Down By the Bay Ch. 03

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We left off with Dixie and Drew spending a weekend at the bay. Dixie is in control of their sexual encounter, straddling Drew on the sofa…

To Drew’s amazement, Dixie lifted herself from riding his cock to her knees in front of him. She looked up at him cunningly and took his member into her mouth, sucking off every drip of her sweet, pussy juices. She licked around his head and down his shaft, then down to his balls, taking them each into her mouth so as not to leave a drop. Drew could barely control himself; watching her bob up and down on his shaft, seeing her naked body, firm in from of him. Feeling his pleasure build, Dixie knew she needed to stop before he let loose in her mouth; so once again, she stopped!

This time, Dixie straddled Drew in the opposite direction. She slowly lowered herself down onto him, taking him in all the way. She began to bounce slowly at first, and then began a steady pace moving faster and harder. Building again, she began to rub her clit furiously to have a simultaneous orgasm from her g-spot and her clit. Drew could feel her tightening and grabbed onto her tits from behind. The sheer sensation of him grabbing onto her tits, forced Dixie to explode. Plunging onto his cock, her pussy muscled tightened as she released a gush of beşiktaş anal yapan escort warm nectar cascading down his shaft and down to his balls. Drew could not take it any longer. After her shuddering subsided, Drew put one hand on her hip and the other on her head, leaned her forward, and stood to the position of her bent over the sofa table so he could pound her from behind. Dixie obliged, and followed his movements to their new position, taking him in at his leisure. Drew took hold of her hips and thrust his cock into her soaking pussy, listening to her moan with each thrust. It was not going to take long; he had built up enough passion from her tongue tease at dessert to her relentless control of positions.

Dixie’s tits were bouncing with each thrust and she was ready to climax. Drew could feel her pushing back harder as he drove in deep; he could feel the walls of her pussy tightening around him; so he slowed down…slower and almost pulling all the way out so he could feel himself go into every inch of her. On his next slow tease out, he pulled all the way out, surprising Dixie. He didn’t stay out for long, just long enough to take some cum from her pussy and rub it around her ass and slide his fingers inside. beşiktaş bdsm escort Dixie gasped and relaxed feeling his finger slide in so effortlessly. With his fingers inside of her, he slid his cock back into her filling both entrances and making her want more. Drew knew that she was ready for just about anything right now, and he was going to give it all to her.

“Baby, how does your pussy feel?” he asked seductively. All Dixie could do was breath heavy with his thrusts. “Do you like it when I play with your ass and fuck you?”

Trying to overcome the excitement enough to answer, Dixie finally replied “Oh, yes. I love it when you bang me…when you play with me…making me cum. I love it when you fuck me deep and hard….yeah, just like that” her voice trails off into moans as Drew moves faster with excitement.

“You are so wet, baby. My cock is soaked. I wanna fuck your ass with your juices.” With that, Drew eased his fingers back, slowly slid his cock from one hole and into the other. The tightness was incredible yet he slid right in.

“Oh God” she exclaimed, “oh yeah, get deep, get it, yeah, yeah”. Drew was deep inside her ass now and Dixie wanted it deeper. Drew knew this, he knew she loved him deep beşiktaş elit escort in the back and hard, and she was thrusting back with every motion inward he took. He also knew it wouldn’t take long for his cock to blow and he wanted to make every moment count.

“Play with your pussy for me” he told Dixie. With that, Dixie took one had and began playing with her slit, sliding her fingers in and out and eventually rubbing her rock hard clit.

With Drew in her ass and her clit being rubbed, it wouldn’t take long, and she could feel in building. Drew was building too. Dixie was getting excited, her ass was tightening, her breathing heavier and louder with each thrust, and her finger tantalizing her clit, Drew was just about there with the excitement rushing through her body onto his. He grabbed her by the shoulders and thrust himself as far and hard as he could. This sent Dixie over the edge in orgasms from each part of her body.

“Oh my God! Oh Yes! Oh God! Oh God! Fuck me, fuck me! Yes, yes” and Drew rammed her harder and harder and deeper and blew his hot load into her ass as she shuttered and screamed out in ecstasy.

“Oh, yeah, yeah, oh, oh” was all he could say as his body released all the energy that had been building. They slowly stopped moving and just leaned there on the sofa table, body to body.

After a nice, hot shower together, cleaning the love making off of each other and whispering their sweet nothings, Drew and Dixie curled up on the balcony under a blanket and the stars. This would definitely be a weekend retreat at the bay they won’t soon forget.

~The End~

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