Dylan’s Desires Ch. 01

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I thought a lot about Dylan’s shaved pussy since our first night together. I thought about how she flaunted it in front of me, teasing herself with her vibrator before bringing on that first, massive orgasm. I thought about the unencumbered view of my cock penetrating her folds. I remembered the feeling of her skin against my own, just-shaved skin. It made me hard every time.

And so I sat in Seat 22C, waiting for the plane to pull up to the jetway at the LA airport. The text message glowing on my PDA said Dylan was already in the terminal, her flight having arrived early. She was at the other end of that jetway. It looked like I was going to walk off that airplane with my cock at full attention. Dozens of folks would be waiting in line to board this plane. I wondered if any of them would notice.

Apparently, one of the flight attendants did. “I’m glad you enjoyed your flight,” he smirked while glancing at my crotch. “I’ll bet you say that to all the guys,” I replied, hoping my quick response would end things there. He shot back, “Only the ones I’d like to fly solo with.” That was enough to kill my hard on. Hey, I don’t mind what people do on their time. Their choices are their choices. But I know what I like and she was waiting for me in the terminal.

Dylan greeted me with a big hug and a very horny kiss. She took notice as my cock returned to its hardened state, pulling me closer and grinding her pelvis against me. Whatever concern I had about being seen with a hard on washed away in the moment. I’m sure everyone who watched us for those few minutes was wondering the same thing, “will they go at it right here in the terminal?” Not today.

We broke from our kiss and Dylan suggested that we head down to baggage claim. We talked a little business on the way. As much as we were looking forward to being with one another, we were in LA to meet with some clients. The bags from either flight weren’t there we when arrived. I noticed a barren corner a 100 yards or so from the main claim area. I motioned for Dylan to follow me. I didn’t have to ask twice.

We nestled into the corner to make out a little. That sounds so high school, but that’s exactly what it was — a make out session. After a few glances to make certain no one was giving us too much attention, Dylan took my hand and guide my fingers down the front her skirt zeytinburnu escort to a spot between her legs. Through the fabric I could feel that she was as smooth as our first night together. The thought of my fingers touching her skin made me hard. I hiked up her skirt using my hand closest to the wall and touched her silky legs.

Dylan moved closer to kiss me as my hand wandered under her skirt. No panties. No thong. Just skin. And some of it was getting quite wet.

Dylan’s pussy was moist and warm. My fingers slid along her clit stopping to explore where the most sensitive parts might be. She was so wet, one of my fingers slid inside her. We were still kissing, but that didn’t stop her from letting out a short gasp and a soft moan. I tried to work a second finger inside, but she gently guided my hand to another position. The first finger slid out during the process. Dylan positioned my hand towards the top of her clit. It was the exact spot where her vibrator sat when she finally made herself come.

Dylan pressed my hand firmly against her body and started to grind against my fingers. Her body began to get warmer as she approached orgasm. She stuck her tongue in my mouth to keep from making too much noise as she came. She held me closer as her body tensed up. My hand was getting quite wet. She squeezed me tightly as she came and then she relaxed. My hand came up from under her dress. Our lips parted.

“Thanks,” she said softly. “I needed that.”

My turn, “Anything your heart desires.”

“My heart isn’t the issue right now,” Dylan replied. “My pussy is. And I desire for you to go down on me as soon as you can.”

The moment reminded me of the last time we were together. Dylan won a business bet we made and she was in charge of our first sex together. She flourished in she leadership role, to say the least. As far as I was concerned, she wasn’t going to get the first or last word every time. But for now, the suggestion of going down on her agreed with my way of thinking. The baggage claim at the LA airport wasn’t the place to do it.

We retrieved our bags and hopped on the bus to the rental car lot. Dylan waited for me on a bench while I stood in line. I looked her slender body. The smooth legs. That bright red hair. I was still rock hard and thinking about coming aksaray escort in her hair. I don’t know why I kept thinking about that. Maybe it was because she found the idea amusing and a big deal at the same time. It wasn’t going to be a giveaway. I was going to have to earn the opportunity.

It took us a while to find the rental. It was one of the last full-size cars left and it was near the back of the garage. I loaded our bags into the trunk and went to open Dylan’s door.

“Such the gentleman,” she said.

“Not quite,” I replied while pulling the front passenger seat all the way forward.

I opened the back door of the car and told Dylan to get in. She immediately understood what was going on and was on her back on the back seat in a flash. I closed the front door and hopped into the back, pulling the door closed behind me. Dylan’s skirt was already flipped up. That beautiful shaved pussy was glistening in front of me. I dropped to my knees on the floor of the car. Dylan’s hands found the back of my head. Her legs spread and she guided me down between her legs.

At first, Dylan allowed me to satisfy my hunger. She moaned and told me how much she missed me. I kissed her and licked her, savoring the very taste of her. Her hips moved as I explored her pussy with my lips. It wasn’t a very organized exploration on my part given how eager I was to be between her legs. It wasn’t long before her pent up need for a big orgasm kicked in. She guided my head until the tip of my tongue was in the very spot my fingers were just 30-minutes before.

“Right there,” she said.

No problem, I thought, and Dylan went to town. It started with a grinding motion working in rhythm with the flicking of my tongue. Dylan’s low moans were punctuated when I flicked a little harder. I started doing that a little more frequently and the low moans became louder. Dylan grabbed my head again and held it in place.

“Don’t move,” she commanded. “Let me ride your tongue.”

I held my head as still as possible. Dylan put her arms over her head and braced herself against the interior of the car. Her hips moved up and down. Her clit rubbed against my tongue, causing her to get wetter and causing me to salivate. It was getting more slippery and hotter by the moment.

“Oh god,” Dylan moaned. “This ataköy escort is so big. I’m going to come so big.”

My cock was rock hard and aching to be set free. I didn’t have much room, but I managed to unfasten my belt and pants while Dylan bucked away. She came hard, moaning loudly and pushing off the car’s interior. I leaned in, allowing her to grind her pussy in my face. With one final “Oh god,” Dylan shuddered as the orgasm made its way through her body. I straightened up and managed to get my pants to me knees.

My cock was throbbing as I positioned it at Dylans’ slot. I spread her legs a little more and pulled at her her hips. My cock drove into her with ease. She let out a deep moan. I fucked her with long, purposeful strokes. I felt her pussy tighten around my dick. She clamped down tight as she came again.

“Come in me,” she pleaded. “Come hard in me.”

I pulled out instead.

“Can’t have cum dripping between your legs at the meeting,” I said. “Maybe later.”

I maneuvered from between Dylan’s legs and eased myself into the seat. I looked over and she was smiling. Her face was flush. The car smelled like sex. Dylan’s legs were resting on mine, her pussy still exposed.

“You like it?” she asked.

“And more,” I replied.

“We can’t have you going to the meeting all tense,” she said. And with that Dylan swung her legs of mine, did a 180, and went down on me. She started by licking at the base of my balls and running her tongue up my shaft.

“I like the way I taste on you,” she said.

My cock was really slick and Dylan used the opportunity to stroke me while licking my balls. The tip of my cock was bulging near her forehead. She put her head down a little further. My cock was perfectly positioned over that bright red hair. She sucked one of my balls and stroked my faster. I could feel the cum starting to well up. I was ready to shoot my load.

Dylan stopped sucking and looked up. My cock was now at the edge of her mouth.

“Can’t have cum dripping from my hair in the meeting,” she said. “Maybe later.”

Her mouth engulfed my cock and after a few well placed licks, I erupted. Dylan slipped her mouth up my shaft so that just the head of my cock was in her. She pumped my shaft with her hand and I shot streams of cum down her throat. Three, four, five shots and then she sucked my cock to get every last drop.

“Wow, that was a lot of cum,” Dylan said, surprised but earnest. “More than I expected.”

“But not more than you could handle,” I replied.

“Thanks for noticing,” she said. “We’ll see just how much you can handle later this evening.”

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