Dream Lover Pt. 15

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Note: you will understand this story a lot better if you read at least Part One first though I recommend reading all previous parts.


Chapter Twenty

The success of my dream visit with Linda had me eager to return but I knew I needed to be patient and space out my visits. Fortunately, I still had Theresa and Irene with whom to coordinate dream visits and my success with Linda had provided me with additional confidence. Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean beach with Linda, I had a good idea of how to go about it with Theresa so I started with her. Back at the end of high school, a group of us had gone to the beach after the prom to stay up and watch the sun rise. With that accomplished, many of us promptly fell asleep on our blankets, snuggled together under additional blankets for warmth. I just happened to be spooned up against Theresa and, had we been alone, I might have done something more than just pressed my body against hers and wrapped my arm around her. With the others around, including our dates, that didn’t seem like the best idea, though I did feel comfortable that Theresa would have been receptive.

In thinking about where our dream should take place, I decided to take things to that next step on the beach back when we were both eighteen but to then transform that scene to a much warmer tropical locale. I’d considered the Mediterranean villa but decided on a more generic tropical beach with just the cabana and bed on a wooden deck with an adjacent shower to keep things simple and focused. As I was developing this plan, I was also doing recon and, as with Linda, the more I saw Theresa undressing and showering, the more I wanted to be with both her eighteen-year-old self and her current MILF self. Once the plan was completely figured out, I took the first opportunity and, as she was just on the verge of dozing, I slipped into bed with her, spooning her as I did that night on the beach, then took her there with me. I suspect it was the crashing waves that let her know that she was no longer in her bed though it also could have been the feeling of being fully dressed. She turned toward me to see who had an arm around her and actually smiled when she saw that it was eighteen-year-old me.

“Remember that night after the prom?” I asked as we looked into each other’s eyes.

“Of course,” she replied, “I remember wishing it was just the two of us and now it looks like it is.”

“So what should we do now that we couldn’t do then?” I asked.

“This for starters,” she said before reaching up to pull my face closer to hers and pressing her lips against mine. This was going exactly the way I’d hoped it would, meaning it was starting out the way I wished it had actually gone on that night. We were quickly making out as she lay on her back and I was on my side. We had made out briefly on a few occasions during the course of our long friendship but it had been a long time so I was relishing the opportunity to do it again. Of course I couldn’t resist bringing my hand up to cup her tit, caressing it through her shirt and bra. I had never done that before in real life and, although I was savoring it, I was soon sliding my hand up under her shirt. As we continued to make out, I briefly caressed each of her tits through the thin material of her bra before unfastening a conveniently located front clasp and releasing them. I resumed caressing each of them, this time the bare, smooth flesh and her hard nipples as she moaned softly into my mouth.

My cock was rigid but I was not expecting to use it here in this scenario mainly because my primary goal was to get her off but also because we were fully dressed and I knew there was an easier way to shed all of our clothes than fumbling around here in this memory. I wanted to get her off then get my cock inside her but there was definitely potential to revisit this scenario and play it out completely. I just wasn’t patient enough to do it this first time.

After fondling her bare tits for a bit, I slipped my hand down and first massaged her pussy through her jeans then, upon receiving a positive response to that, I started to open them. I unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans then slipped my hand inside, feeling the coarse texture of her bush through her panties. I caressed her pussy through her panties, feeling the moist heat emanating through them, then slipped my hand inside. Her bush felt well-groomed and her pussy felt hot and wet. As I started to slide my finger in and out, she pulled her mouth away from mine so she could moan loudly and continuously. She was subtly gyrating her hips in response to my stimulation, which I alternated between sliding my finger in and out of her snug, wet pussy and gently caressing her clit with my fingertip.

When she started to tense up slightly, I suspected that she was close to cumming. I wasn’t trying to rush things so I could get to fucking her nor was I trying to draw out the pleasure for too long. I was really just happy for the opportunity to be here again, playing things out the way I’d fantasized for so many years after. Also maltepe escort being able to provide her with pleasure just made it even sweeter. The tension suddenly left her body and, as she went limp, she also cried out as her body started shaking. I continued to stimulate her, hoping it would draw out her orgasm and heighten her pleasure. Only once she’d gone still and had let out a sigh did I stop and slip my hand out of her panties, licking her juices from my fingers as she recovered.

“That was everything I’d hoped it would have been,” she finally said, looking into my eyes.

“I’m so glad,” I replied, “but let’s continue this someplace warmer and sunnier.”

There was a slight sense of vertigo as we continued to stare into each other’s eyes while I transported us from a chilly May morning lying on a New Jersey beach to standing in the tropical sun with significantly less clothing on. We both blinked hard to clear our heads then looked around to see the pristine beach with a lot of palm trees and the cabana with the shower as well as the clear blue water. My attention was then quickly on Theresa with her eighteen-year-old physique in a brief string bikini. I’d never had the opportunity to see her in a bikini when we’d been that age but I knew she’d be smoking hot in one and I was definitely not disappointed. There were clothes of hers that I remembered from back then that I also knew I’d be peeling her out of in future dreams as well as potentially fully playing out the early morning on that New Jersey beach. At that moment, though, I wanted to enjoy her in that bikini for a bit before stripping her out of it.

Because I was the architect of this dream, I’d made sure that my physique was more defined than the skinny kid I’d been in high school and I was glad to catch Theresa appreciating it. I took her hand and led her into water that was perfectly temperate, so we were soon almost fully submerged. There was no build up as there had been with Linda; we just started making out and running our hands over each other’s bodies. Her ass, which had been spectacular when we were in high school and which I had actually caressed on those few occasions when we’d made out, felt absolutely outstanding. My cock was throbbing and Theresa didn’t fail to notice as she humped her pussy against it. Rather than continue with an underwater dry-hump, she untied my swimsuit drawstring and extracted my rigid tool. She pumped it a few times before wrapping her legs around me while I held her up, pulling her bikini bottom aside and guiding my cock into her hot pussy. We both moaned as my cock filled her and she slowly moved up and down on it.

Unlike with Linda, who I’d already had naked and had fucked by the time we were doing this, I was much more into having Theresa, still in her bikini, riding my cock in the water because I knew we were just getting started. I had a feeling that our first orgasms were going to be pretty quick ones so this seemed like a good position for a quick fuck. I bounced her up and down once she’d wrapped her arms around my neck, pushing deeply into her each time she came down. She was moaning almost immediately and, as snug and wet as her pussy felt, I could feel my orgasm building right away. I didn’t plan to do anything to hold it off unless it seemed like I was going to cum before she did, which generally did not happen in these dream scenarios. I wasn’t fucking her hard enough to bounce her right up out of the water, but we did get a good, steady rhythm going and it felt amazing to be sliding my cock in and out of her hot, snug pussy.

My cock swelled even more as I was getting closer to cumming and I think that is what finally pushed Theresa over the edge. She let out a cry and started shaking while her pussy was flooded with even more lubrication, making fucking her feel unbelievably even better. Her orgasm was just starting to taper off when I blasted into her with a grunt. I continued thrusting and spurting into her while she rode out the last of her orgasm. My thrusting diminished as my spurting did until I was fully spent. I was still holding her up with my softening cock still inside her but she hopped down, her arms still around me, and we kissed. I couldn’t help but return to caressing her sweet ass while I had the chance.

“Although I’ve given plenty of thought to having sex with you since we became friends,” she finally said, “I never considered that it’d be like this but I most definitely thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“It doesn’t have to be over yet,” I assured her, “unless your alarm goes off.”

“So this is a dream?” she asked.

“Isn’t it?” I replied, echoing my response to Linda’s similar inquiry.

“Good and I hope I remember it,” she said, “I’ve wanted to fuck you since we met and I can’t believe I let my prudish Catholic upbringing prevent me from doing it. Plus, it doesn’t count as cheating on my husband if it’s a dream, right?”

“I wouldn’t think so,” I replied, “It isn’t as though you can control what you dream about and are choosing to have sex with mecidiyeköy escort someone else.”

“Well, in that case,” she continued, “let’s keep this party going. I don’t want to wake up not having gotten naked and trying out that bed.”

I tucked my spent cock back into my swimsuit but didn’t bother to tie the drawstring as we headed out of the water and, after our feet ended up covered with sand, we stepped over to the shower. She turned the water on and stepped under the spray, still in her bikini. She wet herself down except for her hair while I just ogled her body, feeling the blood trying to return to my spent cock. When she stepped aside and indicated for me to take her place, I was rinsing the sand off of my feet then wetting down my body as she went from ogling my body to sliding down my swimsuit. After tossing it aside, she grabbed a bottle of conveniently located body wash and poured herself a handful. She started to spread it over my chest and abs so I reached out to untie her bikini top. I untied the lower knot first then, when I had the upper one behind her neck undone, I was able to toss it aside, revealing her beautiful tits. They were well proportioned for her body but her areolas were larger than I would have expected had I not already seen them on her MILF body and I loved how they looked on her firm, young tits. Her nipples were hard so, after briefly caressing them, I lowered my head to lick and suck them.

With my head down, she couldn’t really lather up more than my shoulders but she was also moaning so my caressing her tits while licking and sucking her nipples seemed to be having a positive effect. Rather than straightening up again, I continued down until I was facing her bikini bottom. I untied the bows on each of her hips simultaneously then pulled the entire thing away, revealing a neatly groomed, light brown bush. I tossed her bikini bottom aside and leaned in to kiss her hips, abdomen and upper thighs around her pussy before standing again. I grabbed a handful of body wash and, as she went back to slathering me, I started slathering her. I started with her boobs and, once they were thoroughly clean, I reached around to lather up her ass. She’d quickly worked her way from my shoulders down over my chest and abs until she reached my cock, which she soaped up along with my balls until I was fully rigid once again. We didn’t even bother with the rest of our bodies, rinsing off the suds since we were both fired up and ready to get back to it.

Once we were rinsed, she turned off the shower as I grabbed a couple of conveniently located towels. We quickly dried ourselves and each other before heading for the nearby bed under the cabana. Kneeling in the middle of the bed after we’d both crawled on, we were making out and caressing each other until I lowered my head to lick and suck her nipples again while nudging her backwards. She reclined on the bed but, rather than mounting her, I positioned myself between her parted thighs and gazed at her trim bush once again. Running my tongue along her slit, I tasted her pungent juices as she moaned. Once I started, I didn’t want to stop; I was lapping at her pussy, slurping up the abundant nectar that she was producing while she moaned louder and longer as she writhed on the bed. I had definitely pondered being in this position and, now that I actually was, it was everything I’d hoped it would be. Glancing up along her tight young body, her tits pointing toward the sky and a look of pure ecstasy on her face, I was beyond grateful once again for the opportunities that my developing abilities continued to provide.

Before I even slipped a finger into her, Theresa suddenly let out a cry and started shaking as an unexpectedly quick orgasm washed over her. I continued to lap at her juicy slit while she was cumming then, as she sighed before starting to moan again, I slipped a finger easily into her slippery pussy and, while licking and sucking her clit, slid it slowly in and out. Her moaning immediately began to escalate again as she rocked her pussy toward my face. I didn’t necessarily want her to have another quick orgasm but, if that’s the way it worked out, I wasn’t going to be disappointed. I was enjoying the opportunity to finally have my face buried in her pussy after thinking about it for so many years so, naturally, I didn’t want that to come to an end too quickly. On the other hand, my cock was as rigid as steel and, given how hot and wet her pussy continued to become, I knew slipping it into her was going to feel even better than I’d ever imagined.

As when my hand had been inside her panties on the New Jersey beach, I wasn’t trying to hurry her along so I could get to fucking her nor was I trying to draw things out so I could savor devouring her pussy for longer. I was feeling pretty confident that I could revisit her dreams and eat her pussy again so I fully intended to take the opportunity whenever I could manage it moving forward. For the moment, though, I just maintained the same technique, relishing the current opportunity while merter escort she moaned louder and her body started tensing up. When she finally went completely limp, she let out a cry and her body started shaking as she experienced another long and apparently intensely pleasurable orgasm. I continued to lick and suck her clit while sliding my finger in and out until she went completely still and let out a sigh. At that point, I raised my head and, after slipping my finger out of her, I sucked her juices off of it.

I was still lying between her spread legs, just admiring the view up along her body, when she opened her eyes and beckoned me toward her. I crawled up next to her and we made out as I fondled her perky tits and she reached for my throbbing tool. Gradually, she maneuvered me onto my back then got up on her knees and straddled me. Sitting straight upright, allowing me to see her body, she guided my cock to her pussy then lowered herself onto it as we both moaned. She sat there for a moment, feeling my cock filling her, as I reached up and fondled her tits. Once she started moving, it was slowly at first but she gradually increased her pace. When her tits started really bouncing, I moved my hands so that I could watch them, reaching around to caress her ass instead. Her snug, slippery pussy felt outstanding as it moved up and down on my cock and, though I could feel an orgasm stirring, I had the distinct impression that she’d be cumming before I did. I wasn’t sure if it was due to having a couple of orgasms already that made this one build up even faster and easier, whether she just came easily in general or if it was because this was a dream and she was more relaxed about this whole experience. Whatever the case, it wasn’t long before she was clearly on the verge again.

I was pushing up into her each time she dropped down while watching her tits bouncing when she just dropped down and sat there. She was silent for a moment then she gasped and started shaking. Since her tits had stopped bouncing, I reached up to fondle them again as she was riding out her orgasm. Once again it appeared to be long and intensely pleasurable so I was glad that this experience was a positive one for her as well as for me. When she finished cumming and had caught her breath again, she climbed off of my cock, but I wasn’t worried in the least that she was finished with me.

“I’m sure you won’t mind if I suck this hard cock of yours,” she said, stroking it while looking at me.

“I never thought I’d feel your mouth on my cock,” I replied, “so I am onboard, though I’d love it if I could lick your pussy some more, too.”

She smiled and leaned down to kiss me briefly before straddling my head. As she leaned forward to take my cock in her mouth, I was running my hands over her sweet ass. I sucked in my breath then let out a moan as she engulfed my tool in her hot mouth. She gently pumped the base while sliding her mouth down my shaft as far as she could manage as I just took a moment to relish her oral talents. I was gazing up at her trim bush while enjoying her cocksucking but ended up raising my head and running my tongue along her slit. I felt her moans reverberate through my cock as she continued sucking it while I licked her pussy. I wasn’t expecting another opportunity to eat her pussy so soon but I figured I’d enjoy it while also enjoying the feel of her mouth moving up and down my cock. I brought one hand down from her ass and slipped a finger into her while licking and sucking her clit.

I did feel like I was more focused on the pleasure I was feeling as a result of her blowjob than I was on pleasuring her so it was a surprise to me once again when she raised her head while moaning more continuously. She was still pumping my cock but that wasn’t causing my orgasm to build as quickly as her mouth had, though it still felt pretty damn good. I kept up what I was doing but she didn’t go back to sucking me off because, just a moment later, she started shaking again as she had another orgasm. Even after this one was done, she didn’t go back to sucking me off; I guess she decided there was something else she wanted to try first. She started crawling forward until she was straddling my hips again, though facing away from me this time. As I stared at her bare ass, she guided my cock back to her pussy and pushed back, engulfing it. We both moaned again and she started riding me reverse-cowgirl while I ran my hands over her sweet ass.

I could sort of push up into her in this position so I was doing that each time she came down to give her the full length of my cock. I only lamented that, because she was facing away from me, I couldn’t see her tits bouncing. The way her pussy felt as she rode me, though, more than made up for that minor disappointment. Plus, staring at her ass was a major plus. Again it didn’t take long before she was riding me hard and fast again and, given how hot and wet her pussy was by this point, I could feel my orgasm building. Once again, though, she surprised me by cumming so quickly and before I was even close. I loved that she was having no trouble cumming and I had no issues with changing things up so much; I’d been waiting for years to have this opportunity with her so I was definitely up for anything and everything. This time, though, when she finished cumming again, she made absolutely certain that it was then all about me.

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