A Shy Kid Ch. 05

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It was Saturday and I woke up alone in bed and so headed for the shower. I had plans to play some video games with my buddies this morning and spend the afternoon getting ready for my date with Gloria. I got dressed and headed for the kitchen to find my mom to discover she left a note that she went shopping and that there was cereal for breakfast. I grabbed a bite and headed out the door.

I got home about 2 pm to find my mom doing house work in her little apron of course. My cock sprang to attention immediately seeing my mom’s backside with her tight ass and gorgeous legs. I walked up behind her, gently slapped her ass then pressed my crotch against her butt while kissing her on the neck. “Ohhhhh baby, I like that! Uhhh and you are so hard all ready!” She reached around behind her and grabbed my hard cock through my shorts, then turned around facing me giving me a big juicy kiss. While we were kissing, she rubbed my cock up and down her crotch moaning into my mouth.

I said, “You make me so hard just looking at you and when you touch me like you are doing, I nearly shoot my load.”

“Where have you been baby? I’ve missed you. I was a little worried as to how you felt after last night’s role playing long fuck fest we had.”

“I was over at Jim’s playing video games along with Matt and a new kid in school, we had lots of fun. I’m just fine after last night. I loved our fuck fest.”

“That’s great Peter. I haven’t seen Mattie for quite some time, how is he and who is this new kid?”

I responded, “The new kid is an African American, the second black kid in our whole school, I’ll tell you more latter. And Matt is fine as usual. You know he doesn’t like to be called Mattie.”

“Yea I know, but he is so cute, he is Mattie to me. Why hasn’t he been around lately?”

“Not sure. Maybe it’s because he has the hots for you and can’t control his pecker when he is around you.”

“What? What are you saying?”

“He told me he had the hots for you and thinks you are the hottest woman he has ever been around and gets really nervous when he gets close to you.”

“Really, little Mattie gets nervous. He always seems to me to be very self confident little dude. I really like him and wish he would come by more often.”

“Well I’ll tell him to drop by soon, that you like his company. You know he is not so little any more. He will probably cream his jeans if I tell him you would like for him to hang out with us.”

“I would like to see that. He is the only one of your friends that I would be willing to fuck.”

“Oh really, so if you ever had a chance to fuck him and you discovered he had a small dick, would you turn him down?”

“Maybe for some guys, but not Mattie, I would fuck him anyway. I have always really liked him. Have you seen his mother lately? She has lost a lot of weight and is looking good. Saw her at the grocery store the other day and did not recognize her at first. She has a nice shape, some really perky tits that are bigger then I remember her having. Maybe, just maybe he is spending more time at home these days to be close to his hot mom.”

“What! Well so maybe he is staying home more. So you look at other women’s tits?”

“Sure, I always want to size up my competition. I check out their ass, legs and tits, just like you guys do. And she is hot!”

“Well I’ll have to visit Matt someday soon to check his mother out.”

“Be careful because if she finds out that you have a bigger pecker than her son, she may just jump your bones and you may lose a friend.”

“Yea mom, you think all women will want to have sex with me because of my big dick.”

“Well maybe not all, but I know a majority of them will want to. So tell me more about this black kid.”

“Why? So you think just because he is black, that he has a big cock?”


“Well I don’t know much except that he started last week, is a senior and is very friendly.”

“Is he tall?”

“Yea, he is pretty tall, maybe only a couple inches shorter than me. And he is good looking too, at least that is what all the girls have been saying.”

“Oh that sounds nice. So why don’t you invite him over sometime so you can get to know him better?”

“Or so you can size him up?”


“Yea. Then you can check him out to see if he is hung like most black guys are suppose to be and if he is, you’ll have a replacement cock for when I’m busy. Plus it will be a black cock.”

My mom just smiled saying, “What makes you think I’m interested in black cocks?”

“Oh I just think you are interested in all cocks and would appreciate experiencing a black one.”

“Oh do you. Speaking of cock size, think you have time for a quickie or are you saving yourself for tonight?”

“Would love to nail your ass right now mom, but think I’ll hold off until I get home from my date with Gloria.’

“Probably a good idea to save your energy, but I sure would like a quick fuck right now with you being all hard and kadıköy escort ready.”

“I know mom, so would I, but just think I should wait.”

“Okay, let’s wait till you get home tonight and then we can have our usual good night fuck. Maybe after being around Gloria and her mother all evening, admiring their tits, legs and asses, you’ll want another all nighter with me, which I would love of course! I just hope you have enough spunk left for at least one load for me.”

“Oh mom, don’t worry I will always have spunk for you. I doubt if I will be getting into Gloria’s pants on our first date anyway. Being with her all evening without any sex will probably make me hornier than a two puckered owl.”

My mother responded, “I would love that! I’m ready for a DP.”

“What’s a DP?”

“Double penetration. I know you’ve seen that on some of the porn you look at.”

“Oh yea, just didn’t remember. What two holes would you like filled, cunt and mouth, cunt and ass, or ass and mouth?”

“Any combination as long as they are big cocks.”

“How about three cocks?”

“Yes, that would even be better.”

The rest of the day went by fast, even though I kept thinking about Gloria which kept me erect most of the time. We had dinner and I helped with the dishes, then went to my room to get dressed. When I came out, my mom had put on a dress and was waiting to give me the keys to her car. She said, “I had the car washed and vacuumed today just for you, sweetie. I want you to have a great time and just be careful, keep your eye on the road, not on your girlfriend’s tits or legs!” I laughed but I know she meant it. I kissed her then reached down and slid my hand into her crotch and rubbed her pussy. She immediately grabbed my hand and pressed it harder into her crotch and said, “I’ll be waiting for you to fill me in on your date and for you to fill me up right here!” I poked a finger in her cunt and winked at her as I fled out the door.

I arrived at Gloria’s a few minutes later, she was waiting for me which was great, I love people who are on time. She was wearing a short skirt and had on a small sweater over her blouse, she looked great as always. Her mother popped in the foray just as we were leaving. She had on a robe that was split up the sides showing lots of leg plus it had a plunging neckline revealing lots of cleavage. As she bid us good bye with a kiss on Gloria’s cheek, she spun around and I got a glimpse of her thigh making me think she was naked under her robe. Almost got a hard on right there.

So off we went. The theater was just 10 minutes away. I parked the car and started to get out when Gloria grabbed me and planted a big kiss on my lips. I was startled but recovered and kissed her back. She said, “I’m so glad we are going on a date. Just wanted to let you know how happy I am.”

“Thanks. I’ve been excited since yesterday about us going on a date and was so relieved when you agreed to go out with me.” I gave her a quick kiss, got of the car and walked around to her side and opened her door.

“What a gentlemen.” she said and then took my hand as we walked into the theater. She wanted to sit near the back so we found a couple seats just off the aisle in second roll from the back. We sat down and chatted for a bit before the previews started and when the feature began, we settled into our seats. Within minutes Gloria placed her hand on my knee and looked up at me and smiled. I responded in kind and put my arm around her shoulders; she reached up and held my hand that was hanging over her shoulder. I was getting a buzz on already. After a few minutes she took her hand that was on my knee and moved it up and to the inside of my leg while also squeezing my hand she was holding. I pulled her closer and she just melted into my side. The hand she was holding was now only inches from one of her tits and I was so tempted to just reach down and squeeze her tit. She nuzzled her head into my neck and squeezed my leg. I was starting to get a hard on and fortunately my boxers were holding my dick in place. About half way through the move she said, “Are you getting warm?”

“Yea kind of.”

“Me too. Mind if I take my sweater off?’

“No, of course not.” She leaned forward and removed her sweater and sat back. Oh my god, she had on a low cut blouse with lots of cleavage showing. She immediately looked up and caught me looking at her tits, she smiled and whispered, “I thought you might enjoy this blouse on me, I figured that for you being such a nice gentleman all the time with me, you deserved seeing some cleavage to look at.” Oh my lord, and what nice cleavage it was, I wanted to reach out and touch those wonderful looking tits so bad, but knew this was not the time or place. We went back to me having my arm around her and she having her hand on my leg. By now I had a raging hard on and I know she must have detected it, but she did üsküdar escort not show any signs of being aware of my hard on.

The show ended and she put her sweater back on before we left out seats. When we got back into the car, she leaned over and gave me another big kiss. I asked her if she was hungry and she said, “Yes, but let’s go to my place and I’ll fix us something to eat.” That sounded great so I drove straight to her place. She held my hand on the way from the car to her door. We walked in and found a note on the kitchen counter from her mom saying she had gone out and would be home around eleven. Gloria said, “Well that gives us a little over an hour before she is home. OK, what would you like to eat?”

My first thought was I wanted to eat her pussy but reframed from telling her that. “Oh I don’t want much just a snack will do. What are you hungry for?”

Gloria was standing right next to me, turned facing me and put her arms around my neck saying, “I’m hungry for one of your juicy kisses.” And wham-o, the next thing I knew she was draped around me with our mouths totally engaged in a passionate kiss. Our tongues seemed to be battling as she moved her body into mine. Her tits were pressed hard into my chest and her pelvis was pressed against my hips. I immediately got a hard on and I assumed she could feel it, but she did not relax at all and seemed to press even harder into me. God she felt great in my arms and seemed so willing. I got my courage up and began to pull her even tighter into me and then lowered my hands down to her butt and pulled her pelvis really tight against my hips. She responded by rotating her hips and getting up on her tip toes so my cock would be pressing closer to her pussy rather than into her stomach. We kissed for the longest time and then she relaxed and moved back a bit, she said, “Let’s sit down on the couch?”

I just nodded okay as she grabbed my hand and led me into the living room; she removed her sweater and then set down on the couch. I sat right next to her and without either one of us saying anything, I put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her into me and began kissing her again. I had the other hand lightly wrapped around her waist. After making out for quite some time, she reached over taking my hand that was on her waist and moved it up onto one of her tits. I automatically squeezed the tit in my hand and heard her moan a little. I just continued squeezing one tit then moved my hand to her other tit and would gently squeeze it.

She broke off our kissing and said, “Are you surprised that I moved your hand over my breast? Or should I say my tit?”

“Yes, I’m very much surprised. I didn’t expect this to happen at all.”

“Well I want you to know that I have never done this before on a first date, but you are so polite and your kisses have me so turned on, I just wanted to feel you touching my tits. Your hand feels so good squeezing my them.”

I just smiled at her and started kissing her some more with my hand still on her tit. She seemed to melt in my arms as I continued squeezing her tits through her blouse and bra. She again took my hand but this time she had unbuttoned her blouse and slid my hand inside while also pushing her bra down until my hand was now on her bare tit. OH MY GOD, her bare tits felt so good. She then reached in and unhooked her bra and then unbuttoned the remaining buttons on her blouse. Within seconds her blouse was wide open and her bra was off giving me complete access to her bare tits. By now I had a raging hard on in my pants.

She again broke off the kissing to say, “Your soft hands feel so good on my tits, and I love how gently you are fondling my tits, it’s got me so excited and horny.”

I responded, “Oh Gloria, your tits are so beautiful and feel so good in my hands, better than I ever imagined. In fact, your tits are absolutely magnificent!”

She smiled and said, “Do you like my nipples too?”

“Oh yes, they are so erect, I love touching them.” She smiled back at me while wiggling her chest as we continued our kissing; I just continued fondling her tits and nipples apparently to her delight. She turned her body a bit and reached down to my lap and began rubbing her hand along my hard cock. Since she was so willing to expose her tits to me, I decided to let her feel my bare cock so I reached down with one hand and tried to unzip my pants. I was having trouble doing it so she helped me, and within minutes my cock was now sticking out of my fly. She immediately gripped it and began stroking the full length of my shaft while are lips were still locked in a passionate kiss.

She quickly pulled her head back and looked down to see what she was holding on to and said, “OH MY GOD PETER, you are huge. Absolutely huge! Oh what a beautiful cock you have, I didn’t expect you to be so large and long. Ummm, ohhhh god your cock feels so nice in my hand, I love it.” She then wrapped her hand around my tuzla escort dick again and began stroking it like she was going to jack me off. But then she grabbed my cock and lifted so it was pointing straight up, she looked at me and then looked back at my cock saying, “Your cock is absolutely beautiful, so big and so long with such a beautiful mushroom head.” Then without saying another word, she leaned down and first licked the pre-cum off the head of my dick, then she placed a kiss on my dick head and to my total surprise, she opened her mouth and devoured about three inches of my cock. She sucked on it a little and used her tongue to play with my mushroom head by licking around the edge of my mushroom. God I love that! She released my cock and sat up straight and kissed me. She then said, “I really love your cock Peter, I would love to give you a blow job if and only if, you want me to.” I couldn’t believe my ears, here we are on our first date and she is offering to give me a blow job.

I said, “I’m all yours, feel free.”

“Good and I want you to feel free to fondle and even suck my tits.” She then got up off the couch, completely removed her blouse and bra, and then got back on the couch on her hands and knees perpendicular to me, grabbed my cock and began blowing me. With her in that position I reached down under her and continued squeezing her hanging tits, paying most attention to her nice erect nipples. After just a few minutes she removed my cock from her mouth and said, “I like this, I love having your nice warm hands on my tits and how you play with my nipples. I like how you are fondling me and I really like having your big cock in my mouth. I have never seen or touched such a big cock before.”

I said, “I love feeling your mouth on my cock too, you are an excellent cock sucker.”

“So you have had lots of experience having your cock sucked? How many girls have sucked your cock?”

I ignored her second question and said, “No not really but enough to know what a good cock sucker you are.” She smiled at me and went back to sucking my cock. I continued fondling her tits then I moved my hand down her belly toward her crotch paying close attention to her reaction. She didn’t show any signs of resistance and so I started to pull her skirt out of the way. I also reached over her back with my other hand and to help in pulling her skirt up over her butt; I then began massaging her ass cheeks. I moved my hand that was under her toward her cunt, not sure if I was going too far or not. She still did not show any signs of resisting and so I continued until my hand was totally over her panty covered cunt. I pressed my hand against her cunt a few times and then poked my fingers inside her panties a little. Without missing a beat on her cock sucking action, she reached down with one hand and began sliding her panties down over her hips. Once I realized what she was doing, I took over and removed her panties. I then returned to rubbing her now bare cunt and began to seriously finger her, sliding one or two fingers just inside her pussy looking for her clit. Once I found it, I very gently played with it to her apparent delight as she began to moan and groan while sucking my cock. By now I was about to explode and told her so. She thanked me for letting her know and then continued sucking my cock until I unloaded in her mouth. She swallowed almost every drop and I think I unloaded a ton of cum in her mouth. While I was climaxing, I had pushed two fingers as deep as I could into her cunt, and when I was about to remove my fingers, she reached down between her legs and pushed my hand even deeper into her crotch, so I knew she liked what I was doing.

When I finished shooting my load of sperm in her mouth, she sat up with a bit of cum running down her chin, she looked at my dick that was coated with cum and leaned down to lick me clean. Then she sat back up on her butt and just looked at me. There she was, naked from the waist up and I knew that under her skirt she had a bare pussy, god she looked hot. Her tits were magnificent, big without any sag, beautiful big areoles and great big protruding nipples.

I said, “Did you climax?”

“Nope, I did not.”

“Well we need to fix that.” I placed my hand on her thigh and slid it up toward her cunt, she immediately reached down to pull her skirt up giving me easy access to her crotch. So I slid my hand into her crotch and began rubbing and fingering her pussy while she held up her skirt watching me.

“I like that Peter, I like that you want me to also have a climax and that this is just not a ‘wham bam, thank you mamm’ deal with you.”

“Oh I would never leave you hanging, sex is for mutual satisfaction.” She then laid back and spread her legs as I continued my finger fucking her. I scooted up closer to her and leaned down to take one of her tits in my mouth while I played with her cunt. She placed her hand on the back of my head as I sucked on her nipple saying, “I was hoping that you would want to suck on my tits, I love having my tits sucked on. It feels so good especially while you also have your fingers in my pussy.” I continued fingering her pussy and sucking on her tits as she began to breath heavily and then suddenly her phone dinged. She reached over and upon looking at the screen she said, “My mother will be here in 5 minutes, we need to hurry.”

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