Unequal Exchange

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We had been out drinking in the pub for the evening: my best friend, James, and his partner, Laura, my girlfriend, Rebecca and I, and after closing we decided to make our way back to their place for a bottle or two. I was walking and talking slightly ahead with Laura, who looked fantastic: classically beautiful with dark blonde hair, the colour of Indian gold, always slightly damp and silky looking, as if just out of the shower, and done up stylishly one way or another; petit breasts which ski-sloped upward slightly, so that her short and shimmering, expensive black sequin dress hung off them provocatively. Her legs were long and tanned, with immaculate skin, and on her feet two fine-strappy Luis Viton high-heeled shoes. As we neared their apartment, situated in a fashionable area of north London, James remembered they didn’t have any wine in the house and suggested he walk to the local twenty-four-hour shop to get some. I offered to accompany him, but he declined saying it was only fifteen minutes or so, and would be back before we knew it. Laura, Rebecca and I thus went into the apartment alone.

Inside we seated ourselves round the kitchen table and chatted; or at least Laura and I did, while Becky roamed the kitchen idly, fiddling with bits and pieces and peering absently into cupboards and such. We were all a little tipsy, but when Laura leaned forward a little drunkenly at one of my jokes, laughing, she put her hand on my thigh to steady herself, but then instead of removing it left it there deliberately. Her dark eyes shone into mine, and a look of mischievous purpose quickly summoned itself in them. My own eyes shot upwards, startled, searching out Rebecca, who was now leaning her elbows on the back of a chair facing us, bending over at the waste and rocking gently aksaray escort back and forth on her straight, crossed legs. She didn’t flinch, but only smiled naughtily, saying, ‘It’s alright, Sweetheart, I was only just telling Laura about the size of your cock earlier. She wants to have a look.’ Laura’s hand started stroking heavily up and down the inside of my thigh against my jeans, edging ever nearer to my penis with each motion, which was just beginning to bulge slightly. I was dumbfounded, but Rebecca continued soothingly, ‘Why don’t you show it to her?’

At this Laura slid down gracefully and sat on her heals between my legs, her rich thighs closed together, and without waiting for my acceptance began unfastening my buttons and belt buckle and sliding my trousers and boxer-shorts down about my thighs. I raised myself accommodatingly, still a bit unsure of what was happening, and the thought of what James would say when he walked in flickered only briefly across my mind. Rebecca just watched and swayed tipsily, grinning slightly and murmuring encouragement to Laura; ‘Go on girl, have a good feel of it,’ she cooed, ‘stroke it a bit, see the size of it.’ Laura, obliging as always, began delicately stroking her immaculately manicured fingers up and down my long shaft, bringing me quickly to full size as my penis started to buck and pulse lazily, throbbing gently as it grew. Her ministrations were expert, and with continuous motion she gently stroked and tickled me all over, from the base of the ball-sack to the tip of the bell-end, which she circled delicately with her finger tips, all the while oscillating her gaze from my cock to my eyes, a smile of faintly enraptured wonder playing across her face.

Meanwhile, Rebecca began wiggling out anal yapan escort of her own tight fitting jeans, jiggling her derriere erotically to slide the garment over her hips and buttocks and down her legs, from whence she kicked them lightly away. She wasn’t wearing any panties.

Just then the key clicked in the lock and the front door opened and closed. James came padding down the hall towards the kitchen. I jolted slightly, not knowing how to react, but Laura stayed me with her fingers, and Rebecca reassured us, ‘It’s alright Dear, James won’t mind, he’s ok with it. He’s going to fuck me while Laura gives you a hand-job.’

I objected indignantly, making like I was about to jump up and call the whole thing off — it wasn’t like I’d signed up to any of this before hand — but clearly my heart wasn’t in it, as my body well understood, and Laura just kept on with her calm little motions, gently tweaking her thumb and forefinger at the top and bottom of my swollen bell-end, the thumb rubbing back and forth over the ridge deliciously, while cupping my ball sack gently in other hand. Rebecca was also unmoved, and as James entered and set the wine on the counter top, not batting an eyelid at the scene set before him (which I would have found incredible had our roles been reversed!), and started quickly and methodically to take down his own trousers, she said, ‘What would you prefer, that he finger-fucked me instead to make it even? Does it bother you if he sticks his dick in me, is there really any difference?’ My wife cocked a leg up on one of the kitchen chairs, while James approached her smoothly from behind, smiling calmly at me and stroking his member to size, before sliding it neatly and directly into her wet pussy.

Well atakent escort I knew just what that delicious little cunt felt like as it wrapped itself around your fully erect penis, enveloping it in its warm embrace, a luxurious velvet glove gripping every ridge and vain securely, drawing you inwards until the little inner muscles deep inside cupped the bell-end and kissed and suckled you tantalisingly. Pure pleasure. But now it was James, my best friend, who was in there, sliding his cock deep into my girlfriend’s pussy as she pushed herself back onto him eagerly, writhing a little and arching her back, yelping quietly with her legs pressed tight together and the little moon of her arse wiggling provocatively backwards as he thrust into her. She kept her naughty gaze on me, a wild and slutty pleasure glinting in her big green eyes, while Laura continued to administer my penis devotedly, turning to take in the sight of her boyfriend slowly fucking my missus, and increasing the speed of her motions involuntarily as he did so as if from excitement.

After I ejaculated, Laura got up and went to stand by the side of my girlfriend like one of those glamorous model game-show assistants, posing and strutting provocatively as if showing off one of the grand prizes. Her long tanned legs disappeared at the top of the thighs into her black sequin dress, which glittered and dazzled in the full light of the kitchen. Every now and then she bent at the waste to stroke and kiss Rebecca’s cheek, or take her mouth fully in her own faintly glistening lips.

Meanwhile Rebecca continued to buck and sway rhythmically, backwards and forwards along James’ long penis, closing her eyes occasionally and biting her lip, and murmuring as her pleasure mounted. While I sat still, dumbfounded at the spectacle, my own limp member slowly drooling the last drops of semen onto the side of my naked thigh, as I watched the hypnotic motion of my girlfriend’s two round tits swing back and forth, back and forth, beneath the low cut blouse, her two hard nipples rubbing faintly on the inside of the material.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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