. You want this to last.. but she feels soooo good… you stop her for just a moment to regain control.

But your cock wants more as you take her hips, thrusting hard inside her… wanting to tether to that sensation… you can’t help it as you keep plunging into her harder to feel her depths… each time you do the rhythm quickens.

She rounds her hips in time to your thrusts… it feels so good you can’t help but let her take control once more. Her hips move like a sexy dance on your cock… a little swirling motion as she rides you… up/down… harder… the feeling of explosiveness are edging to its peak.

Trying to hold on, you stop her… but the need to continue is staggering… you fight for that control güvenilir casino within… but your cock demands more. Your hands on her hips encourage her to move faster now… harder… the sound of her wet pussy and ass slapping on your balls, sparking the need to cum even higher… your cock is yearning for it’s final release… a pause… just to catch your breath…

She comes down and kisses you… urging you on… she needs this as much as you… she needs to feel you fill her with your seed… mixing with her own release as it soaks your cock. She begins to move slowly… once again making that rounded motion of her hips… her walls are tightening again… milking your slowly… then her hips thrust down hard in an unexpected motion making you moan in pleasure… harder now as her ass slaps your balls and thighs…

One final grasp for control you stop… you know both of you are so close.. she leans down and whispers in your ear.. “Baby, please let me cum.”

It’s your final breaking point… the spark from that turns into and inferno… you grab her hips hard… even faster now… deeper with every thrust…

You thrust so deep inside her, she feels it to her core. She cries out screaming your name in ecstasy, her own release squeezing around your cock. Her cries of ecstasy mixed with the tightening of her pussy send you over the edge, cumming deep inside her. Both thoroughly satisfied she collapses in your arms… trembling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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