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So yes, this is what it feels like. To want and not have, to need and not get, to want yes when you get no.

You see me walking by, but you can’t reach me. You see every curve, every line, every piece of me. So close yet so far away. I can feel you looking. I can feel your desire, I can feel your need. May I help you fill it?

May I help make your desires come true? I understand if there’s a no in there, but I think I can work on changing your mind. I think I can work on you getting what you want. But only if you say yes, only if you let me…let me what?

Let me find all of the things that make you moan, let me find all of the ways to help you release, let me find all of the ways to make you want to say my name. Yes, let me.

But, you’re still so close, yet so far. I can look at you and make eye contact, but I can’t touch you. I can look at you and know that I can make you moan. Oh my, as I’m walking by, I know exactly what I’d love to do to you. I know exactly how I can show you that yes should be your answer.

Want to know how I would make your desires come true? Want to know how I would work on getting you what you want?

Well, I would start slow.

I would take my time undressing you. I would savor every inch of you. Yes, I think I would start at your neck, plant a few kisses and possibly a few nibbles, and then quickly move on. Yes, I know I said slow but that left nipple is calling my name. There’s no way to resist. Fully placing you in my mouth, lightly sucking and flicking with my tongue, making it stand and seek. Seek what? Seek the warmth of my mouth engulfing that part of you, the moisture of my sucking you, and of course, the air as I breathe on you. Oh bad me. The right nipple is jealous. All it’s receiving is a rub, and a flick, and a pinch. All it’s receiving is play, all it’s receiving is tease, all it’s receiving is torture. istanbul escort Why play with me, when you won’t consume me? Ok, ok fine. Right nipple my tongue is all yours. My mouth belongs to you, oh now you’re at attention. Thank you. Thank you for receiving me. Oh my. Thank you. But look, that yummy part of your belly, you know, that shy place, the place you don’t want anyone to know about, the place you don’t want anyone to touch, certainly deserves some love. Please let me at it. Let me lick it, let me rub it, let me show it just how precious it is because it’s a part of you. Please, let me. Ah yes, the warmth of being that close to you. The feel of your skin under my lips and under my hands. Thank you.

Oh but yes, my favorite place. Whew. Yes, my favorite place. The part of you that knows I’m coming. The part of you that is pulsing for my touch. The part of you that is dripping for my arrival. The part of you that knows I know just what to do. But, I must pass by, there’s so much more of you to explore. As I run my tongue down your thighs, slightly nudging them apart just to see you move, I can see your drip. I can see you throbbing and pulsing anxiously awaiting contact. But, I’m at your knees, I’m running my fingers lightly over them to make your hair rise. I’m kissing them and rubbing them noticing your special texture and loving that it’s all mine. But on to your ankles. I know that I can show you every part of you is sexy by rubbing, caressing, kissing and licking.

Oh my, here I am rushing again, but yes, I get to my prize. Ok, I’m ignoring that nice sexy behind and the strength of your back, but I can’t wait any longer. I just can’t wait. Please, aahhh. Sweet success. I’ve gotten to the place that I get to taste the way I want to, I get to lick the way I want to, I get to do whatever I want to. You’re rising avcılar escort to meet me, strong, ready, yet, patiently waiting. Waiting to feel my mouth consume you, waiting to feel my hands engulf you, waiting for release. Ok, ok, ok. I’ll lick. Just a little. Flick the tip just a little, suck just a little, breathe on it just a little. Breathe you say? Yes breathe, that drives you crazy, the anticipation of knowing I’m that close, but not touching. You keep trying to rise to meet my lips, but I move just out of reach. And I move again. And I move one more time before I engulf you. All the way in my mouth, so deep I can smell you, smell your excitement. Feel the heat rising from your body.

Thank you for the opportunity to connect my tongue to your flesh. I lay you down because I can’t get at you just right. I can’t get my mouth to feel those veins, grooves and intricacies that make you, you.

As we lay down you pull my hips toward you. You want my hips in line with your tongue.

Oh, now I understand why you pulled my hips toward your mouth. This is an all consuming distraction. I am laying on top of you relaxing and eagerly desiring your touch. Wait, no, this isn’t about me, but by now, your tongue has found my most intimate part. Oh my. I can’t concentrate, you are enjoying the licking, flicking and tasting of me. Your hands have grabbed my hips needing to bring me closer to your face, every lick you take, I’m taking one too. Every flick you make, I’m making one too. Every suck you take, I’m sucking and consuming you. But now the pressure is starting to build. I’m not sure I can take any more and you know this so you’re urging me to lay down next to you. I don’t want you to release me, but I trust you to make the next moments worth it.

I flip around so that our hips are now even. You facing me and me facing you. Waiting for the şirinevler escort next part of our adventure. As much as I enjoyed your tongue in me, I would love another method of connection. Another way to help you find your release. You adjust so that you are on top of me, looking for my entrance. Looking for the ability to get closer to me, to be inside of me, to penetrate me, in a way that only you can. Yes. Thank you. You’re just getting started, then you push, whew, I felt that, you pump, yes, I’m feeling you, you make me moan.

Oops, I’m sorry, but I can’t keep my nails out of your back. I just want you closer and closer and deeper and deeper and please just complete me. Oh yes, we are on the way. Enjoying every part of each other. Ok. I feel my release starting to happen, I didn’t expect it this soon, but only you know what to do. Only you know where to meet me. Oh my, this throb is starting. The pressure is building and building and building as I try to hold myself together. As I try to savor every moment and enjoy you inside of me. I’m so close that I’m trying to keep my eyes shut. I know if I look at you directly my release is soon to come. I’m letting the intense feeling of you inside of show me exactly why I wanted you in the first place. Well, at least why I wanted to fill your desires and needs. I’m barely holding on and whew I explode. Thank you, thank you, thank you and yes thank you. The place you’ve taken me to is magical. There’s no other way to explain it. No way to put in words what I felt when my release consumed me.

I started out wanting to give you pleasure by touching you all over. Who knew you could touch me all over with this one connection? This connection that made me feel caressed, special and cared for. The same way I used my lips, tongue and hands to do the same to you. I’m riding the wave of euphoria that comes along with my release. Feeling my release triggers you. Triggers the pulsing, throbbing and flowing of you that fills me. We are riding this wave for what feels like forever. Feeling satisfied, satiated, sexy and secure.

The thrill of completion. Oh, such a big smile. Thank you my love. Thank you.

But wait, I’m still only walking by.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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