A Catered Affair

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This is a work of erotic fiction, a joint effort between myself and another Literotica member named MsTexas. A simple back and forth posting created a meeting of the minds. Thank you for your time in reading; we do hope that you will enjoy the story as much as we enjoyed presenting it to you.

First, a little back story:

Nicole and I share a private catering business, sometimes we work together, other times not, depending on the size and requirements of the job. She and I, Paul, have been in business together for just over a year now. Our jobs take us to mostly residential locations, though there are the occasional halls for larger functions. Though we both have regular jobs, this venture is something we both enjoy doing. It was just a chance meeting one afternoon at a local coffee shop that we met. The place was crowded and I overheard a couple discussing an upcoming family event that they were dreading cooking and cleaning for. I mentioned to them that I was a chef, and offered my services for a nominal fee. That is when Nicole mentioned that she also did side jobs and offered to assist. The couple said they would like that, and asked if we could all meet to discuss arrangements. Phone numbers were exchanged, and Nicole and I sat down to decide the best course of action. As we talked, it was decided that we could make a very good team, and offer a good service that was missing in our town, at very reasonable rates.

So thus began a partnership of culinary delight.

As we pulled up to the house, we noticed how small it looked, “It doesn’t look like there is room for a party of 100 here,” I said to Nicole.

“Well, Paul,” Nicole replied, “I do think it will be a cozy party, I sure hope the guests know each other well, because if not, they sure will.”

We exited the catering van, and headed to the house, when the owners answered they seemed quite happy to see us. Letting us in, they explained that the guest would be arriving in about 8 hours, and that they had to make a trip to the airport to pick up some out of state friends.

We were lead into the kitchen/dining room so that we could set up and begin preparations. The couple departed saying that they would return in a couple hours.

This was at noon, and the party was scheduled for 8pm, so Nicole and I headed to the van to gather our equipment and food.

“Well Nic,” I said, “looks like we are going to be attached at the hip for this job, this is a small kitchen.”

“Good thing we make a good team then,” she said with a smile and gave a playful wink.

As we went about setting up the kitchen, we chatted about life in general. Having worked together for the last year, we both knew each other’s lives fairly well. Both of us divorced and not in any relationship. We were both trying to regain some sort of stability in life. We spoke comfortably with each other; we had built a very good friendship that enhanced our working bond.

About 30 minutes into our work, I was placing a cold cut tray into the refrigerator, not paying attention; I reached toward the counter to grab a bowl of what I thought to be olives, but instead got a handful of Nic’s butt.

“Oh my.” she said giggling.

Looking over and seeing where my hand was, I said, “Oops, sorry Nicole.” I gave a little squeeze before removing my hand.

“It’s quite alright,” she said with a slight wink, “Close quarters here, there is bound to be some touching, besides, it is kind of nice to be touched again.”

“Trust me,” I told her, “I know the feeling.”

We both smiled, while looking at each other. I leaned down and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

“Ok, back to work you,” she said, “we have people to feed here.”

We continued on with our tasks, now and then giving each other a bit of a eye brow lifted glance. At one point Nicole was bent down to take some Hors d’ oeuvres out of the oven, I stopped and just stared at her butt. I stood behind her and reached over her shoulder to get an item from the stove top, leaning into her a bit, I let my hips come forward just enough to lean into her ass. Startled a first, Nicole pushed back and gave the tiniest shake. I stood and stepped back, still watching her bent over, she stepped back and closed the oven door and placed the Hors d’ oeuvres on the counter, then leaned back into me. I brought my arms around her waist and pulled her back fully to me, bent down and kissed her neck.

“Mmmmm,” she sighed, “Nice.”

At this point I am feeling quite aroused, so I turn her facing me, and give her a slow lingering kiss on her lips, her mouth parted slightly as she kissed me back. We broke our kiss when canlı bahis we heard the door open and voices in the other room.

“Wow,” I whisper, “just, WOW.”

We stared into each other’s eyes for a second, searching and wondering what just happened.

As we continued on with our preparations, playfully touching and teasing each other, we finally got all the tables set and ready for service. After cleaning the kitchen and storing our equipment we announce to the hosts that the event is ready.

“We will return at 10am tomorrow to clean up and settle our bill,” I explain.

I opened the door to the patio for Nicole and myself to leave. I let her walk out in front of me, as I followed a couple steps behind her; I really took in her beautiful body, very curvy and sexy in her black skirt and white blouse. She reached the van before me and was reaching in the back to secure some of the equipment. I could see her skirt rise up just a bit; as I was staring, she turned to look back and asked if I could give her a hand as she couldn’t quite reach the straps. I stepped a long side her, fastening the straps as she lowered her hands and in doing so one hand brushed quite blatantly over my crotch, almost causing me to pull the strap free from its mount.

“Payback Paul,” she said with a light laugh.

I closed up the van, opened the door for Nic to climb in and got in behind the wheel, looking at Nicole I said, “You are an amazing woman.”

“I’m just a woman,” she replied. “I’m just a woman!”

I shook my head, started the van and headed towards my house a few blocks away. We drove in silence; each of us seemed to be lost in thought. I backed into my driveway, pulling into the garage, as I turned to Nicole, shutting down the engine I asked, “Would you like to come in for some coffee, or a bite to eat?”

She looked toward her car parked in front of my house for a second, and said, “Yes, I think I could use a little something actually.”

Opening the door for her, we headed into my house, and into the dining room.

“Please, have a seat,” I said, moving some papers that were scattered on the table.

“Do you mind if I take off my shoes?” Nic asked.

“Please, dear lady, my home is your home, make yourself comfortable,” I replied.

“Such a gentleman you are” she laughingly said, adding, “Quite a job we had tonight.”

“The best catering I have done with you yet,” I said as I finished setting the coffee pot and turned to her. Meeting her gaze and looking deep into her pretty green eyes.

“Paul, I think I would really like to have a glass of wine, would you mind?” Nicole asked.

“Not a problem,” I said, opening the cabinet to get a couple glasses, “As a matter of fact, I think I will join you.”

I set the glasses on the table and brought out a bottle of blush, pouring a glass for the both of us.

“A toast to a beautiful partnership,” I said raising my glass.

“Indeed,” she said as our glasses touched and we both took a sip of wine.

Nic set her glass down, leaned back and stretched, “I am a bit sore and tight from tonight,” she said.

Watching her stretch, with her breasts straining against her blouse, all I could do was stare.

“I would be happy to rub your shoulders for you,” I offered.

Bringing her arms back down she looked at me and said, “That would be fantastic right now.”

In my haste, I got out of my chair a bit too quickly, bumping the table I watched in shock as both her glass and mine tipped over, as well as the wine bottle teetering back and forth, as I reached to catch the bottle, I heard her shriek as both glasses emptied themselves onto her lap. Grabbing at the bottle, I ended up pouring part of the wine right onto her white blouse. All I could do is look in horror at the red stains soaking into her blouse and the wine puddle in her lap.

“Oh, damn, Nicole, I am so sorry,” I blurted out. “Let me get you a towel.”

“Um, I doubt that a towel will be of much help,” she said as she started to laugh. “I think a shower and some quick laundering is in order.”

“Yes, yes,” I was saying, “please, go upstairs and use my shower, let me get your clothes into the wash right away before it stains.”

“Um, right, and you have clothes that fit me do you now Paul?” She asked with a smile.

“Well, no,” I said, “but there is a robe hanging in the bathroom you can wear while your clothes get done.”

With that she stood, unbuttoned her blouse and handed it to me. “Please get this in some cold water soaking before you wash it,” she said.

Reaching for the blouse, my mouth agape at the site of her standing bahis siteleri there in her bra, I could only nod.

Turning she started to head for the stairs, leaving me to just stare opened mouthed.

Calling over her shoulder she said, “Paul, the blouse, soak it please.”

I quickly got out a bowl and filled it with cold water, placing the blouse into it, and swirling it around.

Lifting the blouse it was looking like it may be saved, if not I would happily replace it.

I heard the shower come on, letting my mind wander to a vision of Nic’s beautiful naked body. I started cleaning up the rest of the mess I had made, knowing that a carpet cleaning was going to be in order. Taking the rest of the bottle of wine and the glasses to the kitchen, I checked on the papers on the table, mostly contracts for upcoming catering jobs. Luckily nothing had spilled on them, I moved them to the counter and removed the tablecloth and liner, they looked salvageable, and so I put them by the washer, waiting to add them to the blouse. The shower had stopped by this time, so I changed the water in the bowl with her blouse, swirling it around some more, I lifted it from the water, still a slight pinkish tint I noticed as I held it up.

“I doubt that it will fit you,” she says standing there in my robe, with the remainder of her clothing in her arms.

“Please, let me take care of these for you,” I said as I took the clothes from her. “You go sit down in the living room, I will get these stared and join you.”

“Don’t forget the wine and I still want that shoulder rub you offered,” she told me.

I gathered up her clothes, taking the blouse over to the washer, added it to the tablecloth after spraying some stain lifter on it. As I set down her skirt, her panties fell out, picking them up I was about to add them to the washer, but I could not resist, so I put them to my face and inhaled, the smell was that of her and wine, somehow a very intoxicating aroma blend. I placed the panties in with the other clothes and started the washer, turning, I come face to face with Nicole, she was standing there with a hand to her mouth.

“My god Paul, that really turned me on to see that,” she said through her fingers, “it’s like I could almost feel your desire.”

“Are you ready for your massage?” I asked walking towards her. “Let’s go to the couch so you are comfortable.” Taking her hand I lead her to the living room and sit her on the couch.

I stand behind her as she sat down. I lowered the top of the robe and begin massaging her shoulders, she began to relax, breathing deeply and sighing as I worked her shoulder blades. Bringing my hands back up I massaged the back of her neck, then back down to her shoulders, the robe slips down more, revealing her entire naked upper body to me, her breasts are glorious, as I continue to massage her shoulders, I bring my hands forward and down to the swells of her breasts, lowering my head, I begin to nibble and kiss her neck and shoulders. Small moans escape her parted lips, I lean over her and kiss her open mouth, and her hands come up to hold my face as her tongue gently slips into my mouth.

Stepping around the couch, with lips locked, I sat next to her; bring my lips down her chin, past her neck I begin kissing my way to her breasts, kissing between them as I massage both with my hands, her breathing is getting deeper as take a nipple between my lips, licking it with my tongue. Slowly I kiss down her skin, kissing her belly as I pull the robe free, her naked body fully revealed to me, I run my hands down her sides to her thighs, my mouth continuing its journey downward.

Her legs part as my fingers lightly touch her pussy, I slide down to my knees in front of her, kissing her inner thighs as my fingers dance across her pussy lips, now moist with desire. I lean forward and kissed her sweet lips, letting my tongue slide between the folds, tasting the sweet nectar. Lifting her hips I place her legs over my shoulders, opening her flower to my eager tongue.

Nicole moans, “Oh God Paul, please.”

I let my tongue trail lower, my nose now rubbing her clit as it reveals itself to me, my tongue continues to travel down her, finding the tiny rosebud of her butt, easing the tiny opening with small probes, slowly inserting my tongue, a gasp comes from Nicole as she pushes back on my tongue. I slowly slide out of her tiny hole and dip back into her wet pussy, putting my tongue deep inside as my fingers return to her little nub or pleasure. My other hand roams down and my finger slides over her tiny butt opening, her juices are mixed with my saliva moistening her tiny opening bahis şirketleri as I slide my finger inside. Her body arches, pussy pressed hard to my face.

Moaning, she says, “yes, yes, oh my god.”

As I feel her hips lift and press harder to my face, I slide my finger slowly into her tight ass, just as I feel the tightness yielding to the new sensation, I feel the wetness soaking my mouth, and her ass clenching onto my invading finger.

As Nicole’s gasps and pants began to slow, she lowered her hips back to the couch as I continue to drink in the juices of her body. Removing my finger, I kissed her tiny hole and gave it a lick.

I looked up at her, her green eyes staring down at me, reaching for my face she pulled me up until my face was in front of hers.

“Kiss me,” she demanded, “kiss me now!”

I leaned to her lips, placing my lips on her soft lips, while her tongue immediately sunk into my mouth. Her hands worked on the buttons of my shirt, removing my shirt. Her hands roamed my chest, reaching down to my pants; she opened the button, and pulled down my zipper. Moving around I wiggled free of my pants, her soft hands reaching into the elastic she wrapped her fingers around my already hard shaft, stroking lightly as we kissed, pulling me to her, she slowly laid down, as I climbed up on top of her body.

“Oh Nicole,” I moaned into her mouth. As she pulled me to her moist opening, as my dick reached the opening I could feel her heat, I let her guide me in, and as she released my dick I slid slowly and fully into her.

“Oh my god Nicole, you feel so good,” I moaned between kisses.

“Mmmmm,” was her only reply.

Slowly our coupling continued, pulling out almost all the way, and slowly burying myself into her, our lips never separating, I reached my hands up to her breasts, her back arched to my touch. We slowly made sweet love, our bodies working as one, our lips locked as we moaned into each other’s mouths.

I could feel the churning within my balls, I began stroking faster and deeper, my tongue going deep into her mouth, I felt her hips lift to my thrusts, moaning again she cried out, “oh my god, again.”

As I started to cum, I pushed fully inside her, her hands holding onto my back, almost trying to pull me into her body, my chest pressed onto her breasts as I emptied deep within her. Letting our bodies slowly come down from our orgasms and leaving myself inside of her warm moist pussy.

I raise myself up, looking deep into eyes, I kissed her nose and told her, “Nicole, my god you are an amazing woman.”

“Just a woman, Paul, I am just a woman,” she replied.

“Well Nicole, you are an amazing woman to me, and I have a feeling that our partnership will also be amazing,” I whispered in her ear.

As we lay on the couch cuddling, kissing lightly, and just holding each other, she looked up to my eyes, “Paul, can I be your amazing woman?”

I looked into her eyes, “Nicole, that would make my life complete,” I told her. I then began once again kissing her lips, her chin, her neck continuing down onto her breasts, past the glorious mounds, I felt her hands on my head, actually pushing my head lower her breath becoming gasps, Nicole pushed my head until my lips reached her sweet pussy, at this point she held onto my head as I let my tongue dip back into the very warm wetness of her pussy. Licking, tasting our combined juices, running my tongue up and down her sweet slit, lifting her knees and opening up completely to my tongue, hands holding my head, her back arched, she groaned and shuddered.

“Oh my god, Paul, no one had ever treated me or my body like this, I have never felt this much pleasure in my life, you have touched feelings and parts of me that have never been touched,” she said between gasps.

“Nicole,” I said, “I told you that you are an amazing woman, I want to feel like the amazing woman you are.”

With that she rolled over and said, “well, you still owe me that massage.”

I placed my legs on either side of her butt, first massaging the beautiful globs of her ass, reaching up, rubbing her lower back. As I reached to her upper back and shoulders my dick was resting within the cheeks of her ass.

“Paul,” she said looking back at me, “just the massage for now, I am worn out, I want our first time to be special.”

“Nicole,” I replied, “this has been a very special time for us, you have made it special.”

“There is other special parts that you have awoken Paul,” she whispered, “that will be something for a special time.”

Our business has grown and flourished over the last few months, our catering jobs are actually netting us a much better income, of course I think the fact that we now live as a couple has a lot to do with it. I did end up replacing that blouse and skirt, we kind of forgot about them for the rest of the night.

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