Babysitter’s Ride Home

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The wind whipped through my hair as I clung to you on the back of the bike. After babysitting for you all evening I loved when you would take me for a ride on your motorcycle on the way home. Not only did I enjoy the rumble of the engine sneaking through the seat to tickle my clit but riding gave me an excuse to hold you tight. I could feel the muscles in your chest as my arms wrapped around to hold on tight. Did you ever notice that I slid closer when we got out of sight of your house and your wife?

I knew at 18 I was too young for you but still I fantasized about you all the time. When your wife called to have me baby-sit my panties would get moist just thinking of you. All night I would watch the kids and wait for you to come home. Some nights I would sneak a peak at the Playgirl magazines your wife had hidden. I wanted to see you like that, naked, hard, calling to me to take care of it for you. After the kids were sleep I would sit in your chair and play with my young pussy wishing it were your fingers sliding in and out of my wet snatch.

Some nights you came home drunk and I could smell the alcohol on your breath. I wanted to kiss you and taste it but you never drove me home when you had been drinking. It was something of a double-edged sword. I loved the smell and knew I would love the taste but it meant we couldn’t be alone.

Tonight I was incredibly horny when we left your house. I had broken up with my boyfriend and after several months of regular sex I had been without for several days. The normal “itch” I got when riding with you was almost unbearable tonight. I was trying to decide if I should make some sort of move when you asked me if I had seen the new playground equipment your company had installed behind the plant.

You never talked about work and I knew the plant’s playground was secluded so my mind was swirling as to how I could take advantage of this incredible opportunity. I shook my head no against your back and you turned in the direction of what I hoped would be my new heaven.

When we arrived you rode the bike off the road and parked it under some trees. I climbed off and you turned to lean against the seat.

“It’s really nice out here,” you said. “I hope you don’t mind stopping. I need a cigarette.”

“I don’t mind at all. I’m in no hurry to get home,” I replied leaning against the slide in what I hoped was an alluring pose.

You took a smoke from your pocket and lit it. I watched your every move. “Wanna a drag?” you offered when you saw me watching. I never revealed to “grown-ups” that I smoked but the chance to share a secret with you was not to be passed up.

“If you don’t tell my folks,” I bargained as I stepped closer.

“I won’t. I didn’t even know you smoked,” you said. “It’s not good for you ya know,” you tried to sound authoritative.

“Only in certain company,” I said trying to sound seductive. You held the cigarette towards me and I leaned over and took a drag. I am sure you intended me to take it from canlı bahis you but I had other ideas. Exhaling loudly I sat next to you on the bike. I shivered slightly, feigning a chill.

“Are you cold?” you asked, concerned, and took off your jacket to wrap around me.

I made my decision and when your hands came around my shoulders I reached up and held them in mine, turning to face you. I could hardly breath as I moved my mouth closer to yours. It was now or never. You might pull away and laugh at me but I had to take a chance. Time stood still as I leaned in. You didn’t pull away as I raised my face to yours. I felt your breath on my cheek. I licked my lips then felt the softness of yours against mine. I let myself fall against you as our lips met and our mouths opened. Our tongues met as if old friends and danced as I held my breath.

As we broke from the kiss my exhale was a low moan. My eyes were still closed as you pulled your hands free and jumped from the bike.

“I’m sorry,” you exclaimed.

“Sorry for what?” I asked, confused.

“For letting that happen,” you replied, your back to me.

I came up behind and wrapped my arms around you. “Didn’t you enjoy THAT? I know I did!”

You took my hands in yours and disentangled them from you as you turned to face me. “Yes I did. Of course I did. But it’s wrong!”

“If we both enjoyed it. If we both want IT, why is it wrong?”

“You KNOW why it is wrong. You are too young and I am married!”

I removed my hands from your grasp and let them climb up your chest as I explained, “that’s why this is perfect. No one would suspect that you are sleeping with the babysitter. You always take me for a ride after you get home and I am not so young that I don’t know that if I slide my hand down between your legs chances are good you’ll be hard as a rock.”

You moaned and pulled away. “I just can’t. It would be wrong.”

I stepped closer once again, “I’ll make ya a deal. Let me touch you. If you aren’t hard then we will get back on the bike and this never happened. BUT if you are hard then let me show you just what I do know about taking care of such a condition. It will be our little secret. Kind of like the cigarette.” My fingers slid behind your head and pulled you in for another kiss. My other hand slipped down across your stomach and rubbed across your aching hard cock. You moaned into my mouth as your arms slid around my back. I knew you were mine, at least until the swelling went down.

Breaking from our embrace I stepped back and started undoing my shirt. Each button brought you closer to my young, pert tits that were never confined by a bra. When my shirt was completely undone I pulled it off my shoulders and let it drop to the ground. You stood transfixed at the site of my exposed breasts in the moonlight. I stepped close again and took your hand in mine. I placed it over my heaving breast and moaned as you squeezed ever so gently.

“MMMM. Suck it,” I commanded. I was obviously in control, bahis siteleri for the moment.

Leaning down you took my nipple between your lips and sucked it, flicking it with your tongue. Your other hand reached up to tweak the neglected one. Realizing now that this was really going to happen you reached down to undo my pants. You wanted a feel of my young pussy before I changed my mind and took this all away from you.

I stepped my legs apart to allow you access to my steaming, smooth pussy. The ride combined with our newfound passion had my panties drenched. Your finger found my slit and slid in deep with hesitation. Your moan vibrated my nipple as my fingers came to the back of your head, holding you close. I didn’t want you changing your mind and turning away.

You pulled free and came back to kiss me as your hands worked my jeans over my hips and to the ground. Stepping back you removed my panties and dropped to your knees on the ground. I opened my legs and reached for the back of your head to pull you close. I hissed in a breath as your tongue first came in contact with my mound. Your fingers found their way back inside and you began fucking me in earnest as your tongue licked from top to bottom then back again to flick across my clit. My moans echoed though the night air as you licked and sucked at my tender young cunt.

I could feel my orgasm building as you devoured every drop of my juice. I held fast to your head as my knees began to tremble. I screamed and threw my head back as the first wave hit. I humped against your face as you took me over the edge again and again. When you felt the convulsions in my pussy subside you pulled your face away and looked up to see me watching you.

“Am I too young now?” I asked.

Without answering you stood and undid your jeans. Your cock was straining against the fabric of your underwear as you pulled your jeans off.

I stepped forward and dropped to my knees saying, “Let me help you with that.” I reached around and grabbed the back waistband of your underwear. I pulled them toward the ground causing your cock to become caught in the fabric. It was standing tall and hard, begging to be released. Finally, I reached inside and wrapped my fingers around your throbbing tool. I let it free from the confines of your shorts and into the night air. You gasped as the coolness struck your hot meat. It was only for a moment until I took it deep in my throat. Your hands found the back of my head as I began bobbing up and down on your shaft. No preliminaries, just good solid cock sucking.

You looked down to watch your cock disappearing and reappearing between my lips. You stood still and enjoyed my “work” as I reached down and clasped your balls, massaging them as I sucked you deeper and deeper. Even though you had made me cum several times already, I wanted more. I reluctantly let your cock slide from my mouth and looked up at you over the hard shaft between us.

“Will you fuck me?” I begged. “I want to feel bahis şirketleri your hard cock inside me.”

Reaching down to help me to my feet you said softly, “I was hoping we could.” I stood and melted into your arms. As we kissed I could still taste myself on your lips. Your hands roamed all across my back and ass as we step back towards the bike. When I felt the bike behind me I pushed you slightly away.

“I have an idea. Can we try it?”

“Anything you want little one.”

I turned my back towards you and placed both hands on the seat of the bike looking over my shoulder at you. “Can we do it like this?”

“Oh baby, we can do it however you want,” you exclaimed coming in close behind me. I felt your hardness come to rest on the cheek of my ass. Your hands were kneading the flesh, admiring what was about to become yours. I stepped my legs apart causing my ass to jiggle against your cock. Any thoughts of waiting were gone as you slid your cock back and down to my dripping snatch.

I hissed again as your cock found its way home and sank in deep on the first stroke. You stopped at the bottom to enjoy the velvety feel of my tight box. After a moment you started with a slow, deliberate stroke, your hands on my hips holding me in place and pulling me back against your groin.

The night air whisked between us as you pulled away hitting my clit and making it harder. My young tits dangled against the seat of the bike, keeping my nipples erect. Each forward stroke found your balls slapping my hard, throbbing clit and sending sparks along my spine. The walls of my pussy grabbed at your cock and pulled it deeper and deeper with each stroke. I would be cumming soon and drowning your balls in my sweet juice.

When I was right at the point of no return you pulled out, leaving me empty and unfulfilled. I turned to see what I had done wrong and you reached out your hand to help me around. You lifted me to the seat of the bike with my legs wrapped around your back. Without a word of explanation you dove in deep while covering my trembling lips with kisses. Each stroke now sent another wave of pleasure through my body. Cum was running between us as you dove in harder and faster.

With only a moment to go before you would shoot your seed deep inside a lucid thought penetrated your concentration. You pulled out saying, “I can’t get you pregnant!”

I dropped from the bike and landed between your legs. I took your juice-covered cock into my mouth savoring my taste and sucking you deep. My tongue worked all along the shaft as I took you to the depth of my throat and sucked the cum from your balls. I swallowed hard and fast as you shot blast after blast of creamy goo into my eager mouth. When I had the last drop I let you slide free of my vise-like grip and licked you clean from the sensitive tip to the base of your balls.

When we both regained our senses we dressed and got back on the bike. I slid off the back when we pulled into my driveway. Your hand caught mine as I walked past and in a daring display you pulled me close for one last kiss. “Next time we’ll go for a longer ride,” you promised as you turned the bike around.

I can’t wait until you need a babysitter again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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