Visiting Sis Ch. 07

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My weekend with Shannin and Stacy continues to heat up. With two days of vacation left, the weekend is promising to get interesting.

I quickly ran up the stairs planning to get back outside, not wanting to miss the chance to apply some tanning lotion to Shannin’s soft body. When I walked into the bedroom I spotted the new swimsuit spread out on the bed. It was a small white, g-string thong with black trim. It actually matched Shannin’s bikini. My first thought was that it wouldn’t contain my nearly 8-inch long package leaving me exposed to the girls, but then I saw my reflection in the mirror. My wet running shorts were transparent and I realized that I really had no more secrets to keep.

I pulled my shorts off and held the tiny suit in front of me. Carefully I managed to get one foot into the leg opening and then the other. My cock twitched as I pulled the thin straps up over my hips and the g-string nestled comfortably up into my cheeks. I’ve never worn a g-string and it was a strangely erotic feeling. It took some adjustment but my stiff cock just barely fit into the front pouch. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was a little apprehensive about wearing this outside near the pool but then realized that both of these exotic beauties had selected and purchased this gift for me.

I walked out onto the patio and stood in front of the two bathing beauties. My ears were treated canlı bahis with a, “Woo hoo,” and then a “Yea baby.” Anyone sitting on the other side of the back fence would have though we had female construction workers in the back yard. I slowly turned around to let the girls examine their purchase as they continued to cheer me on. I was shocked to hear Shannin say in a rather breathy voice, “Oh Stacy, I’m so glad you picked this out for him. Doesn’t he look absolutely delicious?” When I heard Stacy agree, I thought the strings would break as my cock strained against the suit. I desperately needed a distraction.

I grabbed the tan lotion and quickly moved up behind Shannin sitting on the lounge chair next to her. She turned to me and said, “Sweetie, you can’t do a good job sitting beside me, you need to be straddling me to make sure that I’m properly covered. You don’t want my delicates to get burned do you?” I just smiled, stood up and stepped over Shannin and the lounge chair.

I started by applying the lotion to the back of her legs. I made sure to thoroughly coat the insides of her sexy soft thighs, like I did the night before. I heard her moan slightly as my hands met at the top of her legs. Not wanting her beautiful ass cheeks to get burned, I poured a generous amount of lotion into my hand. My cock twitched when I started to massage her exposed flesh. As I squeezed and kneaded the bahis siteleri lotion into her cheeks, I watched as the thin black string disappeared and then reappeared. Once I felt that there was enough applied to her bottom, I moved up her back.

My legs were straddling her lower body with my butt resting on the back of her upper legs. Shannin groaned as my hands slid further up the middle of her back. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling as my hands slipped over the smooth contours of her hot body. I tried to memorize the feel of each rib as my hands tenderly skimmed over her skin. Not wanting to leave even the smallest bit of skin exposed to sunburn, I slid my finger tips under the bra strings which crossed her back.

Next, I grabbed the bottle of lotion and poured some more out into my hand. I slid a little bit further up her legs which would allow me to reach her shoulders. I leaned forward and put both hands on her shoulders. She groaned again as I rubbed her neck and shoulder blades. I felt Shannin arch her back a little bit as she pressed her hips upward, against me. I felt my hard shaft move a little bit as she slowly moved her hips. I looked down to see that my cock head had slipped out of the top of my suit and was resting comfortably between her well lubricated cheeks. I looked over at Stacy who was facing away from us. I was hoping that she was dozing off in the warm bahis şirketleri sun.

I leaned forward and kissed Shannin’s neck just behind her ear. Early into our relationship, I learned that this was a very sensitive spot. I pulled her hair back slightly to expose more of her neck. Shannin started to flex and relax her ass cheeks as I resumed kissing and suckling on her neck and ear. My breathing was getting heavy as she used her glute muscles to massage my raging hard on. I looked back at Stacy to see that she had not moved.

As Shannin clenched her ass I slowly moved my hips forward. Doing this pulled my suit down a little further, exposing my entire shaft. She relaxed her cheeks and I slowly slid back down her body a little. Each time I felt her flex, I moved up and when she relaxed, I slid down. This continued for a few minutes when I heard Shannin say, “Babe, I don’t think you’ve gotten enough lotion on my low back. Can you give me some more?”

Her request was my demand. She must have known that I was close to climax because the words were no sooner out of her beautiful mouth when my body tensed up and I let my load go, shooting it between our bodies. My stomach slid across her back as my pulsating cock provided copious amounts of lubrication. I was absolutely amazed at the things this woman was doing to me. As I relaxed, I quickly reflected on the events from the past few days. I did not know if it was because we were away from work and the city or if it was from being around her sister, but I was becoming very fond of the woman she had become this weekend.

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