Who Dat Girl? Ch. 03

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Editor’s Note: “Who Dat Girl?” is the story about our recent trip to New Orleans. In parts 1 & 2, husband and wife — David and Tia — get frisky on the plane to New Orleans and attract the attention of two hot co-eds. The four decide to check out the French Quarter together, and after an evening of getting to know each other, they all head back to the hotel to get to know each other even better.


David was in the shower when Tia answered the soft knock on their hotel room door. Their new friends — Erin and Danielle — strolled into the room and gawked at the size of the luxury suite.

David, a frequent traveler, earned thousands of hotel points and the upgraded room was paid for entirely with frequent stay rewards. The room was about the size of four normal hotel rooms and featured not only a giant king-size bed, but also a glass walk-in shower and a separate oversized whirlpool bathtub.

“What have you got there?” Tia asked, motioning to the small overnight bag carried by Erin.

“I’ll show you later,” Erin said mysteriously. “Now, did someone mention Cuba libres?

On their way back from the French Quarter, David had run into the CVS Pharmacy on Canal Street to pick up some rum and Diet Cokes so they could continue the party back in the room.

“Coming right up,” Tia said, heading toward the room’s wet bar.

“Where’s David?” Danielle asked.

“He’s grabbing a quick shower,” Tia responded, filling four glasses with ice from the room’s icemaker.

“Ummm,” Danielle said with a smile on her lips, “do you think he needs a hand?”

Tia glanced at Erin, who was sitting on the couch, her long legs crossed, and watching Tia coyly.

During their evening in the Quarter, David and Tia had learned that Erin and Danielle were lovers. It was their steamy recounting of their first sexual experience together that had prompted a hasty return to the hotel where they could get to know each other “better.”

Tia took Erin’s lack of response as assent. She continued looking into Erin’s eyes as she said to Danielle, “I don’t know. Why don’t you go see?”

A slight smile grazed Erin’s lips, and Tia mimicked the smile, the two looks imparting many things that did not need to be said.

Danielle silently opened the door and slipped inside the bathroom, which was foggy with steam from David’s shower.

Tia turned back to the bar and continued to make their drinks. She heard the rustle of clothing behind her, but she was too nervous to look back to see what Erin was doing.

She felt the warmth of Erin’s body behind her and knew she was very close. She tried to concentrate on making the drinks, but suddenly, even that simple, well-rehearsed task seemed impossible.

A shiver ran through her body as Erin’s warm breath brushed across the tiny hairs on her neck. The taller woman leaned down and kissed Tia’s neck, and she was immediately covered in goose bumps.

“Is this what you wanted?” Erin breathed. “To know what it’s like to make love to a woman?” She punctuated each word by raining kisses down Tia’s long neck.

Tia leaned back into Erin and felt her large breasts against her back. “Yes,” she sighed, tilting her head back and turning it so that Erin’s next kiss landed on her lips.

Although the position was slightly awkward, their tongues eagerly explored and probed.

Tia had never been so excited in her life. Erin’s hand slid into her hair, tugging slightly as she turned the older woman around. Even in the midst of the kiss, Tia could feel how hard her nipples had become, and she thought she could feel moisture trickling down her leg.

Now facing each other, their kissing began in earnest, their breasts mashing together and Erin pulling Tia’s head closer as she hungrily devoured her.

With a forwardness that was new to her, Tia reached around to cup Erin’s ass, slipping a hand up her short skirt and caressing her bare butt. She groaned into Erin’s mouth when her hand came into contact with her flesh.

Erin, in turn, slid her hand up the back of Tia’s blouse, her long arms able to reach around and caress the sides of Tia’s bra-encased breasts.

“Take that off,” Erin demanded, and another shiver ran through Tia. “Did Erin know she liked to be dominated?” Tia wondered. Suddenly she was unsure.

“Now!” Tia demanded.

“But David …” Tia stammered.

“David is probably deflowering my virgin girlfriend right now, and I’m about to do the same to you. Now take off your blouse.”

Tia lowered her eyes and reached down to grab the hem of her shirt, pulling it over her head. She let the blouse drop to the floor and covered her breasts with her elbows, suddenly embarrassed to be partially naked in front of another woman.

Erin moved closer and took her chin in her hand, tilting her head up so that she could kiss her gently. She planted multiple kisses on Tia’s lips, and Tia couldn’t help but respond. The kisses grew more passionate, and Tia wrapped her arms around Erin, pulling her tight as they continued their oral exploration.

Erin deftly reached behind Tia and esenyurt ucuz escort without the woman’s awareness unhooked the clasp holding her bra in place. Erin broke their kiss and stepped around Tia, continuing to kiss her neck.

Using her fingertips, she traced a line down Tia’s neck to her bra strap, and with a flick, she nudged it off her shoulder. She did the same with the other strap, and only the size of Tia’s breasts kept the bra from falling to the floor.

Erin’s hands slid over Tia’s shoulders, down her collarbones and the slope of her breasts. The bra gave up its tenuous hold and fell to the floor to be replaced by Erin’s cupping hands.

Tia sighed at the sensuous feel of another woman’s hands on her skin. Her nipples felt like they were about to burst, and Erin captured them between the thumbs and index fingers of both hands tugging at them gently, eliciting a groan of apprehension and excitement from Tia.

Erin continued to kiss her shoulders as she slid her right hand down the flat plane of Tia’s stomach, and into the waistband of her skirt. Her finger lightly teased the smooth skin of her abdomen, traveling lower and lower, striving to reach her sex.

Abruptly, Erin realized that Tia was completely shaved.

“Oh, you are a naughty girl, aren’t you? No wonder your husband was fingering you on the plane. That’s it, isn’t it? You shaved for him, and you couldn’t wait for him to feel you, could you?”

“Un huh,” was all Tia could manage. Words did not seem to be forming in her mind.

“I’m really going to enjoy eating your bald pussy,” Erin whispered in her ear. “Would you like that? Do you want me to bury my tongue inside you? Do you want to know what it’s like to have a woman make love to you?”

“Yes!” Tia cried desperately. “Yes!”

Erin led Tia over to the bed and pushed her so that she fell backward, her legs hanging down over the sides.

Kneeling on the floor, Erin pushed Tia’s legs apart, and lifted them so that Tia’s boot-covered feet were perched on the edge of the bed. Her mini-skirt fell back, exposing her hairless pubic area to Erin’s devouring eyes.

Erin began by kissing the inside of Tia’s thighs, moving closer to her goal, but at an agonizingly slow pace. Tia whimpered, pushing her hips toward Erin, sending an obvious signal of what she wanted.

Erin, though, continued to tease her, using the nail of her index finger to trace the outside of Tia’s vulva and drawing a groan of frustration from Tia.

“Tell me what you want,” Erin said, allowing her finger to slide across that delicate spot between her vagina and her anus.

“Please,” Tia intoned.

“Please what?” Erin asked again. “Tell me what you want.”

“I want your mouth on me. I want to feel your tongue inside me. Please!”

Erin leaned in and planted a kiss on Tia’s outer lips. She allowed her tongue to snake out and flick across those lips before probing more deeply.

Tia groaned in appreciation, reaching down to put her hand on the back of Erin’s head to pull her closer. Erin, however, took the hand off her head and placed it back at Tia’s side.

Unable to allow her hands to be idle, Tia used one to squeeze her breasts, while the other traced light patterns on her abdomen. She took to rocking her hips against Erin’s tongue trying to satisfy the growing itch that was welling inside her.

Erin’s tongue was now probing deeply, and she slid down Tia’s slit to her opening and thrust her talented tongue into the other woman’s pussy, using it like a mini-penis. The taste of Tia’s juices flowed across her tongue, and she lapped them up and sought more.

Tia’s fingers slid down to the top of her slit and she used two fingers to circle her clit as Erin continued to tongue-fuck her.

“Oh shit! That feels so good. Yes! That’s it. Right there, Oh oh,” she moaned. “You’re making my pussy so wet!”

Erin’s tongue abandoned Tia’s hole, and traveled southward, again crossing the nether region, but this time she didn’t stop until her tongue was flicking across Tia’s anus.

“Oh Oh! Oh my God!” Tia cried. The feeling of Erin’s tongue exploring her most sensitive area was indescribable.

Erin stiffened her tongue and began to probe Tia’s ass as Tia’s fingers moved in a blur over her clit.

“Please don’t stop! That’s it! Stick it in! Oh, let me feel your tongue slide into my ass! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Yessssss!”

Tia’s ass lifted off the bed as her orgasm sent her into convulsions, and there was no way Erin could stay in contact. She patiently waited until her orgasm began to subside, and then started planting delicate kisses all over Tia’s glistening pussy.

Tia wasn’t entirely sure she hadn’t passed out during her orgasm, but she relaxed totally, giving into the languid feeling of another woman applying delicate kisses to her still-quivering pussy.

“OK,” Tia said in an exhausted voice, “I’m officially bi now.”

Erin broke into laughter, and Tia soon joined in.

“I’m glad because it’s time for you to return the favor,” esenyurt üniversiteli escort she said, climbing onto the bed and straddling Tia’s face. She hitched up her tight blue-jean mini-skirt, tugged her thong aside and invited Tia to do just that.


Danielle felt like she was wading through a San Francisco morning. The steam filling the bathroom was so thick she could just barely make out David’s bare form through the glass-walled shower.

As she moved toward him, she began shedding her clothes. Getting the boots off wasn’t easy, but she managed without attracting his attention. The tight T-shirt was next, which she peeled off her body, leaving a lacy Miracle bra that accented her already perfect breasts even more. She reached between those globes to unhitch the front-clasping bra. After slipping the silky fabric off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor, she dipped her fingers into her short skirt and shimmied out of it. Clad now only in a thong, she ran her left hand over her round ass and cupped a breast in the other. She was now close to David, and she could see his hard body through the glass. She watched as soapy water cascaded over the well-defined muscles of his ass and leg.

“Oh,” she thought, “his ass is unbelievable.”

She bit her lip as she watched, holding herself back while she enjoyed the show. She looped her thumbs in the straps of the thong, and pushed her panties down her leg. Immediately, she felt the cool air caress her steaming pussy that was already soaking wet. She could actually feel the lips of her vulva slide against each other as she walked.

Grasping the handle of the shower door, she took a deep breath and pulled it open, stepping inside the superheated compartment before she lost her nerve.

David turned in surprise, and then a large grin spread across his face.

“I thought you might need a hand,” Danielle said, running her hands across his chest. She looked into his eyes for a second to be sure he wasn’t going to object to her presence and then rose on her toes so that she could kiss him lightly on the lips.

“So?” she said, sliding her hand down his chest and across his stomach to his groin where she grasped his already hardening cock. “Do you need a hand?”

He groaned an acknowledgement as Danielle slowly stroked him and then cupped his balls.

She kissed and lightly bit his nipple as she continued to bring him to full erection.

“Tia and Erin …?” he began.

“If I know Erin, I’m pretty sure she has your beautiful wife on her back with her legs spread while she devours her sweet little pussy,” Danielle answered.

That word picture sent a jolt through his cock, and she felt it jump.

“Hmmm,” she purred, “so you like the idea of your wife being tongue-fucked by another woman, huh?”

He didn’t have to say anything. It was a rhetorical question.

Danielle began kissing her way down his body until she was on her knees in the shower, staring directly at his hard cock.

The shower washed over as she rubbed his penis against her face and across her lips. She licked the tip and tasted the slippery, slightly salty fluid seeping from the head.

In a single motion, she engulfed him, her tongue dancing across the underside of his rigid penis. He slipped his fingers into her hair and thrust deeper into her mouth. “Aghhh,” he groaned at the sensation.

She withdrew from his shaft, placing a kiss directly on the head, and then looked up at him as she licked him like a lollipop.

“David,” she said, “You know I’ve never gone all the way with guy, and I know we just met, but I want you to be my first. Would you make love to me?” she asked, continuing to rain kisses along his shaft, all the while gazing up at him so that he could look into her eyes as she pleasured him.

He squatted down so that he was at her level, and he kissed her deeply, giving her an unspoken answer to her question.

Lifting her up off her knees, he backed her up against the shower wall and kissed the juncture of her legs. She draped one leg over his shoulder to open herself wider to him. Her pussy was bare with only a narrow patch of hair just above her pussy. He noticed that she was pierced through one of her pussy lips, and a delicate silver loop hung from the fleshy fold.

Sliding his tongue between her lips, he tasted her natural lubrication, completely different in texture and taste from the water that ran in rivulets down her breasts and stomach.

He flicked his tongue across the ring, eliciting a nervous groan from her. Grasping it in his teeth, he tugged ever so gently, just enough so that she could feel it opening her up, but not so much that it hurt her. She was already soaking wet, and he didn’t need to worry about preparing her.

Sliding up her body, he caught his arm under the leg she had wrapped around his hip. He used it to hold her open and up. He kissed her deeply, and she tasted herself on his lips.

His hard cock pressed against her virgin pussy, and he slid up etiler escort and down her slit without attempting to enter her. She loved the feel of his hard cock rubbing her clit. In fact, it felt so good that she felt an orgasm building. She thrust her pelvis against his rod, sliding up and down in a syncopated rhythm that left her breathless. Their thrusting became more urgent, and she bit into his shoulder as she came closer and closer to cuming.

If he hadn’t been holding her up, the wave that overtook her would surely have caused her to slip and fall, but he held her tightly, feeling the shudders ripple through her body, and he held her until they subsided.

She recovered quickly, and kissed him fiercely.

Reaching between their bodies, she grasped his shaft and arched her pelvis while guiding it to her opening.

“Now!” she demanded. “Fuck me now!”

He felt the head of his cock find her cum-slick hole, and he nudged it up inside her. She held her breath at the slight pain of the intrusion.

“Relax,” he whispered. “Breath.”

She followed his instruction and the tension flowed out of her body as his long hard dick flowed in.

She felt his shaft rise up into her belly, and still he kept probing deeper.

Just as she started to worry that she wouldn’t be able to take any more, she realized that he had fully entered her, and she reveled in the fullness, despite the mild discomfort.

She locked her lips on his, her tongue dancing with his as she kissed him hard. He backed his cock out of her until only the head remained encased in her soft folds, and then pushed it back in, this time a little more forcefully.

She gasped and bit his lip. “Yes,” she breathed.

Pulling back out, he pushed in hard, each thrust becoming firmer and firmer until she was being pushed back against the glass as he used his body to pummel hers.

Moans of pleasure tinged with a little bit of pain flowed from her lips. She was wrapped in his arms as he took her body.

The thrill of being with a new woman — a virgin at that — was too much, and David knew he wouldn’t be able to last.

His thrusting became more urgent until he was banging into her rapidly, driving the breath from her body as he deflowered her.

With one final full-penetration thrust, he let loose inside her, and for the first time, Danielle felt a man’s orgasm from within her body as he pumped his milky fluid deep into her womb. He gripped her tighter with each contraction, and she worried he might break her in two, but soon the spurts came further apart with less intensity, and his head collapsed on her shoulder. Now it was she holding him up.

It was several minutes before he caught his breath and raised his face to look into her eyes. He saw the smile tugging at the corners of her mouth, and he smiled too. That freed her to smile even bigger until they both were laughing, overcome by the incredible enjoyment they had just shared.

“My God,” he exclaimed, “that was incredible. Are you OK?”

“Are you kidding?” she laughed. “That was amazing. I had no idea it could feel like that, and yet, I’m not sure it would have if it were someone else besides you,” she said honestly.

He was deeply touched. He wasn’t sure how the four of them had grown so close so quickly, but there was definitely an unusual connection.

He didn’t respond with words, but he kissed her gently, their eyes open, each reveling in that closeness that can only be achieved in the most intimate circumstances.

She felt his penis slip out of her cum-filled pussy, and she realized that she was a little sore down there.

“What do you suppose Erin and Tia are up to?” David asked.

“I don’t know, but why don’t we go find out?” Danielle responded.

They took a few moments to clean each other up before shutting off the shower and stepping out into bathroom. The fog was so dense that they couldn’t even see the mirrors over the vanity.

Grabbing a big fluffy towel, David dried her off and then wrapped her in a silky hotel bathrobe. The short robe showed off her tanned legs and her breasts created intriguing mounds beneath the light fabric. He felt himself stir just looking at her.

She combed out her hair before turning to him.

“Shall we find out what kind of mischief those two have gotten into?”


David’s jaw dropped as they exited the bathroom and beheld the sight on the bed in front of him.

His beautiful wife was on her knees, and Erin, wearing a strap-on dildo, was slamming into Tia. The sounds of their bodies slapping and Tia grunting filled the air.

Tia’s face was buried in the covers as she took the large dildo up her sopping pussy. Erin was so intent on pleasuring her new lover that she didn’t notice they had an audience.

David felt the now-naked Danielle slip her arms around him from behind, and he could feel her lightly furred bush brushing against his ass.

It took him a second to realize that she was actually thrusting against his ass as if she were fucking him while her eyes were glued to Erin and Tia.

Danielle’s hand slipped down his chest and grasped his lengthening cock, stroking it as her humping against him became more fervent. She stroked him up and down, and the tip of his cock started to drool. Danielle grasped his balls and tugged lightly, sending a shiver down his spine before her hand returned to his long shaft.

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