Aunt Janet’s Hot Tub Ch. 02

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Roxanne, my wife was curious about what had happened while she was sleeping. I didn’t feel I could tell her about Aunt Janet giving me the blowjob of my life, so I said we had just talked about married life and about her growing up in Long Island.

“How did you like Aunt Janet’s boobs?” Roxanne asked.

“I can’t tell a lie, they were pretty amazing! Big with a nice hang to them. Big and dark areola with nipples that could cut glass.”

Roxanne nodded and replied “I see that you didn’t miss a thing. She’s always had the best breasts that I have ever seen.”

“So you’ve seen them before as well?” I asked.

“She’s always topless out back unless there is company that she has to behave for! She and I often have compared our tits while we were taking in some sun out back.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that you went topless in her back yard.”

“Well sure, as long as it is private I love going topless,” Roxanne replied.

“I never knew that,” I said as I took Roxanne’s tits out from from skimpy top. “I think Aunt Janet’s are a bit bigger, but her’s sag more than your tits. I think you have bursa escort pretty similar nipples. Can you make those nipples stand out even more than now?”

She took how fingers and squeezed and kneaded them until the nipples were poking out almost a half inch. She did this just like Aunt Janet, but I didn’t want to let on that I had already seen that show. So I made no comment other than to slide my shorts and underwear off and start to stroke my cock. Soon Roxanne was kneeling in front of me bobbing up and down on my dick. Soon I got her on the floor and we went into a 69. I decided to be a bit adventurous and after licking, sucking and tongue fucking her pussy I ran my tongue over her beautiful puckered anus. So that Roxanne didn’t think I had licked her starfish by mistake, I took my hands and spread her butt cheeks and then started to poke my tongue in her anus.

“Billy, what are you doing?” Roxanne gasped.

I then proceeded to run my middle finger directly across the anus and finally spit on her asshole and slid my finger in all the way.

“Don’t stop Billy. Finger fuck my ass. I’m about ready bursa escort bayan to cum!”

After she came we laid back exhausted. Roxanne wanted to know where the idea to play with her ass came from. We had never done this before. I didn’t let on about Aunt Janet. Roxanne wanted to know if she could stick her finger in my asshole while giving me a blowjob. I pretended to be a bit hesitant, but finally said I would try it.

Roxanne told me to lay back on the bed and started giving me a blowjob. It was the first time she ever swallowed my whole cock. Then she told me to put my legs in the air and hold them up with my arms.

“I want to see your asshole in all it’s glory. We’ll need some joy juice in your ass if I am going to do a good reaming,” she said.

“You sound as if you have done this before,” I whispered to her.

“Never,” she declared.

After she lubed up my ass, she stuck her middle finger up my asshole. She had my cock in her mouth now. More lube and she declared she was going to insert two fingers. Now this was a first for me. She commanded me to stroke my cock and maintain escort bursa an erection, but not to cum until she said so. She was finger fucking my butt hole with two fingers when she told me that she wanted me to cum in her mouth. Right after that she took my cock in her mouth and started to slide up and down. For the second time that day I unloaded in a mouth, first Aunt Janet’s and now Roxanne’s. Roxanne swallowed the cum and then announced that next time she would be stretching my asshole to take three fingers and then she would be shoving a dildo in and out of it. I said sure, if I get to fuck your ass as well.

She said, “We’ll see” and we left it at that.

What a day! Aunt Janet started me out and then my wife and I had sex we’ve never had before.

I went to sleep with a smile that night.


I think that Billy is starting to like a little variety in our sex life. We’ll be making a house call on Aunt Janet tomorrow. She’ll be having problems with her hot tub tomorrow and Billy will have to help fix it while I go visit some old girl fiends. This time I won’t see Billy and Aunt Janet having sex. But Aunt Janet has promised me that he’ll be put to the test. I’ll be taking my dildo to my friend’s house as she promises to have some of the old group there. I’m hoping to see a couple of strap ons there!

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