A Friend Indeed Ch. 01

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“Hello,” she cooed as I answered the door. She pulled the slipping strap of her backpack back onto her shoulder. My jaw mentally dropped. She looked even more beautiful than I remembered. Her straight, mousy brown hair framed her long thin features and fell well past her slim shoulder. She had little round glasses that hung on the tip of her nose. She wore a pair of blue-jeans that hung around her hips and a light sweater that just caught the tips of her pert smallish breasts. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close to me. It always gave me a hard on to feel her body pressed against mine. It also made me feel a little guilty. She had been dating one of my friends. Even though he had broken things off several months ago, I couldn’t think of pursuing her. Though the thought did cross my mind.

The break-up had hurt her deeply and she’d always seemed like such a fragile girl. I didn’t think twice when she told me that she needed to spend time with somebody and asked if we could see each other. Visions of her tight, innocent body swam though my mind. I knew that really wanted to I have her, but I couldn’t. I mean I shouldn’t. Besides, I couldn’t imagine that an innocent girl like that would be interested in any of the things I would want to do to her.

Still, I could remember each of the moments when some slip would happen and I couldn’t help but see a little bit too much. Now that I think about it, there were rather a lot of those times. I’d always wondered if she noticed how much I liked watching her.

I invited her into my apartment. We sat and talked while I warmed some water for tea. We talked about life and our favorite movies. We were deciding what movie to watch when the water was ready in the kitchen. I left and prepared two cups. When I walked back into the room I nearly dropped the tea.

She was bending over to look at the dvds stored close to the floor. Her legs were straight at the knee and she folded her tight body over at the hips. I can’t even begin to tell you how perfect her ass was. The curve from her hips to her thigh, perfectly rounded expression of her taught little splendor. My cock swelled to its fullest and I began to throb powerfully. I was afraid she had seen when she turned her head and smiled at me. She stood up and took one of the cups out of my hands, thanked me and sat down. I could hardly believe she had not noticed, but she did not seem to.

She looked concerned. I’d noticed a tension about her since I first held her at the door. I concentrated in a vain attempt to subdue my raging cock. I picked out a movie to watch. It was one of those long Russian epics, she had actually gotten it for me as a gift. I hoped it would distract her from some of her concerns.

We settled into our seats and began the movie. She complained that her shoulder ached from typing all day long. I could hardly resist a chance to touch her and so I offered her a massage. She lifted herself up and collapsed onto my lap, giggling lightly as she fell. I ran my fingers though her long hair, pushing it over her shoulders. I rolled my fingers through the back of her hair and let my fingertips slide down her slim neck to the collar of her sweater. “You should take this off.” I told her. She grabbed her sweater and lifted it over her head. As she lifted the sweater her undershirt lifted along istanbul escort as well. Her hips curved beautifully into her tight stomach and the silken skin of her back. She was wearing a white lacy bra, I could see the swell of her breast for an instant. My breath caught in my throat.

She pulled off her sweater and got her shirt back down. I was so completely aware of my cock aching in my blue jeans and her body only inches from it. When I’m naked my erection reaches all the way to my navel, but with my jeans on I don’t have enough room to… to stretch out, let’s put it that way.

I moved my hands onto her shoulders and began to caress her. Now, it’s not easy to give a massage to a thin girl. There is not a lot of muscle to rub, but I let my fingertips trace across her shoulder blades and across her neck. She cooed gently. I kept talking with her to keep my mind off the situation. I don’t even know what I was talking about. My fingertips were slowing working my way down her spine.

As I massaged my way down her back and as I did her hips began moving in tiny circles on my thigh. My cock, which was pressed tightly against the fly of my pants, throbbed rhythmically. This couldn’t be my imagination. She was working me over. It was impossible. This was not the kind of girl who would know how to work a cock over. She could hardly listen to dirty jokes without bushing. It must be something else. But Oh God, please don’t let her stop.

Her hips began moving with more intensity. My fingers had wrapped around her waist and I began massaging her a little more roughly. She seemed to react directly to my touch rolling her sweet flesh against me. I wasn’t massaging her anymore; I was controlling her and using her to massage my aching cock. I knew she would stop me at any moment. I knew that any second she would recognize that I was not doing what she though I was. But what the fuck else could she be thinking. She couldn’t be that innocent, could she? She must have felt that throbbing pulse. It echoed though my entire body.

Just then she pulled away and walked sharply to the bathroom. My world shattered. As the minutes ticked by I slowly started picking up the pieces. If I was lucky we would have a short talk and move on, but I wasn’t sure if our friendship could ever bee the same again. It wasn’t worth it, not for that momentary fit of pleasure, even if it was a mind-wrenchingly good moment of pleasure.

She walked back into the room and sat down beside me. She picked up her cup of tea and started watching the movie. I did the same. It was uncomfortable.

Finally she sighed deeply and almost under her breath started talking to me. “I’ve got something I should tell you. I wanted to tell you a long time ago, but…” My mind swam with all of the horrible things that could follow an opening like that. My stomach tied into a knot. “I just don’t think you’d want to be my friend if I told you. I know what a good person you are and I just…”

That last part was not what I expected. I tried to assure her, “You can tell me anything. I truly care about you and I’ll support you no matter what.” I wondered if I could actually back up that sentiment. I never knew much about her childhood or her personal life. I could have just done avcılar escort the worst thing imaginable. Even if there was nothing I could do to help her I had to try.

“I like to be treated like a slut.”

The movie played on, but the room was completely silent.

“What?” I was in complete shock.

“I love cum. I love it so much that I am willing to do anything to get it.”

That last though just hung in the air between us for sometime.

“You were afraid to tell me?”

“I know how disgusting girls like me are. If you want me to leave right now, I will.” Her head hung down and a few loose strands of hair fell onto her face. “I just…” she was so embarrassed that she almost broke down into tears.

I had no idea what to do. I said the only words I could think of, “I don’t know.”

“He mentioned that that you might help me before,” she looked up hopefully. “That’s why I finally took the chance on telling you.”

“What? Your ex?” She nodded.

“He’s was keeping my secret for me. One time I told him how much I’d like to have a big piece of meat deep in my tight little hole while I sucked him off. He loved it when I would tell him dirty stories and jack him off. He thought about that one for a few days and told me that he might be able to talk to you. He told me that you said no. But you were the only person he’d ever mentioned. And I really need some cum.”

I could have kissed him. And I thought he was the greatest fool I’ve ever known for letting a girl like this go. “So you want me… to treat you like a whore.” Her lips and eyes turned into a little pouting face and she nodded. “How can I treat you like a filthy little cum slut unless I’ve seen you act like one?”

She purred from the back of her throat as her face slipped onto my lap. “Do you mean that you’ll let me…” As much as I enjoyed her nuzzling the crotch of my jeans and knowing that the smell of cock was leaving her deeply intoxicated, I knew that this was more important. I grabbed her hair in a fast ponytail and pulled her up. “I will not allow you to do anything. He was right, you are an animal and your lust makes you filthy. However, I will protect you. Your whore is my secret. You are my secret. You may fulfill yourself only when I allow you to, you may cum only when I command. You are my little slut now. I will burden your secret. But in return you can never forget this debt your owe me. A debt as deep as the depravity you would inflict upon yourself and others.”

I couldn’t believe the asshole had never invited me to fuck this little dove. I’m not surprised though. I was so grateful he had slipped and mentioned my name. I was the luckiest cock on the block. She was eager to relieve her most depraved fantasies on me. “Tell me one of the things you like to do.”

“I like to be a little suck slut.” She licked her lips. “I can remember all the times we would hang out together, watching movies and stuff. After he told me that you might help me I couldn’t stop think about what I wanted to do to you. I’d be day-dreaming about laying on your lap and blowing you while you watched the movie.” It was so hot to hear those words coming out of her lips. “Imagining what your cock would taste like.” Her hands were running up my legs. “What your cum would taste like.” şirinevler escort It might have been nice to let her attack me, but I knew better. I tossed her back to the opposite side of the couch. She looked surprised, but she had allowed her hunger out and now there was no way she could conceal it. “Stop.” I commanded her. She stopped. “Sit at attention.” She settled herself into a formal kneeling position. I was impressed. “You need cock, don’t you?” She nodded, glued to the spot. I unzipped my pants. Her eyes became glued to my crotch. “Poor little thing, how long has it been?” She was shaking while she responded, “Four months,”

I pulled my pants down my legs. My cock popped the fly in my boxers, springing into view. She gasped. My cock had been hard since she walked though the door and now it shook with the pounding of my heart, finally free of confinement. She was instantly in motion. I stopped her by quickly grabbing her hair. “Did I give you permission to do anything?” She cowered back into a hungry ball on the couch. I wrapped my hand around my cock and gave it a long pull. The girl was practically drooling. I can’t remember the last time I experienced hunger this raw.

I leaned back so she could appreciate my body. “You know,” I said as I began slowly jacking off, “I like to cum.” She nodded dumbly. “I cum pretty hard.” I picked up the pace of my pleasuring slightly. I let the pleasure take my voice and started to vocalize more. “I could cum for you right now if you want.” Oh, it made it so much better that I knew her pussy was dripping. She sat perfectly still.

“I’m not going to.” She was beyond gestures. “As long as you are my little slut I will never have to touch myself for pleasure again. I have cum, lots of cum. You may ask humbly for permission and I will allow you to service me. I will take you when ever and how ever I wish. Do you wish to be my cum slut?”

“Yes. Yes. Yes.” I unwrapped my hand from around my cock and held it to her nose. “What is that smell?”

“Oh, it’s the smell of your cock.” She grabbed my hand and held it to her face. Her tongue slipped out and licked the salt from my palms.

“When I say the word, you have permission to act as you will. Do you understand?” She nodded. “Do you give yourself freely into my possession, to keep, protect and relieve your depravity?”

“I do.” Her eyes were stern and cold as stone. I looked into her eyes and spoke the word, “Slut.” The stone in her eyes was suddenly ablaze and she fell onto my staff. She put her nose onto my tightened balls and breathed in deeply. She slid up the length of my erect cock, stopping briefly when she lost her breath. She took my cock into two hands and stared at it. I wish I could describe the look on her face.

Without any indication she suddenly opened her mouth and swallowed my entire cock. It’s not the first time anyone has every taken my entire length into their wanton mouth, but it was the first time anyone had done it completely on the first bob. Her tongue wriggled along the soft underside of my dick and the soft suction carried all of the warmth and wetness of her mouth.

There began a marathon cock-sucking that would be to tedious to enjoy if I took the time to properly tell it. She was satisfied by the time the movie ended. It was a bit strange. She kept her head on my lap gently playing with my cock long after had I finally collapsed. She looked up at me and smiled in the haze of her buzzing afterglow. “I’m so glad you let me be your slut,” she cooed, “Now I can show you what’s in the backpack.”

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