Chris Brings My Fantasy To Life

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Chris and Jerry have been near neighbours ever since we moved here 20 years ago. She is hardly what you would call attractive – large bags under her eyes that a coalman would envy, too large a nose, wears clothes that hide a body going to ruin. And yet. Somehow, I find her arousing. One time, as she was leaving a party and I whispered “tongue” as she was leaning in for a farewell peck on the cheek, she did just that, gave me tongue. She did the same again, in the street, a few days later, distraught at the death of their dog, but still gave me tongue.

I didn’t plan what happened, but had thought long enough and hot enough about what I wanted to do with and to her.

When the postman wrongly delivered a letter for Chris and Jerry to our house, I waited for Jerry to go to work and walked over and rang their bell. Chris opened the door in a bathrobe, talking on the phone, took the envelope with barely a glance at me and closed the door. Well, actually, she did not close it – she opened it again and, hand over the mouthpiece, asked me if fancied a coffee. I went in. She finished her call and led me to the kitchen.

“What can I tempt you with?” She asked; she did not smile, although I did.

“Coffee’s fine, thanks”, I replied; I quickly decided a crass comment about her legs either side of my head was perhaps moving things along a little too quickly. I guess it was an accident, she can’t really have wanted to take things beyond a long-forgotten French kiss, but as she reached to get a mug from a cupboard, her robe came open. Large breasts; I was wrong about her body – it was not going to ruin, it had arrived there sometime previously and settled in to make itself comfortable. It would have repulsed most men, but I had an erection and was dribbling to the end of it. I wanted to reach out and pull her robe off….

But she did it up again and looked at me “Sorry, I hope that won’t put you off your coffee”, she smiled. She made the coffee. Small talk about grown up children.

I got ready to leave. “I had best get going”, I said. And took the bull by the horns. “Since you don’t seem to want to seduce me.”

“I gave you a chance when I let my robe open. I didn’t think you were interested.” I pulled her towards me and, my mouth almost touching hers undid the robe. I slid my hand down the ripples of her fleshy belly, into the wispy pubic hair, feeling for her slit. My left hand squeezed her breast. I pinched her nipple quite hard.

“I’ve had some very naughty thoughts about you, Chris”, I whispered. The fingers of my right hand were teasing open her lips, searching for that button. I wouldn’t say that those lips were superglued together, but at her age they were not yet slippery.

“Oh shit,” she said, “I shouldn’t be doing this. Oh Christ.” I started pushing a finger in. “At my age, it takes a while,” she said. “We had better go upstairs. I have some KY Jelly. Jerry isn’t interested these days, but my Rabbit loves me.”

She handed me the tube of jelly and lay on the bed. Her body adjusted itself to lying down and I lubed a finger and pushed it gently in, slid it to the top of her crack and found a large low hummock of a clitoris, bursa escort which I rubbed hard, making her clench the sheets. I scraped my fingernail over it, quite gently for now. I lubed another finger and pushed both in and out, over her clitoris. I crouched down and licked her clit as I pumped the fingers. Her breathing changed, her face started to get flushed. I squeezed another finger in. She was getting wet now. I took the fingers out and used my tongue to push her clitoris against my top teeth. She seemed to quite like that, judging by the little gasps and grunts.

I stopped and covered my hand in lube. I had fantasised about fisting her. I wondered if I should perhaps tie her to the bed somehow, but there seems no obvious way of doing that. I pushed three fingers in. Added a fourth, got them in up to the knuckles, licked her clit a few times, felt her cunt contract round my fingers and, as she relaxed when I stopped licking, pushed the fingers in a bit more, got my thumb in a little, pushed. It seemed more promising than when I tried fisting my wife. I licked her clit as hard as I could, her cunt squeezing my fingers, feeling as though it wanted to force my hand out.

“Don’t stop, don’t. I don’t know what you’re doing but don’t stop” she moaned though gritted teeth, her hips writhing.

“Relax and push if you can”, I murmured, “we’re almost there.” I don’t think she knew where the heck “there” was, but she pushed and I licked hard and when I stopped licking and her cunt stopped contracting, the knuckles slid in, she let out a low scream. I could feel the rhythmic throb all along my hand.

“Oh, that’s wonderful; what have you get up there?! I don’t care what you’ve got up there, just don’t stop, don’t stop.”

“It’s my hand, Chris, my whole hand. I’m going to pump it in and out until you come and come and can’t come any more.”

I pushed my tongue in between my wrist and the wide-stretched top of her hole and flicked what I could reach of her clit and started pushing my hand in and out, slowly at first and then faster and with a little nastiness. I slid my hand out the whole way and pushed it in again, not really caring that getting the knuckles in was painful for her. I rolled her onto her side and licked her perineum, up each side of her stretched cunt and then back down between her arse cheeks towards her anus.

With all her moaning, I’m not sure if I actually noticed Chris flinch as my tongue circled her tight, wrinkled hole. But when I at last started actually licking her anus, her breathing got faster and the noises more inarticulate. I started pushing my tongue in, but with the pressure from my hand in her cunt, I could barely get the tip in, my hand still forcing its way all the way in and then all the way out until I could feel the far side of her womb, half my arm in her.

“Oh shit, shit,” she cried, thumping the mattress, “I can’t come. I can’t. Just stop for a moment and let me get my breath.” She lay back.

“Have you really got your whole hand in there? In my pussy? Give me that mirror, I want to see it.” I reached for a mirror on the bedside table and handed it to her. Lying on her side, she raised her bursa escort bayan right leg in the air and manoeuvred the mirror. “Oh, god! You have, you dirty sod! Slid it in and out, let me watch.” Her eyes widened. “It’s so good. WHY can’t I come. And you were licking my bum too. Keep that hand sliding, I’ll try and bring myself off”.

She closed her eyes and rubbed her clit as I pumped my hand in and out as fast as I could. My arm was aching. She opened her eyes and looked in the mirror again.

She looked at me “I’m coming, I’m coming, harder, harder. Yes.”

I looked into her eyes and said “When you’ve come I might just see if I can get my cock up your arse.”

“It’ll – be – too – big,” she grunted, “tongue”

“COCK”, I said

” – tongue – will – do, try – that – tongue” and she came, shuddering, her cunt squeezing my hand so hard I thought she would break a bone.

“You’ve stretched my poor old pussy out of all recognition. Careful how you take your hand out, Christ it hurt sometimes when your knuckles went it. But it hurt very nicely.”

“Maybe you should try it yourself,” I said, taking her hand. Her eyes widened, but she did not pull back. I lubed her hand and pulled it towards her gaping hole, which was slowly contracting She bit her bottom lip and wriggled to get into a position where she could get her hand in. Being smaller, it slid in easily.

“See,” I said. “Now, does that feel nice?”

“Not as nice as your hand and it’s a bit sore for some reason”, but she was pushing in as hard as she could. “I can’t get it in as far as you did,” she said, sounding disappointed.

“No,” I replied, “it’s the angle. Now, let’s see about getting something up your bottom.”

“I’ve never done that. I thought about it and tried it one time when Jerry was drunk, but he pushed me off and said it was dirty. You’ll have to go slow. And stop if I say so.”

“OK,” I said. I had no intention of stopping….

I got my cock out of my trousers. It was dripping. I rubbed it over her anus and she clearly liked it. I pushed a little. She grunted and bit her bottom lip again, pushing against my cock. “Relax; try pushing,” I said. I lubed my cock and her anus, pushing a finger in. I pushed again.

“STOP,” she cried, “STOP.”

I stopped. “Take your hand out and we’ll try again.”

She looked at me, saying “It hurts”, but she took her hand out of her cunt and closed her eyes. I pushed against her anus, harder this time

“Push,” I said. My cock started to slide in, just the tip.

“STOP. IT HURTS.” She tried to pull away, but I got hold of her shoulder with one hand and pushed again. More of my cock slid into her. I looked down and could not see any of the dark brown hole now, just the smooth white of her arse cheeks. I could feel her spinchter stretching and knew that one push would get me past that ring of muscle. Chris tried to get out from under me. I pulled her head back, tugging her hair

“Just relax,” I hissed, “it’s nearly in. Relax.” Her eyes were screwed tight shut and her legs were quivering and my cock suddenly popped the ring.

She cried out loud. “STOP IT. PLEASE escort bursa STOP”.

“Just relax, Chris, it’ll be easier if you relax. Rub yourself, take your mind off it. My cock is in now and it won’t hurt if you relax. My cock isn’t that big, relax.” I got more jelly and rubbed it over her stretched anus and my cock. And slowly pushed more cock in. She started rubbing herself frantically.

“Is that better?” I asked, although I didn’t really care. And I pushed and pushed, jerking a bit more cock in until I felt it WAS all in her arse. “Can you feel it, Chris? Hot and throbbing.” She nodded, eyes still closed, still rubbing herself. “Do you want to see it?” She opened her eyes.

I gave her the mirror and she looked at herself, a cock firmly planted in her arse.

“You’re ruining my arse as well as my pussy, you dirty man.” But she was almost smiling as she said it. I pulled all the way out.

“Look at it gaping, Chris.”

“I told you,” she said, looking in the mirror, a little alarmed at what she saw, her spinchter wide open, not looking like it would ever close up. “Ruined. Now you had better it back up there while I decide if I do like it and see if I can have an orgasm.”

I pushed in and she rubbed her clit. “I’ll wank you Chris, you get your hand back in your cunt, sorry pussy, if you can.”

She got most of her hand in and I rubbed her clit and she came again, shuddering and quietly moaning. I rolled her onto her back and put her legs on my shoulders. Reaching down I slid my tongue into her mouth and kissed her hard. Her tongue pushed mine back and we played like that for a few moments until she started sucking my tongue.

“And now, it’s my turn to come,” I said, “right up deep in your arse.” I don’t think she came while I plunged in and out of her arse, while she sucked my tongue. But eventually I did. I missed that squeezing contraction of the anus I get with my wife.

She said “I need to come again” and rolled over onto her knees and I got my slightly drooping cock back up her slippery arse and fucked it as best I could until she came, rubbing herself, my fingers in her cunt. I pulled out and put her hand between her legs

“Wait,” I said. Soon enough, my sperm was squirted out of her anus into her hand.

“Next time, I might just make you swallow my cum,” I said, “but for now you can just lick me clean.” Still holding the handful of sperm, she lay back and sucked my suck into her mouth, ignoring the brown speckles.

“What makes you think there will be a next time?” she said. “My poor arse and poor pussy will need ages to recover. I might never let you in the house again.” She led me downstairs as I wondered what excuse to phone in at work and she gave me a French kiss before opening the door.

“Next time, if you’re a bad girl, I might see if I can get my hand up your arse while you fist yourself in the cunt.”

“I couldn’t be that bad and I don’t like that word.”

“Which word?” I asked.

“You know,” she replied.

“Say it” I said.

“Cunt. I don’t like cunt.” She lowered her eyes to the floor and whispered “Cunt, cunt. Next time fuck my cunt first. If you fuck my cunt, fuck it with your tongue, fuck my cunt with your cock, I might let you fuck my bum again and then if you tie me up, I might not be able to stop you pushing fingers up me.” She was blushing. She pushed me out of the door.door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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