Tropical Temptations Ch. 07

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It is late afternoon, and I am once again lying naked in the shade of the palm trees at the edge of the beach, close to where I was at the same time yesterday. Today I am not alone. We have come here together, after I left my lover asleep in the room, and we had met, as arranged earlier, by the pool. We are lying, side by side, stroking each other’s naked and aroused bodies.

Yesterday I came to the beach alone, but before I left, I had fucked, and been fucked by, an attractive strange man, and for part of the time he was fucking me, I sucked my lover’s cock. I had come many times, and the man and my lover had also spent their pleasure in me. When my lover and I left the beach, we knew that our relationship had changed and deepened.

We had gone straight back to our room, neither of us wanting to socialise. As soon as we arrived, we shared a warm and perfumed bath, in the open air, drinking champagne, and watching the sun setting. Only when the sun had set, the champagne had been drunk, and the bath had cooled, did we feel ready to discuss what had happened, and how we felt about it.

He, after covering the range of his feelings, concluded that he had found the whole thing very exciting, though he confessed to a slight feeling of physical inadequacy. I reassured him on that score, and told him that the episode was unplanned and spontaneous, and that it was his exciting stories after lunch that had maintained my high level of arousal all afternoon. I had, I told him, found the situation incredibly exciting, as he may have noticed, though his presence after my first orgasm had given me the confidence to continue. He told me of his offer from the blonde, and how he would have liked to pursue that.

We sat, in sarongs, on the verandah, talking as the tropical night deepened around us. We were comfortably affectionate, but not passionate. We agreed to a room service meal, and ate it, and shared a bottle of wine, still on the verandah. Neither of us wanted to go out to socialise, but we returned greetings to people walking below the verandah and, early, went inside and to bed. I needed to re-consummate our love, and I used my body and hand and mouth to bring him to erection. I climbed on him, and rode his cock as he sucked my nipples, and I came several times. He rolled me over and fucked me hard and fast and I came twice more before he rolled off me, claiming exhaustion. We lay close to each other and went to sleep.

I woke first in the morning, as always. I lay for a while thinking of yesterday, and thinking of what today might hold. I remembered what my lover had said about the big breasted blonde, and decided that I should ensure that today he would have, as I had yesterday, a day to remember. I got quickly excited thinking of him with her, and played with my nipples, watching him kiss and suck hers. I watched her grasp his long hard cock, and begin to pump it as he sucked her tits. I reached over, and he was already in a state of early morning tumescence. I became her, and squeezing my nipples, I maneuvered myself on to him, and lowered myself fully onto his erect prick. He woke immediately, and moaned with pleasure…

”I’m the blonde,” I whispered, ” Fuck me please”

He grunted and began to thrust into me, holding my hips. I leaned forward and he took my nipples into his mouth, one at a time, and sucked them hard. It was very exciting being someone else, and my lover was clearly enjoying it. We were both soon lost in the moment, and came, hard, simultaneously.

I collapsed over him and, when he had recovered himself, he whispered,

” Hello, stranger, you are very sexy. I should like you to meet my lover. I think we could have lots of fun together.”

”Really?” I asked innocently, “Would she like a threesome?”

“Well,” he replied seriously, “She definitely likes threesomes… But I am not sure she would like it if there was only one man to go round…”

I collapsed in giggles on top of him.

“Well, I am always willing to learn…”

We got up and showered together, and, minimally dressed, we went down to breakfast.

The morning passed pleasantly, and we spent more time, at the pool, with the two couples from the previous day. We all knew that something was in the air between us, and that something would happen, sometime soon, and we did not need to rush. Before lunch the big breasted blonde, with whom I was getting on very well, suggested, quietly, that we two go for a walk together in the afternoon. We agreed a time and, to my surprise, I felt myself dampening and blossoming in anticipation.

After lunch, in what was becoming a routine, my lover and I returned to our room. Both of us were, I think, excited by the big blonde and her partner. Unusually, we did not really speak to, or touch, canlı bahis each other. I lay on my back on the bed, legs wide, stroking my clit, thinking of the morning when I had played the blonde. He stood at the side of the bed, watching me and stroking his erection. He then moved quickly onto the bed, and, lifting my legs over his shoulders, plunged deeply into me. My surprise at the suddenness of this was rapidly overtaken with the pleasure of it, and, with sheer physicality, we moved together, until I was overtaken by a huge orgasm. He turned me over, and, ensuring my legs were up under me, he knelt behind me and fucked me hard, reaching round to squeeze my big tits as he did so. I was reminded of the previous afternoon, and the memory of that huge cock in my pussy made me come again quickly. He did not stop, and I remembered sucking him as I was fucked, and soon came hard once more.

“I want to suck you,” I whispered.

He said nothing, but withdrew his own hardness from my pussy, which he immediately replaced with a churning rabbit. I whimpered with pleasure.

“He’s fucking you from behind ,” he said, unspecifically, but accurately. “Watch the blonde sucking my cock.”

And so saying, kneeling in front of me, he thrust his hard cock, wet with my pussy juices, into my/the blonde’s mouth.

I was lost in a very strange mixture of real pleasure brought about by a combination of extreme physical stimulation in my pussy and mouth, another part of me watching with excitement as the blonde sucked him, and yet another part of me being the blonde sucking him and watching me being fucked by the rabbit. It was intensely stimulating and I came several times : five? Six? More? as the different scenarios played in my mind, and the rabbit played in my pussy, and my lover’s cock filled my mouth. I eventually switched the rabbit off, and lay down, satiated and exhausted. My lover lay beside me.

“You make a good blonde,” he grinned, wrapping me in his embrace, and almost immediately falling asleep.

I dozed for a little, but knew that I would not sleep. Despite the excitement we had just shared, I had another imminent date, for which I had not really prepared myself. I was going to meet with the blonde, whom I now accepted that I desired, and whom I had just pretended to be. I did not have a plan for the afternoon, but I knew that I was attracted to her (and her partner), I was open to almost anything because I felt safe with her. I was confident that she was also attracted to me (and to my lover), and I felt that some understanding, and shared experience between the two of us would facilitate something involving all four of us. Or, perhaps this was all just a rationalisation, and what was really exciting me was the thought of a sexual experience with another very attractive woman, and, later, watching, and perhaps sharing, my lover with her.

I slipped out of bed, and went outside to shower on the balcony. I fitted myself into a thong and a bikini top, then wrapped a colourful sarong around me. I left a note at the side of the bed, saying,

“Try the beach again x”

I left the room, a bud of sexual excitement and anticipation beginning to unfold within me. I met her by the pool, as we had agreed, and we went first to the bar, where we shared a jug of mojita, and learned more about each other. I learned that this was the third time they had been here, and each time got better, as they became increasingly clear about what they wanted to do, and who with. I was curious to learn more of this, but before I could enquire further, she asked about our feelings during our few days here. I told her about our almost constant state of arousal, (which she recognized, and shared), I told her of some of our fantasies, but not yet about the previous afternoon.

In response to my question, she told me about their first visit here, and their arousal, and their focus on voyeurism in the first days … Masturbating each other discreetly as they watched other couples involved in sexual activities, and then becoming more bold about fondling each other in public, with others watching. Their first experiences with other people were individually. She had gone off with another man to his room, while that man’s partner had gone to her room with her partner. Though it had been exciting, they both decided afterwards that they would prefer to do it together, wherever possible, and they had acted as a couple after that. However, they sometimes still began the process of meeting other couples by individual seductions.

” Are you seducing me, or am I seducing you?” I asked.

She smiled and said, “I think we are seducing each other. Shall we go for a walk? “

I felt a sharp frisson run through my body as I nodded. We had finished the jug, and I was feeling bahis siteleri pleasantly unguarded, and very aroused by her stories. We left the bar together arm in arm.

” I am very excited,” she said to me. “I really want to play with your body. You are very attractive, you know, and I really like you, and I know that you will be very sexy.”

” I have never felt this kind of attraction for another woman before,” I said quietly. “But I want to play with your beautiful big breasts, and kiss you and fondle you and make you come.”

“Yes, I want to come with you, very soon. And I want to make you come too. I think you want to. And then I want to play with your lover with his permanently erect cock, and I want you to play with my lover, we and I want us all to play together very soon.” She was getting very excited.

We walked to the beach, and I walked close to the place and where I had had such fun the previous day before suggesting that we stopped. We unwrapped our sarongs and laid them on at the ground. She was naked and under the sarong and, when she unveiled her brown body, I could not help but touch it, and run my hands over her big full breasts. I became very, very excited. and very soon I had removed sarong, my bikini top and my thong and we lay side by side, naked, on our wraps on the sand. I began to stroke her body, and she began to stoke my tits, sending a pulsing desire to my clit.

I begin to tell her about our fantasies about her, and about what I had done in the morning when I had pretended to be her, and fucked my lover as her. She begins to suck my nipples as I tell her about my lover sucking my and/her tits as he fucked me/her. I begin to play with my clit, very close to the edge. When I open my eyes, I see her blonde head bobbing up and down on my over stimulated nipples, and her hand rubbing furiously between her legs I let go and come big, hard, and in a way I never have before…made to come by a woman’s attentions, and my excitement at seeing her excitement. She comes immediately after me, though I am unable to pay full attention to it.

When the initial shock recedes I look at her and, with an uncertain smile, begin to kiss her. She responds and kisses me back, hard. My hand slides between her legs and begins to stroke her very hard and stiff clit. This is new and exotic for me, but I know the sensations she is feeling, unlike when I stoke and hold a big hard prick. Her hand slides between my legs and begins up to stroke my own excited clit. Our big tits are rubbing together and I am getting very excited so when she slides fingers into my pussy I press down on them and come again. I am one ahead, but she seems happy to stop.

“Tell me about your lover,” she says, “will he find us here?”

“I told him to look on the beach,” I reply, ” so yes, he will probably find us here.”

I then tell her why he will find us here, and about the events of yesterday, while stoking her clit and fondling and kissing her tits as I do. She finds the story gratifyingly exciting, and comes as I suck my lover’s cock (actually her nipples) and am being fucked. As she recovers, she looks over my shoulder, and tells me that my lover is on the way down the beach towards us. We agree to ignore him until he is close, and she begins to stroke my clit, and tell me about her and her partner and another woman, and her description of the stroking and sucking and fucking is very exciting and I move against her hand, and seek out her clit with my hand and she begins to move against me. I tell her that it is my lover that is doing the fucking and she comes luxuriously and long, and that brings me over the edge and I also come into her hand.

We roll onto our backs, and I say

“I hope you have some orgasms left for him”

She laughs loudly, and replies

“With you and him together, I might never stop.”

I laugh with her, and soon the figure of my lover, preceded by his very erect cock, appears at our feet.

After welcoming him, he lies down between us, unwrapping his sarong, revealing his very erect cock. We are leaning up on our elbows, and my blonde friend/lover looks at it admiringly, and says,

“You are right, it is very attractive.”

We had never discussed his cock, but I am very impressed by her ability to both flatter him directly, and to imply that it was me who has been giving rave reviews of his cock. He likes it anyway. We snuggle up on either side of him and I pull his leg between mine, my pussy and clit rubbing against his thigh. She follows suit, and begins to kiss his nipple, as I kiss his mouth. I reach out to grasp his cock, and meet her hand, which slides down to cup and cradle his tight balls. I am soon lost in the familiarity of his body and mouth against mine, and thrust against bahis şirketleri his thigh, as I often do, and squeeze his very hard cock. And although this in itself is sufficient to excite me to orgasm, the knowledge that there is a mirror image on the other side of him, a pussy thrusting against his thigh, a voluptuous body pressed against him, a warm mouth, recently kissing my mouth, kissing his nipples, and a warm hand cradling his balls. The thought of all this brings me to the short strokes and I fling my head back, press his thigh against my pussy with both hands, and come, loud and luxurious. As I recover, I see her kissing him on the mouth and pumping hard against his thigh before coming hard.

We lie for a few moments, I, at least, savouring the moment. But it is time to provide him with a treat, I think. I sit up, and then, kneeling at his side, begin to kiss his belly, and nuzzle his straining erection. She follows suit, and soon we are both nuzzling and licking and kissing his shaft and balls. There are appreciative grunts and groans from him, and he reaches down to grab my leg and turn me round, so my bum is facing him. He begins to stoke my clit and insert two fingers into my pussy. She lifts his cock to the vertical, and we both seek to keep his glistening head in each of our mouths, and we share it and kiss each other. This novel experience of sharing my lover’s cock with another mouth, also turns me on, together with two fingers fucking me, and finding, as he knows how, the spot, becomes too much for me, and pressing back against his fingers, and releasing his cock into her tender care, I come loudly once more. I am followed swiftly by her, who, I now see, has also been fingerfucked by him.

I feel slightly guilty.

“That was supposed to be for you.” I say to my lover.

He tells me he is doing fine, and asks what we would like now. I want to give him a gift, and also my new friend. I help her to move astride him, and she lowers herself onto his throbbing erection and slides its full length into her. I kneel above his head, and lower my pussy onto his face, leaning forward and sucking her long hard erect nipples. He is holding her hips as she rides his cock, and I am riding his mouth as he licks and then sucks my clit. I suck her nipples hard and she rides him more rapidly, and her hand moves down to stoke her clit. Her nipples pop out of my mouth as she arches her back, leans backwards and comes hard. I grasp and tug my nipples as my lover sucks my clit hard and I explode in an overwhelming orgasm.

We all lie in a tangled heap again, and slowly come to ourselves again.

” That was incredible,” says our new friend, lying across my lover, with her head resting on my tits.

“I need some hard fucking now,” my lover growls, and, knowing what he would like, I roll onto my stomach, and raise my bum invitingly. He wastes no time and plunges into my pussy from behind, reaching round to grab my big tits, and he fucks me hard and fast. I love this. I reach down and rub my clit rapidly as he fucks me and I come, once; he keeps fucking, twice; he keeps fucking, three times; he rolls over, onto his back gasping.

“Give me a minute and I’ll help you out,” he says, but not to me.

I see that she has been watching us and is squeezing her tits and rubbing her clit. I know that I want him to fuck her, and I know that I want to watch, but I also want her to kiss my pussy. Yes, I know what to do. I turn onto my back, and tell her to kneel above my shoulders. She does o, and my lover knows exactly what to do, as we have fantasised this before.

‘Kiss my pussy,” I tell her.

She leans forward and begins to do that. My lover kneels behind her, and slides his cock into her soaking wet pussy, just above my face. She licks and sucks my clit as I watch my lover’s cock plunging into her pussy above my face. I reach up and rub her clit with my thumb. She sucks me harder, her hard nipples tracing patterns on my belly, my own tits brushing against her belly as she is fucked. The multiple sensations become overwhelming as the explosion of pleasure in my clit suffuses my whole body. I thrust my hips into her mouth and feel her body stiffen, my lover’s cock still pounding into her above my face as she too comes, crying into my pussy. My lover is, I see, also on the short strokes, and he continues pounding into her, until he stops, crying out, and pulls his cock out of her pussy and squirts the rest of his come onto my face and open mouth. I take it in and lick and swallow the streams that missed my mouth. We stop, in tableau, for a moment, and then she collapses on one side of me, and he on the other. We lie, overwhelmed by pleasure, for a long time, darkness beginning to creep up on us.

Finally she moves, and tells us she has to go. She mentions something about bringing her partner next time, and then leaves us. I snuggle up to my lover, and then, without words, he gets up, and gathers our clothes, we wrap sarongs around us, and make our way back to our room.

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