Weekly Meetings Ch. 06

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Big Tits

This is the final chapter in this series. One last big thanks to LAHomeDog I was putty in her hands.

“Cum in my mouth?” She was asking, but we both knew it was rhetorical, Amy proved that by swallowing my cock again as soon as the last word was out.

“MmmMmmMmmmm!” She moaned over my cock, now cradling my balls as she worked it in and out of her mouth.

“Ohh fuck, baby! Here it comes!!!”

I exploded. A whole weekend’s worth of cum straight into her wanting mouth, filling it and then some as Amy started overflowing after just the first few spurts.

“Holy shit! Keep going! Keep going! Keep going!” I cried. Amy was undeterred, still sucking and jerking through the spillage, loving my reaction to her service of my cock.

“MmmmmMmm!” She hummed along until I was finished and almost collapsed from the power of my orgasm.

“Holy shit.” I staggered back, finally removing my cock from Amy’s full mouth and balancing myself on the wall.

Amy wasn’t done. She immediately gargled my semen to show me all of it in her mouth, causing more to spill out down her chin and onto her heaving chest before throwing it back in a big gulp.

“Mmm!” She leaned forward and brought her hand to her mouth instinctively. It was so much cum that she couldn’t take it all in one gulp. “Wow!” She swallowed again. “That was a lot. You were a good boy again, weren’t you?”

I nodded before stumbling over to the chair so I could sit and recover, Amy went to the bathroom to clean herself up.

“Do you mind if I shower?” She shouted.

“Do you mind if I join?” I shouted back.

Amy emerged, already completely naked. “Only if you help wash me. You made a mess all over ny boobs.” She looked down at the few drops of cum over her massive chest.

I jumped up to join her. I didn’t need to get hard again to rub soap all over her beautiful body, but I did anyway.

“Already?!” Amy acted surprised by my quick turnaround time, but it wasn’t rare for me with her. Especially considering I had spent the last 5 minutes rubbing soap on her boobs, it was inevitable.

Amy grabbed the body wash and lathered it up in her hands before bringing it down to my hard cock, giving me a sudsy handjob as she leaned up to kiss me while the water fell over us.

“Don’t cum yet.” She whispered while stroking. “I’m just getting him nice and clean for my pussy… feel how wet I am.”

I brought my hand between her legs, rubbing her soaking wet pussy and dreaming about the good fucking I was going to give it as soon as we were finished, if not sooner.

Amy suddenly stopped rubbing my shaft and moved her hand to my balls “I hear you breathing heavy… you better not cum.”

I nodded and smiled. “I wouldn’t dream of it.” I slid a finger inside of her to increase the teasing.

Amy moaned; a shiver was sent up her body that brought her tighter into my chest. She wrapped her arm around me to hold herself up and moved her other hand up to start rubbing my shaft again. I upped the stakes by rubbing her clit with my other finger.

“Oh fuck… Right there.” She held me tighter as I teased her, she was so desperate to cum that it was coming hard and fast. “Oh yeah, keep going, keep going.” Amy was quiet as the feeling took over her. She tried to continue stroking me but lost her coordination as the climax hit.

It was a quiet one, but still powerful. I kept working my fingers as she came, trying to make it last as long as possible for her.

Amy fell into my arms; she was completely limp as the pleasure took over her body. She relaxed into my chest as I held her up until finally, she looked up for a kiss that I was happy to provide.

We turned off the shower and dried each other off. I took the opportunity to worship her breasts more, first dabbing them with a towel and then sucking on each of her nipples. Amy moaned as she tied her hair up in a towel.

I let Amy wear my robe as I just took a towel for myself, we didn’t plan on being clothed for long. She got to the bed first and laid down on her back, leaving the robe open seductively and motioning for me to climb up to her.

I was dry enough, so tossed the towel away and did as she requested, licking my way from her toes, up her legs, and finally to her pussy.

“OhhOhhh! Yeah, baby.” She moaned and brought both her hands to the back of my head as I went down on her. I brought ankara eryaman escort my hands up to play with her tits as I went at it, within minutes she was having her second orgasm and begging me to fuck her.

My cock was absolutely throbbing, desperate for more attention. I moved myself up and buried my face in her tits before bringing my cock to her pussy, lightly touching her slit with my cock head.

“Please, baby. Please, fuck me. Now!”

Part of me wanted to tease her more, but I was as anxious as she was. I thrust forward and slid right in, pushing myself all the way in and bringing my face up to kiss her lips.

Amy almost came just from my entry, her body convulsing as the rush moved up her body, lifting her lower back into the air as she loudly moaned out.

I kissed her neck and grabbed her chest, her tits looked and felt even bigger than usual with the way the pleasure contorted her body.

“Fuck me, baby. That’s your pussy. Fuck it hard!”

Her wish was my command. I thrust hard and fast, bringing myself in and out, in and out, as deep as I could go.

While her first two orgasms were quiet, I could tell this one would be loud. Amy was practically screaming with each thrust, begging for me to go harder, deeper, faster. I did what I could, careful to make sure I didn’t blow too early, but it was too much. Amy was too much.

Amy was everything I ever wanted. Her beautiful face, her big tits, her tight pussy that was always wet. She was insatiable, loved sucking cock and drinking cum, getting her tits sucked and fucked. All while moaning and saying the perfect things to make me crave her even more.

Thinking about how perfect she is, while in the midst of fucking her and groping her huge tits as she grabbed onto my back and begged me to pound her pussy, I was done.

“OHHH SHIIIIIITTTTTT!!!!” I kept fucking as I started to cum.

Amy was cumming too, and still talking dirty as her third climax swept over her.

“Oh yeah, baby! Cum for me! Cum straight into my pussy. Your pussy. That’s your pussy. All yours.”

I filled ‘my’ pussy with spurt after spurt of fresh cum. I gave a few more thrusts but was too sensitive to keep going, instead, I laid myself into Amy’s chest, popping a tit into my mouth and gently sucking while we both came down from the simultaneous orgasms. Amy and I fell asleep with me still inside of her.

About an hour later I woke up to the feeling of Amy rocking herself on my now hard again cock.

“Sorry to wake you,” Amy whispered and kissed me as soon as she saw I was up. “I have another one close; I can feel it.”

It sounded good to me. I lifted myself to try and make it easier for her.

“Roll over, let me get on top.” She directed.

Even better. I pulled myself out briefly to get on my back. Amy climbed on top of me and threw off my robe before lowering herself back onto my cock and rocking herself back and forth.

I brought my hands up to play with her tits again, gently rubbing her nipples to help her get there.

“Oh yeah, baby. I’ve been bad. I’ve been a bad girl and need to be punished.”

I pinched her nipple and Amy moaned louder, fucking me faster, she wanted more.

“Spank me, daddy. Spank your naughty girl.” I removed my right hand from her tit and gave her a nice smack right on the meat of her ass, the result was immediate.

“OH YEAH, DADDY! Again!”




Amy came hard, another big one and another loud one. Seeing how it was the middle of the night, this one probably woke the neighbors.

She bent herself down and kissed me. “Thank you, daddy.” She whispered, now slowly rocking me in and out of her at a different angle. “Do you want to cum for your naughty girl?”

“Mhmm.” I smiled and kissed her again. “Nice and easy just like that.” Amy smiled back at me and kept going at a nice and easy pace.

It took some time, but before long was spewing another load into Amy’s amazing pussy.

“Thanks, daddy. I love your cum.” She kissed me again before climbing from me and bringing her mouth down to lick my cock. “I promise I’ll drink more tomorrow.”

She licked and sucked for a few minutes, but I was completely spent.

I just laid there and basked in the incredible feeling. Amy excused herself to the bathroom and when she returned, she had a pair of my boxers escort elvankent on but told me she’d keep her boobs out for me to have easy access to as we slept.

She cleaned my cock with her mouth a little more, just to make sure we didn’t make any mess on the blanket, she slurped me hard again, but I drifted off to sleep before I could cum, and after a few more minutes she was done and climbed up to join me, she snuggled into my chest and got some well earned sleep.

I woke up again, but this time it was to my alarm going off.

Amy and I were spooning, my body wrapped around hers, my hands glued to her bare tits, and my cock pushing against her ass.

I reached over to turn off the alarm, trying not to disturb our positioning but unfortunately knowing we had to get up.

Amy was slower to wake up, I went back to spooning and adjusted my grip on her tits, she turned herself slightly so I could kiss while she tried to wake herself.

As I admired her beauty, my cock began to stir, growing against the feeling of Amy’s ass.

“Again?” Amy seemed impressed. “Sorry, boo. I don’t think we have time to fuck.”

“That’s okay.” I fondled Amy’s tits more. “Maybe at work?”

Amy turned around and kissed me. “Maybe… or maybe I can just take care of you? If you promise to be quick.”

I smiled. “I promise.” Just like that, Amy was up. Suddenly wide awake, she sprung into action, pulling the blankets away and turning me onto my back, my cock stuck straight up, and she immediately had it in her mouth.

“MmmmMmmmmm!” She moaned as she bobbed up and down, just using her mouth as she got me nice and wet before releasing me with a pop.

“I know what you really want.” She teased. “You haven’t let go of my tits since I got here.” She brought her hands up to her tits and wrapped them around my cock. “They’re yours.”

I lifted my hips to begin tit-fucking. Amy let me have my way with them before eventually taking control, bouncing her big tits up and down on my cock while encouraging me to paint them with a fresh load of cum.

“Come on, baby.” She moaned. “Cum for me… cum on my big tits.”

She stuck her tongue out to lick the head while I lightly thrust up against her still bouncing tits.

“Give it to me… Come on… give me that cum.”

“Ohhhhhh fuuuuck!” I screamed. “HERE IT CUUUMMMMMSSSS!!!!!!!”

Amy smiled as soon as I started shooting, spurt after spurt into the air and onto her tits. She loved watching me squirm as she emptied my balls all over them.

When I was done, she released me from her tits and looked down to suck me some more, making sure that her mouth got any cum that her tits couldn’t.

“Alright!” She spit me out and jumped up. “We’ve gotta get to work! Come shower.”

Amy had literally just sucked the energy out of me and seemed to be using it for herself.

We showered together again. Even though we were in a rush, she pouted when I didn’t wash her tits as much as last night, she stopped rushing me for a minute while I got them all soapy and clean. She took the same minute to lather up and clean my cock, but we stopped before going too far.

“If we make it to work on time, you’ll get a blowjob in the wellness room for lunch.” She challenged me later while we were drying off.

Fortunately for me, we did, and as soon as we got to work, Amy sent a calendar invite for a lunch meeting.

I arrived at the wellness room first, but not long after I sat down and considered taking out my cock, the door opened again. I was shocked to see Stacey quickly closing the door behind her instead of Amy.

“Hi.” She smiled her beautiful smile. Her long blonde hair glistened around her pretty face, she was dressed conservatively today, but quickly began unbuttoning her top.

“Hi.” I wasn’t sure what this was, but fortunately, Stacey filled me in.

“Amy might not be able to make it, but she said you needed a blowjob and asked me to fill in.”

I nodded. Amy truly was too good to be true.

“That okay?” She asked when she saw me hesitating.

“More than okay,” I replied quickly.

“Good.” Stacey smiled and pulled off her top, revealing her beautiful C cups in a sexy white bra.

In a moment, Stacey was balancing over me, my cock in her mouth as she dutifully worked her tongue back and forth around the top.

“Mmmmmmm!” etimesgut escort bayan I moaned. “Yeah, that’s good… Do that again.”

Stacey happily obliged, sticking with her style of only using her mouth and diligently working her tongue over every inch of my cock, with a focus on the tip.

About fifteen minutes in, I was getting close. I began to warn her but was interrupted by the door opening again.

“Hi! Sorry, I’m late!” It was Amy, my beautiful sex goddess, with a beautiful smile on her face as she swiftly closed the door behind her.

Stacey took me most of the way out of her mouth, holding my cock steady at the base while she focused even more on the tip, lightly flicking her tongue along the underside of my throbbing cockhead.

“Oooooh! Looks like you’re close.” Amy observed as she walked over to my face, leaning in to kiss me. “You want to cum, baby? Just say where.”

My breath was ragged. Stacey had upped her efforts and I was right on the brink. “In her mouth,” I grunted. “Tits in my face.”

The words barely escaped my mouth. My body tensed up as I had a hard grip on the arms of the chair. Amy knew exactly what I meant though and swiftly sprang into action, pulling off her shirt to reveal her massive chest.

“Here you go, baby.” She quickly unhooked her bra and leaned forward, burying me in her chest just in time as Stacey sucked hard and I quickly began unloading in her mouth.

“AAaaaahhhhhaaarraaagghhhh!!!” I screamed into Amy’s cleavage as I came. The sound was muffled as I completely lost control. Stacey continued her suckling, taking me a little deeper and massaging my balls as her mouth quickly filled up with my cum.

“Good boy.” Amy cooed as she held me into her chest. “Let it all out, baby.”

I continued to moan loudly into her unbelievably soft tits. Amy began to rub down my chest and stomach as my body writhed in pleasure.

“Mmmmm! Mmmmm!” I felt Stacey humming as she drank my cum.

“Good job, baby.” Amy continued to hold me in her chest until I had to pull away, desperate for breath as I came down from my high.

“Holy…” I was panting. “Holy shit.”

Amy was smiling down at me; Stacey slowed in her bobbing and finally began using her hand to slowly jerk me off.

“How was that?” Amy asked rhetorically.

I had to laugh. The orgasm was incredibly powerful. “Unbelievable.”

Amy smiled a little wider as she rubbed my chest. “Good.”

Stacey gradually pulled her mouth off of my cock, giving it a light kiss before letting it go so she could wipe the corner of her lips.

“God, I’ve missed cock.” She confessed as she cleaned herself.

“Told you.” Amy smiled at her friend.

Stacey nodded. I wasn’t entirely sure what was happening, but Amy soon filled me in.

“I have a confession to make. The relationship I was in before we started hooking up… It was with Stacey.”

I nodded. It was a bit surprising at first, but the more I thought about it, it all came together.

“I told you it didn’t work out because I missed men, and well, Stacey feels the same way.”

“Okay.” I nodded. “Makes sense.”

“We still love each other.” Stacey chimed in and Amy agreed.

“We just need cock.” The girls both laughed after speaking in unison.

I laughed too. “Well, thats something I can definitely help with.”

Amy leaned in to kiss me again. “Let’s just say we want this to be the first of many.”

Amy wasn’t lying. That week and that encounter, in general, was the start of something more. She all but moved into my place from then on, and our weekly meetings became daily.

We would fuck like rabbits, usually as soon as we got home from the office, and then she’d make sure I came again before bed. She’d wake me up with a blowjob and then we’d get together again midday at work. Amy was making me cum at least 4 times a day, and even more so on weekends.

Stacey stayed involved too, usually just with blowjobs at the office, either with Amy or sometimes as a replacement when Amy was busy.

She started coming and spending the weekend with us as well. Giving us plenty of opportunities to fulfill her sexual fantasies.

It took time, but with me in the fold, their relationship was given a new beginning. They already loved one another, and my cock was the perfect solution to their past issues. Amy moved in with me soon after, and Stacey wasn’t far behind. Both were insatiable, but I was up for the challenge. We all shared a bed, and just about every morning began with my cock in one or both of their mouths. We’d shower together, and if I recovered fast enough, they’d take care of me again.

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