Coach’s Conquests Ch. 25

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By the time Bret returned to his hotel room and had retrieved Lori Hayes’s sexy message, it was too late — rather early — to call her. He got a bit of sleep and placed a mid-morning call to her room, waking her up. Still horny from her session with Monique but wanting Bret’s hard cock, she invited him down, but the coach opted out. It was championship day. She hinted that maybe they could hook up after the game, but Bret changed the subject to what happened with Lori and Monique the night before.

“Your message said you had a high school surprise waiting for me,” Bret said. “I assume it was Monique.”

The college cheerleader just said, “mmmmmmm” into the phone and then giggled. Bret fought the urge to go down the hall and fuck Lori Hayes. “We’ll see about tonight,” the coach said.

As gametime approached, the coach became more and more nervous. He had played in big games in high school and college, but coaching was a different story. He was putting the game in the hands — literally — of 15-to-18-year-olds. One never knew what to expect.

With the game scheduled to begin at 4 p.m., Bret gathered the team after a light noon lunch and went through a walkthrough in the parking lot of the hotel. Passers-by who didn’t know what was going on must’ve thought these kids were crazy. It was cold outside, but there they were, in shorts and T-shirts, running plays even without a football.

The walkthrough concluded at 2 p.m. when the bus pulled up. The equipment was loaded, and the players and cheerleaders followed.

But this was no time for flirting with Monique, and the senior seemed to realize it. Everyone had their games faces on, even the large bus driver, who had reviewed the map to the Robertson Dome over and over, even though he’d driven the team there just the day before. This was not the time to get lost.

It was a quiet locker room as the players and coaches prepared. There were hushed conversations between Bret and some of the coaches. Bret liked to be reminded of little nuances of the opponent, even though he knew most of them already. When an assistant coach reminded Bret of something he already knew, it reaffirmed to the head coach that his thinking was right on target.

The team gathered around Bret for what would be the second-to-last pep talk in the locker room. After initial exercises and drills on the field, the team would again adjourn to the locker room for final verbal preparations.

Bret had read and heard many fire and brimstone type speeches but never really bought into that philosophy. He knew he had two speeches left to give, so at this point he simply outlined what the team would do.

“We’ll head out, take our side of the field and go through our exercises and drills like we always do,” he said. “Let’s keep it simple. We’re not changing anything now. We’ll come back in here 20 minutes before kickoff.”

While the team went through drills with the assistant coaches, Bret surveyed the crowd. Monique Sellars was in her cheerleading outfit. Tamica Roberts and Carrie Kemp were among the student body rooters. Alumnus Lori Hayes was in attendance. Sisters Kara and Cindy Morgan were sharing a soda. Monique’s mother, Michelle Sellars, had made the trip. Josh Barlow and girlfriend Sara were in the crowd. Pamela George was across the way on the Valley Falls side, she, too, in her cheerleading uniform. Clarence Kemp and his cronies were in the best seats possible.

Bret turned his attention to the facility, the Robertson Dome at Curtis College. He’d been there before, and the scoreboard had always listed “Curtis” and “Guest.” They had changed those tags for this game. Lakeville and Valley Falls. They would update the scoreboard for the teams in each of the four games this weekend.

Team banners of all eight teams participating in state final games hung from one end of the dome behind the goal posts. Large placards let rooters know where their section was in the seating area.

Bret smelled popcorn and hot dogs. Both Lakeville and Valley Falls had brought their bands, and they were alternating playing songs.

This was as big as it would get for Bret Harris and Lakeville High School. The coach looked at the score clock: 20:00, 19:59, 19:58 and counting. It was time to head back into the locker room for final instructions.

All eyes were on the first-year coach as he addressed the team before its final game of the year. He thought about the rivalry with Valley Falls and how the townspeople wanted this win more than anything. He remembered Clarence Kemp hinting about throwing the last game of the regular season to keep Valley Falls out of the playoffs.

Maybe Bret didn’t hate Valley Falls enough. Maybe Pamela George had something to do with that. Yes, he wanted to win more than anything, but he wasn’t going to fire up his team by trashing the opponent. He didn’t care how big the rivalry was.

His speech on this day was more calm and measured. “It’s a long game,” he said. “Forty-eight minutes. A lot canlı bahis can happen in a short time.”

The coach was trying to impress upon his team that a deficit or a lead could disappear in a short amount of time. “Don’t panic if we get behind. Don’t celebrate if we get ahead. Let’s act like we’ve been in big games before. Because, the truth is fellas, we have.”

And with that, the coach headed for the locker room door, his players close behind. Onto the dome floor the Raiders streamed; Valley Falls was already there; the Trojans had already been given their final instructions.

Bret shook hands with the Valley Falls head coach near the 40-yard line as the Raiders made their way to the sideline. The waiting would continue. Player introductions, the National Anthem and other festivities would take place before kickoff. It seemed as if 4 o’clock would never come.

The scoreboard clock ticked down to 0:00 several minutes before the scheduled 4 p.m. kickoff. This gave the Public Address announcer plenty of time to welcome everyone to the game, talk about sportsmanship and introduce the players from each team.

Since it was the first of two games, the National Anthem was played. In a show of sportsmanship and good will, bands from both schools marched onto the Robertson Dome floor and performed the National Anthem together. It wasn’t the best performance on record, Bret thought, as he listened to the Anthem with his hand over his heart, but it was nice that Lakeville and Valley Falls could at least put their differences aside to perform the song together.

Captains from both teams then met at the 50-yard line for the coin toss. Lakeville, as the higher seed in the playoffs, was designated the home team and wore its black jerseys and silver pants. Valley Falls was in white pants and white jerseys with black numbers and orange trim.

Valley Falls won the coin toss and elected to defer its choice to the second half, meaning the Trojans would get the ball to begin the third quarter. The Raiders then chose to receive the ball to open the game. Bret didn’t mind that result. He wanted to see what his offense could do against Valley Falls early in the game. He had an inkling the Raiders would be able to move the ball, but he was concerned over whether or not they could score.

He gathered the Raiders around him one final time.

“This is what you play for,” he said over the din of the crowd and the noise of both marching bands. “This is why you lift weights all summer and sweat all fall. To play on this stage, in this game. Don’t leave anything out there.”

After one of the longest weeks of his life, it was finally time. Game time. The referee blew his whistle, and the Valley Falls kicker made the run forward and booted the ball down the middle of the field. It was finally under way.

And for all of the buildup to this game, it was a complete bust. Valley Falls was simply overmatched.

Lakeville took the opening kickoff and drove 63 yards for a touchdown, mixing running and passing plays. They scored on an 8-yard run. Mike Dean’s extra point was straight and true. Lakeville 7, Valley Falls 0.

The Trojans were unable to muster a first down before they lined up to punt. The punt was promptly blocked by four Lakeville Raiders and returned for a touchdown. Dean’s extra-point kick made it 14-0. Barely 5 minutes had elapsed.

The next time Lakeville had the ball, a drive stalled at the Valley Falls 10. Bret had mixed emotions. He wanted another touchdown, but he also wanted another chance for Mike Dean to kick a field goal. His 27-yarder would’ve been good from 45 yards. Lakeville 17-0.

Bret tried to focus on the game, but the scores of all of the Super Bowls that had been blowouts kept running through his mind. A huge fan of the National Football League, the coach couldn’t help but picture in his mind:

Los Angeles Raiders 38, Washington 9

Chicago 46, New England 10

San Francisco 55, Denver 10

Dallas 52, Buffalo 17

Was this going to be a blowout like those games? Was the biggest game in the history of this school going to be virtually over by halftime?

With time running down in the second quarter, Valley Falls showed some life. The Trojans marched to the Raider 17, but a sideline pass was intercepted and returned 90 yards for a Lakeville touchdown in the closing seconds. Mike Dean’s extra point made it 24-0 at halftime.

Bret Harris was speechless at halftime. It was obvious to all in attendance that Lakeville was better prepared and more skillful than Valley Falls — at least on this day. This was truly a team coming together at the end of the season when it mattered most.

The coach pleaded with his players at halftime to not be complacent. “We’re certainly not going to run up the score like some of the people in the crowd would like,” Bret said. “But we’re not going to let them back in it. Play hard, play smart and play together. Do that and everything else will take care of itself.” bahis siteleri

On the way back to the field, Bret was interviewed by a radio station carrying the game live. He was asked about the first half and, more importantly, about the second half.

“We played about as well as we could play in the first half,” he said, shaking his head. “And I think Valley Falls came out nervous. We know they’re not going to give in. They’re too good of a team to do that.”

The coach gathered his players around him before the second-half kickoff. He reminded them one final time, “No let up. No let up,” he said. “Twenty-four more minutes of Raider football and the championship is ours.”

A roar went up from the sideline. Bret Harris didn’t have to worry about his team letting up. Every single one of the players had been coached by their fathers all season long — all of their lives for that matter — that when Valley Falls was the opponent, there was no mercy.

The only suspense surrounding the coach the second half of the championship game was at what point would the players carry out the traditional dousing of the coach with the bucket full of Gatorade?

The final score: Lakeville 38, Valley Falls 0.

After the team had finished its initial celebration, they lined up single file to go through the line and shake the hands of their opponents. For the third time this season, Lakeville players went through the line, shaking the hands of their Valley Falls opponents, mumbling something like, “Nice game,” and then returned to their bench to continue the celebration of the school’s first state championship.

Bret Harris spent some time with the Valley Falls coach, an older gentleman who had nothing but praise for the Raiders.

“You left no doubt,” the Trojan coach said, shaking Bret’s hand. “Three times in one season, and this was the most convincing. You deserve it. We’ll see you next year.”

The trophy presentation came next. The Lakeville seniors accepted the trophy and state championship banner. Bret and some of the key players were interviewed by the radio station and several newspapers. Even a TV station got an interview with the victorious coach.

Since the field had to be cleared for the next game, Curtis College had set up a reception area adjacent to the field. That’s where fans of state champions waited to greet the players. The band played the fight song one final time.

Before allowing his team to greet its well wishers, Bret ushered the Raiders into the locker room for the last time. He congratulated them on an outstanding season and especially on an outstanding effort in this game. He reminded them to be gentlemen and to win with class and dignity. He thanked them for helping him be a champion.

Then the Raiders adjourned to the reception area where they were greeted by parents, grand parents, friends and relatives.

Clarence Kemp was one of the first to greet Bret, shaking his hand firmly. “You’ve brought pride to this town,” the banker said. “You’ve put us on the map.”

Bret smiled and made his way through the crowd, greeting everyone who came his way. He listened to several whispered propositions for sex that came from just about everyone the coach had been with that season. He didn’t commit to anyone — he wanted to see what kind of mood his prize from Valley Falls was in.

Bret excused himself and ventured into the Valley Falls locker room to congratulate the Trojans. None of them harbored ill feelings toward the coach. The quarterback who Bret could’ve gotten kicked off the team early in the season again thanked Bret for not turning him in.

After the coach had spoken to several of the Trojan players, he made his way back onto the floor of the dome where the participants of the next game were warming up. That’s where he saw Pamela George.

She was smiling as she approached Bret, still in her sexy cheerleading uniform. He wasn’t sure how the senior would take the loss.

“What can I say?” she said, smiling. “You kicked our ass big-time.”

Bret smiled and apologized for the one-sided score.

“Ah, it’s ok,” she cooed. “It could’ve been a lot worse. You let up on us there at the end.”

“So what’s your plan?” the coach asked.

“You mean you wanna spend some time with a cheerleader from the losing team?” Pamela asked.

“As a matter of fact, I do,” the coach replied.

“Well, there’s a problem,” she said. “I told my parents I’d be home on the bus. I thought if we won, you’d be too pissed to wanna be with me and I thought if you won you’d wanna celebrate with your own people. I didn’t get a note.”

“Call you parents on your cell and tell them you’re staying with a friend,” Bret said.

“What about the note?” Pamela asked.

Bret scoured the dome floor and found a tournament program. Pamela, smiling, handed him a pen from her purse.

While the coach wrote “Pamela will be riding home with her parents Friday night,” he said, “What’s your dad’s bahis şirketleri name.”

“Jim,” Pamela answered.

The coach signed the note, “Jim George.”

“Everyone thinks I’m staying across town,” Bret said, “but I’m really just across the street at The Lodge in Room 208. I have a team dinner. I should be back there in a couple hours.”

“See you then,” the Valley Falls cheerleader said, smiling.

Bret returned to his gathering, and shortly thereafter, the team went to dinner. He managed to hold off all-comers, even Lori Hayes, who said she understood he was busy and would look him up on Thanksgiving.

“Deal,” Bret said. “Thanks for coming and thanks for letting me off the hook tonight.”

The coach made deals with just about everyone else who wanted his cock that night. It was reserved for the blonde from Valley Falls, who he had fallen for way back in September at the lake near Rusty Barr’s cabin.

After the team dinner, Bret made sure the bus was on its way home, and then he headed across the street to The Lodge, a rustic hotel that didn’t get used a lot since the newer chain-type hotels had taken over the strip.

The coach barely had a minute to relax in the privacy of his room when the knock he was expecting happened.

He opened the door, and there she was in all her beauty — Pamela George, makeup perfect as if the game hadn’t yet begun. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a pony tail held by a scrunchy. She was still in her cheerleading uniform nearly three hours after the game had ended. She knew Bret liked cheerleaders — for all he knew she had changed, showered and changed back. Her makeup was perfect — her dark red lipstick wasn’t too heavy. In fact, it was just right. He knew she’d leave some of that on his cock before the night was over.

She had an overnight bag over her shoulder and her breasts, as always, were pressing against her tight cheerleader top. Her skirt was as short as possible and Bret imagined the white panties under the skirt. He didn’t have to imagine for long.

The doll dropped her overnight bag and pulled out a bottle of champagne. She smiled.

“How many times does Valley Falls get to the state finals?” she asked. “And in my senior year, too.”

The coach just smiled.

“And how many times do my friends from Lakeville win it all?” she asked, rolling her eyes. “This is definitely cause for celebration.”

She approached the coach, who was sitting in a chair near a round table with a lamp. She sat on his lap, facing him.

“Congratulations to you, coach,” she purred. “How do you want me?”

“I want you every way I can have you,” he responded as they began French kissing. Between swaps of spit, he moaned, “I want you in this outfit. I wanna fuck my sweet cheerleader. Then I wanna see what else you have in that bag.”

The night became a sex fest between the two. Pamela stripped for him and then put the cheerleading outfit back on and let Bret take it off. She modeled lingerie and a special white bikini. They mostly kissed and dressed and undressed for the first hour. They finished the first bottle of champagne and Pamela opened a second.

“God, I’m ready to fuck you,” the Valley Falls senior said. And with that, she went into the bathroom and came out a moment later in a sexy peach thong. Her tits were held up by nothing. She kneeled as Bret stood by the bed and slid his briefs off for good.

Then Pamela stood up, facing Bret and grabbed hold of his cock and began a massage with slow, light strokes. As her fingers rubbed down over his balls, his cock seemed instantly to spring to life. Her hands felt so good on him as Bret watched her work. She pushed him back onto the bed, which by now had no blankets.

She smiled, grabbed the champagne glass, and held it over Bret’s hips. His eyes opened wide as he realized she was about to pour some of the champagne on him. She slowly tilted the glass and drizzled the cool liquid over Bret’s stomach and hips. Pamela then poured it onto Bret’s balls and his cock.

She started massaging the champagne into him. He felt like he might cum if he continued to watch so he laid his head back on the pillows and closed his eyes in ecstasy.

Pamela poured the entire amount remaining in her glass on him and then just rolled the glass off the bed. She moved further down to where she could reach his cock with her mouth. She held his cock so gently at the base and began by licking the side of his shaft with the tip of her tongue.

“Mmmm” she said softly, “I told you I love champagne.” The coach of the state champions just smiled. She smiled back at him for a second and then returned to her prey: his now throbbing, twitching manhood. She licked his balls and his legs and his stomach, everywhere the champagne had splashed and then slowly worked her way back to his cock.

After some additional massage she worked him into her mouth, a little at first and then more and more until his whole length was deep in her oral cavity. Her lips were tight against him as she sucked hard, and her tongue worked inside her mouth to stimulate him further. Her fingers massaged his balls and his crotch while she sucked him into her mouth over and over.

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