Urban Girl in a Village Ch. 02

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Big Dick

Next morning I woke up with some strange thoughts.

3 horny drunk men made me their cum bucket in a helpless situation. There were some weird dreams in sleep. So I couldn’t sleep properly also.

I couldn’t face anybody. I took a sick leave on that day. I didn’t come out of the room the whole day. Told my grandmother that I was having stomach pain. I spent the whole day in my room, crying. The thoughts kept on coming to my mind.

One thing that shocked me the most was, why did it happen to a girl like me..!!! I thought I was the girl who could live at any circumstances. Say no to anyone at any time. Still they harassed me. Those ugly fucking strangers.

May be no one else saw me, or knew me. Still, it happened to me! I felt angry on myself. I beat and bit myself out of anger. I stood in front of the mirror and looked at my body. How could they molest me? Do I look like a slut for them? Or did I give any idea that I’m an easy girl?

No. I didn’t.

But why??

Is that because I was attractive for them? Yes of course I am cute. I know it, anyone who saw me know it and it is a truth.

I have a childish round cute face and cutest pair of eyes which attracts anyone. Anybody who looked at my face, will stare at me for some seconds.

It’s easy for me to be friends with anyone. I just had to let them look into my face for a few seconds and then give them a cute smile in return. They will be happy and will come running to me and will say a ‘HI!’. But does that make them horny enough to rape me in public?


I felt humiliated. I cried again for hours.

Then after a point where I can’t cry or get angry on myself anymore, I started consoling myself.

May be it’s because they were drunk. All 3 were super drunk and completely out of control. That can be a reason.

Was it because I was showing too much of my body to provoke them? Ok. I was wet and my dress was a little hugging my body type one. So what? Does it give them the license to caress my flesh? Of course not. Was I inviting them by showing the body? May be they felt so. But that doesn’t mean that they can cum on my body.

It’s true that I was shocked by their approach and didn’t know how to react to the situation. It was my fault. I agree. Now I learned from my bitter experience. Lucky that I didn’t face some cruel rude men in some lonely forest area.

Somehow I said nice things to myself and got my emotions under control.

I decided not to think about it anymore. And to be careful in future.

* * * * *

Some days passed by. I never reached home late or traveled in public transport after that incident. I was always cautious the way I was dressed in public.

I spent more time with friends in college. I had many friends, boys and girls there. Boys in college were mad about my beauty. OK, I think it’s time to explain how I look.

As I said before, I have the cutest pair of big eyes and a round face. Some boys used to commend how cute my cheeks are. They loved the dimples when I smiled. And I smiled a lot. I have long wavy hair. But usually I keep them short till around my breasts.

I’m 5’2″ tall with an average body. I have lemon drop shaped 32D breasts with a big areola and hazelnut colored nipples. I have bubble shaped butt. My uniform shirt doesn’t cover my butts. I’ve seen boys checking them out from behind.

Boys from my senior classes used to come to my class just to talk with me. And I didn’t feel anything bad just talking with them. 4 boys already proposed me in just 2 months.

As I was not in a hurry to be in a relationship, I sweetly rejected them. But still I used to talk with them and text them. It was good to be a center of attention. And I was more than happy now.

Then he came.

The sexiest boy in the college. He had green eyes. It’s rare in this place to have green eyes. He stood a good 5’6″ And he was hot. Strong muscular body and chiseled jaw line. Fuck I wanted to be with him. I decided.

One day I saw him in college canteen with one of the senior boys who used to talk with me. There were other 2 boys with them.

I went to the guy whom I know already and said hi to him. I started talking and gave some cutest smile I could. I could feel that the hot guy was looking at me. I didn’t look at him in the beginning. But after a few moments, I really wanted to look into his eyes and gave a look to him.

His look was piercing through my eyes. I could look into it the whole day. He shook hands with me. His hand was strong and soft at the same time. I didn’t feel like letting go of his hand but I knew I had to. His name was Wasim. He had a deep voice.

“I’ve heard many stories about this hot chick in college. But now I know what they’re talking about.” He said.

I blushed and said thanks.

I couldn’t even say anything else. I knew I was falling for his looks.

We all talked for 5 more minutes and went separate ways. I checked his ass when he was going back.

He was so hot.

Next day at lunch time, as usual Wasim’s friend came to talk with me as canlı bahis usual. I was expecting Wasim to be with him. And he was there. I almost ran towards them.

We talked for about half an hour and Wasim was the one with whom I talked the most. The bell rang and the other guy said that they have to go.

“You go. I’ll come in 5 minutes.” Wasim said.

The other guy left.

Wasim then stood close to me. Looking into my eyes,he said: “Don’t go in the college bus today.”

“Why?” I asked.

“I have to tell you something.”

“You can say now” I said.

I didn’t want to be some easy girl who would obey everything blindly.

“I think I’m in love with you” he said looking deeply into my eyes and holding both my hands softly with his strong hands.

I kept on looking into his eyes.

He continued: “Don’t say anything now. But if you are positive, stay after college.” He wrote his phone number in my palm.

I had three hours to think. I left without saying anything. But I knew that I was going to stay after college.

The final bell rang.

I said my bus friends that I had to check some books and went to the library. I heard the buses leaving the compound. But I didn’t have any fear because now I have a boyfriend. And I’ve seen him coming to college in motorbike. I felt safe and comfortable. I decided to give him a hug when he came into the library.

I texted him that I’m in the library. He came after 10 minutes. I was sitting in a dark area of the library, which was not visible from the entrance. There was only the librarian who was sitting near the entrance. I heard someone entering the library. That was Wasim. He came around the corner.

I went near him. He crossed his hands around my waist. I stood close to him looking into those eyes. And I hugged him. My boobs pressed against his chest. We stood like that for half minute.

Then we started kissing. He kissed on my lips and then slowly started licking the lips with his tongue. I parted my lips. He entered his tongue into my mouth and it met with my tongue.

I stood more close to him. My breasts were now more pressed against his chest. My hands were playing with his hair. And our tongues were dancing together. He put more and more of his tongue into my mouth. My mouth was now filled with his tongue. It have been a long time since I kissed someone. I started turning on.

Then I slowly started sucking his tongue. I started moving my head around his tongue. It was like I was giving a blowjob to his tongue. He made his tongue stand erect and strong. I licked the under side and the whole of his tongue. Then wrapped my lips around his tongue and licked the tip of the tongue. The kissing felt soo good. I kissed him passionately.

But I knew we had to go. The warden will come check on us any moment.

I then moved apart and said: ” We should go”

Then he said: “No,no.. please.. one more minute”

Then I said: ” No Wasim.. I cannot be late to my house. We must go now.”

Then he said “OK”

We quickly grabbed our bags and left the library. The librarian was looking at us intensely. He knew something was going on.

Wasim had bike and we left the college. I sat behind, hugging him from behind. I felt bad for him because I knew he was really in the mood and because I insisted we had to leave. So I pressed my body against his back. My boobs were pressing against his back.

“Hey,are you ok?” I asked.

“Fuck! That was amazing! What a kisser you are, Roshni! ” He exclaimed.

I suddenly felt very happy. He looked like a small kid who got his favourite candy. Such a big man smiling like a kid. I was starting to like him more.

I pressed my body more against him and hugged him from back. I bit his earlobe. I was feeling horny. My hand slowly wandered towards his groin area. I knew he was hard. I slowly started rubbing my hand against his bulging. “Keep your eyes and mind on the road, ok..” I whispered in his ears.

“I’m not sure I can” he said putting his free left hand on my hand which was on his crotch area.

“May be I should stop then” I said, taking my hand away from his bulge.

“No,no.. keep it there. I have another idea.” He said and took a left turn from the road.

It was a small road which led to another smaller mud road. The road became narrower. There were no buildings around. “How do you know this place? ” I asked.

“We come here often to drink alcohol and smoke pot.”

I didn’t know that he drank or smoked before. I was cool with it. But I had just met him yesterday. Now I’m going to this lonely place,god know what to do.

Am I acting like a slut? I wondered. But then I thought about my earlier relationships. I have done so many crazy things. May be it’s because of the way I was brought up. I was very casual about wearing skimpy clothes, having one night stands and all.

But here in village rules are entirely different. If a girl have sex with a boy before the marriage, it’s a big issue here. All the blames fall on her.

Actually after that bus incident, I was bahis siteleri kind of reserved. I took a double check on everything before doing it. Even if it’s wearing some clothes, or smiling at an unknown guy.

Then I thought about Wasim.I don’t even know this guy properly. I merely wished that he is a decent guy. I was really curious to be with him. That led to here now.

But it’s my life,right?! I have the freedom to choose what to do and what to wear. I felt loosened a bit.

I decided not to go all the way with him. At least in the first hour after we started the relationship.

He stopped the motorbike at one place. He turned his head back and looked deep into my eyes. His eyes were so sexy. I kissed on both of his eyes.

We slowly got down from the motorbike, while holding on to each other. He stood against the bike and me, without missing a second, fell onto his body.

Oh god! I was so turns on.

We started kissing again. More passionate and intense this time. We were moaning while kissing. I held his face in my hands and put my tongue into his mouth. We started licking each other’s lips. Then our tongues met and started licking each other. Then I bit his lips and moaned.

He then grabbed my breasts and started playing with them. His hands were all over my boobs. Then he slowly started to unbutton the shirt. I knew all the buttons were undone when I felt his cold hands on my boobs. I didn’t stop kissing.

He then put his hand inside my bra to find my nipples. They were so hard and aching for attention. I moaned into his mouth and pressed my lower part of body closer to him. My lower stomach was now pressing against his dick. He pressed it harder against my body while pinching my nipples. I knew this was going beyond my plan and somehow wanted to stop.

Also I knew that we were not gonna stop until any one of us came. His hand went behind and unclasped the bra from back. My boobs got released from the bra and they came into plane view for him. He stopped kissing to look at my boobs. “Oh God.. they are so beautiful..!” He said.

Without missing a beat, he started licking my tits. It felt so good. His tongue was so soft on my boobs and his teeth were so hard on my nipples. He was biting and licking me. The nipples became rock hard. He kept on saying things like ‘they’re so hard’ ‘it’s beautiful’ ‘I wanna eat them’ and so on.

He was humping against my legs like a dog. His cock was rubbing against my thighs. I was curious about how his dick looked. I unbuckled his pants and put my hand inside his brief.

He had trimmed the hair down there. I could feel his dick. It was hard as a rock. I released it from the clothes. A thick 7″ black cock. It was circumcised. I had never seen a circumcised cock.

It looked very muscular with thick veins running all over it. I started giving him a handjob. He started moaning, closing the eyes.

“I’ve never seen a circumcised cock before ” I said.

“Then look closely” he said.

Then I smiled and said: “no, I won’t do that.”


“Because you’ll put it in my mouth if I bring my face close to it.”

“No, promise. I won’t.”

“Sure?” I asked.

“Yes! “

I then went down on my knees. I placed my knees on his feet as there was mud on the road. My shirt was open and the bra was now near my navel. I didn’t do anything to cover my boobs.

He was rock hard and pulsating. The veins were so strong and full of blood.

I held his dick and started watching it closely. I held it against his belly and watched the underside. Then brought it down and faced against my face and watched it from the front. I held it in my hand and gave 2-3 strong slow wanking,looking into his eyes. I looked back on his cock. Some precum was there on the tip of the cock. I looked into his eyes. “Your precum is leaking.”

“You wanna taste it? ” He asked.

“No.” I replied.

“Try it..” he pleaded.

“No. That’ll give a bad idea to you.”


“You’ll think that I’m an easy girl who gives blowjob on the first day itself.”

“I’ll never think of anything like that.”

He continued:”Also, you’re not blowing me off,right? You’re just trying to taste my precum. That’s not considered as a blowjob. Also, I’ll never think of you as a bad girl. You’re an angel. And I love you.”

I was happy to hear that. And he looked so cute when requested and convinced me to do so. He looked very innocent. I liked it.

“OK. Don’t think that I’m sucking your cock,OK..I’m just you know..”

Saying that, looking into his eyes, I licked the precum off his cock. I started from the bottom of the glans and licked slowly till the tip where the precum was formed. It was a small distance, but I made it last as long as possible. I took some good 3 seconds to lick it off. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment.

“Mmmmmm” I said, tasting it in my mouth.

“So do you like the taste?” He asked.

“Actually I didn’t feel anything. It was little sticky and kind of salty. That’s it.” I said innocently.

“Can you… Do it..Once bahis şirketleri again?” He asked.

“No. I can’t do that.” I answered.

“Please.. it feels so good.” He said. He looked so cute when begging like that.

I started laughing, seeing this. My breath was falling on his dick. He became harder.

“Please can you at least give a kiss on the tip?”

I didn’t say anything and looked into his eyes while slowly wanking his cock. Then I looked back onto his hard meat. More precum was forming. “Oh there’s more of it.” I used my hand and milked out more precum from the cock.

“Do you want kiss or lick?”

I asked.


“How can I kiss and lick at the same time?” I laughed again. His dick was almost close to my teeth.

“Oh you can. See, put your lips around the tip like you’re kissing and then lick the tip for tasting a little more of the precum.”

He explained. I couldn’t stop laughing, knowing how badly he wanted to put his dick in my mouth.

“Try.. open your mouth..” he said.

“OK.. like this?” I put on the most innocent face of mine and half opened my mouth.

He then placed the tip of the cock between my lips.

“Now you can close the lips around the glans like you’re kissing and lick the precum from the top” he said.

I wrapped my lips around the glans penis and licked the tip of his cock,looking into his eyes.

“like this?”

While talking, I tried to keep my tongue touched onto the cock.

“Ohhh.. yes..”

I kept on talking.

“Don’t push your cock inside my mouth, ok.. because then it won’t be either licking or kissing. That would be sucking. Then you’ll think that I’m a bad girl who gives blowjob to you the second day we met and hours after we started the relationship.”

I was talking with the tip of the dick in my mouth. I tried to keep the tongue in touch with the cock whenever I was saying the words. He started leaking more precum. I knew that he was almost on the verge of cumming. He was seconds away from it. I was curious how he was gonna deal with it.

“Roshni.. my love.. I think I’m going to…”

Before he finished the words, I gave a strong kiss on the cock with the tip still inside my mouth. I wrapped my tongue around the glans and started licking the whole head of his cock. He then slowly started moving his hip back and forth which slowly pushed the dick into my mouth. I didn’t say anything but kept on licking the cock.

He pushed it deeper in every next movement. In some 3-4 pushes, my mouth was filled with his cock. I closed my eyes and now started bobbing on his cock. I was playing with his balls and licking and sucking his cock. Suddenly I felt some extra blood rush into his cock he finished:


and the next moment he started cumming in my mouth. He started spurting hot thick cum in my mouth. I tried to keep the cum in my mouth. After 2-3 thick ejaculations, the cum started leaking out of my mouth. Then he took it from my mouth and continued cumming on my boobs. I let him do that. I stroked his cock and aimed it on my cleavage. He came more. I used his cock to paste the cum on my boobs. I then looked into his dark green eyes with my mouth open. It was full of cum. I closed my mouth and swallowed the mouthful cum in one gulp.

“Aahh..” he said.

At that moment I saw love in his eyes. He grabbed my hands and pulled me upwards and hugged me tightly. He didn’t kiss me, Though. But I knew he loved me. I looked into his eyes and said: “I love you too”

That night we talked till 3 in the morning. About everything we loved and hated. He was such a sweet guy. I was starting to like him more and more.

Next day after classes we went out for a coffee. We kissed in the hotel washroom. It was a quick one, though.

We never stopped touching each other when we were together. In the college we used to hold our hands or my hands wandering through his thick beautiful wavy hair, or when we were alone, he’ll hold me by waist or we’ll sit in the canteen looking into each other’s eyes for a long time..

Everyone figured out that Roshni and Wasim are in love. We didn’t do anything to stop them also.

He used to drop and pick me up from my home everyday in his bike(in India we say bike for motorcycles. Don’t get confused it with the bicycle) Although he never came near my house.

I was afraid of the villagers. They always observe people and start saying rumors. I’ve seen people staring at me even though I used to dress by covering my whole body. I used to walk some distance and from there he used to pick me up. And dropping also. I used to sit very close to him while riding on the bike. Hugging from behind. Everyday we somehow managed to hug or kiss at some point of the day. But nothing else beyond that happened until that night:

One night he called me saying that he is outside my house. I was surprised. It was very late. Around 12 at night. My grandparents sleep very early. They go to bed by 10 max and start snoring in 10-15 minutes.

I told him to go back. But he said that he missed me so much that he just wanted to see me. I said fine and opened the back door of the house without making any noise. He came in. I asked him to leave. He then started looking into my eyes. I also looked into his eyes.

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