Deb and Ken’s Excellent Adventure Ch. 05

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Clean and freshly fucked, it’s time to head out. Deb dons neon hot pink latex bikini and I choose my favorite shiny blue metallic latex shorts with the removable cod piece covering. We grab out towels and head off to the beach. Inflatable king sized rafts are spread across the beach. We pick a spot under a grove of palms. The sun is glistening off of the Caribbean. We are greeted by a warm prevailing breeze off of the sea. Deb is going to enjoy some sun and I open my copy of Anne Rice’s second volume of the Sleeping Beauty trilogy, Beauty’s Punishment. As I read I fantasize that I am Prince Tristan.

As I read I’ve drifted off to sleep. I’m awakened by some motion and a loud slapping sound. I sit up and find Deb on her hands and knees. She has her face buried in the pussy of one of the models from the fetish fashion show last night. Behind her is an older man, gray hair thick on his chest, pounding her with strong deep thrusts. His balls are slapping against her ass. This is the sound that has awakened me. I turn and watch. It’s always a beautiful sight to see my lovely Deb being fucked. The model sees that I have awakened. She motions me over to join them.

I move up, kissing her, thrusting my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues do their dance. Her hand finds the cod piece of my shorts and she unsnaps them. My hardening cock springs free. She tugs on my cock pulling me forward. She licks her lips and I position myself so that she has access to my cock. She licks and kisses its head. She’s using her hand to stroke me as she takes me deeper and deeper into her mouth and throat. What a talented cocksucker, she’s using her throat muscles to squeeze and massage my cock.

I look up and we have a crowd surrounding us. At least a dozen men have their cocks out stroking them. Deb is moaning, fucking the cock pounding her. This triggers the model to start moaning around my cock, providing a vibration on my shaft, taking me closer to a climax. This has triggered those around us to their orgasms. A flood of cum begins to cover us, onto Deb’s back, onto the model’s face, into my hair. We all now begin our final moves. The man’s thrusting stops as he produces a deep, loud moan. Deb releases a cry of intense pleasure. The model is thrusting her cunt against Deb’s face, body shaking in spasms and I release rope after rope of hot cum into her bakırköy escort mouth. As I regain composure I lick cum from the model’s face. I turn and massage the cum on Deb into her back. I lick my fingers clean. As we peel ourselves apart we introduce ourselves to each other.

We decide to take a plunge into the inviting waters. After a brief swim we head back to the room to get cleaned up, changed and off to lunch. The agenda for this afternoon is a demonstration and instruction of how to give an erotic massage. Deb’s outfit is an easy on, easy off, metallic silver swing skirt and matching bolero top, and pasties. I choose a pair of metallic copper pull on, lace up the front boxers and a semi-transparent, black pull on t-shirt with lace up neck.

We join our same group of friends for lunch. No messing around this time. Everyone is focused on getting past lunch and on to the demonstration. The spa is a wonderful facility, sauna rooms around the side, several large whirlpool hot tube for sizeable groups, a pool and a large open room equipped with several dozen massage tables. There’s also a stack of inflated rubber rafts. The agenda indicates two techniques will be demonstrated, a traditional erotic massage using a massage table and a Nuru massage using a rubber mattress.

There are three instructors, a tall blond busty and muscular woman that looks like she’s Scandinavian, a highly athletic dark tanned man with large bulging muscles and a clearly detailed six pack, and a too beautiful slender man, streaming red hair with a highly seductive manner. The first demonstration will be using the massage tables. Four volunteers are requested to help with the demonstration, two men and two women. Deb and Liz are selected for the female candidates and I’m selected along with a handsome Jamaican man I haven’t seen before for the two men.

The tall blonde takes Deb and our body builder selects Liz. Our Jamaican friend is led to the table by the other masseur and I’m asked to stand to the side for a moment. We are all handed robes and asked to disrobe. The first three are asked to take a position face down on the massage table. I observe that the table with our male friend must have an opening as I see his cock protrude below the table. It’s a beautiful cock, long, mahogany brown, cut with a plump mushroom beşiktaş escort head. I’m told to take a place under his table and wait for further direction.

Each masseuse takes oil into their hand, rubs them together and warms the oil and their hands. We’re told they’ve selected a very slick, lickible oil, with an odor that stimulates pheromones and is safe for all areas of the body. Initial contact is made with long, lingering and purposeful touches. Use your hands flat but fingers splayed to spread the oil over the contour of the body. We’re told to run our fingers through their hair, gently graze their neck with the pads of our fingers or follow the smooth curves of their lips with our thumbs. This soft touching will give great results and allow you to move your touch from one area of the body to another fluidly and erotically.

Once the body has been explored it’s time to take it to the next level. More oil keeps it slick and sexy. Fingers through the hair, fingers at the lips and into the mouth, rubbing of the breasts and pinches of the nipples are all stimulating. I’m now told to get into place under the table and to take that beautiful cock into my mouth. I’m further instructed not to suck but just to hold it into place. The massages continue with the masseuses move to a position to stroke and rub the legs of their volunteers. They move their hands further and further up the thighs. The hands are now massaging the buttocks. The muscles are rubbed and the fingers trail and explore between the cheeks. The finger is used to explore and penetrate.

The two women are told to turn over but the man on my table is instructed to remain in place. With the women the hands go back to the legs and work their way up the thighs again. With the man on my table he continues to be penetrated. The masseuse finds his prostate and massages it. Suddenly my mouth is being filled with a stream of pre-cum. It flows freely. I’m told to follow my instincts and I begin to kiss and lick the cock in my mouth. I wrap my fingers around his cock and begin to stroke. The masseuse stops, disrobes and gets on the table. He pours oil on his rigid cock. He slides between the cheeks of the Jamaican. He slides in and is fucking this man. The man’s cock is deep in my throat as I massage his cock with my throat muscles.

On the two beylikdüzü escort other tables the women have been being teased. Fingers have approached their sex but not penetrated it. You can see Deb and Liz lifting their bottoms trying to impale their vaginas on the masseuse’s fingers. Finally penetration is achieved. Fingers explore inside, clits are rubbed. Passions increase. Deb’s masseuse replaces her fingers with her mouth and tongue. Liz’s masseuse had disrobed and joined her on the table.

Somehow as if we are all connected the three volunteers and two of the three masseuses erupt in intense orgasms. I’m the lucky one in that I have been graced with a massive amount of cum in my mouth and down my throat. I allow his cock to leave my mouth taking him with my hand rubbing his spurting cock on my face. With that the first demonstration is complete.

We all head back to the changing room and dress again to join the others in the crowd. We head over to an area where the air mattress is located. One volunteer is sought. Vanessa is the first to have her hand up and is selected for the Nuru demonstration. She is instructed to disrobe and lay on the air mattress. The massage will start much like the traditional massage but instead of oil a special Nuru gel is used. The gel is thicker than oil and is incredibly slippery. The masseur is another Jamaican Adonis. His body is muscular and his cock must be at least twelve inches when not erect. He starts with his hands and works down her body. He then lays on top of her and begins to use his whole body.

How incredibly erotic, sexy, slippery, glistening body rubbing and sliding against each other. Vanessa is obviously aroused. She’s arching her middle, raising her bottom, offering herself to him. His cock is slippery sliding between her cheeks. He easily slides into her ass and she gasps. She has been penetrated. She craves being fucked and he delivers. She’s sliding on the mattress as he’s sliding on her. She moves and he slides from her. She’s rotated herself and reaches down to put his cock at her cunt. Again, he impales her and with one quick hard stroke is fully deep into her. There is no other description than they fuck. They fuck hard and fast. Vanessa wraps her legs around his waist so that he go as deep as possible into her. With only a few more strokes she screams and her body spasms. Her face is contorted in the ecstasy of her climax.

The volunteers head for the showers.

Deb and Ken’s excellent adventure will continue in part 6. There’s more to the afternoon at the spa. What’s next? I hope you enjoy and will continue to follow our grand adventure.

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