Early Morning Awakening

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I awoke at 7:30, as usual got up and went for my first piss of the day as I sat on the toilet not really thinking of anything, my cock brushed against the ice cold porcelain and stirred into life I have always enjoyed a cold contact. I stood up and shook the old fella and stepped into the shower.

Turning on the shower I washed as usual, then turning the temperature to cold I faced the stream of ice cold water and leant backwards to direct the refreshing spray to my penis. My balls shrank but my cock continued to enjoy the sensation.

By the time I had finished my cock was at 75% arousal and keen to expand to it’s full 8″ length and 2″ width, not the biggest but certainly fit for purpose!.

I returned to our bedroom, and stood admiringly at the vision that greeted me, my wife Debi was lying on her side with legs apart, the light quilt had fallen aside and as I moved around the bed I was able to take in a tantalising glimpse of her pussy. She had shaved a few days ago and her pubic hair had started to grow back, providing a stark contrast to her milk white flawless skin.

I resisted the temptation to dive in and just stroked her lovely pendik escort firm buttocks, she murmured but didn’t really wake. I continued to massage her ass and thighs applying a little baby oil that we kept in the bedside cabinet, making sure to warm with my hands.

I slipped into bed beside her and continued my work, by now all pretence of sleeping had broken and Debi rolled onto her back , smiling she opened her arms and we enjoyed a long lingering kiss , our bodies entwined touching at every possible point. We parted briefly and she offered me her left breast imploring me to be rough, I took her whole nipple and aureole into my mouth and sucked in one long action , my mouth was full and she gasped with pleasure. As I concentrated on her left breast I grasped her right nipple between thumb and index finger and twisted with a squeezing action, her body spasmed as if hit by an electric shock.

Her legs fell apart and she drew her knees up towards her chest, I moved down and proceeded to apply gentle pressure to her whole pussy with my flattened fingers, until she produced her own natural nectar which lubricated her perfectly. She produced so much escort pendik this morning that there was an accompanying squelching noise as I introduced two fingers in search of her ‘G’ spot, flattened and upturned they found the place. I continued to apply an upwards circular pressure and she shook her head from side to side as a monumental orgasm approached.

I leant forwards and sucked her clitoris between my lips, she bucked and twisted like a woman possessed. In so doing she managed to give my temple a hefty crack with her pelvis.

During our frantic actions Debi self lubricated her asshole from her pussy juices, it glistened with the moisture and looked so inviting. I knelt between her legs and lifted her bodily to make her anus an easier ‘target’. I inserted my finger and proceeded to spread her nectar around to lubricate her asshole, to make the insertion of my now desperate member as trouble free as possible, her knees were across my shoulders and I again lifted her and positioned her bodily on my thighs my eager member pointing towards her ass.

I shuffled forward until the head of my penis came to rest against her anus, without warning pendik escort bayan I now thrust in one motion through her sphincter and rested for a moment in her warm rectum.

As I commence thrusting I grab the baby lotion and spray liberally, at each thrust her anus became highly lubricated and my motions easier. I am now nearing my own orgasm as Debi approached her own. As I thrust one more time into her inner being she bucks and rolls and nearly throws me off, I empty my spunk into her as every muscle and sinew stiffen into a rigid demonstration of her pleasure, she emits a silent breathless scream and collapses to the bed.

I pull myself up the bed exhausted, noticing with a jolt that I was now late for work. I didn’t have time to shower again and ran helter skelter to the station. As I stood on the tortuous journey I recalled the activity of the morning and cupped my hand over my mouth concentrating the smell and taste from Debi no more than 30mins earlier.

As I rushed into the office I realised that I was the subject of much humour, I had on one black shoe and one brown, odd socks and my flies were gaping wide. I was also beginning to develop a large lump on my temple. I settled into my chair and relaxed, I could see numerous colleagues looking at the state of me presumably going through every scenario to explain away my appearance …. Little did they know!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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