3 Good Friends Ch. 02

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(This is the continuation of the story, it might help to read the first part to fully understand the backstory and how this came about. As always I hope the readers enjoy.)


“Oh my, did he really do that?” said Angie, with a hint of a smirk in her voice. “Well I guess it’s only fair since he DID see your ‘O-face’ and all.” Angie giggled. I tried to shake my head “No” but Deb’s feet on my face kept me pinned beneath her soles. I didn’t get to see much of anything as Debbie rode my ball gag to climax and covered my face with her juices, but all I could do is grunt and moan with the gag in my mouth. Suddenly Debbie’s fingernail began tickling my balls again, driving me crazy as I felt Angie’s hand around my throbbing, pulsating cock.

“Oh it’s not just fair; I think it should be mandatory! If one friend makes another friend climax, then the favor should be returned. Don’t you agree?” Deb said. “Oh yes, I can see your point and I completely agree” A giggling Angie responded, as her hand began stroking my shaft as I felt her tongue tickling the tip of my cock, driving me insane with sensory overload. Trying desperately to plead for relief through the ball-gag, I felt Angie’s hand holding firmly around the base of my cock as she covered the tip with teasing kisses, and Debbie’s fingertips delicately tickle-torturing my balls, I pulled reflexively at the bonds that secured me and bit into the gag, desperate to climax.

“You sure are right about his balls being ticklish!” Deb said with a laugh, “and he will really stay hard as long as my feet are on his face? illegal bahis Even after he cums?”

“Oh yes, you better believe that. It’s the best thing about being married to a foot-guy; he can go all night long if you know which buttons to press.” Angie replied.

“Oh this is going to be SO much fun!” Deb said laughingly as she increased the speed of her tickling fingertips on my hyper-sensitive balls, making me moan and grunt helplessly into the gag as the two of them chatted casually. “Poor ticklish Jim! All revved up and nowhere to go. Cootchie coochie coo! Tickle tickle tickle! My god look at him squirm and buck, he really is going crazy isn’t he?”

“Oh you should feel him throbbing, if I let go of his cock right now, he will probably cum all over the place.” Said Angie.

“Oh you keep playing with his cock, I’m going to tickle-torture his balls as long as humanly possible. I want him to know that I have him by the balls.” Deb said with a wicked laugh.

For me, this was the most exquisitely erotic torture I could ever endure. It only dawned on me later (much later, I am embarrassed to admit) that my wife and her best friend had been discussing her sex life with me, and my particular fetishes prior to this night. All I could do is pull against my bonds and buck as I felt Angie’s lips kissing, and her tongue tickling the tip of my cock, her hand firmly holding my pulsating shaft, as Debbie mercilessly tickled my balls as she kept her foot pressed against my face. I was in heaven and hell at the same time, unable to do anything except what they wanted, illegal bahis siteleri which was to sexually torment me until I believed I would go insane.

“So you are honestly telling me that he can cum, and as long as you kept your feet on his face, or near his mouth he will continue to stay rock hard, just like this? You can straddle him and ride his cock all night long if you wanted to?” Deb said with a tone of disbelief in her voice.

“Oh god yes. One of my favorite things to do is have him suck my toes while he’s inside me, he cums, he stays hard, he keeps thrusting deep and after a while he cums again and again. It’s like he was hard wired for my sexual pleasure. And I get all the foot rubs I want!” Angie laughed, and I knew she was telling Deb the truth, as we had done exactly that the night before Debbie came to visit.

“Lucky girl! My ex was a typical ‘one pump chump’ and after about 3 minutes, he rolled over and started snoring. God how I hated that!” Debbie said ruefully. “Why didn’t you tell me about foot-fetishists before I got married?” Debbie stopped tickling my balls and just cupped them in the palm of her hand, making me moan deeply into the soles of her feet, pure animal reaction to the torment they were both putting me through.

“Hey can he be naked around the house from now on?” Debbie asked, “I mean if he did it before I came, I don’t see why he can’t continue? Nothing wrong with a guy being nude in the privacy of his own home.” Debbie said as she very gently caressed my balls.

“Well I dunno” Angie responded, “why don’t we canlı bahis siteleri ask him? Jim honey, do you want to be naked in front of Debbie and me when you get home from work, and on the weekends? Would you like that? Would it bother you?”

Since the gag was in my mouth all I could was nod my head “Yes” and hoped that they understood. Although at that point I would have agreed to anything at all, just to orgasm. I was becoming completely lost in the sensations they were both giving me. They seemed to be working in unison, although I did not hear them speak about how to tease my cock and balls. I felt Angie’s tongue licking the length of my shaft and all I could do is moan. I felt Debbie’s fingertips playing with and tickle-teasing my balls and all I could do is bite into the gag and grunt and pull at the bonds.

“Gee that sounds like a ‘yes’ to me!” Debbie said.

“I think so too.” Angie concurred.

I bucked, I struggled, I moaned, and finally I whimpered into the gag. This was too much to endure, my heart was pounding, every nerve ending in my body was on high, turned right up to eleven, I needed to orgasm or I was sure I was going to die.

“Poor baby. Debbie, he needs to cum. You keep tickling and doing whatever you are doing with his balls, he seems to enjoy it. I’m going to give him the relief he needs. This going to be fun!” Angie said.

I felt Angie’s mouth around the tip of my cock, and sliding slowly down the length of my shaft. I moaned loudly into the soles of Debbie’s feet and heard her giggle at my reaction to having my cock sucked after such a long session of tickle-torture. I could feel Angie’s mouth moving slowly up and down my cock, I could feel Debbie’s fingernails softly and tenderly tickling my balls as I tensed, arched my back and had the most powerful climax of my life.

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