A Chance for a Change Ch. 01

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My husband Scott looked at me with the same lust in his eyes as he did on our wedding day sixteen years ago. I’m probably not quite as hot as I was back then, but I still get plenty of attention from the opposite sex, even though I’m approaching my fortieth birthday.

I let him have me in the shower before I went out that evening. Sex was always passionate with Scott, I always enjoyed it, but I admit, if I’m totally honest I have never been blown away.

Until recently it never really bothered me, I accepted it for what it was. I have always loved Scott with all my heart and have always been more than happy with everything in our lives, including the bedroom.

Scott has always been a bit hung up about his manhood, he asked me on several occasions if he was big enough down there and I’d always answered him reasonably truthfully “You’re big enough for me darling.” I would say. I wasn’t lying, I was perfectly satisfied with him for most of our married life, but lately things have started to change.

In truth, I knew he wasn’t very well endowed. I’d been with four guys prior to meeting Scott and all of them were bigger in the penis department than him.

I can’t say that the first time I was in bed with Scott that I didn’t notice he was lacking a bit down there, but he made up for it in more ways than one with his fantastic tongue and fingers, always making sure I was satisfied. Plus he was a very good looking man and still is.

Scott kissed me passionately under the hot water, he lifted my arse up onto a small seat in our en-suite shower, and put his cock inside me. He fucked me for at most five minutes before I felt his rhythm quicken as he shot his seed inside me.

I stayed where I was as he dropped to the floor to recover, then he began running his tongue up the inside of my leg, towards my pussy. This had become something that Scott had started to do in recent months, go down on me after he’d cum. I never questioned it, why would I? He was giving me an orgasm after all. But I did begin to wonder why he’d stated doing it that way round.

I mean for most of our married life he’d go down on me first, then fuck me, which is what I presume most people do. But he seemed to get something out of tasting his own cum from my vagina.

After he’d done this a few times I began to get curious. It canlı bahis wasn’t the only strange thing he’d started doing. Every now and then, usually after a few drinks, when he was feeling more confident, he’d drop in things during sex, things about me with another man.

“Would you fuck someone else while I watch?” He said once, while in the streams of passion.

“If you want me to?” I replied, a little nervously.

“It’s just a fantasy.” He said as he thrusted into me . “I wouldn’t want it for real you know.”

“Of course not.” I replied. “But as a fantasy, yes I’d totally fuck someone else, and I’d fucking love it.” I said, and he promptly emptied his ball sack inside my vagina. ‘Wow, that got him off’ I thought to myself.

This sort of thing happened a few more times over a period of months, eventually it got me a little curious. I know Scott so well that I knew he’d get embarrassed and evasive if I questioned him about it, especially in the cold light of day. So, for the first time in my married life, I decided to do some snooping.

I found nothing on his phone and as he usually had it with him I didn’t really have much time to look at it. Then one day, when I was cleaning, I noticed an old laptop in a cupboard in our spare room. I sat down on the bed and began typing in pornographic words to see what came up on the search history. I was amazed at what I saw.

It transpired that Scott had been getting off on cuckold porn. All the videos and stories that came up were of wife’s cheating on their husbands. Some more graphic than others and they largely had a bi-curious element to them as well, with husbands cleaning the wives up after they’d been fucked, and some even sucking dick.

That explains why Scott had been so different in regards to our sexual encounters recently. Why he’d been licking his own cum from my pussy and why he’d been mentioning me with another guy.

As I sat on the bed I found myself getting aroused at some of the videos I opened up. I began to touch myself as I watched a guy with a big, thick cock penetrate a woman as her husband watched on.

The woman began to humiliate her husband, telling him how big her lover was and how much she enjoyed fucking him. Eventually the man ejaculated inside his lover and the woman made her husband lick it up.

I found that bahis siteleri my pussy was really wet at watching this, so I had to go on. I had an hour and a half before I had to pick the kids up, Scott was at work so I though why not indulge myself in his little fantasy world for a little while.

I stumbled across a story that he’d clearly been reading, it was about a man who had arranged for his wife to take a lover. She met him while her husband waited at home and when she got in she made her husband lick her pussy while telling him of all the dirty things she’d been doing wih her lover.

Reading this sent me over the edge and I gave myself the most wonderful orgasm with my fingers. As I lay there, on our spare bed recovering, I thought about Scott and I and how I could bring his little fantasy to life.

Scott’s tongue began exploring my pussy in the shower, I looked down and watched as he buried his head in my vagina, my little tuft of red pubic hair covered his nose he nibbled my clit. I drifted away, thinking about him licking some guys cum out of me and presumably he was thinking the same, as he nuzzled into my cunt.

Then, just as I was about to cum, a bang on the door caught my attention. “Who is it?” I shouted, pushing Scott’s head away from my vagina and switching the shower off.

“Kim’s here to pick you up.” Shouted our teenage daughter Beth.

“Fuck, look at the time.” I said to Scott as I stepped out of the shower. I’ve got to get ready.

“Oh but babe, I wanted to make you cum.” He replied “just five minutes?”

“You just wanted a bit more of this.” I said, scooping the remains of his cum out of my vagina with my hand and putting it over his lips. “Open wide.”

Scott opened his mouth and sucked his cum off my hand. “good boy” I said patronisingly and I chuckled as I wrapped a towel around myself and shouted down the stairs to Kim. “Give me ten minutes babe, I’m running late.”

“What was that about?” Scott asked as I dried myself off.

“Well, you like licking your cum out of me don’t you? I was just making sure you got it all.” I said with a smile on my face.

“But, um..” he stutterd nervously.

“But what? don’t be ashamed.” I said confidently, wiping a dribble off his chin with my finger and offering it him to suck. “I like it too.”

Scott bahis şirketleri followed me into the bedroom. “It’s not weird though is it?” He asked curiously. “I mean, you don’t think…”

“Listen, it’s fine.” I replied stepping into my sexy black dress and turning away from him in order for him to zip up the back. “We don’t really have time for this now babe. I’ve got to go out. Plus I’ve got to make myself look sexy as fuck in case I, you know, meet a guy I want to fuck.” I laughed.

“What??” He answered with a terrified look on his face.

“Relax, im kidding.” I reassured him. “Anyway, you’ll have fun thinking about it, in on your own all night, with your secret laptop, won’t you?”

Scott just looked at me, aghast. I couldn’t even believe I was saying it, I hadn’t planned to, I was just horny as hell and I knew that the fact I was about to go out meant I wouldn’t have to carry on the conversation.

“Thats right, I found your laptop in the spare room, I know what kind of stuff gets you off. I want you to stay in all night and think about what kind of naughty things I might be up to. Then, when I get in, you can jolly well finish what you started in the shower!” I said assertively. “Now go and fix Kim a drink while I finish getting ready.”

Kim is my best friend, we tell each other everything and although I hadn’t seen her in a while I definitely planned to tell her all about Scott and what I’d found out. I needed her advise, she was a woman of the world and I wanted to find out if she’d ever experienced anything like Scott’s fantasy.

I finished doing my hair and make up and went downstairs. I felt very confident in my black dress, it was just short enough to show off some leg, but not majorly slutty. It complimented my red hair and red lipstick and the front made my tits look nice and pert.

Even Kim commented on how hot I looked, while I could tell Scott was blown away. “Can I have a quick word?” He said. Knowing it would be about our earlier conversation I said no. “No time sweetheart, you just enjoy yourself thinking about me.” I winked seductively at him.

“Where are we going tonight then?” Asked Kim.

“Somewhere where we can dance.” I replied, opening the front door. “See you later honey. Don’t wait up!” I said blowing Scott a kiss as I closed the door.

“What was that all about?” Asked Kim as we walked to her car. “I sensed a tension in the house.”

“I’ll tell you all about it later.” I replied. “but let’s just say I’m in the mood to go crazy tonight!”

To be continued…

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