A Boys Guide To Lingerie Buying

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A day before my girlfriends 21st birthday and panic has set in. She’s booked the stretch limo, the new dress and shoes are bought and her friends have the night all planned out. As for me I’m still looking for the perfect gift. The obligatory twenty-one red roses are being delivered accompanied by the big balloons but other than that my mind is a blank. Chocolates? Perfume??

In an act of desperation I do what any man would do in my situation. I open a beer, park myself on the sofa, click the TV on and wait for divine inspiration. Settling in to the sofa, my attention now firmly drawn away from the pressing problem, I absentmindedly pick up the nearest magazine and start to flick the pages; ’10 ways to de-clutter your purse’, ‘Celeb shoes do’s and don’ts’, this isn’t FHM. ‘The man’s guide to buying lingerie’! Somewhere in heaven a light bulb starts to faintly glow.

With my interest suddenly diverted I start to read the article. ‘Receiving luxurious, elegant lingerie from someone you love is a special, romantic gift she’ll adore.’ A smile appears and the bulbs faint glow starts to get warmer.

‘Step 1: Study her style’

Erm, well she likes wearing clothes. And buying clothes. And…

Okay, so I’m bit clueless on this one. Time to read on.

‘Step 2: Find her size’

A memory of the previous night flashes into focus and I jump up off the sofa, head up the stairs to the bedroom and find the evidence still thrown around the room. I remember the long passionate kiss. Her breath on my face as I unbutton her blouse, letting it fall open and glimpsing her breast. My fingers softly stroking her nipples through her bra as my other hand slips down to her firm ass. She kisses me with an accelerated passion, biting my lip as my hand caresses her breast, fingers slipping down her stomach and feeling for the zipper on her jeans. Kissing her torso as I peel her tight jeans back, her white lacy panties comes in to view and I grab them with both hands easing them over her trimmed pussy. I can feel the aliağa escort heat of her lust as she eases her thighs apart revealing her glistening lips and letting me…

Right, right, sizes! Deep breath.

Hastily I grab the bra and knickers from the tangled mess of clothes and scribble down the sizes.

‘Step 3: Go for luxury’

So my initial idea of red frilly knickers and peek-a-boo bra is a no-no then.

‘Step 4: Choose for her’

Got it! Easy. And with an air of overwhelming self-confidence I grab my car keys, jump in the car and set off to the city centre, with the perfect store in mind.

The buzz and hustle of the busy store caries me through the departments, heightening my confidence until I come to the lingerie section. Suddenly the hush washes over me as I cross the threshold, replacing my swagger with an icy cold anxiety and I stop still as the busy crowds make way for rails and rails of silky intimates. The only sound to be heard is my heart beating faster and faster as I rapidly consider my options; continue on, walk away? Looking around I see two assistants stood by the till, deep in conversation. I start to walk away just as the first assistant sees me and calls ‘Can I help you sir?’ She’s beautiful. A slim frame accentuated by her tight skirt and almost see through white blouse. No older than me, her smile glows as she taps the second assistant and waits for my reply. ‘I’m looking for some underwear,’ I stammer, raising eyebrows. ‘For my girlfriend,’ I quickly add. The young woman opens her mouth to speak but as she does so the second assistant moves from behind the till and walks towards me.

‘How can I be of assistance sir?’

Older that her counterpart, her beauty is no less. Her ruby red lips framed by her long brown hair dazzles me. My eyes wander down her body, taking in her slender legs wrapped in a figure hugging short skirt and end focusing on her ample breasts caged by her white blouse. ‘Do you see anything you like?’ aliağa escort bayan she asks snapping me back to reality. Explaining my predicament and passing her my crumpled piece of paper containing some figures and numbers, she winks at me and walks off around the rails, picking bras and panties as she goes.

Returning with a selection of lingerie she asks, ‘What’s your preference sir, pink, red, black?’ Wide eyed by her selection I hesitate before answering, ‘It’s kind of hard to tell. They all look great but…’

‘We have a fitting mannequin I’ll could show you what they look like on her, sir.’ And with that she turns towards the changing rooms and beckons me follow.

Entering the changing area she walks towards a cubicle asks me to wait and closes the curtain. I nervously look around the room, hoping that no one walks in. Explaining this situation could be tricky.

‘So sir what do you think?’ and I turn expecting to see a plastic mannequin, ill fitted with thong and bra. What I see instead makes my jaw drop and I hear a voice say ‘WOW!’

She takes my hand and leads me in to the cubicle, pressing her body against me as she pulls the curtain closed. As she stands in front of the full-length mirror I have a full view of her in the black bra and thong I choose out. She step towards me and places a hand on my shoulder. ‘I thought you might get a better idea of the fit if they were modeled properly.’ ‘Do you think your girlfriend will like them?’ But before I get chance to answer she moves her hand down my arm and takes my hand, placing it firmly on her right breast. ‘How do they feel?’ Looking in to her deep brown eyes I start to massage her, teasing her nipple with my fingers. My confidence rises and I cup her firm tits, running my thumbs over the soft material. Biting her lip slightly she slowly turns to face the mirror saying, ‘What about the view from behind?’

My hands grab for her breast, roughly squeezing as she arches her back, making escort aliağa the thin black thong stretch tightly between her ass cheeks. ‘I think your girlfriend will love these, they’re a very comfortable fit,’ she says as she places her hands on the mirror and pushes back against me, grinding on to my now bulging jeans. I caress her waist and slowly slid my hand around to her taught stomach, gently touching the top of the thong. Sensing my next move she straightens up, pinning me to the wall and allowing me to slip my hand beneath the tight thong. Her smooth pussy feels warm to my touch and my fingers adventure further still, gently strokes her wet lips. I hear her inhale as the tip of my fingers slowly teases her clit, parting her swollen lips and slipping in to her wet entrance

Gently she pulls my hand away from her forbidden fruit. Turning to face me she lifts my hand and starts to run her tongue up and down my sticky finger, never leaving my gaze. My throbbing jeans push against her and I feel like I could explode right there as she takes my finger out of her mouth and softly says, ‘Let me help you with that sir.’ My eyes close as I feel her hands pulling at my belt, easing the buttons open and releasing my throbbing cock. I feel her hand grasp my base and slowly stroke up before squeezing and pulling down on me. ‘Fuck in hell’ I exclaim as a wave of ecstasy washes over me. I can feel my cock pulsing in her tight grip, then a warmth as her tongue glides up and down my shaft, flicks my tip, lapping at the pre-cum. Slowly she takes me between her glossy red lips, her tongue twisting around me, pushing me closer and closer. My hands tangle in her hair, encouraging her to go deeper and deeper on to me. In response her sucking and teasing intensifies and my view focuses on the mirror. Her tussled brown hair bouncing in front of me, the black thong straining between her fantastic arse and grating against her pussy lips. I can hold back no longer and with a loud outburst I explode in her mouth. Loosing myself in a blissful release my cock franticly pulses, coating her throat with my cum. With my hands making fists in her hair she eagerly sucks me dry before releasing me.

My knee’s are shaking as she rises before me, places her mouth by my ear and in a breathy voice whispers, ‘Would you like me to wrap those up sir?’

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