Victoria’s Secret

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Big Dicks

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My friend always loved to wear something from Victoria’s Secret. She looked absolutely gorgeous in anything she bought from there. She also knew how much I loved to see her wear it too.

On her birthday and at Christmas, she would circle the items she wanted from the catalog, and let me choose which one I liked and surprise her. Half the fun was looking through the catalog, and seeing all the outfits, and imagining what she would look like in one, and thinking all the naughty things I would want to do to her when she wore it!

We also had a rule that I was allowed to buy her one “surprise” gift out of the catalog.

For me, it was usually something very sexy, and very revealing.

We also had the rule that if she didn’t like it much, she could use a sort of code word to tell me when she was going to wear it.

She would put it on, get me all horny, and then say, “Baby, I just need you to go crazy tonight!”

That usually meant I could tear the item off of her and make wild and crazy, insane love to her!!

Of course, she absolutely loved being ravaged by me with primal lust!…

It had been a long and hectic week, and we hadn’t had the chance to slow down long enough to make love to each other. With both of us working, and travel during the week, and late nights at the office, it just didn’t happen.

By Friday, I was about to burst, and she knew it.

I came in the door, running a little late, when she met me with a hug, and a long kiss. I was exhausted, but that perked me up.

She told me that she had ordered some pizza for take-out, and that we needed to leave immediately and go pick it up.

Usually, I just go by myself, but she already had her long coat on, and was grabbing my hand and leading me out the door.

I wondered why she had the coat on since it was nice outside, if not just a little cool…

We got to the car, and she opened up the driver’s side door and got in beside me.

I backed out of the driveway, and headed for the pizza parlor.

She raised up and unzipped my pants, and unbuttoned the top. She pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees and took my cock and started to lick it with the tip of her tongue.

The animal in me wanted her, wanted her NOW!

She put her arm around my neck, and kissed me on the ear. She rubbed her finger along the side of my earlobe, knowing full well that sent a tingle down my crotch.

She unbuttoned her coat, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and moved it aside. She was wearing the item I bought for her birthday. It was a white, embroidered eyelet babydoll. The top was see through, and the white panties were just enough material to cover her. The lace ties went over her hips to the back along the cheeks of her butt.

She had on my favorite perfume, and lipstick.

It wasn’t going to be hard to become an animal on the prowl with her looking that good!!

At the next light, I took her in my arms, and kissed her hard on the lips.

I managed to run my hands up under her coat, and run them along her sides. The babydoll material was sheer enough that I could feel her erect nipples and sensitive breasts.

She gasped, and stuck her tongue in my mouth and French kissed me! Then she started to run her finger up and down my zipper.

The light turned green and I had to drive on.

When we got to the pizza parlor, she asked me to go in for the pizza while she waited in the car. I went inside, and found out it would be another 20 minutes until our pizza was done.

Frustrated, and horny, I went back to the car. I opened the door, and pulled her out by her wrist. “Come with me!” I said.

She followed me down to the riverbank by the edge of the shopping mall. I swept her up in my arms like I was carrying her over a threshold. She had on sandals, and I didn’t want her to twist an ankle. I wrapped my arm around her butt, and held her close.

I was just a little rough doing so…

She smiled into my eyes. She knew I was a little crazy at the moment. Her eyes twinkled at the thought of what I was going to do to her!

I carried her down to the shore line and back behind some aspen trees. It was dark, it was hidden and there was some soft grass under the trees to lay her down on.

As I laid her down, her coat draped open, and I could tell her white panties were soaking wet. Her nipples were pushing hard against the material.

I stepped back to look around and see if anyone could see us.

I reached down and grabbed the top of the babydoll. The material is made to be soft, and gentle on a woman’s skin. Her nipples stared back at me through the material. I ripped it in half with one pull.

She stopped sucking on my cock and stared into my face with her eyes. They were wide with surprise at the fact she was suddenly exposed to nature. She didn’t say a word…

I reached down and pulled hard güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri on the little white panties. They didn’t have a chance.

Her legs were spread now, her shaved and dripping pussy just staring up at me in anticipation. Her nipples were hard, and almost quivering knowing that they would get kissed and touched and sucked on.

My rock hard cock was right there, and I quickly took it and mounted her. It felt so good to be inside her after the long week, and I was so hard and ready I could not wait. It felt so soft, and warm, and oh so nice to have my cock inside her.

She felt the same, and wrapped her legs around me and pulled me to the ground on top of her. My cock filled her pussy, and it felt so good to have that friction between her legs.

She let out a loud moan, and kissed me hard. I reached down and pinched a nipple, and then grabbed her ass to pull her toward me. I could feel her dripping wet pussy with my fingers, and I moved them around her naked crack of her ass.

We fucked each other with abandon as each of our bodies thrust against each other like it was our first time.

We kissed each other hard and long, with our tongues playing with the other, our mouths making each other experience the ultimate in passion.

Her breathing got shallower, she was panting harder.

“Oh baby, it feels so good. I love fucking you! I love you so much!” She said.

I drove my cock deeper inside her, making her back arch and pumping for all I was worth.

“I love you too! I just love how you feel around me!” I said.

Her back arched, and she started to cum. All of her body held on to me now, letting the orgasm spread across her pussy and hips and down her butt and legs, to her stomach and chest. Her whole body was shaking and it felt good beneath me! I loved having my cock inside her when she came, the sensations of what she was experiencing were translated to me through her.

I erupted inside her, my cum spreading inside her pussy and making it soft and warm. It must have been a load, because when I came she shook even more. I kept pumping her to keep the feeling in my groin and hers. Her orgasm lasted longer than mine, but I got to feel hers too!

I held her tight, letting her breathing settle down and her heart rate slow.

I looked around to see where I tossed the babydoll outfit. It looked like I had torn it off of her and threw it over my shoulder.

I hoped no one saw us, as it might have appeared that güvenilir bahis şirketleri I was actually raping her at that moment!

Now, we looked like two lovers caught in an embrace from a distance.

I hoped no one saw my beautiful lady with her soft, delicate breasts and wonderful naked body beneath her coat. I wanted her only for myself right then.

I pulled out of her, and took the babydoll and attempted to wipe both of us off with it. I then wrapped the coat tightly around her body. She shivered a little at the cool air and the remaining moisture between her legs. I picked her up again, and kissed her before carrying her back across the rocks.

Somewhere on the way down we lost a slipper and could not find it in the dark!

I carried her all the way back to the car, kissing her neck and lips as I went. She had her arms wrapped tightly around my neck, and wasn’t ready to let me go!

I put her in the car, and kissed her again, then headed back into the pizza palor to get my pizza. Luckily, it was ready this time!

I drove home with her arm wrapped around my neck. She opened the coat a little to just give me some of a tease again. She knew we would continue again, and wanted to let me have some fun looking at her!

We got home and folded open the day bed downstairs near the fireplace. We went upstairs and took a shower together, taking our time to kiss, and touch each other in all the right places. I loved washing her skin, and kissing it afterward. I took extra time with washing her nipples and breasts, and then got on my knees and took special care of her pussy!

I finished cleaning her out with my tongue once I had her washed real well. When I finished her pussy, I made her turn around, and while still on my knees, I was licking her butt and ass, and then licked all over her while I told her to keep her ass tight!

She loved it when I did that to her!

When it was my turn to get washed, she took her sweet time, and then got on her knees and played with my cock and balls with her hands and tongue. She loved to kiss my balls, and hold them with her hands, and scratch them just the right way.

She had me nice and hard again by the time the hot water ran out!

We dried each other off, and then headed downstairs. The pizza was cold, so we heated it up in the microwave and I started a fire in our gas fireplace. We snuggled on the day bed, and fed each other while we were naked.

She loved to take a mouthful of pizza that was warm, and then suck on my cock with it still in her mouth!

I loved sprinkling the grated cheese all over her nipples and breasts, and then making a track down her stomach to her pussy! It was fun to lick it slowly and carefully off her skin, taking my sweet time!

No doubt, this “take out” had a special meaning…

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