Voice of the Mind Ch. 03

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Chapter 3.1 — The Fight

* * * * * * * * * *

Things weren’t always like this. Not always.

Back in the old days Vincent lived at home until they were old enough to go to college. When Vincent went to college, he rented a house near school and eventually his twin-sister Nicole moved in with him because rent turned out to be a little too much for his wallet. The house was big enough — too big for him alone anyway.

The initial thought was that he’d rent the house together with a good friend of his, Mark, but Mark backed out at the last moment, which meant he either took on the house all by himself or shared it with someone else. Seeing how he didn’t want to share a house with anyone else but someone he actually knew and liked, there weren’t many other choices but to let Nicole in and share it with her. She was looking for a place anyway and since they both attended the same college, it was perfect for her as well.

He had planned to shelter the bill for rent by his own, splitting it with his sister, but their parents stepped in at the last moment and said they would cover the rent for them. It had surprised him, seeing as how they had never even bothered to mention that to them. But it would allow them to focus on their studies and his father had explained that they had saved money for this occasion so they wouldn’t have to feel guilty for not paying their own rent. He only wanted them to do one thing in return: look after each other.

They had a set of rules which they had to abide in order to get along. They knew each other and therefore they also knew what their weak points were. Vincent wasn’t the type of person who did much in the house unless nobody was home and Nicole tended to leave things alone until the very last minute, so they divided the house chores between them in order to give both of them some responsibility. Sometimes it worked out, sometimes it didn’t, so every now and then they had a big fight about how they each didn’t follow up on their responsibilities.

Today was one of those days.

Once again she had failed to put the dishes in the dishwasher and it had made him angry. The sink was full of dirty dishes, mugs and all sort of stuff. He could hardly wash his hands if he had wanted to. Of course he could clean it up — just a few minutes of his time — but it became a matter of principle by now. It was her responsibility, so she should take the responsibility for it.

He tried to do something to make that anger subside and found himself next to the pile of laundry; one of the tasks he was supposed to do, but with everything going on he hadn’t been able to make time to get it done. The mindlink with Jenny had torn a pretty large hole in everything he had wanted to do and because of that he was way behind with most of the things he had planned to do, in both his studies and the house chores.

Nicole wasn’t the type to clean up the messes until they got out of hand. Apparently the dishes weren’t bad enough to warrant her to take action, so she let it sit there until it got bad enough to get started.

His inability to deal with the mindlink for the past few days didn’t make him feel much better now that Jenny had accepted his new gift. He was still scared shitless for what it was and how fast it had progressed to the point where he and Jenny were almost permanently connected. He was sick with fear for how it would turn out when he went along with Jenny’s suggestion, to actuallytrain it, and it scared him even more that a few days ago he had managed to capture some of Alice’s thoughts. Or at least he thought he did. The whole mindreading thing was the one thing on his mind now most of the day and it sapped most of his energy. He realized he was much more grouchy and small things emerged in his mind as large issues, despite them being pretty trivial.

The dishes were such a trivial issue, but due to his state of mind it was a major incident for him. He got annoyed so much that he had shouted at her for not doing the dishes, despite only having to put them into the dishwasher and putting them away afterwards.

“Why don’t youever do your job and wash the dishes?” he yelled at her, when she came home late without letting him know.

“If you can’t get me clean clothes, I can’t do the dishes!” she shot back while pointing at a particular shirt he had in his hands. “Imagine what would happen if these clothes would get dirty; I wouldn’t have anything else to wear since you never wash my clothes!”

“Perhaps you shouldn’t throw your clothes on the floor then instead of in the laundry box, because there is the laundry Ido wash!”

“If it wasn’tfull all the time, I might actuallyconsider it. But until then, I need my clothes to besomewhere.”

She held up her hands in an exaggerated gesture when he tried to reply to her accusation.

“Screw you, I’m gonna head over to Nathalie to borrow some clothes. Make sure you have some laundry done by the time I get back.”

She güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri slammed the door behind her, leaving Vincent with only a half-finished sentence on his lips. He threw the shirt at the door as if that would get the message across, but it didn’t even get to the door before it fluttered down on the floor. He let out an irritated roar.

He hated that part of his sister. She always left while they were arguing and while he admitted that it was better to calm down instead of throwing some more insults — or shirts in this instance — she always made him feel like he was on the losing end of the argument.

He grabbed the shirt from the floor, put it on the stairs so he could carry it upstairs later and returned to the kitchen to put away the dishes. He would do the laundry later.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 3.2 — Nathalie

* * * * * * * * * *

Nathalie was lying on her back, looking at the ceiling. She wasn’t quite seeing the ceiling though, as her attention was somewhere else. Between her legs in particular, actually.

Slurping sounds were coming from there and they were produced by a human male which listened to the name Jim. Jim was a guy Nathalie knew and while they weren’t dating, they did hang out often and they also had the occasional casual sex. Today was one of these days and Nathalie was currently enjoying cunnilingus from Jim.

“That’s really good, Jim,” she groaned and placed her hands on his head to make him use more force.

She loved how he could lick her and drive her completely insane when he was on fire. But today she didn’t want to go completely nuts — she wanted to feel really good and have a good, neat fuck when she was ready. So she kept him at bay and enjoyed his little love bites on her clitoris and the movements he made with his tongue.

“Unnh … there, yes … oh, yes …”

He tried to break loose, but she held his head firmly in place. She was not ready yet. Or rather,he wasn’t.

“Keep licking me, then I’ll let you put it in me later on,” she promised. A promise that he really wanted her to fulfill because he started licking even more attentive.

While she was fully capable of steering her personal cunt-licker before, now she could barely keep herself together. He had plunged 2 fingers in her cunt as well, while he was working on her clitoris with his mouth. There was not much she could handle anymore.

“Oh, fuck that,” she said and let go of his head.

He didn’t need much more. He stood up, crawled half over Nathalie and stopped only to position his dick in front of her opening. It didn’t find any resistance anymore as his tongue had already wettened her to the point of no return. With just a single movement he put his penis all the way into her.

Nathalie gasped from the intense feeling of having Jim’s dick completely in. His dick was bigger than she could handle, actually, because he would fill up the whole shaft and even managed to get his dick further in, closing in on the womb and still have some more left. She couldn’t take him entirely, but he generally tried to pay attention so he wouldn’t hurt her. But she was so aroused that only his dick going inside her already brought her to a climax. She grunted, arched her back and allowed his member to go even further in.

But damned if his dick going deep does not feel good, she thought.I’ve had a few guys sticking it in, but this guy really beats all of them. That feeling of entering my womb entrance is so fucking … arousing.

But while entering gave her so much pleasure, it was nothing compared to when he would start to move. The throbbing stick in her pulsing shaft leaving her and only to return with renewed force, forcing itself to go even further. The rubbing feeling of his manhood pushing against the innerside of her private parts. The sound. The idea of a dick going all the way in and out. In and out.

She barely registered it that he also started nibbling on her nipples, but that’s just how far off she already was. Her legs locked his ass into position, her arms rounded his shoulders and her nails were driven deep into his back, leaving clear scratch marks despite her having short nails.

“Hooohh … fuck. That’s good. That’s really … unh … good.”

Jim didn’t say anything. He was too busy licking her breasts while pumping away.

The dick in her felt warm and intense. She tightened so she could feel him better, but she also knew that by doing that he would come sooner. It didn’t matter. She wanted him to unload his wad into her. She wanted to feel the sperm in her tunnel. She wanted to make him cum. And she didn’t have to wait long, because he suddenly started to speed up.

It almost felt as if he could reach even deeper in her and when he made his last push he gave it all he had and shot it all straight into her womb. Squirt by squirt, they went warmly in her. She knew she doesn’t cum easily, but whenever he güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hit her hard and unloaded in her, it sent her over the edge — again.

He collapsed on the bed next to her and needed to catch his breath for a bit. She did just the same next to him.

“That was good,” he spoke. “I really liked that.”

Nathalie grinned. “You better do. Because you’ll have to do this much more often.”

“I don’t think I have anything against that.” This time it was his turn to grin.

When they had caught their breath and played a little more, they dressed up again. This was why they both loved this relationship. There was nothing to keep them together and there was never a reason to meet up for these kind of things. They just did it whenever they felt like it and the other was more than happy to oblige. And the parting wasn’t hard either, because they knew they could have sex another time despite not dating each other.

But when they were completely dressed, they heard the doorbell.

“Looks like your way out is in the back.”

“Looks like it.” He peeked out of the window. “Nicole’s here.”

“Then I guess I’d better open up.”

She kissed him and shuffled down the stairs, waited for him to walk out of the back door and opened the front door to welcome her best friend.

“Hey babe,” Nathalie greeted her. “What are you doing here so late?”

“My brother is being an ass,” Nicole said, stepping through the doorway and past her friend.

She was already removing her shoes in order to put them in the closet when she said: “He told me that I never do my part of the house chores — and that while he’s always slacking with the laundry. That moron should do his own part first before he starts pointing fingers at others.”

Nathalie, with her 1m78, was a fairly tall girl in comparison to most other girls. She was also slim, almost to the point where one would call her thin, so she didn’t really intimidate many people with her figure. She didn’t do much for a workout, but she used to take judo lessons, so despite her build she could take on plenty of people.

Nicole knew about that and had experienced her skills a few times when they were downtown and some guys started harassing them. She put up with it for a while until she had enough and then she approached the leader of the band and threw him flat on the ground. Usually people curse them and call them names, but they also leave them alone after that.

That same girl now closed the door and stood with her back against it after Nicole let herself in. Her thin, dark blond hair that reached almost to her shoulders hung around her head, shielding her from the lights sideways. She smiled, knowing that Nicole had these kind of fights with her brother every now and then, only to make up a short while later. They were both too much alike in some aspects, so they clashed sometimes. But usually they couldn’t be angry at each other for longer than a few hours and Nicole generally ended up at her house until she calmed down enough to accept her own faults.

She took off her glasses — during the day she wore contacts, but when at home she took them out and puts on her glasses — held them up to the light and said to Nicole: “Well, you know you’re always welcome here, but youdo realize that I have sometimes something better to do than consoling you?”

“What do you mean?” Nicole asked while she was still crouched to put away her shoes.


Nicole’s eyes grew bigger. “Seriously? Oh, my god, sorry, I didn’t know you were preoccupied!” She stood up, her hands flailing to express her apology — until she saw the wicked smile on her friend’s face.

“You’re kidding me.”

“Damn right I am, girl.”

Nathalie’s smirk became a huge grin, lighting up her face, which was a pretty sight. Nicole always said that she liked her smile, that it made her look prettier — and it was true. If she’d show that smile more often, she’d have a lot more attention than she usually got.

“I’m just pulling your leg, really. You looked so annoyed that I wanted to take your mind off things and this was the first thing that I came up with. And really, you’re looking so much better already.”

Nicole didn’t think that much, especially since she was still opening and shutting her mouth like a fish on shore. But after she recovered from that she sighed and smiled.

“You never cease to amaze me in cheering me up.”

“Yep. So you better pay up for lunch next time.”

She put an arm around Nicole’s neck and pulled her against her. “So, what do you wanna drink in the meantime? I’m thirsty after my workout.”

“Workout?” Nicole asked.

“Boyfriend,” Nathalie smirked.

“This again?”

Nathalie laughed.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 3.3 — The apology

* * * * * * * * * *

A few hours later, around 21:00, Nicole came back home. She looked a lot calmer and Vincent himself felt güvenilir bahis şirketleri like he could have a conversation without throwing anything at her.

And as always, she hugged him when she saw him. It’d been a little ritual between them. When you’re mad at each other and one has gotten over it, that one does the hug. It had always felt more like an apology than the actual verbal one, she thought.

“I’m so sorry, Vinnie,” she apologized. “But you know how these kind of things go. We always get sloppy at some point. And you know I try to be good.”

“I know, I know,” he admitted, while stroking her shoulder length dark brown hair; she hadn’t tied it up in a ponytail tonight. “We both do the best we can, but sometimes we look too much like family. We still share the same annoying traits and sometimes I simply can’t stand seeing my own faults in you.”

“Same goes here, of course. I’m glad I’m not in charge of the laundry because I would most probably forget about it all the time.”

“Hey! I don’tforget about it!” he shouted in surprise and snatched her shoulders to push her away so he could see her face.

She stuck out her tongue unexpectedly and laughed. “I know, I know. I know you only have a limited amount of time to actually do the laundry, but I knowI would forget about it. I’m just glad you do it most of the time. If I had to do it, the bathroom would’ve been too small to house the laundry bin.”

Upon seeing her smile, he couldn’t help but smile back at her. She’d always have such a disarming smile that he couldn’t stay mad at her if she had dropped the issue. He hung his head and sighed a sigh of surrendering. “Okay, apology accepted.”

He let go of her shoulders and pointed at the stairs.

“But now that you’ve mentioned it, I’ve done some laundry, so you should have some clothes tomorrow. According to the schedule, you didn’t have anything planned, did you?”

“Nope,” she answered. “I didn’t make any plans for the weekend, so I can get by for a day or two. But let me get a little change first.”

She always walked around the house in clothing easy to wear, so unfashionable that he always wondered how others would perceive her if they knew. But there usually weren’t any friends of her dropping by; she usually visited others under the pretext that she didn’t want her friends to be annoyed by her brother.

She said so, although she knew he wouldn’t actually bother them, or feel bothered by them. She simply didn’t want to invite her friends over to a place where they couldn’t be alone and had to mind her brother. Most of her friends lived by themselves or in a dorm, where they had more privacy than she had. At least their doors had a lock, unlike hers.

Most of her friends always thought she didn’t get along with her brother, but the opposite was true. She got along really well with him and they often went out together to watch a movie, grab a bite or whatever — it was probably the reason why other boys didn’t hit on her that often. Some of them had seen her go out with her brother and spread word about it that she already had a boyfriend.

While picking up clothes from the floor, she thought about that. Vincent wasn’t all that bad in terms of physical features. He wasn’t an athlete, but he did work out on a regular base. Or rather, he did some sit-ups, push-ups and crunches every evening at home instead of going to the gym. He always said that going to the gym was a waste of money if you could do the same at home and she always joked that he was a cheapskate — and he kind ofwas; he didn’t like to spend money on stuff when you could do with lesser brands and still be satisfied with them. He was really good with money and he was the one doing the finances in their household.

But the truth was that he had some discipline, which meant that after the few months he’s been doing it, his body slowly progressed from the regular scrawny guy to a guy with a reasonably attractive body. That is, if he took off his shirt, something he didn’t do too often. He usually wore a bit more loose shirts, so you couldn’t really see his features either. Since she was the only girl around the house, she knew about it. It was like a little secret that she knew how he looked under that shirt while all those girls who looked at him didn’t have a clue. And she hadseen a few looking at him.

The reason for that was that he used to be pretty thin, but that had changed. His muscles had been developing and if he wore short sleeved T-shirts, you could see the effect on his arms — but he generally only wore those shirts inside the house. He never cared to show off his body, so it never occurred to him since he now looked a lot better he could show off a bit. She wondered if that was because he still didn’t feel comfortable because he still felt like the scrawny teenager he used to be.

She shook her head to get rid of that image and brought the clothes she picked up from the floor to the bathroom where he had put a lightbrown laundry box. She had one in her own room too, but she had used that to store her plushies. She didn’t want to have them all around the room so she rotated them to put them on display. When she had put the laundry away she went back to her room and grabbed some clothes she used at home.

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