Confessions Ch. 17 – Darci

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Thank you Wingedangel for editing!


In the restaurant business you see and hear a lot of things, but nothing had me prepared for what would happen in our dining area last September. It was a usual busy day for us, lots of customers, lots of food, it’s a restaurant, you get the idea; we were a little busy.

I am a minor manager, typically in charge of the wait staff, and, from time to time, will be the one that brings money to the drop off at the bank. My duties often changed depending on the lead manager that was there that day.

This particular shift I would be closing down the place after we closed. I would decide when people would be leaving and dropping off the money. Of course, being the supervisor for the wait staff meant I got to deal with any issues that arose between any of the waiters or waitresses.

On this day, I had only two working with me, Ariana and Alec, otherwise known as the fucking A’s. Mainly because they tended to be asses to most people, and second because they often bragged about their exploits in the sex department. This always caused trouble for me, as they were real big asses to each other, and always tried to say they out did the other with a sexual adventure. This often flowed over to aggression while working. Of all the staff I had, these were the only two that would not help the other out.

This was one of those days I wanted to change my name! I was constantly approached by one of them complaining about the other, it seemed to never stop. I think Darci was said well over a thousand times. I wanted to hit them both, wanted to pull my hair out, wanted to send them both home and just deal with the rushes on my own. But, I held it together and smiled a bit when we watched the last customer leave.

The clean-up of the kitchen staff went very quickly, and just as I was closing the books for the day and preparing to make the nightly deposit they said they were headed out. I did a quick inspection and cleared them to leave, then took a look through the food pass through into the dining room. It was still a mess.

I walked out to see Ariana and Alec arguing about something and cleared my throat loudly, “I would like to leave at some point tonight guys.”

Alec looked my way, “She is supposed to fill the salt and pepper while I get the catsups filled, and she is being a bitch about it.”

Ariana shook her head, “Wrong! The asshole here is supposed to fill while I get the tables ready, and he just keeps getting in my way.”

I took a breath to keep myself calm from this petty little debate, “Okay, Ariana start setting the tables up, Alec start filling the catsups, salts, and peppers. It is quicker to do all at once. I am running to the deposit box and will be back later to check everything out so we can go home. Okay?”

They both nodded, headed in opposite directions, and I headed out.

I took my time getting to the bank, the less time I had to spend with them, the better. So I took some back roads and made the trip take a bit longer. Not the most responsible thing to do, but what the hell, it gave me some peace and quiet.

When I returned, I came through the back door, half hoping they wouldn’t realize I was there, and I wouldn’t have to separate them again.

I could hear them mumbling at each other right off though and headed to the counter that we could pass the food through to bark at them, but decided to wait before speaking. Maybe, just maybe, if I left them alone for a few they would be able to solve the problem themselves.

Alec was shaking his head, “Oh, sorry I forgot how well you fuck. Like a champion, making the guy cum over and over again right?”

Ariana huffed, “And the woman too, asshole. More than you can say with your tiny cock.”

Alec grabbed his crotch, “Bigger then you have ever had!”

Ariana avcılar elit escort rolled her eyes, “Yeah so big, I couldn’t fit it in my mouth, and my pussy would hurt for weeks right?”

“You wouldn’t be the first woman to cry when it enters.”

“You’re just pissed because I won’t give you the time of the day!”

Alec took a step toward her, “I would fuck you just to make you scream!”

Ariana laughed, “If you are so big, pull it out and prove it big boy.”

Alec reached down and unfastened his pants, letting them fall to the floor, and exposing his cock. He was huge! And evidently all this talk excited him, because he was standing straight up. He grabbed his shaft and thrust his hips forward, “Fit that in your mouth bitch!”

I did all I could not to gasp aloud, I found myself wanting to kneel in front of him and try to put it down my throat. My boyfriend’s cock didn’t come close to that size, he was, maybe, 5 inches long and Alec was at least 11. His region was shaved, his balls tight to his body, what a gorgeous cock!

Ariana reached out and took the shaft in her hand, and began to stroke him, “Maybe a real blow job will make you realize how much better I am then you.”

She dropped to her knees and took him deep into her mouth. She moved her lips down his shaft so her nose hit his stomach then slid back up him. Then she stood, “Fucking pants are restricting me!” She unfastened her pants and slid them down her legs, showing me her blue lacey thong.

I have never thought of a woman before, but the way her legs seemed to go on forever, and the way the lighting kissed her ass cheeks made me a little wet. I couldn’t believe how sexy it looked.

Ariana squatted back down before him, one knee on either side of his body and took ahold of his cock. She stroked it slowly, “I’ll show you what a real woman can do!” She took him deep again. Her fingers moved to his balls and she caressed them as her head began to move up and down his massive member. I could hear the slurping of her mouth, see the saliva covering him, and almost feel the tightening and loosing of her lips.

She slid him out of her and ran her mouth down the underside of his cock, and licked at his balls. His breathing deepened and his head tilted back. My hand slid up my shirt and I teased my nipple through my bra. This was so hot, I couldn’t think about anything but watching their climax. In truth I wanted to help her, I wanted to suck on his balls while she sucked that beautiful cock. My finger slipped under my bra and I pinched at my hard nipple.

Ariana moved her mouth back up his shaft as she began to tickle at his balls, she looked up to him with a wry smile, “You’re going to cum in just a second Alec,” With that she slid him back into her wonderful mouth. Her head bobbed and twisted from side to side, she was like a mad woman, flailing her head around while taking him deep in her throat and releasing him.

Alec’s breathing intensified tenfold. I could see his legs tensing and releasing and his hips began to rock. Ariana moved fast, gobbling that huge cock with reckless abandonment.

My fingers circled my nipple, and I dropped my other hand to caress my pussy through my pants, this was so hot, again I had to keep myself from gasping aloud.

Alec’s legs seemed to give out completely, I thought he would fall, but he remained standing, I could see his orgasm shooting through his body! Ariana kept him tight in her mouth as his rocket released its fuel. She moaned on him as she moved her mouth in small little jerks, her fingers clamped onto his balls, and I could see them rising and falling with every stream of cum he deposited in her throat.

Oh god did I want to feel the power of his orgasm! It was so intense; I could only imagine the size of the avcılar escort load he was giving her. I had never thought of swallowing a man’s load before, but I would have gladly tried to take his at that exact moment!

Alec’s body went partially limp and he rested a hand on her shoulder, “Holy shit Ariana!”

She gave him a few quick sucks and released him, “Can you suck pussy like that?”

He smiled down to her and took his hand from her shoulder, “Why don’t we find out? Sit on the table.”

Ariana licked at his sword before standing and sat back on the table behind her. She ran her fingers over her panties and nestled back on her elbow, “eat me asshole!”

Alec knelt down and wrapped his arms around her legs. He brought his face forward and flicked his tongue over her panties. She gave a little moan and bucked her hips quickly against his nose. He laughed, “I’ll show you what it is like to get eaten by a real man.”

Oh, I was ready, he could eat me! He could do whatever he wanted to me right now! Hell, the way her mouth moved on him, she could eat my sopping pussy too. She could eat my pussy while I tried to fit his wonderful cock in my mouth. I pinched at my nipple a little more roughly and pressed my fingers hard against my pussy as I watched them. Oh, how I wanted to be involved!

Alec moved his mouth to her panties and began to lick at them, I could see the moisture of her on the blue fabric that covered her love box, I could see his tongue tapping upon it, and I could almost feel it tasting me. I wanted him to take off her panties, I wanted to see the treasure hidden beneath, I wanted to see him dive his tongue inside her, and I wanted to smell the sweet aroma of her pussy. I wanted to cum with them!

Alec must have heard my pleas; he hooked his fingers to the waistline of her thong and slid it slowly down her long legs. What a view! Her pussy was shaved bare, and glistening with her juices. I couldn’t take my eyes away from it as my fingers slipped into my pants to feel the fur that I kept there.

Alec licked back up her legs and pressed two fingers against her opening. How hot it was to watch her lips spread for his fingers, to watch them take his fingers in like a hungry beast! She moaned at his touch, and gave a high-pitched squeal when he extended his tongue and flicked it through her folds. Slowly he rocked his wrist, moving his fingers deeper inside as his tongue flicked in small circles over her clit.

Oh god, how I wanted that tongue on my pussy! Those fingers deep inside of me! My fingers moved lower, spreading my own lips and slowly I ran my fingertip up and down my wet slit. I was so excited, the mixture of watching them pleasing each other before me, the feel of my own pussy on my finger and the silk of my panties rubbing on the back of my hand, it was like heaven. No heaven would be out there, helping them, taking them both! I wanted to suck on her pussy. I wanted to swallow his cock. I wanted them both to taste me the way they tasted each other!

Alec pulled his fingers from her pussy, slid his tongue to her hole and drove it inside of her. I could see her love juice on his fingers as he moved them to her clit and pressed on it. I watched as his tongue dipped in and out of her lovely twat. I drove a finger deep inside of myself and pressed my thumb to my own clit as I watched.

Alec’s tongue flicked out of her pussy, and he swirled it around her opening several times, then dove it back inside. His fingers scissored over her clit, opening and shutting the flaps that protected it rapidly. I could almost feel the pleasure she was receiving!

Her breath was sharp and rapid, and she began to buck her hips against his face, I bucked mine against my own fingers. I pressed my clit hard when her hands shot forward and she grabbed avcılar eve gelen escort at his head. She screamed as she came, her woman fluids sprayed out over his mouth and down his cheeks. I did all I could, biting at my lip, to keep myself from screaming in pleasure as my own pussy released several waves of my nectar! The sight of her squirting on him, the sounds of her moans of pleasure had driven me so far, oh, how I wanted her to cum for me, cum on my face! I leaned against the wall to steady myself. Keeping my fingers inside my soaked pussy and continued to watch them.

Alec licked at her sweet pussy as her breathing returned to normal, then looked up to her, “I’m going to fuck you so hard!”

Ariana smiled, the first time I had ever seen a real smile from her to him, “Stop talking and fill me.”

Oh god no, I wanted him to fill me, fill me with that massive cock while I tasted her! But I stayed still and quiet. This was so hot, so sexy. I wanted to join, to touch them both and let them both touch me, but, I wanted to see them fuck. I wanted to see his cock ramming deep in her pussy!

Alec did not disappoint. He stood, and grabbed onto her hips. He pressed the head of his cock against her slit and slid it inside her slowly. I watched her spread for him, heard her intake of breath, and added a second finger into my own waiting pussy.

He began to move his hips back and forth and she bucked her pussy back at him. The glistening of her juice on his cock almost made me drool, how I wanted to lick that wonderful cock and taste her at the same time! His rocking became hard thrusts and she lifted her legs high and spread them wide giving him more room to fuck her wet love hole. His thighs slapped hard against the back of hers and both of their moans teased my ears. My fingers drove deep inside my own pussy as I rapidly fucked myself. I thought of how his cock would feel inside of me, how good it would be to suck on her sweet pussy while he took me hard and fast! Oh god! I wanted to fuck them!

Ariana screamed out in pleasure and I was again blessed by seeing her hot juice spray out, splashing upon his legs and rolling down them. Wave after wave of her crashed out and soaked the floor beneath them. Oh, how I wanted to lick it from his legs! My fingers moves more rapidly and I pressed a finger to my clit, wiggling it ferociously.

I felt myself starting to constrict again when he pulled himself out of her and sent a stream of thick cum over her. I came hard as the first stream splashed over her breasts, the second flew further, hitting beneath her chin! He grabbed himself and stroked out a few more streams that covered her belly. There was so much cum; I couldn’t believe it was his second orgasm!

My own orgasm shook me almost to my knees, with every shot of his load; my pussy released its own hot fluid. Never had I cum that hard before, never had I had such pleasure!

I rested against the wall as he let go of his huge sword and let it fall onto her stomach. They smiled at each other, and he caressed her ass, “Wow, you are good!”

She giggled, “We are going to do that more often. Hate sex is great!”

I cleaned myself as quick as I could and then watched them clean up their own messes. As they began to busy themselves with their work I walked in to check on them.

I did my best to not let them know what I had witnessed, and they did their best to not let me know what they had done.

When they left, I could show my smile once again. When I got home I fucked my boyfriend like a rabid animal, but the orgasm and pleasure I received from it did not compare to the euphoria of watching and thinking about being with Alec and Ariana.

I find myself waiting now, waiting for the next time I am in charge of closing with them. Waiting to see if I can catch them in their erotic fling once again; anticipating seeing her pussy taking his cock deep inside once again. And hoping, hoping that if it does happen I have the courage to step out and let them take me as well. I wanted them that night, wanted them both. I held myself back, but next time, oh next time. Yes, I will join them then.

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