A Summer to Remember

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Quite a few years ago I was working during the summer between my freshman and sophomore years in college. It was a particularly hot July day and all I could think of was getting a cold beer and jumping in our pool. So when I arrived home I ran upstairs and quickly changed into my bathing suit and then went right out to the pool grabbing a beer from the refrigerator as I passed it by.

I had expected and hoped to have the pool all to myself when I got out there but what I found was my sister and her friend Anne sunning themselves by the pool. I really liked Anne a lot. She was every guy’s idea of the perfect woman, blond busty and beautiful. She wasn’t stuck on herself either. Although head cheerleaders usually got pinned as being mindless Anne was in fact a member of the honor society and had gotten early admission to Stanford. I can remember wondering what she was doing hanging around my sister who I considered to be as dumb as a rock.

They seemed to both be sleeping so I ran to the far end of the pool and jumped in just to get cooled off quickly. I’d decided that since they were out there I’d just go back in and catch up on some reading I needed to do for the fall semester. As soon as I surfaced in the pool I heard my sister complain, “Oh shit it’s you! What are you doing here?”

“I live here remember?”

“Don’t remind me.” Sibling rivalry was alive and well between us.

“I love you too Laura.”

“Hi Peter, how’re you doing?” Anne asked in her usual bubbly way. Anne was the type of girl who could turn around an otherwise crummy day.

“Great! How’ve you been.”

“I’m going inside,” my sister announced. “You coming Anne?” Now Anne was seldom at a loss for words but she seemed a bit perplexed and didn’t answer right away. “I’ll be inside anyway.” With Laura stormed off.

“What’s with her?” I asked.

“Her boyfriend dumped her.”

“Good. He’s a lazy jerk anyway.”

“Yeah, that’s what I told her but you know Laurie, stubborn.”


“Peter, would you rub a little aloe on my back. I peel really easily if I don’t take care of my skin.” I couldn’t believe my good luck in her asking me to do this. Anne had long been a 10 in my book and I’d always wanted to get my hands on her but never had. Even though this wasn’t exactly the way I had imagined I’d take it. Anne held up a tube of aloe for me and got on her stomach on a towel next to the chair she’d been sitting in. “Do the back of my legs too if you don’t mind.” Mind? I sarcastically thought to myself that that wasn’t about to happen.

I knelt down beside her and started applying to lotion to her back. I had no sooner applied a little to her should when she yelped, “Ouch!”

“I’m sorry,” I said, “I didn’t think I rubbed that hard.”

“You didn’t,” she said, “Laurie and I went riding this morning and the horse threw me so I’m really sore there.”

“Huh,” I said, “There’s no bruise.”

“Listen, would you mind massaging my should a little bit first. I think it’s just a muscle spasm and if you istanbul escort could just work it out I’d be forever grateful.” I repositioned myself between her legs so I could massage her shoulders properly. The first few times I rubbed her should she yelped but told me to continue. I could feel the tension in her and then felt it melting away as I massaged her. As she became more relaxed I went to massage the rest of her back but my fingers caught in her bikini strap. Without saying a thing Anne reached behind herself and unsnapped the top. “You’re hands feel great. Please don’t stop.” She pleaded.

I hadn’t planned on stopping but her reassurance of what I was doing was nice too. I noticed that as I rubbed her back the tips of my fingers seemed to tingle and the feeling traveled up my arms and down my body to my groin. In no time at all I was hard. I was getting braver and as my hand massaged her side I could feel a bit of her breast. I was ready for her to stop me or otherwise indicate that the attention was unwanted but it didn’t come. Still, she hadn’t done anything to encourage my advances either so I decided to try something. I put both my hands on the sides of her neck and rubbed the back of her neck with my thumbs. Doing such required that I lean forward somewhat and as I did my cock would necessarily bump into her ass. Still, she didn’t say anything nor did she encourage my advances. I concentrated on her neck as long as I dared and not seem too obvious. I then shifted my attention to her lower back. Anne did encourage me to the extent that she’d say “mmmmm” or “that feels good” but nothing more.

To do her lower back I moved to her side so that I was now facing her ass. I rubbed her lower back and let my hands slip slightly under her bikini bottom. I was hoping she’d encourage me to go further but she didn’t. I then put one of my hands on each of her legs and started long sweeping massage moves on each leg. I decided it was now or never so as I pulled my hands up toward me I lets the move up over her ass and massage there. I expected her to slap them away but when she didn’t I decided she actually wanted me to do something.

I had just pushed my hands totally underneath her bikini bottom when I heard, “Shit! What are you two doing?” It was Laurie and she was using her best threatening voice.

We were both started but Anne recovered quickly and said, “Listen, I need to get home anyway. I’ll see you tomorrow Laurie.” I realized that Anne had smartly not answered Laura’s pointed question and had just quickly removed herself from the situation, something I could do.

“See ya,” was all Laura said to Anne as she quickly departed our back yard.

I, on the other hand, felt horribly guilty and thought I had to answer her charge. “I was just giving Anne a massage. She said the horse threw her today.” I said very defensively.

“Yeah right,” Laura said sarcastically, “but she told her she hurt her shoulder, not her ass.” I wanted to respond but avcılar escort couldn’t think of a thing. “So listen, if you don’t want me to tell mom you’ll do what I want.”

“What do you want?”

“I want you to give me a massage but just my back, you keep your stupid hands off my ass.”

I very meekly agreed and Laura got down on the towel Anne had occupied only minutes before. “You’ll need to undo your top or I can’t do it right.” I said this sharply hoping that such a demand would get her to change her mind. It didn’t. She just undid the top.

“Remember, no funny stuff or I’ll tell mom.”

I grumbled something but did as she said. My mother was the family disciplinarian and none of us ever liked her wrath. I started rubbing some baby oil into her back. I hoped she would want me to do it very long. Now my sister was just that, my sister. I didn’t see her as pretty or even as a young woman for that matter because she was my sister. We had had such an adversarial relationship through the years that I’d tried not to look at her any more than I had to. But now I was forced to and for the first time I noticed that she had a fairly nice body. Laura didn’t let me stop after a few minutes but I actually didn’t mind too much. To my surprise I was having some of the same tingling sensations I’d had with Anne and incredibly had gotten hard.

“Do my neck!” Laura suddenly demanded and I was jerked out of the stupor I’d been in.

“Okay okay.” I said trying to act very annoyed but being anything but. As I massaged her neck Anne said the last thing I ever expected to hear from her, “Shit Peter, you’re good! That feels great!” I couldn’t believe she had said that but quickly became suspicious. I wondered what she was up to. At the same time I forgot myself and when my cock pushed her firmly in the ass she bellowed, “Hey, watch it with that thing!”

All I could say was, “Huh?” and then realizing what she was talking about, “Oh, sorry. You still want me to do your neck?”

“Of course,” she said, the edge had disappeared from her voice. So I started massaging her again and again my cock poked her ass though not nearly as firmly as before, “Hey! I told you not to do that!”

“I can’t help it,” I complained to her, “I can’t reach your neck and stop that from happening.”

“All right,” she said, “just don’t get any idea.”

“Okay okay!” I said quite annoyed. My problem was that I was just feigning being annoyed. I was very surprising aroused and liking it all. So I continued rubbing her neck and my cock continued to touch her ass. I don’t know if she didn’t notice or didn’t care but my cock started rubbing her ass a little more firmly each time I push up on her neck. Finally she said, “All right, that’s enough.” I thought it was over and felt thankful. In my head I was already up in my bedroom masturbating myself. As soon as I got out from between her legs Laura rolled over but made no attempt to hold her bikini top to her chest. She had herself propped up by her elbows, her şirinevler escort breasts in full view to me. By looking at her I’d guessed she was a full C cup. “That’s quite a hardon you’ve got there.”

“Yeah,” I said weakly.

Then she surprised me by saying, “Let me see it.”

I didn’t budge. I was still afraid this was some sort of a trick she was playing on me. Finally I said, “Yeah, I show you my dick and tonight you’ll tell mom I was doing stuff.”

“No I won’t, promise.” She said somewhat convincingly as she fixed her gaze on my midsection. When we were young we had done the usual sibling you show me yours and I’ll show you mine stuff but that was all that had ever happened. So I figured what the hell and pushed by bathing suit off. As if mesmerized Laura reached up to my cock and ran her hand up and down it one time.

“So let me see yours,” I said thinking back to those days when we were younger. Laura quickly pushed he bikini bottom off. Now we were in no danger of being discovered by our parents because my father was off on a business trip and my mother was a nurse who worked the evening shift. “Can I touch your tits?” I was pretty inexperienced back then and I had only had sex with one girlfriend to that point and that had only happened a few times the summer before. Laura didn’t say no so I took that as approval. I knelt down beside her and clutched her breast and then tweaked her nipple. Laura moaned slightly and closed her eyes. I continued to play with her tits finally using both my hands. As I did so Laura reach over and started stroking my cock. I took that as a signal to touch her where ever I wanted so I slipped one hand between her legs and pressed a finger into her pussy. Laura had had her legs together but when my hand went between them she spread them to give me better access.

Laura’s clit was very hard beneath my touch and each time I ran my finger over it she shuddered. Finally I slipped a finger inside her. My mind was racing and I was unsure of what to do next. I figured I’d finger her to orgasm and that’d I’d come pretty soon myself. As we continued Laura’s breathing deepened and quickened. “Put it in me.” I heard her say suddenly.

“What?” I asked in disbelief.

“I want you in me.”

“We can’t. It’s wrong.”

“And what we’ve been doing is okay?” I realized she was right. I got between her legs and looked down at my cock as it settled between her legs and up against her pussy. I couldn’t believe I was about to fuck my sister but here we were and there seemed no stopping us now. I was nervous as hell but horny as hell too so I eased my cock slowing into her waiting pussy. I couldn’t believe the sensation of her pussy surround my cock and the thought running through my head that this was my sister’s pussy I was putting my cock into. As we started to fuck I knew I could hold off coming for about a minute and that was about all. Laura was equally aroused though and as I fucked her I could see she was starting to come. That was all I needed and I could feel my cock explode in her pussy. We were both yelping “Oh yeah” and saying how great it felt.

“Hey Laura, I left my purse here.” I whipped my head around just in time to see Anne coming through the fence that surrounded the pool. I tried to get off Laura but before I could I heard, “Holy shit!”

–to be continued–

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