Dee Moves to the Country Ch. 2

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Her was mother was fieriest,

Sitting on the porch when she walked up, were have you been? She asked her? I was walking in the woods and it got dark. It took longer then I expected to walk back. I was afraid you would be worried mother, I’m ok, she stated. She could still feel the wetness of his cum between her legs, I need a shower after that long walk. Kind of sticky, you know. You need to eat too. I fixed you a plate and left it in the oven, there is a pie in the microwave,

I’m kind of tired, and need to just sit here and unwind after worrying about you.

Her mother had heard the bike coming on the highway in the stillness of the hour, And had heard it stop then go again, then stop again, As she sat and worried about her fifteen year daughter, Out in the woods in a strange place, She seen his shadow in the woods by the road, her daughter had been walking up. She knew Dee was not “telling the whole truth,” and sat quietly as he left, she heard the bike in the distance, she knew it hadn’t went far as she hadn’t heard the bike wine completely out.

The next Morning was Sat and she knew Dee would have to start school on Monday,

Her younger brother being a ten-year-old .was playing in the yard and stir a hornet nest up!! He, had been stung 7 or more times and mother had taken him to the hospital,

The other 5 children were with Bob on a fishing /camping trip for the weekend . So here she was all alone on a hot Sat afternoon, and decided she would go fine that pool of water again,

She headed down halkalı ucuz escort the dirt road and crossed the main highway, over the bank and up the stream she had remembered how to get there. She approached the deep hole before she had realized any one was there.

There he was with an older woman, In her late 30’s,both were naked and drinking a beer “Come in” Dee! This is my friend Sue, GD said. She is a writer and stops bye every so often. Glad to meet you Dee, Sue said GD has told me so much about you!! Very fond of you, he is,

She undressed and got into the water, this time the sun was straight over head and beaming hot, She went under water a few times to cool herself off, She noticed both of them staring at her, She dipped a 3rd time and swam underwater to them, jumped up in front of them and said Boo! She used to do this in the city pool to her friends.

He grabbed her an embraced her, this is my little virgin he stated, to Sue! Or should I say our! Let’s go to the house, it is cooler there, They went up the hill and to the A frame, this time going into the basement part, A part Dee had not been aware of on her last visit. She had not worn any underwear under her cut off jeans today, And she looked very seductive her body being wet and glistering, there was a hot tub, a pool table and fire place, very nice too!

And small room near the back had a forbidden sign on it, unless over eighteen, He mixed some drinks and suggested they get in to the hot tub, She had never halkalı üniversiteli escort been in one and was excited, they all undressed and relaxed in the tub, She heard Church bells chiming, Had something been slipped in her drink, No just some AC/DC coming on thru the surround sound system, Her head started rocking to the beat, The next thing she knew she was standing up naked dancing, jamming, To Hells Bells, Yeah! She was ringing hells bells, she noticed Sue and GD kissing and him fondling her breast,

She rubbed her own breast and shouted, to the song, She then walked up between them and they each ran a tongue down her inner thigh, She sat back on the side of the hot tub, spread her legs, and moaned, GD and Sue both arose and each one got a leg and started kissing it up to her freshly shaved cunt, a virgin cunt, they each took turns running there hard tongues up her crack and around her clitoris.

They got out of the hot tub and lie on the rug in front of the unlit fireplace,

Sue gently started kissing one of Dee nipples, then reached and ran her finger up and down her crack. She was wet, and her clit was hard, GD was running his tongue up and down Sue’s crack, And told Dee to join him, But I never have, She said!! Just do as I do he said. And ran his tongue up to the top of her hot cunt clear down to her anal hole, She followed his tongue up and down and back again French kissing him over Sue’s clit. She was enjoying this.

Now Lie back Dee and Let haramidere escort me and Sue seduce you, Sue lowered her self over Dee face and spread her cunt lips and told Dee to eat her hot cunt, Dee took to it like sucking a bottle, GD had his cock in Sue mouth; she was stroking him with one hand and holding her cunt open with the other hand, riding Dee face,

Get up on you knees Dee, Sue stayed Over Dee face, Dee got into a 69er position with Sue, And DG came up from behind her and started rubbing her crack with his cock, Slowly rubbing up and down and into Sue mouth over her clit, Sue could suck them both at the same time, Sue got Dees clit into her hot mouth.

Then GD slowly pushed his hard cock into her cunt just enough to make her want more. Then he would pull out again and put his cock into Sue mouth, Dee was on fire and could feel the intensely of the heat from his cock, She wanted it bad, he did this a few minutes, till she thought she couldn’t take it no more., He then busted her cherry, Blood red cum oozed from her hot wet cunt.

He went deep with a good hard thrust, deep into her virgin cunt, Dee sucked Sue’s clit hard (For nursing her newly busted cherry) He made several hard thrusts, she felt him swelling inside her, and felt him grab and pull her back hard on his hard cock, She “Exploded”, Dee felt like she could piss all over him right then, And then she felt the contractions, Of his cock releasing hot cum and filling her pussy full,,, He then slowly fucked her until his cock got soft. Rubbing her ass with his Thumb, They all comp lased,

And she knew she must get home, Before her mother did, She told them bye and went back thru the woods, a pass the swim hole. Down the stream and up to the road, and started up the drive, she got home in time to shower and lie on the bed, When her mother arrived she had just fallen asleep. Niceclit4u vote on it

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