An Angel in the Choir Loft

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In her choir robe, Ingrid looked just like an angel. Her beautiful blue eyes positively sparkled. Her blonde hair was cut in an A line with the sides reaching just past her perfect jaw. Her high cheekbones, her full lips, and her irresistible smile combined to produce an effect that was at once ineffably sweet and yet incredibly sexy, in a “girl next door” kind of way. Her beauty had struck Aaron the very first time he saw her walk into his church choir rehearsal. At the time, he had been busy getting organized for the hour and a half of singing he had to lead, but when she came through the door, he felt something akin to an electrical charge. At the time, he noticed the feeling but went on with his work. But as time went by, he began to feel more and more drawn to Ingrid, and would always look for opportunities to talk with her and be near her.

As weeks turned into months, gradually they got to know each other. Ingrid was married, as was Aaron. They both had their homes and families, and were settled into relatively comfortable, but mostly sexless marriages. For years, both of them had soldiered on, doing the things that respectable married people do, playing the game and then fantasizing about life and sex to get by. They were good people; neither was looking for a lover. But something happened whenever they were together. As the song went, they stood a little too close. They laughed a little too loud. It was impossible to pretend nothing was happening.

It was Sunday morning at church. The choir, in a long file of red robes, stood waiting to enter the sanctuary. Ingrid was last in line. Aaron stood behind her, admiring her beautiful hair, enjoying the feeling of being close to her. As everyone gradually filled the choir loft, Aaron gave the sign for all to be seated, and then turned and went to his seat up and behind the rest. Ingrid was at the end of the first row, looking positively adorable, and Aaron tried to not stare at her, afraid that others would notice. But it was useless. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. With a sigh, he picked up the morning bulletin and began to read the written prayers by rote, unable to put Ingrid out of his mind even for a moment.

The first hymn had been sung, and the usual blather and announcements were done. It was time for the choir to sing. The choir rose, opened their folders, and waited for Aaron’s cue. Aaron conducted as he always did, precisely, cuing every entrance so that the anthem held together, with special attention to the basses, who couldn’t count their way out of a paper bag. But whenever he turned to the sopranos, there was Ingrid. When she sang, her pretty mouth formed the perfect shape… tall, vertical, just right for producing the proper vowel. Aaron remembered once instructing the choir to sing as if they had a cigar between their lips to achieve the correct mouth shape. Suddenly, looking at Ingrid, he had the entirely inappropriate thought that the shape of her mouth and lips would be perfect for sucking on his cock.

“No! I can’t think that!” he said to himself, but it was too late. The basses had been waiting for a cue, and Aaron had missed giving it in the split second he was imagining his hard cock sliding in and out of Ingrid’s angelic lips. Naturally, unable to do anything on their own, the basses fell apart. Aaron sucked in his breath and resolved to not let it happen again.

It was time for the sermon. “Oh great,” thought Aaron. He disliked Pastor Al, a blustery, blubbery bible-thumping sort, and rarely was able to follow much of what he said in his rambling şirinevler escort screeds. Sure enough, after a few minutes of listening to the inane drivel coming from the pulpit, Aaron began to lose focus and his mind drifted far, far away.

Ingrid stood in the church library, still in her little red robe. Aaron saw her there, bent over, searching for a book on the shelf. For a brief moment, he secretly enjoyed looking at the outline of her cute little butt as it poked out towards him through her robe. But it would be rude to enjoy the view any longer without announcing his presence.

“What’re looking for?” he asked. Ingrid turned around quickly, surprised to hear his voice. Her sweet face blushed red, and she looked, if possible, even more angelic and adorable.

“Oh, nothing really,” she answered.

“Must have been something,” Aaron responded with a smile.

“No, not really…I mean, it’s not important,” Ingrid answered, a little flustered this time.

Aaron felt badly that he had obviously made her uncomfortable, and said, “Oh, OK.” He turned to go, his heart sinking.

Then Ingrid, after a moment’s hesitation, said, “Aaron…wait.” Aaron stopped in his tracks. Blushing even more, Ingrid said, “What I was looking for was a book I heard they had here…I mean, that a friend told me about. Oh, I might as well tell you. It’s called ‘Sex in the Bible.'” Upon hearing the word “sex” come from Ingrid’s sweet lips, Aaron felt an instant twinge in his pants, and was grateful for the loose choir robe he was wearing.

“Oh, Ingrid, it’s no big deal!” Aaron said, thinking to himself that in reality it was a big deal, and growing bigger by the moment. “I think I know where they keep that book.” He led Ingrid to the far corner of the library, back behind a wall where there were several tables, books, and other supplies stored. “Here,” he said, picking the book off the shelf and handing it to Ingrid. Aaron was aware that as he handed the volume to her, illustrated as it was with a cover depicting a nude Adam and Eve, his hand shook just a bit. Slightly biting her lower lip, Ingrid took it, and then looked searchingly at Aaron. His eyes returned her gaze, reassuringly, lovingly, but unable to disguise the lust that was filling his mind and body.

Ingrid turned her back to Aaron and began to thumb through the pages. Curious as to what she was looking for, Aaron stood behind her, perhaps a little closer than he needed to, and glanced over her shoulder. As he looked at the book, he couldn’t help but admire the swoop of Ingrid’s breasts, which even under the loose-fitting robe, were majestic and voluptuous. Finally, Ingrid stopped on a page. She took a deep breath, and then began to read. Out loud.

“Come then my love, my darling, come with me. The winter is over, the rains have stopped, and in the countryside the flowers are in bloom. This is the time for singing; the song of the dove is heard in the fields. Figs are beginning to ripen; the air is fragrant with blossoming vines. How beautiful you are, my love! Your breasts are like gazelles feeding among the lilies. I will stay on the hill of myrrh; the hill of incense, until the morning breezes blow and the darkness disappears. How beautiful you are, my love, how perfect you are!”

“That’s incredible,” Aaron whispered in Ingrid’s ear. “What is it?”

Ingrid closed her eyes and wet her lips. “It’s from the Song of Songs, Aaron. It’s a collection of erotic poetry found in the Bible.”

“I know about the şerifali escort Song of Songs, but I’ve never read it before.”

“It’s incredibly sexy” Ingrid whispered. The word “sexy” seemed to drip from her lips like honey.

“May I look?” Aaron asked. Standing behind Ingrid, he reached out a hand to hold the book with her, and as he did his hand lightly grazed hers. That same spark, that same electrical charge he felt when he first saw her swept through his entire being again. Silently, they stood there like that for what seemed like an eternity. Aaron could feel his cock swelling to its full length inside his pants. Careful to not let Ingrid notice, he kept the slightest bit of daylight between his pulsating crotch and her sweet little derriere, but he could feel the heat from her excited body radiating towards him, and it all seemed to zero in on his now painfully erect shaft.

Then, it happened. Imperceptibly, Ingrid backed up just an inch. Did she do it on purpose, or was she just shifting her weight from one leg to another? Either way, it was too late now. Aaron’s raging hard-on poked Ingrid directly in her backside. Flushed with a mixture of arousal and embarrassment, Aaron thought of stepping back, but the feeling of his cock rubbing against Ingrid’s soft little ass was too exquisite to surrender. Involuntarily, his cock flexed inside his pants and he knew Ingrid felt it.

Ever so lightly at first, but unmistakably, Ingrid let her weight lean back against Aaron’s manhood. It had been so long…far too long since she had felt something like this.

“Oh, Aaron…” Ingrid’s words trailed off as she abandoned herself to the heat of the moment. With her eyes closed, her mouth open, and breathing heavily, she ground her ass back against Aaron’s rock hard cock. That was all the invitation Aaron needed. Taking his hand off the book, he allowed both of his hands to slide around Ingrid’s small, delicate waist. He held her close to him, pushing his hips forward so that his cock nestled in the warmth emanating from Ingrid’s sexy butt. Gradually, he raised his hands until they were brushing against the contours of her breasts. And then, unable to control himself any longer, Aaron cupped Ingrid’s breasts in each hand. They were full, and large. With appreciation, he felt their weight and allowed his index fingers and thumbs to lightly pinch her swelling nipples which were now poking out like hard little bullets under her robe. No longer trying to hide his excitement, he turned Ingrid around, and kissed her, hard and passionately.

Ingrid dropped the book to the floor. Her lips parted as their tongues began to dance together, and their hips ground back and forth together building friction. Both were vaguely aware of their surroundings, but pure lust had overridden all sense of caution. Finally, Aaron unzipped Ingrid’s robe and let it drop to the floor. Falling to his knees, he buried his face in the warmth and aroma of her sex. But he still hadn’t reached the promised land. Taking her waistband, he undid her and let her slacks slide off. She was wearing a sexy little pair of striped “boy” panties, and with a deft sweep, Aaron slid them off as well and then backed up to look at her nakedness. She was wet…very wet. Covering her bare pussy in kisses, he let his hand slide between her legs from behind to touch her delicious little butt. Gliding his middle finger up and down her crack, he gingerly felt until his finger found her delicate little asshole. He brought his finger to his nose and inhaled. şişli escort The perfume was that of pure, pheromone driven sex. Aaron continued to kiss her little sweet pussy while he gently touched her most private place. Ingrid gasped…it felt so good! Aaron began to rhythmically swirl his tongue around Ingrid’s now swollen clit. She tried to stifle her moans of pleasure, but couldn’t. Finally, her breathing grew more rapid and heavy, and with a little purr she slipped away into her orgasm. As she did, Aaron continued to lick and kiss her. Finally Ingrid gasped, overwhelmed by the intensity of her climax.

A few moments passed. Steadying herself, she reached down to Aaron and took him by both hands and helped him up. The look in both of their eyes made words unnecessary. The figs were ripe. Love and lust perfumed the air. A cool breeze seemed to gently entwine around them. Ingrid unzipped Aaron’s choir robe and gazed at his long, stiff cock that was obscenely pushing out his trousers.

“Looks like you could use some help,” she smiled. Gently cradling his erection in her hand, she began to slowly rub it. Ingrid noticed a large wet spot of pre-cum forming on Aaron’s pants. She undid them and let them slide to the floor. Aaron’s cock was so hard and stiff it was about to rip a hole through his underwear. He pulled away the elastic band of his underwear, and his cock bounded out of its confines, long, thick, and with lubrication glistening at the purplish head. Ingrid dropped to her knees and gently kissed the tip, causing it to swell and bob even more obscenely. With that, she slid Aaron’s length into her velvety smooth mouth and began to run her tongue in little circles around the swollen head. Then, sucking gently, she let her lips exert pressure on Aaron’s sensitive foreskin, where most of his nerve endings were. He groaned. Her hand reached under his cock and began to stroke and massage his balls. Aaron realized he couldn’t take much more. He felt his balls begin to tighten, and the beginnings of a massive orgasm started to build deep within him.

Ingrid kept sucking…surely she wouldn’t want him to cum in her mouth? The room began to spin, Aaron’s need to cum growing more and more urgent. And then, suddenly, like a tidal wave, his orgasm overpowered him. He felt his knees weaken and shake as his cum began to explode from his rock-hard cock. Pulling away from Ingrid, he began to erupt with stream after stream of hot cum splashing…where, he didn’t know. As the last wave hit and he began to come to some sense of reality, Aaron looked down at Ingrid. His cum had shot a few feet, some landing on the book shelf, some on the floor, and yet some more on Ingrid’s choir robe. And a small little bit was on her beautiful chin. With a smile, Aaron reached out and wiped it off for her, and both of them giggled.

“That was wonderful, Ingrid.”

“And you are wonderful Aaron.”

“Do you think anyone saw us?”

“I don’t think so…everyone is still in the worship service…”

“PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!” Aaron jolted awake. Everyone was standing to sing the doxology. The service was almost over! Looking around, panicky at first but then with a sense of relief, Aaron saw Ingrid standing in her usual place in the choir loft. Smiling sheepishly, Aaron stood also and joined in the last line…”praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.” Only then did he notice the warm wetness spreading through his underwear. A wet dream…and in church, no less!

“What did you think of the sermon today?” Ingrid asked as she and Aaron filed out of the church together.

“You know, I think it was the best one I’ve heard in a long time!” Aaron laughed. “I had no idea old Al could be so entertaining!” And with that, he patted Ingrid affectionately on the shoulder and the two of them headed off to the choir room, chatting and laughing as always.

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