Best Friends Forever!

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– [ ] You could say that this is how I lost my virginity, or maybe you could call it my “girlginity” seeing as we are both girls, but sex is sex, and this was my first real sexual experience. Since then, my life has blossomed into open and fulfilling sexual experiences, so I wanted to write it down and share how these things can happen. I did add some extra spicy details, but it’s all here. This was at the end of my high school career and hopefully I can find the time to share my college experiences, which were quite wonderful and the kind of thing that you fantasize about for the rest of your life! I still do. All characters are 18 years old. Enjoy!

– [ ] My name is Callie, and I have been best friends with Maggie for most of my life. We were, and still are, super close. We grew up learning how the world works together, and had plenty of first time experiences together. This particular experience happened in the end of our senior year together. We already spent many nights together, vacationed together, and hung out all the time, so when my parents were away for the night, it was almost expected Maggie would come over and we would keep each other company. We kept each other out of trouble actually. We didn’t party hard, or binge drink. We played soccer and were pretty fit.

– [ ] Neither of us had had sex yet, but we had fooled around a bit with boys and were currently kind of obsessed with the idea of sex. Maggie and I had even fooled around a bit with each other. Her and I decided we needed to practice kissing, so we made out a few times awhile ago. I thought it was super fun and it really only brought us closer together. A few months ago we had even masturbated together under the blankets after talking about sex all night. It was innocent enough, but it turned me on thinking about it. She had made some amazing moans during that night, and I found myself picturing her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy as she rubbed her clit. We both orgasmed that night, which only got us more excited to try sex for the first time.

Maggie came over after school and we hung out, ate some food, and after changing into our PJs, settled in for a steamy romantic comedy. We even had a wine cooler each while we watched the movie, which definitely helped to loosen things up. I was still thinking about our shared orgasm the other night while we watched the movie and although I didn’t really expect it, I was kinda hoping we would do it again. It was late, so we decided it was time for bed.

“Lets go upstairs,” I said, “I want to show you my new bikini. It’s almost bikini season.”

“Oh fun,” said Maggie, “sounds like you have BIG plans for the summer already. I hadn’t thought much about it and I definitely want to shop around a bit.” As we walked up to my bedroom she asked, “What did you get?”

“I’ll show you, just wait. But it’s pretty cheeky. The boys are going to love it.” I giggled as I opened my underwear drawer and pulled out a light green bikini and held it in the air. The top was the two triangle style with a loop around the neck and one around my back where they were connected with a single string, which I liked. The bottom was what I like to call “scrunched” so that the middle was ruffled and it hugged my butt cheeks right to the middle. It almost turned into a thong at the last minute at the bottom. Maggie oooowed as I handed her the bottom. She held it in the air.

“These are pretty small!” She said, “Your whole ass is going to be hanging out!”

“I know, but showing a little more cheek is fine,” I protested. “Half your butt is already hanging out, why hide it?”

“Put it on, let’s see what the boys are going to think.” Without hesitation, I pulled my PJs off, and after turning to the side slightly, pulled my panties off as well. We got changed in front of each other all the time and trading close back and forth was pretty much part of any sleepover. I shimmied into the bikini bottoms and adjusted the back just right before turning to fully face Maggie. Grinning, I turned around and wiggled my butt a bit before turning back around. She was grinning and oooowed some more. “Those DO look amazing,” she said. “They really take your butt from a 9 to an 11!” We giggled some more.

“I picked up some sexy panties too, you should check those out,” I said as I walked around the room.

“When did you do all this shopping,” asked Maggie.

“I ordered it all online. It’s easy to get carried away,” I said. Maggie started rummaging around in my undies drawer and pulled out another cheeky little thing that was made of super thin grey material.

“This is hot,” she said. “It looks like it wouldn’t have any panty lines.” She shucked her PJs off as well and pulled on my new panties. “Oh wow, I can’t even feel them. They are so thin,” she said as she checked herself out in the mirror. Her butt also looked amazing in those. They really let the butt do the talking and almost disappeared between her cheeks pretty high up. A thong would be almost too functional, whereas casino oyna these had a flirty waist that made them look more sexy. They really highlighted and dressed up her butt. I was excited to see her in them, even though I didn’t really understand at the time how actually attracted I was to her. I thought I was just excited to be trying on sexy things.

We hung out in our new bottoms for a bit talking about our final few months of school. I was checking her out the whole time, but mostly it was just like we always had done. More critically then not, but I I found myself admiring her figure a lot. We were both wearing short t-shirts and felt very comfortable getting ready for bed around each other. “There’s also some sexy tops in there,” I said casually. “Check those out.” She went over and started fishing around in the drawer again.

“Callie, what’s this?!” I heard her exclaim and whirled around. “When did you get this thing??” She had found the hot pinko dildo that I had also gotten a few weeks ago. I knew it was in there, but didn’t really care, or think that she would find it. “You didn’t tell me you had a dildo!,” she said incredulously.

“I, ah, ordered it a few weeks ago,” I stammered. I felt a bit embarrassed, but not really. I loved that thing, it wasn’t quite shaped like a real cock, it had a head, but then had ribs down the shaft, and was bright pick. Perfect for playing around.

“It looks amazing,” she said as she sized it up. “But what do you do with it?” She giggled. She knew exactly what to do with it.

“It is amazing,” I said. “You should probably get one too. I’ve never orgasmed so hard in my life!” Maggie’s eyes got wide as she looked at me and then back at the dildo.

“Oh my god,” she said, “there’s a suction cup on the back. So you can stick it to things and, ah, use it?” She giggled again. “I can’t believe you got this. I want to try it out!”

“You SHOULD try it out,” I said. “Go under the blankets and give it a whirl.” I really did want her to experience it. She laughed nervously and I noticed a gleam in her eyes. She was hooked now and I felt excitement coarse through my body. Maggie grinned and stuck the dildo on her pelvic bone and started swinging it around like she had a huge cock.

“Wow, look at me, I’m Brad, I’m big and dumb but I have a huge cock,” she said. I laughed and started walking towards her trying to look and play the part of a innocent girl.

“Maggie, there’s something about you right now,” I said. “I just find myself drawn to you.” I batted my eyes, pouted my lips and stuck my butt out a bit. Then I reached out and put my hand around her large pink cock as it bounced back and forth. We paused for a moment and then fell apart laughing. After we calmed down a bit I said “It is amazing though. I’ve even been practicing blowjobs with it. I’ve learned a few things too!”

“No you haven’t,” Maggie said. “Show me!” No sooner did she say that, then the idea came to me. I couldn’t really believe I was about to do this, but I didn’t hesitate and just blurted it out.

“Go sit on the bed,” I said with a mischievous look on my face. I grabbed the dildo from her as she moved to do just that. Then, before she could stop me, I kelt down in front of her and planted the pink cock back on her pelvic bone again and bent forward to slide it into my mouth. I didn’t look at her face, but she gasped as I did it. The cock slowly slid into my mouth as I opened my jaw and covered my bottom teeth with my tongue. I pushed my head down onto it until it was near the back of my throat and then slid it back out slowly until the head was almost out of my mouth. I did that a few more times, enjoying the sensation of the dildo filling up my mouth. Then I started to think about what I was doing and started to realize that I was giving my best friend a blow job. My face was inches from her pussy and she was still wearing those super thin panties.

“Oh my god Callie,” Maggie stammered, “what… I… that is so hot.” I kept moving my head up and down, slightly turning it and pushing the head of it into my cheek. I was really turned on at this point and I wanted her to enjoy it so badly. As I felt myself getting hot, I pushed my butt out, imaging in a cock pushing into me, spreading me open and I sucked on Maggie’s cock. The thought was intense, but it felt really good and fueled me to keep going. I moved the base of the dildo a bit lower until I was pretty sure it was pushing against her clit. I kept blowing it for a minute and then slowly pulled it out of my mouth and grinned up at her. Her eyes were wide and her nipples were poking out through her small t-shirt. “That is so fucking hot,” she said.

“I learned something else, too,” I said, and slid the cock back in my mouth. This time I pushed it to the back of my throat and then took a second to relax my body before I squeezed my eyes shut and pushed it back into my throat. I had been practicing this, and it wasn’t easy at first, but after a while, it wasn’t so bad. I really wanted to be canlı casino able to do it and it turned me on thinking about deep throating a cock. My face was pretty much touching her crotch at this point and I could feel her electricity and smell her arousal. I moved my head up and down some more feeling the dildo sliding inside my throat before I pulled it out slowly and grinned up at Maggie again.

“Holy shit! I cant believe what I just saw!” She exclaimed. “That was incredible. So fucking hot… I wish I really did have a cock and could feel that.” I could here the lust in her voice.

I smiled at her and started to get up, “If you did have a cock,” I said before I could stop myself, “I would suck it all night long.” I couldn’t stop at this point. I was excited, it was all just happening now and I was along for the ride. We were both super turned on needed to be touched. I moved up her body until we were face to face and after a quick moment as we both started to understand what was about to happen, my lips connected with hers. It was electric and we fell backwards onto the bed locked together in a deep kiss. I straddled her left leg and forced my leg into her crotch. She was fully into it and immediately started grinding her clit against my thigh.

I could feel her wetness on my leg and her wet lips on my face. Her soft breasts and hard nipples were pressed against mine. All I can remember thinking was that I wanted to be all over her, with her body all over mine. We grinded on each other and made out for a what felt like a hour. Probably only a few minutes though. I pulled my face away from hers and said, “You don’t need a cock, I want to blow you just the way you are.” It was a weird thing to say, but that’s what comes out in moments like these and she knew what I meant.

“You do? I don’t know…” she said. “This is super fucking hot though. I’ve never had anyone go down on me before.”

“I know. Me too. But I want to so bad.” I tried to justify it by saying, “I only just pretended to blow you and got you all turned on. I have to finish the job.” I sat up slightly and slid down the bed. Before either of us knew what was happening I peeled off her soaking panties and started kissing her belly. Pushing her legs up and apart, I got my first up close look at her beautiful shaved pussy. Her lips were swollen and covered most of her slit. I noticed her labia didn’t stick out as much as mine and it all looked so neat and tidy, glistening. I put my face right between her legs and inhaled the sents of her dripping pussy.

I had never touched another vagina before, but I had touched, and even tasted mine a bunch of times. She felt tense, but I put my mouth on her clit and stuck my tongue out to meet her wet lips. She immediately relaxed and sunk into the bed. It was an amazing moment as I licked her opening and spread her lips apart with my tongue. She tasted amazing, sweet and mild, luscious.

Maggie moaned loudly as my face was still buried in her silky smooth pussy, “aaaaaa…ooooo…OOOOOH.” I had never really fantasized about going down on a girl, usually just about boys and sucking cock, but I was in heaven. I could tell Maggie’s body was coursing with passion and it floored me to have my face fully in her pussy giving her such pleasure. I kept licking her from back to front for a moment until it dawned on me that I had no idea what I was doing. I panicked for second and then decided to go right for her clit. I moved my mouth up and started pushing her little nub around with my tongue. As soon as I did that, she let out a “OOOHH YAAA YAAA right there!” And I knew I had found it. I was on a mission to make her cum now. I reached around her leg with my left arm and pulled the skin above her pussy upwards, fully revealing her clit.

“Oh Oh Oh Ohhh,” she moaned, “that feels so fucking good… oh oh oh don’t fucking stop.” I could feel her body twitching and moving as I flicked and sucked on her clit. After a few minutes of this my tongue was cramping a bit, but there was no way I was stoping. I focused and tried to go faster, knowing she was near climax.

“Oh Oh Oh my god, I think I’m going to cum soon!,” she screamed. Not a moment later and her body arched and she let out a “HOLY FUCK AH AH AH AH!” She was bucking all over the place, but I kept my mouth on her pussy as best I could while still sucking her clit. I was thrilled to have just brought her to orgasm and as she started to calm down, I slowed my rhythm and gave her a couple long licks again. She twitched as I hit her clit.

She was breathing hard and had her eyes closed, her legs limp on the bed. I started to climb back up to her, grinning as she opened her eyes and saw me face to face again. For a moment a spasm of fear coarser through me, but that was replaced with ecstasy again when she immediately kissed me deeply, embracing my face still covered in her juices.

“Callie, that was AMAZING,” she said between kisses, “That was a BIG orgasm.”

I giggled, “You’re so hot Maggie,” I was kaçak casino trying to complement her the way her friend should, but I giggled some more and said, “and you taste so sweet.”

“I can taste myself on your lips,” she said, “You know its your turn now, right? There’s no way I’m letting you get off that easily, I mean, NOT get off I guess.” My heart raced with excitement and I fully ignored any doubt I had in my mind.

“OK,” I said with a smile. She started to roll me onto my back and gave me one last deep kiss, grinning as she pulled away.

“Oh my god,” she said half to herself, “OK, lets do it.” She slid down between my legs a pulled my soaking cheeky bikini bottoms off. I brought my legs back and spread them giving her full access when she turned back towards me. My body started coursing with nervous energy and I grinned at her as she lowered herself between my legs. Without hesitation, she placed her warm mouth on my shaved pussy and began licking. The sensation was amazing, her warmth and tongue sliding over my opening with ease felt just right. When she touched my clit, waves of pleasure shot through my body.

I was already so turned on and any touch would have sent me sky high, but this was luscious. She didn’t mess around and went right for my clit, moving her tongue fast. My arousal was quickly growing and an orgasm was fast approaching. I was looking down at her face between my legs the whole time. Her eyes were closed, but she looked like she was enjoying it. She reached around my leg and pulled my clit hood up the same way I had done and intense waves passed over my body.

“Oh my gaaawd,” I heard myself moaning, “yessss yes yes… I’m going to cum SOON!” My body started tensing up, my eyes rolled into the back of my head, and my back arched. Suddenly I lost all control as the orgasm hit me. My body shook and my pussy became super sensitive. Maggie held on too, using her tongue to send huge orgasmic waves over my body that slowly started to fade.

She released me as I fell back to earth, lying motionless on the bed for second. Then she was in my face again sticking her cum covered tongue deep into my mouth. “Holy shit Maggs,” I said breathlessly, “that WAS amazing. I don’t want it to stop.” My body was not done and my pussy ached for more action. I wanted that large pink dildo deep inside me. “I want more,” I managed to say and reached for the half forgotten dildo laying next to us on the bed. Before Maggie knew what was happening, I grabbed the huge toy and moved it down between my legs. She half sat up with wide eyes. As soon as the head of the thing brushed past my clit, more waves of mini orgasms rushed over me and my legs came together, pushing it harder onto my clit. “Oh, I’m still cumming,” I moaned. Then, I spread my legs out again and positioned the head on my opening. Maggie was sitting up, wide eyed, with one arm over my right leg. She had a front row seat as I lay on my back and started to insert the cock slowly into my wet pussy. I drew a breath in and the rest of the world faded away as I felt the dildo spread me open, sliding in deeper and deeper, I could feel my insides tightly gripping it. “AAAAaaaaooooohhhh,” was about all that came out of my mouth as the that feeling of a large cock in your pussy consumed my body.

I pushed the cock in until the feeling got too intense and then started sliding it back out, my pussy pulling at it as it went. Back out till the head just escaped my opening, and then spreading me open again, I pushed it back in, just a bit further this time. I was already three quarters of the way to orgasm after Maggies first pussy licking session. I knew things were about to get crazy and the feeling was pure bliss. Part of me wanted to show off a bit to Maggie, but mostly I just wanted fill my pussy with this wonderful toy. I started pushing and pulling the cock in and out of me, giving a little “ah” gasp each time it bottomed out and I felt my stomach move. It was such a powerful feeling to have something inside me sending waves throughout my whole body. Maggie sat frozen, transfixed by what was happening in front of her. I turned my half open eyes toward her and tried to smile, but all that came out was “ah..ah..ah..ah” each time I sank the toy inside me. I could see she was staring at me as I made every attempt to push the cock deeper.

My climax was building and I was about to loose it as I pulled at my breasts still under my shirt, I rolled to my left till I was almost on my stomach. I reached around with my right hand and grabbed the base of the dildo, my back arched and my ass sticking out towards Maggie. As I desperately shoved the cock back into my pussy, it pressed hard against my G spot and powerful waves of ecstasy consumed my body. I let out a louder “AAHH,” and started slamming the thick toy into me as hard I could. The orgasm exploded from my overstimulated pussy and rushed up my spine before going down my legs, arching my back and scrunching my toes. My face pressed into the sheets, I screamed “OOOHHHHH FFUUUUCCKKK…OOHH..OOHH..OOHH!” Orgasmic waves kept rushing over my body, my pussy contracting around the shaft, cuming and cuming, as I desperately tried to keep the dildo moving inside me and keep the rush going.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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