Truth or Dare Ch. 02

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Chloe sat back against the bed and stretched her legs in front of her while stretching her arms out along the edge of the bed and said with confidence, “Dare.”

I thought for a moment. Chloe was so confident and I wanted to see how far I could push her, to see if she was bluffing us.

“I dare you to take off your shirt.” I said coolly.

Her confident smile crack but only for a moment. I had caught her off guard; she had not expected that. But then she leaned forward and her arms crossed as she grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. She was wearing a slinky black bra that showed off her cleavage. She threw the shirt at me and said, “It’s too big anyway.”

Monica closed her gaping mouth and said, “You go girl!”, and then slapped Chloe a high five. I just nodded my head and smiled back at Chloe, still unsure how far she was willing to go.

“Alright Miss Monica, truth or dare?” Chloe asked holding my gaze for a moment, then turning to Monica who had just grabbed the wine bottle.

“Let me think”, she said, and tipped the bottle all the way back, finishing the last of it.

“Uh-oh”, she sing-songed and giggled, “the bottle is empty and that means it’s time for a new game!”

Before Chloe or I could say anything, Monica had set the bottle down between us all and set it spinning.

“I assume you both know how to play?”

When the bottle stopped it pointed roughly at Chloe, so Monica shrugged, leaned over, and gave Chloe a kiss on the cheek. She smiled and looked at me, “Your turn.”

“This is a game I can’t lose!” I said as I spun the bottle. When is landed pointing at me, Monica laughed and told me I lost my turn.

I just laughed and watched Chloe spin the bottle. It landed on Monica, who received a kiss on the cheek. Monica spun and it landed on me. For the second time that night, she leaned over and kissed me. The same electricity hit me as our tongues mingled for a moment before she leaned back with a satisfied grin.

I spun and the bottle landed on Chloe. Now I leaned into her, slowly moving to kiss her, our eyes locked.

“About time,” I heard her whisper and we kissed, slow and gentle. She brought her hand up to my face and caressed my check for just a moment, then I leaned back, still looking in her eyes.

Chloe lost her turn and Monica landed on me again. We kissed again, a little longer and deeper this time as I ran my fingers through her hair. I spun again and got Chloe again. We kissed and now there was urgency to it. Her tongue darted over my lips and our bodies pressed together. The scent of her body grew stronger and we lingerd, slowly savoring one another until Monica cleared her throat.

We both laughed a little as we parted and I blushed and mumbled an apology.

“Girl, didn’t your mom teach you to share your toys?” Monica asked and then leaned into to kiss me, not even bothering with the bottle now. She wrapped her canlı bahis arms around me and I did likewise, caressing her shoulders and back as we tasted one another. She eventually pulled away, issuing a low murmur of appreciation. Chloe moved to me and tugged my shirt over my head. She was on her knees in front of me and as my shirt came off, my eyes caught the sight of her cleavage just inches away. As she lowered herself to kiss me, my hands slid up her torso and caught hold of her breasts. We kissed feverishly as I caressed her, feeling her nipples harden under my touch. After what seemed like a few minutes, she pulled away from me, pushing my head down and letting my tongue slide into her cleavage.

Monica and I were kissing only for a moment when she pulled away and I realized Chloe was behind her, pulling off her shirt. Once it was off, Monica took my hands and brought them to her chest, letting me feel the sheer silky fabric covering them. We kissed again, our desire now full blown, lips, tongues, and breasts all eager for attention. After too short a time Monica broke the embrace. As I turned to Chloe, I saw her removing her bra. She dropped it playfully and guided me to her breasts, sighly gently as I held her nipple in my mouth for a teasing moment, then began to squeeze and caress them. My lips soon returned to hers but only briefly. Monica was right there pulling me to her and I realized her bra was off as well. Monica’s body was fuller than Chloe’s and her breasts were soft and plush. She sighed pleasantly as I held them firmly and kissed them all over.

Both girls were in front of me now and I move between them slowly, kissing one deeply, while caressing and teasing the other. I was drunk but not from the wine. The taste and scent of them was making me delirious. It was a surreal pleasure I had never experienced, a constant sensuous vibration.

In one moment I was caught in a delicate embrace with Chloe as Monica’s tongue teased my nipple and the next moment I was tangled in Monica’s lips as Chloe’s hand slipped down my stomach and between my legs. Her hand slowly traced the form of my hardness through the flimsy material of my shorts.

When Monica broke free, before I could do anything, Chloe had whispered something in her ear that made them both giggle.

“Sit up on the bed,” Chloe told me. I was not going to argue and did just that. Both girls were kneeling there at the edge in front of me and Chloe cracked, “That’s quite a tent you have there.” Both girls laughed and I replied, “It’s all your fault.”

They reached up together and tugged at my shorts, pulling them off and leaving me sitting there completely naked in front of them, my cock standing at attention. Chloe got on the bed next to me and began to kiss my shoulders, my neck, my ear.

“Monica is going to show us why she won that contest,” she whispered to me. I kissed Chloe and felt Monica’s hand grasp me firmly. I felt the warmth bahis siteleri of her tongue swirl around the head as her hand started stroking me. She took several long licks of the entire length before she lowered her lips, wrapped them tightly around me, and slid down the length, taking me entirely into her mouth. Chloe held her breast up to my mouth allowing me to continue sucking and them. I reached down and held Monica’s head as she bobbed up and down and caressed Chloe’s ass with the other hand. Monica was moaning a little and the vibrations felt incredible. I slipped my hand under Chloe’s shorts instantly discovering the wetness between her legs. I traced my fingers slowly across her wet lips and felt her breathing deepen on my neck. Monica was caressing my inner thigh with one and hand grasping me firmly with the other as she worked her lips and tongue up and down the length of me, sucking hard. What these girls were doing to me was incredible, filling my entire body with a warm, sensuous vibration.

Chloe pulled way from me and for a brief moment I look down and saw Monica looking straight at me, with a look in her eye I had never seen. I smiled at her dreamily. Then Chloe, sitting on the edge of the bed, leaned down near Monica and said quietly, “My turn.”

Monica drew one last wicked stroke with her tongue and then held me firmly pointing at Chloe who lowered her lips and took me in her mouth as Monica squeezed hard on the base of my cock. Monica then climbed on the bed and began kissing me with renewed passion. Chloe now took hold of me and bobbed her head up and down, wriggling her tongue around me every time. I slid my hands over her body and down her back and tugged at her shorts. She stopped for a moment and pulled them off before resuming her wonderful work. Still deeply kissing Monica, I caressed Chloe’s ass and then slipped my hand between her legs to feel her wetness. She moaned slightly as I did so.

Monica stopped kissing me long enough to remove her shorts and I turn what attention I had to her. As Monica held her breasts to my mouth, I slid my hand down her body, across her smooth stomach and through her public hair. I traced my tongue over her nipples as my fingers slowly ran back and forth across her wet pussy lips, then I began to inch a finger slowly inside her. She gasps quietly as I did and opened her legs some more, allowing me to go deeper inside her.

I could feel myself getting harder and knew I was getting close, my whole body was preparing for it. I held Chloe’s head and guided her up and down my cock. She responded by sucking harder, increasing the pleasurable pressure on me. I began to groan softly.

“Oh my god Chloe!” I gasped, “You are going to make me cum!” Chloe responded by increasing her speed, pumping her lips up and down me.

“Do it Eric, cum in her mouth”, Monica breathed.

My head fell back and I felt my balls tighten, “I’m cumming!” I groaned. Suddenly my body bahis şirketleri shook and I erupted in Chloe’s mouth. She didn’t stop at all, and just continued taking me in and out of her mouth. I could feel the warmth of my cum in her mouth as she swirled it around my cock with her tongue. She kept it up and soon I had to beg her to stop, the sensation had become too much.

I was out of my mind with pleasure, never imagining it could have felt this good. It seemed like anything could happen and none of us could or would stop it. Instead we would just drain as much pleasure as possible from what was happening.

Monica’s lips pressed against my ear and her tongue slipped in playfully.

“I dare you to lick my pussy,” she whispered longingly.

“I thought we gave up on that game?” I asked playfully.

“Just shut up and do it!” she said urgently.

She lay back on the bed and I leaned down on one arm and slid my hand up her leg, drawing it apart. I looked down and smiled at Chloe, who was gently licking my sagging cock, then closed my eyes and drew my tongue over Monica’s pussy. She quickly ran her fingers in my hair and pulled me into her. I began to thrust my tongue as far inside her as I could, tasting her sweet honey and hearing her breathing deepen heavily. I could feel the electric desire flowing from Monica. I savored her as best I could, taking her her scent and flavor. I place a finger against her and slid it in circles around her wet clit. This provoked an instant reaction in Monica who moaned slowly. I kept this up for a minute, and then slid a finger into her and curving it inside her, stimulating her g-spot. She responded well to this also and cried out a little.

“Ooooohhh, oh my god!” she cried.

I increased my rhythm moving my finger faster and pressing harder with my tongue. As I did, I could feel her body opening up. I started to moan so she could feel the vibration and she grabbed my head and pulled me forcefully into her.

Chloe must have been watching because I heard her ask Monica, “Is he licking you good Monica? Is he going to make you cum?” Monica’s hip were moving now and she replied, “Oh yeah, oh fuck yeah, he’s going to make me cum!” She moaned openly now and I starting rubbing her clit hard now. I was lost in her and all I could think about was making her body erupt. She instantly cried out and her body tensed all at once. She gasped and I heard a low guttural moan escape her lips. I slowed down the pace and licked her like melting ice cream, trying to save every drop of sweetness. Slowly her body began to relax again and her firm grip on me melted away. She soon lay there purring her afterglow as I took a few last slow tastes of her sweetness.

I started to lay back on the bed and as soon as I did Chloe slid her mouth back over my cock and sucked it once like a lollypop. I could not believe how good it all felt, the thress of us tangled together in a wed of pure lust.

Chloe climbed up on top of me and gave me a deep and passionate kiss then she looked over at Monica, laying next to me.

“Do you think he’s ready to fuck me?”

Monica giggled, “I bet he is dying too!”

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