Bradley Bean Finds a Lover Ch. 03

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Bradley Bean was sitting on his patio sipping some wine after a two-week marathon of programming and meetings. The Logisti-max rewrite seemed to be finished. The Big Bear board of directors, of which he is a member, approved the new version and sent it off to testing. The testing group would run it until it broke and then run it more. Brad’s team would look over the testing and make what ever changes were suggested.

He decided to sit outside in the afternoon because he wanted to get away from his computer screen. He longed to feel the supple body of Jane Françoise St. Jeremy, because they have not seen each other for a week and a half. Jane was on the west coast on a business trip. She left at the end of last week.

“I’m sure that I am the farthest thing from her mind,” Brad thought.

He sipped the wine and tried to identify the various flavors that made up the experience. Brad decided that that his palette wasn’t sophisticated enough to decern the discreet flavors that made up the wine. “It either tastes good or bad,” he thought. He continued sipping the wine and looking out into the wooded area behind his house. In the distance he saw the creek that flowed in the development.

Two days ago, two electricians installed a two hundred and forty volt plug in his garage. That was in preparation for his taking delivery of a new electric car. The plug would provide enough voltage and amps for a medium fast charger. Now he was waiting for the car to be delivered. A car would allow him to get out of the house and away from his computer when he wanted to. Waiting on ride-share was getting old and the quality of drivers and cars has been slipping for a while. It might have been different if he lived in the city where he could walk to events and other things. But living in the suburbs away from the city center made it hard without a car. Brad decided on an electric car not for “Environmental” reasons, as the carbon footprint of the car was in dispute. He liked the technology and the quiet in the car. His phone rang which surprised him.

“Quit masturbating darling,” said Jane in his ear.

“Jane one I was not masturbating, and two how did you get this number. I don’t even have your number. Also, what is your fascination about whether I masturbate or not?” said Brad to the accusations about his sexual practices.

“Darling can’t I have a little fun at your expense?” asked Jane.

“When did you go and get my number, darling?” asked Brad.

“The last time we had sex, you were sleeping, and I had one of those midnight jaunts waiting for you. I was in the kitchen and ran a cross a box of your business cards that had your cell number,” Jane replied.

“Do you moonlight as a CIA agent?” asked Brad.

“No, darling, but in my business, it pays to have as much information as possible. I wouldn’t have the position that I have, despite my name, without knowing where the bodies are buried. That goes for the people I love also. Now when can you get on a plane and meet me in California? I rented a house with a full staff, and I need someone to share it with.”

“I guess I can get a reservation and be there tomorrow,” Brad replied.

“No darling I have a plane for you and Mr. Burns should be driving up right now. I will expect you at eight west coast time. I have dinner planned,” said Jane with an exasperated tone in her voice.

The phone connection suddenly went dead leaving Brad sitting on his patio wondering what was going on. He quickly made the number that Jane called from, a contact in his phone. Jane had good timing as there was a lull in his activity. But of course, she already knew that. She knew everything about what he was doing. He still wanted to know where she got her information. He heard a beep and moved to the kitchen and saw on the monitor, that the blue BMW was sitting on his driveway. He moved out front and told the driver that he needed to pack and would be down in fifteen to twenty minutes. He went upstairs and found his suitcase and filled it with the gray suit several pairs of slacks, several shirts, socks and underwear. He included a spare pair of shoes. From the bathroom he pulled a shaving kit together and stuffed that in the bag. Brad grabbed his laptop case and the bag and moved to the front door. He was lucky that he had on a pair of slacks and a decent shirt, so he didn’t need to dress.

The driver was waiting just outside the door and took the bag from his hand and put it in the boot of the car. Brad slid into the rear seat and waited for the driver to close the door. Brad was getting used to acting like a member of the privileged class. He reached into his pocket and hit the away button to lock the house and set the alarm. After they got on the road, he called the dealership and set the delivery date to open. Mr. Burns, the driver, was probably one of Jane’s information conduits. So, he expected to get questions about the new car, when the information filtered up to her. He reached over an patted his laptop case just to reassure himself that it was there.

Mr. Burns guided ankara eryaman escort the car to the private terminal of the airport. The driver got out an held the door. A ramp attendant pulled his bag from the trunk of the car and attempted to take his computer, but he declined. He was standing on the sidewalk when the BMW took off. “I guess I am committed” he thought.

“Are you Mr. Bean?” asked a woman behind the desk as he walked into the terminal.

“Yes ma’am,” Brad replied as he pulled his wallet out and showed ID.

“If you’ll follow George, he will show you your plane, have a nice flight.”

Brad followed George outside to the steps of the plane. Brad was happy not to go through the insanity of security checks, one of the advantages of flying on a private jet. On the tarmac, he was assaulted with the smells of Jet exhaust and burnt rubber. George turned out to be the flight attendant and directed him up the stairs and into the cabin. After stowing his computer under the seat, the door came up and was sealed. Brad heard the engines spin up and felt the plane move. Soon they were airborne and heading west. This was not the first time that Brad used a private jet. When his group met face to face, he used a private jet several times to travel to his group’s meeting location.

The thought of the beautiful Jane Françoise St. Jeremy caused a stirring in his crotch. But he didn’t think that beating off in the plane would be a good idea. After a few diet Cokes and some other snacks, the plane started to descend. Brad did not know where he was going other than California. Was she bringing me to Malibu or somewhere north?

He heard the wheels drop and the engine noise change. The plane dropped on the runway and the pilot ran the reversers to slow the aircraft down. He looked out the window and saw that it was a small airport. Jane would give him instructions to find her or meet him Brad thought. He looked on his watch and saw that it was about 7:45, local time, so he beat the deadline. The plane pulled to a stop. George opened the hatch and Brad grabbed his computer case and walked off the plane. He checked the map on his phone and noted that he was near Monterey.

“Darling you are late,” said a voice he recognized over the noise of the aircraft and tenders.

“You said 8:00 and it is 7:55 so I am not late.”

Jane came up beside him and used her hand to bend his head to hers. The couple kissed like teenagers almost making a scene on the tarmac.

“Darling, you are late because I say you’re late. Time is relative and we are wasting time. Follow me,” said Jane.

Jane walked Brad into the terminal and out the door toward a black Escalade. The tailgate door was closing after Brad’s bag was placed in the cargo compartment. A very tall and well-built gentleman got out of the front passenger seat and held the back door for Brad and Jane. In the driver’s position was what looked like the first gentleman’s twin.

“Sorry Brad but the company requires the enhanced security for me while I’m here in California. These beautiful gentlemen will be with us until we travel back home.”

Brad used his hand to bring Jane’s head to his and the couple kissed again. They separated and the trip continued in silence. The car pulled into a cul-de-sac and onto the driveway of a large house. The exterior lights came on and a woman stood at the door waiting for Jane and Brad to exit the car. Brad grabbed his computer case and got out of the car after the door was open. He waited for Jane and the couple walked arm in arm toward the entrance to the house. Jane kissed his ear while they walked.

“Darling, it is great to see you. I can’t tell you how much I missed you,” said Jane in his ear.

“I missed you too, darling,” replied Brad.

“Any problems Ma’am?” asked the woman as they approached.

“Other than my friend keeping me waiting, no problems. I believe that Mr. Bean and I will have a dry gin martini,” said Jane.

“Yes ma’am, right away ma’am,” said the woman.

Brad handed his computer case to the woman asking that it be put with his bag.

“I will see to it sir,” said the woman.

“You run a tight ship here Jane,” said Brad after the woman left.

“I believe that one should get what one pays for Brad, and I am paying a lot for this house. But I am glad that there was a lull in your work that would allow you to come out here,” said Jane as she kissed Brad again.

“What I need to know is how you get your information about my activities?” asked Brad.

“Kiss first darling, I have been dreaming of your kisses and your cock since I’ve been out here,” said Jane.

The woman came into the living room and placed two cocktail glasses on the coffee table in front of them and quickly withdrew. Brad moved his head and his lips found Jane’s lips allowing the couple to kiss. Between kisses they sipped the drinks. Brad knew that the ratio of gin to vermouth was perfect.

“FYI the woman serving us is Mrs. Banks. Anything you want just ask her,” said Jane after they escort elvankent separated.

“What I want she can’t provide, darling,” Brad replied.

“You’re a cheeky one, I can’t take you anywhere in polite society,” said Jane with a little laugh.

“Look who’s talking,” Brad replied and waited for a jab in his ribs.

Mrs. Banks entered again and announced that dinner was ready. Jane got up and guided Brad toward the formal dining room where three people stood ready to serve them. Brad was directed to his seat and waited for Jane to be seated.

The salad was already on the table and when Jane picked up her fork so did Brad. Like the dinner a few weeks ago at Brad’s house the wine went perfectly with the salad.

“So, tell me Mr. Bean how could you drop everything and join me?” asked Jane.

“Jane, I know that you already knew that we finished the rewrite and we sent it off for testing. But I am wondering if you have another source of information on Big Bear’s board beside me. Did you get information from Wanda Sikes?”

“No Wanda is too good of a company person to divulge information like that. She is also one of your best salespeople; she convinced my brother to adopt your systems. So far it has worked out well for us. Fred Johnson used to work for St. Jeremy. He and my father are close, and he is my God Father. I believe that he is Big Bear’s corporate council? All the intelligence on you and Big Bear comes from him,” said Jane.

“How much did you know about me before you walked into my house or was it just coincidence?” asked Brad.

“When I decided to move and bought the house, I told the St. Jeremy board and a few of my friends. I told Fred where I was moving, he told me I would be next to Big Bear’s Chief programmer and software engineer. He didn’t tell me anything other than that. He said I had to find the other stuff on my own which I did. But recently he told me that the new version of Logisti-max was going to testing so I figured that you would have time on your hands. I wanted to spend that time with your cock in my pussy. Instead of it in your hand, darling. This trip was scheduled weeks ago which is why we are here instead of on my boat,” said Jane.

The door from the kitchen opened and the servers cleared the table of the salad and the first wine. The main course was presented consisting of two petite fillets, corn, and squash. The servers poured a deep red wine and withdrew. Brad sampled the wine and found it good. He took a taste of the steak and really enjoyed the meat.

“Tell me Bradley what would you be having for dinner if you didn’t come here?”

“Not food as good as this, and I would not have the beautiful view of the woman I love,” said Brad.

“But I’m not naked Mr. Bean.”

“But you are a beautiful woman whether you are naked or have clothes on,” said Brad.

Jane and Brad continued to eat, with a member of the serving staff popping in from time to time to freshen the wine, pick up plates, and clean the table. On one trip the servers left a large piece of chocolate cake, for dessert. Chocolate being one of Brad’s favorite foods, he practically inhaled the cake. They finished desert with Brad and Jane trading good natured barbs. Jane stood causing Brad to rise. He followed Jane into the living room.

“We need to let Mrs. Banks’ crew clean up, darling while you tell me how you are going to make love to me,” said Jane.

“Slowly and deliberately, darling,” Brad responded.

“Did you miss me, Mr. Bean, or did you have other women waiting in the wings for me to get out of the way?”

“First and foremost, I did miss you. But I had two weeks of rewriting code followed by several day-long meetings. My team finally understands my AI which is the heart of the system. Even though several of my team are beautiful women, most are in committed relationships and live far from where I live. Also, where you and I live could be as people say geographically unacceptable unless you are dating someone that lives nearby. So, no there are not any women waiting in the wings, darling,”

Brad got up from the couch and moved to a desk that had a decanter of Scotch, he poured two glasses and walked back to Jane. He sat down and kissed Jane, after handing one of the glasses to her. He took a sip of the liquid and felt the warm glow generated by the scotch. It was smooth going down. A perfect complement to the meal. Jane took a sip and then leaned over and kissed Brad. Her hand moved into his pants and manipulated his penis. She was surprised that he was just getting aroused.

“Are you tired, darling?” asked Jane.

“Not really why?” Brad responded.

“You are not your usual self, I usually have you wooden at dinner, but you are hardly showing. I am concerned that you will not service me in the manner that I desire,” said Jane.

“Don’t worry, I will be ready when you are ready, because I love you,” Brad responded.

“Well, I am glad that you were able to carve out some time for me, I missed you,” said Jane.

The pair etimesgut escort bayan continued to talk with Jane laying out the plan for the next day. It seemed that she was hosting a reception for her clients. She was glad that Brad was there to fend off unwelcome attention from some of the men.

“I hope you brought that gray suit with you, or I will need to send you out to get one tomorrow?” asked Jane.

“No, I had the foresight to pack the suit as I didn’t know what social activities, we would be involved in. The gray suit always seems to fit,” replied Brad.

Jane leaned over and kissed him and again explored his crotch and was rewarded by finding Brad primed for action.

“When do the staff retire?” asked Brad.

“Mr. Bean are you wanting to get in my pants?”

“About as much as you want to get in my business, Jane.”

“Very true,” said Jane.

Mrs. Banks appeared again and announced that the bed had been turned down. She asked if Jane had any instructions for tomorrow.

“Mrs. Banks, I did not formally introduce you to my friend. Bradley Bean, this is Mrs. Debora Banks, she managed the house,” said Jane.

Brad stood and extended his hand to the woman, “Nice to meet you ma’am. Dinner was fantastic.”

“Thank you, sir,” said Banks.

Jane mentioned that they would be out the next evening. “Mr. Bean brought a suit with him please make sure that it is pressed and ready to wear tomorrow evening.”

“Manuel has already hung his clothes in the closet, but I will have him press the suit madam,” said Banks

“I think that that is all. Oh, wait can you put a bottle of Champagne and two glasses in the bedroom? Other than that, I don’t believe that there is anything else. We will see you tomorrow. If we need anything we will find it ourselves,” said Jane.

Banks withdrew and Jane used her hand to guide Brad’s head to hers after he sat back down. Jane used her tongue to explore Brad’s mouth and teeth. Jane kept exploring Brad’s mouth not letting Brad reciprocate. Jane’s hand moved down to his crotch again and she was happy to find Brad was fully aroused. She applied some slight squeezes to test his level of arousal. Brad was powerless to make any moves himself, but he really didn’t mind.

“Darling, if you don’t take me to bed soon, I will take you to the airport and let you fly home commercial,” said Jane.

“Jane, you already have too much invested in getting me out here. But I would really like to find a bed and make love to you,” said Brad.

“Calling my bluff Mr. Bean?”

“Yes, darling I am, now where is the bedroom, I need to see your beautiful breasts, Jane.”

“At times Mr. Bean you are so predictable, but I love you.”

Jane rose and grabbed Brad’s wrist and she directed him to the stairs. On the second floor at the end of the hallway was the master bedroom. A young woman emerged from the room and passed them in the hall. The room was dominated by a large bed against one wall. On either side of the bed were doors. Jane explained that the door on the left was Brad’s Bath/dressing room. On the right was Jane’s. On a table was the bottle of Champagne in an ice bucket, along with two glasses. Jane went over to the table and started to open the Champagne. Brad found an overstuffed chair and sat down and started to remove his shoes. He stood and dropped his pants and stepped out of them. Jane came over handed him a glass of the wine, then kissed him. She let him unbutton her shirt and unhitch her bra. Jane’s breasts looked as good as the first time he saw them. Standing out from her chest and capped with bright red areolas. Rigid nipples topped her globes. Jane unhitched her trousers, letting them fall to the floor. Brad claimed the privilege of taking her panties down exposing what looked like either a freshly shaved or waxed naked quim. Brad brought his head to her pussy and used his tongue to lick up and down her lovely slit. He stopped and took a swallow of the wine and then kissed her pussy again.

“You have the advantage on me Mr. Bean, you were able to take my panties down, but you still have your cock covered, I am not sure that that is fair,” said Jane.

“I’m not stopping you darling,” said Brad.

Jane reached and moved his boxer-briefs to the floor and grasp his turgid cock. She moved her fingers and up and down the shaft and saw that the crown was moistened with pre-cum. Brad moved his head and kissed Jane.

“Room mood, romantic mood,” said Jane to the room.

The lights in the room dimmed and emitted a warm glow.

“Now Mr. Bean, if you are ready, you can take me to bed,” said Jane.

“I’m not sure that we have had enough foreplay, darling. I think that I need to work over your pussy some more, Jane.”

“Mr. Bean one of the reasons I brought you out here was to have my pussy filled with your cock. I don’t think that I can wait much longer.”

Brad allowed Jane to get on the bed and he opened her legs and kissed her pussy again. He moved up and placed his cock at the entrance of her vagina. With almost no resistance he was in her love hole. He came down and found her mouth and they kissed. Brad realized how much he missed the feeling of being inside of Jane. He also realized how much he missed their combative conversations, when she was away. “She keeps me on my toes,” he thought.

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