A Cabin in the Woods

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The clicking of the rain on the metal roof of the cabin was almost as mesmerizing as the rapids heard through the open windows. We had been in bed snuggled under a fresh, clean sheet. Your head was on my chest for the last thirty minutes and I could feel your breasts push against my ribs every time you took a breath.

I wasn’t certain if it was the cool air or your thought of being with me that made your nipples erect. But they were very, very hard. I purposely turned my body towards you so my nipples could touch yours. You opened your legs for me and I slid my thigh against your pussy and looked deeply into your eyes. I tightened my thigh against your crotch.

I loved the way you slid your tongue across your bottom lip and left it wet for me to absorb with my mouth as I pushed against you and we kissed for the longest time. Your soft moan excited me and the tip of my cock became wetter than it had been. Some of my juice slid on to your tummy and I felt a gentle upward thrust of your pelvis as if hunting for my hardened rod.

I cupped your breasts and felt more rhythmical movements from your pelvis. I slid my hand under the sheet and graced your pubic hair, gently tugging and teasing your bush. I felt your left leg bend up and open as if you were inviting me to explore.

And explore I did. I slid down toward canlı bahis your open thighs using my tongue as a guide from your chest and along your stomach. I used the heel of my hand to press gently against your hood that covered your clit. It was a firm and circular motion. Your moans began to cover up the paddle fan click,click,click sound.

Your right hand pushed against my shoulder and I moved toward your crotch. Your pelvis was rising upwards toward the ceiling. I felt your juice on my palm and removed my hand to lick your vaginal sweetness from my palm. I felt you wet along the inside of you butt cheeks and you were soaked wanting me inside you.

I threw the sheet back all the way, raised your left leg bent and slid my tongue along your inner thighs from your knees to your craving, gyrating pussy. I slide my tongue across your pubic hair and down the other inner thigh. It took no effort for my finger to penetrate you.

I inserted my long finger into your vagina up to my second knuckle and began flexing and massaging. I felt an immediate hardening of your bean size G-Spot. Firm and constant – but gentle pressure was used to make your moans louder and louder. I noticed I could no longer hear the rapids in the creek only feet from our cabin. Your moans drowned out the water’s music. Buy it was your music, Honey that bahis siteleri excited me so.

Your heels were dug into the mattress and you pushed your pussy up to meet my mouth. With one long swipe of my tongue I touched the entire length of your lips and the open space between.

My cock was pounding and throbbing. I just knew one touch against you and I would cum. So I intentionally pulled it away from you. I wanted to satisfy you – over and over. That was my belief then and is now. I am here to please you. And this was just the start. You clit was red and hardened. More erect than your nipples that I stroked with one hand while I used my other hand to spread your lips open.

I took you clit between my lips and sucked. I sucked and pulled it out toward me. All the time I was inside you massaging your G-Spot with my finger. I swallowed your sweet juice several times. My mustache was soaked from your fluids and my head was buried in your crotch.

You flexed your knees and hips, so only your tender white ass cheeks were against the mattress. Using both of your hands, you pulled my head tight where I could barely breathe. And I did not care. Because, my love, I knew I was satisfying you.

I refused to accept your begging for me to fuck you with my cock. I wanted you to cum – over and over. It was you my bahis şirketleri Love who needed pleasing, not me. I felt your inner muscles begin to clamp down on my finger.

I saw and felt your stomach tighten. Your muscles were locked and ready to explode. I continued sucking your clit and every so often would bump you clit against my teeth. Each time I did you screamed in ecstasy. Your ass was coming off the bed. Your fingers were white from pulling my head tight against you.

Over and over you came! Not once, not twice – but three times! I felt you collapse and try to push me away. No. I wanted you to feel I was the best lover you had ever known. I lay still, but remained in the clasped position. Moments later I knew you were ready again.

I repeated the entire scene. Only this time I rose up at the end of your organisms and inserted my hard cock deep inside you. With your legs around my back and your arms pulling my shoulders, your screamed and cried out that you loved me inside you.

Our eyes connected once again. Our wet lips touched and we each had an organism at the same time while I kissed you. I came over and over. It was an incredible load and you felt my cum mix with your juice and run down and out of your vagina.

When our grips relaxed we did not let go of one another. I stayed inside you. Once again we began to breathe in unison. I kissed your neck and you said you loved me.

When my cock receded and slid outside of you. I rose up, wiped the sweat from your forehead, looked into your eyes and said, “I love you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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