Winter Wonderland

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The Crisis – by Kissing Fever

Mimi’s exasperated sigh sent a puff of steam through the frozen winter air as she pulled the car over. A flat…that’s all she needed with the winter storm coming in, already having dumped 5 inches of snow in the mountains. She had left her office party about an hour ago and still had another hour to travel before she arrived at her parents for Christmas Day. And now this.

She opened the door and stepped gingerly into the snow. Sure enough her tire was as flat as a pancake on the bottom. Picking up her cell phone, she tried to dial but there were no towers nearby. Another sigh. She’d be freezing shortly since she was still in her Christmas garb, a red velvet dress trimmed with white fur around the bodice, and matching red stiletto heels. Not an outfit to be in while trudging through the snow. The theme for the office party had been Vamps and Tramps, not unusual for a costume franchise headquarters. And of course Larry the Lecher (well that’s how the ladies referred to him) was in charge AGAIN this year and so his idea of the men sucking the women prevailed. Mimi wasn’t the type to tramp it up too much but she felt her crimson Christmas dress hugged her body deliciously yet was more than modest compared to say….Tina the fake hooters babe’s virginal white cocktail dress that dipped too low in the front if you know what I mean. Uh huh. You could feed an army with those things and she probably had.

Just when Mimi was about to give up and grab her emergency blanket out of the trunk, the sound of a truck came reverberating down the slippery road. She peered off into the storm and saw a black Yukon barreling towards her. Waving frantically, she yelled stop, hoping her outfit would act as a red alert and that the driver wouldn’t think she was a loon. Sure enough, the large dark truck came to a halt nearby and Mimi watched to see what would step out. Ignoring the ominous tune of Dueling Banjos playing in the back of her mind, her eyes widened as a good looking, tall, trim man stepped from the driver’s side. As he closed the door, the first thing Mimi noticed was that he was not wearing a wedding ring. Things were looking up.

As he walked over, she made her plea, rambling on before he could get a word in.

“Thank goodness you stopped! I have a flat tire and with this storm coming in, I need it changed quick so I can be on my way. My parents are waiting for me and I need to get going! And my office party was tonight so I’m still dressed….”

Mimi watched the man’s piercing blue eyes as he looked first over her car, then slowly studied her dress. She began to get angry and stomped her foot before thinking, splattering a fair amount of slush on her fishnet stockings.

“If you’re just going to leer at me, then I’ll wait for the next car!”

A slow grin spread across the man’s face as he looked up at her.

“Ma’am…I was just thinking how cold you must be and wondered if you wanted my coat. But if you’re not interested….”

“Oh! Wait…I’m sorry!” she stammered, managing a weak smile. “I would indeed appreciate a coat.”

Mimi watched as the man reached into his truck. His body seemed to flex beneath his clothes and Mimi got a glimpse of a darkly haired chest as his coat opened a bit at the collar. Her breath caught in her throat as a vision of him sliding his warm body over hers formed in her mind and she visibly had to shake her head to rid herself of the illusion. This guy looked very lickable.

“Here you go…you ok?” the man asked Mimi, studying her intently as he handed her his coat, wary of her look.

“Yes I’m ok, and very grateful.”

She slipped the coat on and found herself inspecting him yet again as he stepped over to look at her tire. Her breath became unsteady as he bent over to grip the tire, and his long fingers clutched the rubber wheel. She squeezed her eyes tightly to ward off naughty thoughts of where those fingers could do the walking, then became aware that her legs were shivering and her feet were frozen from when she stomped her foot. Thankful for the cold, she opened her eyes and found the man standing a foot away, his hand outstretched. She gasped, realizing that he moved as stealthily as a panther with a body to match.

His incredibly gorgeous but now mischievous smile erupted as he took her small hand in his and said, “Name’s Stephen and it looks like you’ll be bunking with me tonight.”

The Ride – by SilverFox

Although the invitation was enticing, she was puzzled and asked, “Can’t you just change my tire?”

Stephen replied, “All you have for a spare is one of those wimpy donuts and you would be taking a big chance driving through these mountains in the snow on it. Don’t worry, I have plenty of room at my place and it is only about ten minutes from here. Besides, from the looks of that outfit, we need to get you someplace warm really fast.”

Mimi thought for a few moments then resigned herself to her fate and agreed to go with Stephen to his place. She still was having çankaya escort slightly wicked thoughts and smiled a slightly evil smile at the realization that he had at least noticed her attire as he escorted her to his truck. Maybe, she thought, this wouldn’t be such a bad way to spend Christmas Eve.

She tried to look graceful as she climbed onto the running board but the stilettos and the skimpy costume were not exactly designed for getting into a high SUV and she stumbled a bit mostly from the elements but also from the fact that she was trying to steal longing glances at Stephen’s body as he assisted her into the passenger seat.

Once they were in the Yukon and buckled in, Stephen took one last look at Mimi’s car to make sure that it was safely off the road.

He observed, “We can come back out tomorrow when it is light and the snow hopefully will have stopped by then and if you want, when we get to my place, you can use the phone to call your folks to let them know that you are ok.”

She smiled at him and replied, “That would be nice, you are very kind….thank, you.”

As they were driving, she asked, “How come you live up here away from everything?”

He replied that he was a writer and the remoteness and solitude helped in his concentration.

About ten minutes later, they made a turn into what appeared to be a long driveway, which by this time was covered with a few inches of snow. Mimi noticed some lights coming from a cabin at the top of a gradual hill. Stephen stopped in front of a garage that was attached to the main structure by a covered breezeway. He got out and walked quickly to the door and raised it. Mimi again took the time to admire him…this time from behind. Those broad shoulders, she thought, that tight waist and mmm…that behind…how she would love to be able to touch it.

She was still lost in her reverie when Stephen got back into the truck and pulled it into the garage.

“This is where we get out, Mimi.” he said as he got out of the truck. On the way around to the passenger door, he paused to close the garage door. He opened the door of the truck and the first thing he noticed was that Mimi had let the very short dress she was wearing ride up so that her shapely thighs were exposed, even from under the warm jacket she was wearing. He offered her a hand to step down from the high seat, remembering the smooth attempt she had made to get in. As she stepped down, her body brushed against his and her face was at the level of the base of his throat and she could feel her heart beginning to pound…not so much from the effort to step out of the Yukon but from the closeness that she was to him.

They both stood there for what seemed like an eternity. She could smell his cologne and he felt her breasts lightly pressed against him.

Reluctantly he whispered, “We had better go inside.”

The Bath – by Kissing Fever

Mimi was pleasantly surprised upon entering Stephen’s cabin. She’d expected a dirty wood floor throughout the place, dishes piled high in the kitchen, and an outhouse in the back. Stephen explained that while the cabin was in a remote area, it was decked out with some of the finest furnishings around. The couple he’d purchased it from were from the city and the lady of the house had made sure that luxury abounded. There was fine China for dining, a king-size bed with a gorgeous down comforter, and while there was no shower, in its place was a claw footed tub made of swirled marble. Mimi was in heaven.

“You don’t mind…do you?” She nodded towards the small bath, indicating that she’d like one. There was no door on the wide opening but the tub was in a corner and if Stephen was careful, he could avoid seeing her in the nude while still going about in the cabin. Mimi’s job at the costume factory was a model for their catalog so she had taken her clothes on and off so often in front of men that she rarely thought twice about it. But with the nearness of Stephen, not to mention him being a stranger…well…she didn’t want to take any chances. The idea though of a hot bubble bath outweighed any staring the man might do.

Stephen apparently had no qualms about Mimi’s bath because he smiled approvingly at her request.

“Be my guest.”

She started the water and turned to watch as Stephen headed towards the kitchen. “Mmm mmm good.” She thought to herself, gazing at the way his jeans fit. She imagined her hands all over those jeans, in more places than one, then reality hit her as the snow started melting on her clothes. Bubbles! That’s what she needed in this bath! Kicking off her shoes, she quickly stepped up on the covered seat of the commode and opened the cabinet door above, hoping to find Mr. Bubble. There! She reached up as far as she could on her tippy toes, and tried soooooo very hard to reach the box. She couldn’t reach it and in fact nearly toppled over. Suddenly she felt the grip of Stephen’s hands around her thighs, holding her securely in place. She turned around çayyolu escort to thank him and found his eyes had strayed to where her stockings stopped and her thighs began…..way up high. Stephen dragged his eyes up to hers and murmured something about being careful as his thumbs traced the lace hem. Mimi turned back to the box of bubbles and a secret smile stole across her face. Stephen hadn’t let go yet and she found herself quite drawn to him. Grabbing the box, she placed it on a counter and Stephen helped her down. He left without saying a word and Mimi poured in the bath soap, wondering what he was thinking. Her eyes lit up as the bubbles started to accumulate immediately and she quickly shed her clothes and stepped into the warmth. Sinking gratefully into the bath, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “Bubble your troubles away” indeed.

After a few moments, she sat up a bit and heard some pans clanking around. Stephen must be fixing something for them to eat. What a generous man. He’d practically saved her life and opened his home to her and had remained a gentleman the entire time. But Mimi was thinking her thoughts again…naughty thoughts…thoughts that included those large hands roaming all over her body. She began washing herself, lathering up easily and soaping her entire body. Careful not to get suds everywhere, she gently splash the warm water against her and let it slide down her body, forcing the bubbles lower. Laying back she washed her hair, then sitting up quickly she squeezed the water out, twisting it and placing her clip in the thick hair to hold it in place. A few stray tendrils lay damp against her neck but she ignored them. She turned over and let her tummy relax against the bottom of the deep tub, wallowing in the womblike feeling. Giggling to herself, she almost called out to Stephen to come join her, knowing that would throw him for a loop.

Suddenly she hushed. The sounds in the kitchen had stopped.

“Stephen?” she said weakly while turning over, afraid that he had left her.

“I thought you might need a towel.” Suddenly Stephen filled the open doorway with his masculine frame, taking Mimi’s breath away yet again. He had taken off his outer shirt and was only wearing jeans and tight tshirt. Mimi quickly stood up to take the towel, the bubbles fighting over which ones could trail down her body the fastest. Stephen gasped and Mimi realized what she’d done. She apologized profusely and grabbing the towel, wrapping it around herself and loosely tucking in the fold. She stood looking pretty as a picture to Stephen, and yet he remained speechless, his eyes apparently still seeing what was under the towel.

“Do you by chance have something I can wear?” she asked, trying to dry her arms and losing the battle as the towel slipped almost totally off. The terry cloth was a bit rough against her pale skin and was giving it a soft pink glow.

Stephen simply turned and left the room, returning a moment later with a deep blue thirsty robe that hung to Mimi’s feet. He stayed as she started to untuck the towel and she didn’t turn away. His eyes traveled to her well formed breasts, nipples soft as petals from her bath. She had no idea how scrumptious she looked. Her trimmed bush was natural blond and still held a few drops of water clinging to the silken hair. Mimi watched as Stephen swallowed, then his hands reached for her. She thought he was going to push the robe off…but surprised her by pulling the belt around her, tightening it snug against her body.

“Time to eat.” He said huskily and walked out of the bathroom.

The Hunger Begins – by SilverFox

As Stephen headed for the kitchen leaving Mimi wrapped snugly in the large terry robe, his body betrayed his feeble attempts at composure. He felt a throbbing desire growing rapidly in his tight jeans and he needed to put a little distance between Mimi and himself in order to regain control over his body.

“Damn!” he thought. “Out here in the middle of nowhere, a storm raging and the most gorgeous creature I have ever seen standing naked in my bathroom and I am getting a hard on like a giddy teenager.”

Stephen had always prided himself on his composure and demeanor around women. He wasn’t cocky about it but he had always tried to be a gentleman and do the right thing at the right time. An erection couldn’t have come at a worst time. He had wanted to impress Mimi but not with the size of his growing manhood….at least not yet. A small smile spread across his face as he remembered seeing Mimi standing in the tub with the bubbles caressing her beautiful body. He was jealous of those bubbles…very jealous.

Her voice rocked him back to reality. “Stephen, do you need some help?”

“ thanks” he stammered “I have it under control.”

“Sure I do” he thought, not believing a word of what he had just said.

“What are you making?” Mimi inquired.

“Well, I thought a nice old fashioned meal of country pancakes with lots of butter ankara escort and maple syrup would be nice.” He replied. “It would be good to get something warm inside you too” he mentioned. Something warm inside her was what he was thinking but it had precious little to do with food.

“Mimi” he called “could you get that bottle of wine over there in the cabinet in the corner?”

“Sure” she giggled “do you have white wine or red wine with pancakes?”

They both broke into laughter, which helped Stephen with his growing “problem.”
He finished setting the table as Mimi brought the wine to the table. He set out a platter heaped with steaming hot pancakes and a pitcher with fresh maple syrup. Mimi had trouble averting her gaze at his body. He wondered if she noticed his bulge. Not much he could do about it at this point.

They both sat down on either side of the table and began to eat. The pancakes were delicious and the wine, although a bit unorthodox with what is normally breakfast fare, added a nice and romantic touch. As they were eating, Mimi had somehow allowed her robe to open a bit revealing a creamy cleavage to Stephen’s view, which was not helping his “problem.” In fact, his erection, thankfully hidden under the table, was beginning to grow once again and he was faced with thoughts of what he would do should it become necessary for him to stand up. Stephen looked into Mimi’s eyes as he reached for the pitcher of syrup. At that moment, Mimi decided to become frisky and she slid her bare foot up inside the leg of Stephen’s jeans under the table. Upon feeling her foot on his ankle, he jerked and proceeded to spill the syrup on his t-shirt and down onto his lap soaking his jeans. He jumped up quickly without thinking, revealing to Mimi a huge bulge in his pants. Mimi’s eyes became riveted on it and for a moment Stephen wondered if she was going to reach across the table.

“Damn!” Stephen exclaimed. “I have got to be the world’s biggest klutz.” As he looked at his syrup drenched clothes. As he looked across the table at Mimi, he noticed that she was gazing at his crotch. He then began to realize that his worst dream had been realized but that she was in that dream and thoroughly enjoying it. Mimi said that Stephen probably should remove his jeans right there so as to keep from tracking syrup through the rest of the cabin. He was a bit embarrassed about it but realized that it was the right thing to do.

He kicked off his shoes and quickly began to loosen his belt and slide off his jeans. Mimi respectfully looked away for a moment but she stood up and came over to Stephen’s side of the table ostensibly to help gather the jeans and keep the syrupy mess from going any farther. As she moved closer, her hip brushed against Stephen’s dark green boxers causing the head of his now fully erect penis to burst through the fly. Mimi’s instantaneous reaction was to slip her hand under his throbbing member and let it rest in her palm. Both her gaze and Stephen’s were riveted to her hand as her fingers absently began to caress him eliciting a soft moan from deep within him as he stood there still holding his sticky jeans in his hands. Before he knew it, Stephen dropped the jeans onto the chair in which he had been sitting and he placed his hand against her cheek, caressing the creamy skin. His fingers began to work their way into her soft blonde hair, which caused her to shudder and moan in response.

Before he knew it, Mimi dropped to her knees in front of Stephen and placed her lips against the inside of his thigh. She began to drag her tongue through the coarse hair and was lapping at the maple syrup residue that had made its way through the denim of the jeans. Her hand continued to caress his manhood, now fully erect complete with throbbing veins and a purplish head. She gently wrapped her fingers around its girth, which was sizeable and began to stroke along the length. She slipped her fingers up under the leg of his boxers, brushing the tips against the side of his balls. Stephen stood there motionless or at least as motionless as he could, considering that he had a beautiful woman bushwhacking his private parts, sending small waves of pleasure through his body.

Mimi stood up again in front of him, her hand still cradling his throbbing cock. She looked passionately into his eyes and purred “Looks like it is your turn in the bathtub.”

Tiny Bubbles – by KissingFever

Mimi found it hard to believe she could be so brazen. Stephen had had a simple accident and yet when he stood up and she saw his thick bulge exposed in his Levis, she lost all train of thought. Then when he had stripped of his jeans and his cock had sprung free from his boxers she instinctively reached down to touch him. Mimi still wasn’t sure what made her do it…the devil she supposed. But she was very glad she had.

After standing up and telling Stephen that it was his turn for a bath, she walked into the bathroom and started the water in the tub again, sprinkling in some bubble bath for luck. Really not caring if men used bubbles or not, an idea crept into Mimi’s mind and she hoped Stephen would allow her to play….for want of a better word. She turned to see where he had gone and found him closely behind her, again that stealthlike movement taking her by surprise.

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