While the Cat’s Away

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Hi, Just a quick note.

The persons mentioned in the below story are very much real. However, certain aspects have been fictionalised.

In addition, this story in no way is meant to glorify or encourage infidelity of any kind.

Thank You, hope you enjoy the story.


A little background first, I used to work at a tech company. They make computers, servers, and printers etc. It is a large one, however, I won’t elaborate any further. This is a tale of love in an unusual circumstance. Some might have called it reckless behaviour on her part and called me a home wrecker. It was never intended to be the intention of either of us when we first met.

However, it seems you can’t quite control for whom you develop an attraction. There is an age gap, seventeen years to be precise. The body she has surpasses that of some women half her age. Samantha is her name, she is blonde, has blue eyes, and is the sweetest and most delightful person.

Our relationship at first was work, menial things, I had to drive through amongst the people on the floor. The first time I met her, it was in a room with a few other people all smoking. I looked down at her fingers. It was a habit back then, and she had no rings on her fingers. So I assumed, erroneously at the time, that she was not married. Further investigation would reveal to me that she was, kind of, married but not in the eyes of the law. In other words, not with legal documentation or a name change on her part.

However, eventually, I ended up going to her desk just to say hello, just to talk. Our relationship turned into a friendly one over time. Eventually, it dawned on me that a new level had been reached. It was a hot southern hemisphere, January day. Some people were just returning from the December break.

It was a crowded room and I stood at the back watching the people finding seats and chatting to one another. I then saw her face, with a beaming smile directed towards me. I knew this because my back was against a wall and there were no other people alongside me. She extended her arm around me and brought me in for an embrace. It felt amazing to have her body up against mine. I know that may seem juvenile but, I like to appreciate the little things.

It was then that I began to greet her when she came in, accompanied her to the smoke room, even though I did not smoke cigarettes. We talked about so much, my love of gaming, her kids, and her wild youth amongst other things. I got to know a woman on a level I had not done so before in my life.

She liked being around me, and I adored her for that. She would always tell it like it is, she had seen her first marriage dissolved and was under no illusions as to the reality of the world. Marriage was never something I wanted, and amongst the indoctrinated populace she was the only one who understood me.

A couple of individuals speculated our relationship went beyond friendly banter. At one point both of us were bluntly asked if there was anything going on between us. However, we just laughed it off. Even if it was we would never tell them. One of the things I did was be her anchor, a person with whom she can talk and let it all out. She was the one person I would let air out all her grievances to me.

I showered her with compliments, but I sincerely meant everything that I had said to her. She would thank me with grace. In a parallel universe maybe we are lovers. However, I am a practical man, but our relationship seemed like magic. I simply could not believe a woman cared for me like she did like she still does.

While she did wear a ring she wasn’t married, yes she had another kid with her second “husband” but what was I to do. There wasn’t another woman who gave me her time and was truly happy to do so. A lot of people would have told me; back off entirely. I could not revoke a connection which kept my waning faith in humanity from disappearing entirely.

I, in turn, was being a man which didn’t give her undue shit. Whilst other men at the office who clearly never wore the pants at home came to work to give her undue bullshit. I was different and she most certainly appreciated that fact. While I would discuss past escapades, she told me she couldn’t believe that my luck with women was not exactly bahçelievler escort plentiful.

However, she understood and being friends with her certainly made me forget all that rejection. I would show her photography of women I was enamoured with and she certainly liked some of the risqué attire they wore. Although she was not keen to try those looks on herself even with my encouragement.

It may have come over as flirting to some people but, she didn’t mind. It seemed that Benjamin Franklin, who once wrote about why he preferred sex with older women, was absolutely correct. She saw my worth and made me feel good about myself and that I was worth far more than what the women who rejected me made me feel.

To call our relationship a mere friendship would be an understatement. Some experts called it a work marriage, but our connection was something that only we could feel. Once I had left the company, our bond remained strong and when she came to see me outside of work for the first time, I was overjoyed.

Over time, our discussions became a little raunchy. She talked about how she loved watching Man of Steel, for obvious reasons in her case. I ended up talking about my love of beautiful women, one of which being Emily Blunt, whom we both had developed a deep love for, and enjoyed watching her movies.

Movies were one of the major things that connected us both, particularly Sci-Fi which she told me herself, that we were in sync. Another was a mutual love for space, her husband thought her mad but she seemed to be encouraging that fascination in her daughter which seemed to be an excellent thing to be happening.

On my part, I would show her images of beautiful women, and she voiced high approval. There were a few images of women in suit jackets with nothing underneath. I casually told her it would look good on her. She responded playfully, by calling me mad. It was an image of Olivia Wilde at the premiere of her movie Rush. She seemed a little nervous about wearing such an outfit, but I continually insisted she could pull it off. She seemed to appreciate the compliments I paid to her.

Then one day amongst the heat of a particularly hot summer. She casually let me know that she only sleeps naked. I was pitching a tent as the words exited her mouth. I immediately started picturing her naked. However, nothing in the tone or nature of our conversation changed as we laughed about prudish people wearing full-length gowns to sleep like it was the 1800’s all over again.

It really represented another shift in our relationship, now even less was out of bounds. I offered for her to run away with me to a beach, where her only attire would be a hat. Her response was that she shouldn’t need to wear shoes. We continued the discussion about her not wearing clothes.

As that particular day, her husband had taken the kids on holiday the day before and she was alone at home. She mentioned how she had let the dog in as it seemed like it was about to rain.

However, it never did so she mentioned how unbearably hot it was that night even though she was completely naked. She slept alone and naked. I was in my bed that night thinking how much I wanted to be in that bed with her. Then the phone rang.

It was her, I picked up and said hello.

“Hey, Billy, sorry to call so late.”

“Not to worry Sam, you can call me anytime you want.”

“Thanks for that, I need you now.”

“Say no more, I’m on my way.”

I got up and got dressed and hopped in my car and proceeded to her house. It was short drive as she lived relatively nearby. I arrived and she let me through the gate, I drove in and parked then headed towards her door. She opened it as I approached and I was awestruck, she walked out of her house towards me naked, wearing nothing but high heels.

I scanned her over with my eyes and analysed every little detail. Every curve of her body mesmerised and left me in disbelief over her body. She came up to me and I reached down and grabbed her ass and lifted her up to me and we shared a kiss.

“Hey Sam,” I said to her.

“Hey Billy,” she responded.

“Hmm, now this is how you should dress for work,” I said to her with a smirk on my face.

“Maybe I should,” she responded.

She balgat escort took a step back and let me look at her gorgeous naked body exposed in front of me. She spread her legs apart and bent over inviting me into her pussy. I quickly unzipped my pants and then let my monster free. I gently slid it inside, doing something I wanted to do for a very long time. It was worth the wait, her pussy absolutely amazing. I never thought would have happened when we first met, but I was glad it was happening.

She was as well from the way she was moaning, not giving a fuck about anyone hearing her moans, that late in the night. I fucked her hard, and she just wanted more. Naturally, I obliged and gave it to her just the way she wanted it. My cock moved in and out of her pussy. She moaned so loud and urged me to give her more. She words were louder than usual and filled with profanity as always.

I felt her legs trembling and knew an orgasm was imminent and it was going to be a massive one. She came, shouting approval throughout the hills as my fucking did not stop and carried on strong throughout her orgasm. Any thoughts of slowing were stopped by her request to keep going.

Her orgasm had subsided and then we gradually slowed down. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and saw some come dripping out. She stood and turned to face me. She had a wicked smile on her face and simply commanded my attention.

“I needed that, thank you,” She said to me as she kissed me on the lips.

“I did too,” I responded.

“Come on, I need to drink, how about you?”

“I could do with a whiskey.”

“Come one lets’s get some.”

Sam then ushered me to some outdoor furniture and I sat down while she went inside. I sat there looking up at the sky, there were a few more bright dots in the sky and it was quite something to behold.

Sam then reappeared outside, still naked. She sat the drinks down on a glass table beside me and took a seat next to me. We clinked our glasses and took a drink. Sam took a sip and then set the glass down on her pussy as she leaned back to light up a cigarette. She took another swig of her drink and set it down on the table beside her.

My hands wandered to her pussy, my fingers found their way inside. She was still tender from our fucking and immediately responded in lust when I began to slowly finger fuck her.

“Oh fuck yes,” Sam uttered whilst the lust consumed her.

She had since put her cigarette out and was finishing the last of her whiskey. I continued to sip on mine with the glass in my left hand and her pussy in my right. Sam continued to let the lust consume her, she seemed to be entering a trance-like state.

“Let me taste you,” Sam said to me.

I obliged her she uncovered my dick once more, it was big and solid and inviting her to have a taste. Sam maneuvered over me and placed her pussy in front of my mouth. I began to taste, she loved every lick and a tender kiss that I gave her.

Her pussy, just like the rest of her was soft to the touch and incredible to behold.

She continued to suck away and soon thereafter wanted my cock back inside her pussy. She slowly moved downwards and spread her legs apart as she inserted my cock back inside her.

She had her hands on the ground and her ass facing my as it rode my cock. Her legs were spread apart like a ballerina. Her Pilates and yoga certainly helped to keep her physique toned.

I felt myself reaching climax and I let myself go inside of her. She screamed with joy as my cum sprayed inside of her pussy. She continued to fuck until I was done. She slowly lifted herself off my cock and slowly crawled fully onto the ground. She turned to lay on her back as she caught her breath.

I stood up as the need to piss was beginning to arise. I excused myself, to do just that.

“Hold on honey, no need to find a bathroom, just piss on me,” Sam spoke.

I didn’t need to be told twice. I began pissing all over her body, concentrating most of it on her face. She loved the warm sensation and continued to rub herself even after I was done. I walked toward her and slowly helped her to her feet. I then carried her inside, she was dripping with cum and covered in piss, she was beautiful.

I set her back done on her feet ankara escort when we entered the bathroom. She then turned on the shower. She stepped under and invited me inside. I got into the shower and lifted her up so we could lock lips once more. She smiled at me as she moved aside her wet blonde hair. The water washed away her makeup and revealed women who didn’t need any.

The debauchery of the night had me thinking, about how kinky and sexually empowered she was in her younger days. I also hoped her just turned eighteen-year-old daughter was just as kinky if not much more than her mother. A younger version of her. She had brought her to the office a few times, although I never had actually met her formally.

“Thank you, Sam, I wanted that for a long time,” I said to her.

“So did I, those stupid sluts are missing out on what you can do with that thing of yours,” Sam responded whilst grabbing my dick to emphasise her point.

I kissed her once more and thanked her again for saying that. She was amazing, she let experience so much that I had never had the chance to do so before.

“Daniella would like to meet you as well,” Sam reminded me.

“Well, I would like to meet her too,” I responded.

“I’ll be right back.” She said as she walked away.

I shut off the water and dried off while waiting for her to return. She did not mention if her daughter was home. I pondered that while waiting for her return.

I was still hard and willing, ready for another round when I heard Sam call my name. I looked toward the door and saw her there still naked with her daughter beside her.

“Ready for another round,” Sam asked me.

I grinned and nodded with a raging hard on to boot. I then walked toward them. Sam took the time to get onto her knees and begin suck on my engorged dick. While I lifted up Daniella and gave her a slow kiss on the lips. She smiled, a seemingly identical copy of her mother, which I returned with a wicked grin.

I gave her look which asked her to trust me and she nodded. I lifted her up and turned her around. I began to lick her pussy as I gripped her tight. Her mother lifted off my cock and began to turn her attention to my balls.

Daniella graciously accepted her mother’s offer and began to suck on my dick. She sucked slow at first, but she showed an immense natural talent. It seemed the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

I enjoyed the sensation of being the lucky recipient of this mother-daughter double team. Sam then stood up and began to share the delicious dish that was her daughter’s pussy.

While Daniella continued to show off her fellatio skills, her mother and I brought her to orgasm. It seemed she needed it as she came hard, shooting her juices quite the distance in the air.

Her fellatio only stopped as she came down from her orgasmic high. I gently placed back down on the ground.

“Well, Daniella, that is one done. You still have to catch up to mommy dearest.” I said with a mischievous smile.

Sam took the initiative and began to fondle her daughter’s tender pussy. She then knelt down once more and began to use her mouth. I, on the other hand, took the time to eat out Daniella’s delicious little asshole. We felt Daniella trembling at the pleasure she was receiving on both ends.

I didn’t take long for her to come once again. It seemed she would catch up to her mother in no time. We continued, determined to drive her to another orgasm as soon as humanly possible. Daniella was now standing in the middle of the bathroom with nowhere to place her hands. So she simply raised them up and surrendered to lust.

Soon she surrendered to orgasm and let herself come. She trembled as the orgasm surged through her. Once it subsided we got up and held her steady. Sam gently picked her up as she had done so many times. She took her to her bedroom

and laid her down.

She slept away almost immediately, she looked peaceful as she lay there naked with a little bit of her come leaking out of her.

I came up behind Sam and grab her ass before sliding a finger over her pussy from behind.

“I thought you said you were alone?” I enquired.

“I didn’t want to ruin the surprise.”

“Thank you, I came to keep you company and you gave me a wonderful gift.”

“Well, honey you deserve it. When you told me you have never been on a date, I couldn’t believe it.”

“Well, Sam that is the truth, however, it doesn’t matter not after what we have just done.”

We then took our leave and headed to bed. We slept the sleep of the dead, naked of course.

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