Will You Love Me ‘Til I Die? Ch. 24

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Following Sandy’s blessing we put on robes and had dinner in the dining room. This was the first time The Reverend Mother had ever tasted Anthony’s cooking. It was superb as usual. She was given the seat at the head of the table in honor of her new status. The impact of her ceremony had not worn off her yet and she still had that faraway dreamy look on her face. Mitra was seated to her right and Suvarna to her left. I sat next to Mitra with Vitesha next to me. Turiya sat next to Suvarna. My left arm was resting on the table. Mitra placed her right hand on top of mine.

“Prem don’t you think it feels like everything is perfect now that Reverend Mother is here with us?

I wondered why she had asked me that question. We didn’t need to talk about anything so I suspected it was for Reverend Mother’s sake and that maybe she was leading me to say something to reassure her. “Mitra, why do I have this sneaking suspicion that everything that has happened since you first came here to meet with Suvarna and me has been orchestrated by you?”

“You may call it orchestration but I prefer to think of it as putting things in place and watching what happens. From that first day when I met you Prem, I knew you were already well on your way to heightened consciousness. I also knew that The Reverend Mother had to be pretty advanced herself to acquiesce to the request that Suvarna made of you. I was sure that my guru was sending me a sign that it was time to do something else besides hospice work in order to further my own development.”

“The opportunity to assist you both in going deeper into love was something I could not refuse to do. Once I came to be with you full time and learned of the baby and that The Reverend Mother had agreed to carry it for you and Suvarna, I was sure that I had made the right decision. That’s when I became aware that the baby was going to be special. After that everything was done to prepare for all three of Victoria’s mothers to be together for as long as possible.”

“I had two concerns. One was for you Prem. Since I knew that you were going to be the heir to a vast fortune I had to make sure that the money wouldn’t interfere with your spiritual development. Any virile, good looking man with that much money could be tempted into a playboy lifestyle of indulgence and abandon his spiritual growth. The trip we took provided an excellent opportunity to throw sex with other women at you to see if you could stay focused on Suvarna and your spiritual progress. I agreed to include the women we met in the group because it was an easy way to have them around as willing sexual partners for you. I also kept their spiritual development in mind so it wasn’t just for your enjoyment. They all surprised me by how far they progressed, especially Turiya. Her spiritual growth is remarkable.”

“You never waivered from your commitment to Suvarna. I heard you ask her more than once if she was uncomfortable with the other women around and if she had been you would ask them to leave. She passed her own test when she overcame any feelings of jealousy or fear of the others threatening her relationship with you and genuinely came to love them too. That was a milestone for both of you.”

“By the time we returned to New York my concerns about you were completely dissolved. I knew you would keep your commitment to Suvarna and to The Reverend Mother to be with them until death. This is important Prem. You will play a pivotal role in Victoria’s life and her own realization depends heavily on you and your presence in her life. She will need a father’s love to balance having three mothers. There is no doubt about your ability and willingness to do this and be part of her love field while she is growing up.”

“The only thing left to do was to get The Reverend Mother to come here. This was critical. She had to be brought to the same level of consciousness as the rest of us or your marriage would be torn apart. She had to overcome her hurt feelings, her jealousy, her suspicion that you loved Suvarna more than her as well as being afraid that you had outgrown her and wouldn’t want to stay with her. But she had to be convinced that it was her idea to come here. The only way I could think of to do that was to send you to her so she could see how much your capacity for love had grown.”

“I had witnessed how all the other women who met you were attracted to your openness, sincerity and honesty; and what woman could resist being loved the way you love Suvarna and me? I suspected your wife could not fail to see how much more loving you had become and would want to see for herself what had caused this. I counted on the fact that she had missed you and didn’t want to be separated from you anymore. Her dream was a subconscious transference allowing her to believe she was coming here for Victoria. There was no way she could resist a request from her. And so, here we are.”

“Mitra every time I think I know how incredible you are you pull the rug out from under me and I discover entirely new facets of you to love.”

“Prem, pulling the rug out from bakırköy escort under disciples is the real work of a master.”

“I thought you said you were not a master yet.”

“Do you remember what Darth Vader said to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars? He said ‘Luke, Obi Wan has taught you well but he didn’t tell you everything.’ Devious sometimes a master must be.”

“You didn’t think I was just playing games with you and Suvarna did you? These meditations weren’t just distractions to keep her occupied until she died. You asked me to show you what love is. You can only know the deepest secrets of love through higher consciousness. Love and meditation are the most powerful forces in the universe.”

“So you have become a master! When did this happen? Why didn’t you tell us?”

“It happened one night while we were in the inn in Austria. David and I were having very energetic anal sex on the balcony when the orgasmic energy built up to the point that it collapsed my ego completely. It was very unexpected. You noticed it a few days later in the spa at the villa on Lake Garda. I thought for a moment that it was going to happen to you. You’re very close Prem. As for not telling anybody, well, thousands of seekers go every year to the tree where Buddha became enlightened while sitting beneath it. If there is even a remote chance that years from now there are those who wish to visit my place of enlightenment, I really don’t want to be remembered as the woman who became enlightened by being butt fucked on a balcony.”

The Reverend Mother had been listening intently to this story and seemed to be taking it all in. I looked at her and said, “Are you beginning to see why it is impossible not to love Mitra? Even without you being with us she has been taking care of you and planning for our future. And the way she did it benefitted everybody we came into contact with. Each one of us helped the others while she was lovingly guiding us all to converge to this point. This is the most intricate, mystifyingly spectacular feat of human interaction I’ve ever heard of let alone participated in. How do you do these things Mitra?”

“When each step of a process is done with the utmost love and compassion and when you expect nothing as a result and are willing to accept whatever happens, then the consequences of your actions can only turn out to be in harmony with what is meant to be. This is the essence of the Tao. This is how the universe works. It’s like being a gardener. You don’t make the plants grow, you don’t give them life. You first understand their needs then you provide for those needs to help them grow. Barring some unforeseen catastrophe, the outcome is inevitable. It is as Almustafa has said:”

For in truth it is life that gives unto life-while you,

who deem yourself a giver, are but a witness.

Mitra looked at Reverend Mother and said, “You do understand that Victoria will not belong to us. From her first breath she will belong to herself. She will be a child of the universe. We will only be her caretakers. This applies to your other children as well. Nothing is to be forced or imposed on them. It is our job to help them make their own choices, not to make the choices for them.”

This was a statement of fact, not an issue for debate. Reverend Mother’s look conveyed her assent. The children would not be coerced in any way.

Suvarna looked at Mitra with a stunned expression like she couldn’t believe all that she had just heard. “Mitra, I think it’s time for a meditation. After what you just said, I need to meditate. Reverend Mother are you up for trying your first meditation?”

“I’m sure I need it as much as you do. This has been a lot to absorb.”

“No shit! Mitra let’s go up on the roof for this. I think Reverend Mother and I both need something extremely sexual tonight.”

Mitra gave us a meditation that definitely lived up to what Suvarna had asked for. Reverend Mother was the focal point. Mitra wanted her to concentrate on having as many orgasms as possible so we could build up her energy and increase her orgasmic capacity. What transpired was a meditative gangbang.

She was put in many positions and was worked on by all of us. Mitra kept telling her to close her eyes and not worry about who was doing what to her. Her only responsibility was to enjoy it. It didn’t take her long to comply with her directive. Of the many orgasms we brought her to it seemed the one she had while standing up with one leg raised to point almost straight up was the most intense. She said when she was a cheerleader she could do that without help but Vitesha assisted her and was kissing her as she helped hold her leg in place. Mitra told her she would start her doing yoga so she could regain the ability to do it alone.

As the only man I of course played a big part in this meditation. The frequent position changes kept me from ever reaching my own orgasm but I wasn’t trying to have one anyway. I was trying to keep the energy flowing upward so that I could be ready when Mitra bakırköy eve gelen escort thought Reverend Mother was capable of circulating the light. That meditation was what Mitra wanted her to learn to do as soon as possible because it would not only be of great benefit to her but also to Victoria.

Suvarna, Reverend Mother and I played in the spa pool for a while before getting into bed where we continued our playful loving. Reverend Mother told us that she had been apprehensive about the three of us sleeping together and having sex when I first suggested it but the meditation and the bathing and what we were doing now had, in just one day, made her feel like this was actually better than sleeping only with me. She already felt like the distinction between our bodies was blurring so that she didn’t know or care which hand was touching her or whose mouth was kissing her. It really was only the love that mattered.

She had missed sleeping with someone she loved. It had really brought home to her how much Suvarna had missed out on in her life. Feeling the love flowing between them now made her sure that what she and Prem had done for her was absolutely the right thing to do. She felt better and better about being here with each moment that passed.

“The name Suvarna really suits you. Your soft, warm breasts feel so good pressed against mine. Your lips are so sweet and tender when I kiss them. I love you Suvarna.”

I was thrilled to hear her say that. All my misgivings about her ability to move from loving only me to spiritual love vanished in that one statement. The love field seemed to retain the power that it had in Antigua and everybody felt very happy that Reverend Mother was now part of the extended family.

I was lying behind the two entangled lovers and snugged up against Reverend Mother’s back. The touch of my hand on the back of her thigh was all the signal she needed to raise her leg so I could slide my hard cock up next to her warm pussy.

“Oh Prem yes put it in me. I don’t know why I’m not exhausted from the meditation but I’m not. I guess the bath restored me. I want to feel you inside me again. Suvarna moved her hand down to encircle my cock and began to rub it against Reverend Mother’s slit.”

“Is this what you want my sweet? Do you want to feel his hard cock fill your cunt? Show me how much you want it. Get wet for me and I’ll put your husband’s cock into your juicy pussy.”

Reverend Mother’s hips began to move back and forth as Suvarna continued to rub my cock on her. She used her fingers to play with her pink lips when I pulled my cock back before sliding it forward again. I could feel her juices leaking onto my shaft as Suvarna’s fingers now played with my tip to stimulate my precum.

“I think you’re ready now. Prem, I’m going to put your head against her opening. Push forward and slide it into her slowly. Don’t stop until you bury your wonderful cock in her.”

As soon as she felt it begin to enter her, Reverend Mother began a deep inhalation. While her lungs filled with breath her entire body filled with sex. By the time my cock was fully inside its pink cocoon I could feel her heightened arousal. Her vagina squeezed me and she hugged Suvarna tightly to her and kissed her. Their tongues gently caressed and Suvarna’s fingers moved to her clit to rub the swollen nub. On the outside it seemed as though she was lying motionless between us but on the inside she was absorbing the sexual energy that Suvarna and I were pouring into her. She broke the kiss and breathed out then took another deep breath into her. Suvarna moved down to suck her breasts causing her to moan.

I began to slowly slide in and out of her leaving about half my cock in her with each stroke.

“Ohhh Yesss, fuck me my love. Fill me with your cock. Push it deep inside me where it belongs. Give me your love so I can feed it to Suvarna. Ohhhhh Yesssss Suvarna, suck it from my breasts. Let me fill you with love.”

After nursing her breasts until her nipples were extended and wet, Suvarna moved lower until her lips kissed her clit and sucked it inside her mouth. I increased my stroking both in speed and range. Suvarna’s tongue licked my cock as it slid in and out of her pussy then returned to sucking on her clit and flicking the little pearl.

“Ohhhh Goddd Yessss you two. This is incredible. Ohhhh Yesss keep doing that. Don’t stop. I’m trying not to cum but I don’t want you to stop. Ohhh, Ohhh yes keep taking me higher. Ohhhhh, Ohhhhh Fuuuckkk.”

Try as she might she couldn’t stop the orgasm from happening. Her vagina started pulsing and squeezing my cock and that made me cum. I buried my cock in her and just let it spray spurt after spurt of hot cream into her. Her back stiffened as the orgasm built up to a higher intensity now that I had joined her. Suvarna pulled away and waited until she had calmed down then when I withdrew my cock she pushed her on her back and crawled between her knees to cover her slit with her mouth and began to suck my cum bakırköy grup yapan escort from her.

“Oh Suvarna that feels wonderful and nasty all at the same time. Suck it from me. Take it all.” Before Suvarna finished doing just that, Reverend Mother had another earthquake size orgasm that caused her hips to rise up as she pressed her pussy against Suvarna’s face to expel every last drop of my cum into her open mouth.

“Oh Jesus. Well, that was a first. I’ve never had another woman suck Prem’s cum out of my pussy before. I do hope it won’t be the last time. I can’t believe how much that turned me on.”

“Next time I’ll let you return the favor. You can suck his cum out of my pussy.”

“That will be another first for me. I am so glad to be here with you. I only wish we could have done this years ago.”

“None of us was ready for it then. You would have freaked if Prem had suddenly asked you to let me hop into bed with you. I would have thought he was crazy too. It just wouldn’t have been the same. But you’re here now and I love it. Are you ready to go to sleep?”

“Only if you’ll promise we can do some more in the morning.”

“I can definitely promise you that.”

We lay side by side with Reverend Mother in the middle. Suvarna and I put our arms over her and our heads on her shoulders. Both of our hands moved down to lie gently on her stomach to silently let Victoria know that at last, we were all together.

The next morning we did pick up where we left off. First a sensuous bath then more lovemaking. I got to enjoy the rarest of all activities, having my lover teach my wife new ways to pleasure my cock with her mouth. It was such a tender, loving experience that I actually liked watching it more than feeling it. Reverend Mother would watch as Suvarna showed her something then she would do it while Suvarna helped her make fine adjustments that only she knew about.

“Reverend Mother lie on your back and Prem you straddle her head so she can get your balls in her mouth with your cock sticking out over her chin.”

When I was in place Suvarna told her, “Suck on his balls and wrap your hand around his cock. I’m going to put my mouth around the head while you jerk him off.”

The idea alone of what they were doing was enough to drive me crazy but to actually experience it and watch it happen really got me going. I mean, here was my wife sucking my balls and jerking my cock into the mouth of my lover. I was already half way to an orgasm when I said, “Suvarna take your mouth off me and tell Reverend Mother where I developed a taste for this kind of sex.”

“He learned it from that little French tart Janelle. That teenage sexpot loved to play with Prem’s cock and balls. Every time they got in the car she would immediately start jerking him off. The things she’d come up with when the three of us got together would blow your mind.”

“Suvarna don’t put my cock back in your mouth. I want Reverend Mother to jerk me off onto your face so she can lick it off you and feed it to you.”

“Now that sounds like something Janelle would come up with.”

It didn’t take much longer before I felt that familiar tingling sensation that told me my orgasm was on its way. Reverend Mother felt my cock swell in her hands and increased the speed of her stroking but kept sucking my balls. Suvarna knew I was close and licked the tip of my cock to entice it to yield up the creamy contents of my balls. The first blast of cum gushed though my cock and splattered onto her left cheek, coating it with the thick white goo. I couldn’t seem to stop spurting hot cream as Reverend Mother continued to paint Suvarna’s face with it. Thick streams covered her from her forehead to her chin. It was the erotic high point of my life.

“Enough. You’ve got it all.”

Reverend Mother released my balls from her mouth then she licked the head of my cock to get any remaining cum off as I slid back off her head. Then she looked at Suvarna and said, “I’ve never seen anything so hot as your face covered in cum.” I had to admit I hadn’t either. She started licking it off her and when she had a mouthful she kissed her and squirted it inside her mouth. She kept this up until she had cleaned Suvarna’s face completely. I don’t know which of us had more fun doing this.

We got cleaned up and went down to breakfast and Mitra said she wanted to get Reverend Mother started on a yoga program and it would be gentle stretching at first, changing as her pregnancy progressed so that by the time Victoria was ready to be born she would be as ready to give birth as she could be. Mitra strongly urged me to join this program.

The remainder of Sunday consisted of massage, bathing, lovemaking and other meditations, not all of which were Tantric. Mitra said that the Tantra techniques would be mostly for me and Reverend Mother in order to get her to be able to do the circulation of the light. Once she could do that the Tantric techniques would be phased out in favor of more Zen like meditations and Sufi dancing. This was for the benefit of Suvarna, Reverend Mother and Victoria. It was time to deemphasize energetic sexual meditations in favor of turning in to go deeply inside their beings. She said it was one of life’s cutest coincidences that meditations that benefited someone getting ready to die were the same meditations that benefited someone getting ready to be born.

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