Emil has “Special Needs” Ch. 06

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Heavy gusts of wind ushered in the New Year at the Beauchamps’ house in Upstate, NY. At the moment, it was clear outside, but precipitation was never far away in January, and the temperature frequently dipped below zero degrees. Fortunately, the house Emil Beauchamp, Sr. built his family several years ago was equipped with excellent heating. This was a modern convenience the family coveted, especially on the ground floor, which tended to get the coldest. The only carpeting in the house lay on the second floor, where the bedrooms were.

“Are you excited to be working with your Dad?” Lara asked Emil. They had just finished dinner, and had settled into the den, ready to enjoy Lara’s last evening with his family.

“Yeah,” he replied quietly.

“I think it’s awesome you’ll be working with him. You’ll be meeting new people, learning new things, and…”

“For money. To take care of you, Lara.” Emil quickly pointed out the reason for taking a job at his father’s company.

“Oh, baby…I’ve never ever met such a nice young gentleman as you, Emil”, Lara remarked, looking at him admiringly.

Just then, Michael walked into the room with beer in hand. Upon seeing his brother and Lara in what appeared to be an emotional moment, he quickly looked away and sat at the opposite end of the L-shaped couch. He picked up the remote control to see what they could watch on TV.

Mr. and Mrs. Beauchamp entered the room when Michael was still surfing around, looking for a movie, documentary, or concert the whole family could enjoy. It was not an easy task, what with everyone’s particular viewing preferences.

Emil had his arm around Lara, like any boyfriend would around his girlfriend. The young couple looked comfortable and content. Simply put, they were blissful.

Mr. and Mrs. Beauchamp sat down in the middle of the sofa, with glasses of wine in their hands. Although they were not usually outwardly affectionate towards one another, they snuggled up close, perhaps reminded by the young lovebirds how things used to be when they first fell in love many years ago.

Kate whispered to her husband, “Cheri, look how happy he is…if he could be that happy for the rest of his life, I would never have a care in the world…”

“Lara can care for Junior’s needs right now,” Mr. Beauchamp stated. “But how’s she going to handle it when you’re not there, Kate? In real life, cooking for him, cleaning up after him, driving him around, making sure he’s safe…”

“Well, you never know, Cheri, he might just rise to the occasion, doing more things for himself, with her at his side. I mean, before Lara, he had no desire to work, and look what she’s inspired in him?” Kate pointed out to her cynical husband.

“We’ll see how he fares on Monday, and then you and I can continue this conversation.” Emil, Sr. frequently felt the need to have the last word. Before Kate could react to his skepticism, Michael spoke up.

“Hey everyone, what about that Beatles documentary by Ron Howard, feel like trying that one?”

Lara was first to respond, “Yeah, I like the Beatles, they’re cool.”

“Really, Lara? You know their music?” asked a pleasantly surprised Kate.

“Oh yeah, my parents used to play their stuff all the time. I’ve even seen their movies, like ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ and ‘Let it Be’, and…”

“Oh that’s wonderful, dear! Emil’s father and I enjoy them, too.” Kate then gestured towards her eldest son, “Michael here used to practice his guitar listening to their songs, didn’t you, dear?”

“Yeah, they’re the best songwriters that ever lived, as far as I’m concerned. I mean, not counting Mozart and Beethoven, of course,” he stipulated, as he proceeded to put the video on.

Lara’s ears perked up, “You play the guitar, Mike? And you listen to classical music? Wow, I had no idea.”

“Yeah, sometimes. My first guitar teacher introduced me to a few pieces by Bach, and that got me interested in classical music. Afterwards, I started listening to some others.”

“Wow that’s great. I had no clue you liked that stuff, since you never play it in your car,” Lara indicated.

“Nah, I usually listen to it alone, usually before I go to sleep. It helps clear my mind of stuff from the day.”

“Oh yeah, I totally get it,” Lara said in an affirming manner. “School can definitely get stressful and overwhelming, that’s for sure.”

“Yeah,” Michael replied almost silently, noticing his brother’s arm around Lara’s waist. Emil’s right hand was tucked contently under a full, supple breast. At that second, a piece by Maurice Ravel came to Michael’s mind, as he imagined him and Lara making love to the exquisitely sensual, “Bolero.”

He suddenly caught himself doing the very thing he told himself not to; fantasizing about his brother’s girl.

“Mike, I’ve never seen you play the guitar, let alone seen it in your apartment. Where have you been hiding your talent?” Lara inquired, bursa escort her voice brimming with curiosity.

“The guitar is here at the house, in my room upstairs. I haven’t played it much since high school. Once in a while, I’ll get inspired to pick it up.”

“Oh, okay. Well, I’d love to hear you play sometime,” Lara stated enthusiastically, “… but only when you’re in the mood, of course.” She had a sweet expression on her face.

Michael quickly looked away, instead trying to focus on what was currently on the TV screen.

“Shit, I have to get out of here quick,” Michael thought to himself, “… or else I’ll go nuts watching her being groped by Junior all night.” He quickly thought of a good excuse to give everyone for bidding a hasty farewell that evening.

“I just remembered. I got some reading to do for school. I’m going to get it out of the way before class on Monday,” he announced, as he got up from the couch and handed the remote to Kate.

“But Cheri, what about the Beatles?” she asked, surprised he decided to call it quits so early into the movie.

“Oh, I can watch them later on my computer. No worries,” he replied nonchalantly, all the while planning in his head which porn videos to put on as soon as he got upstairs. In fact, Michael’s cock was already semi-erect from watching Emil stroke Lara’s hair a few minutes earlier; both his dick and his mouth came away from the scene drooling.

Up in his room, Michael quickly opened up his laptop. While waiting for it to wake from its slumber, he slid off his pants and boxers, throwing them carelessly to the floor. He then glanced at his desktop wallpaper, a blown-up picture of Karen’s beautiful face. The pic originated from one of numerous images he downloaded from her Facebook page. Boy, did she take a lot of ‘selfies’! Was she trying to compete with the Kardashians or what? Anyway, she looked so fucking hot in those pix! Her long blonde hair, gorgeous tits, and those legs that went on forever, Jesus Christ, they alone were enough to drive any red-blooded American male absolutely crazy.

Michael instantly recalled the numerous occasions the ‘Gang of Five’ was out and about, usually in the university village. Lara and Karen would walk side by side, chatting about girl stuff, while the three boys followed behind. Unbeknownst to the girls, the guys would be checking out their backsides as they walked down the street. Boy oh boy, Karen sure knew how to shake that ass of hers! Her hips swiveled and swung like those fashion models sashaying down the catwalk.

Needless to say, Karen always got tons of catcalls sauntering down any road.

Michael clicked on a handful of other pictures downloaded from his blonde goddess’s Facebook page. He came upon one of his favorites, a full-length photo of Karen showing off her hourglass figure, not to mention those unbelievable legs. In the pic, taken as part of test shots for the portfolio of her on-again, off-again modeling career, Karen was sporting stiletto heels, a short black leather skirt, and a bustier which thrust her breasts up to damned near her forehead.

There were also snapshots of their whole gang-him, Karen, Lara, Jeff, and Ben. Some pix were silly, especially with jokester, Jeff out in front; while others were more scholastic, with the gang looking like any group of serious-minded college students, preparing to go out into the world to spread their wings.

Admiring images of Karen soon had Mike fully erect. He immediately went to his favorite porn site. Because he had been “using” the site for a while now, its home page unfailingly offered recommendations catering to his penchant for a certain type of female. The clips always guaranteed to get him off, all ones he hadn’t seen previously. They all featured tall blondes, with striking blue or green eyes, and big natural boobs. He clicked on the first video and lay back in bed with the laptop strategically nestled between his legs.

Even with his bedroom door closed, Michael could still hear the occasional roaring laughter from his family downstairs. He guessed the Beatles documentary, aside from providing incredible music, also offered funny tidbits about the band.

Instead of turning up the volume on his laptop to drown out the noise downstairs, Michael opted to put on headphones. That way, he could turn up the porn on his computer as loud as he wanted, and boy, could some of those mattress actresses get loud!


An hour or two later, the Beatles movie ended, and though it was only about 9:30 pm, everyone decided to call it a night. Mr. Beauchamp had to get plenty of rest in order to wake up early the next morning, and Mrs. Beauchamp liked to get up to make her husband a good hardy breakfast before he started his long grueling workday.

Emil and Lara headed upstairs to the guest bedroom, and closed the door behind them. This would be the last night they would enjoy together bursa escort bayan before she had to leave for school again.

Lara noticed Emil furrowing his eyebrows as they sat down on her bed.

Not missing a beat, she asked with considerable concern in her voice, “What’s the matter, Emil, are you upset about something?”

“You’re leaving again,” he said, his eyes looking downward; he was unable to look at her.

“Yes honey, I have to leave, but I’ll be back,” she tried consoling him.

“I’ll miss you real bad, Lara,” he said quietly, still staring at the floor.

“Oh, I’ll miss you too, baby, but I need to go to school; you know I can’t miss my classes.”

“I want to stay with you…be with you all the time,” Emil declared.

“You mean, live together?” she clarified for her own understanding.


“But I don’t think our parents would let us live together before we’re married. At least I know my parents wouldn’t,” Lara indicated somewhat reluctantly.

Emil started to respond, “I want to marry you, Lara…”

She interjected before he could finish, “Yes honey, I know you do, but since we’re not married YET, we can’t live together.”

“Now…I want to marry you now,” Emil finished his sentence.

Lara was speechless for a few seconds, staring into the vast ocean, almost drowning, in his eyes.

“Now?” she said in disbelief.

“Now,” he confirmed.

“Oh, Emil… I don’t know what to say,” she declared quite honestly.

“I want you, Lara. Will you marry me?” Emil asked, finally meeting her eyes.

After what seemed like minutes of complete silence between the two young people, Lara was ready to give her answer.

“Yes! Oh yes, Emil!” she finally said, and gave him the warmest bear hug ever.

Lara was now so happy that she could barely contain the joy that suddenly erupted inside her. At that instant, she felt the urge to “gift” Emil her entire body, every part of it. For the first time in her young life, she would reserve and withhold nothing from her man. Lara would give him absolutely anything he wanted… anything.

An idea popped into her head. Lara reached for the phone in her purse. She pulled up YouTube and typed in the search box, “music to make love to.” She quickly clicked on the first video result, and then jumped off the bed. Lara found herself standing on the floor two feet from Emil.

After she closed her eyes, Lara realized she recognized the music playing on her phone, but didn’t feel like picking it up again to look at the song’s name. She had heard it at least twice before, but couldn’t put her finger on where and when. No matter, it was a sexy piece of music, and it would serve the purpose for what she had planned as a treat for Emil.

Gradually letting her body “feel” the music, Lara proceeded to perform her very first striptease, for the young man ogling her from the bed.

Emil soon became mesmerized. Even though Lara was still fully clothed, she could have been totally naked for all he cared, because the massive woody in his pants didn’t know any different. He was hypnotized by the way Lara’s body absorbed and moved to the music.

Her hips swayed enticingly and seductively, while her big brown eyes intently fixed on her man. She danced her most inviting dance, her delicate hands cupping her huge breasts, pushing them up for Emil to gawk at.

She slowly began unbuttoning her silk blouse. Her impeccably manicured hands showed off nails the color of crimson, which was a shade similar to the one she inadvertently caught on Michael’s cheeks in the den.

Lara looked down at Emil’s crotch, delighting in the tent his boner was imposing on his trousers.

Gracious as ever, she offered accommodatingly, “You can stroke yourself if you want, honey, I don’t mind.” Relieved, Emil quickly unzipped his pants, fished out his stiff cock, and started massaging it.

Lara soon slid off the delicate blouse and let it fall to the floor, exposing the lace bra that did a surprisingly impressive job of housing her heavy bosom. Her arms reached up into her hair, and slowly ran her fingers through her long chestnut mane.

While her hands were still in her hair, she grabbed her head and opened her eyes wide; she was marveling at the site of Emil’s erect cock,

“Ooh baby, you’re hard!” she felt it necessary to say out loud.

“You’re beautiful,” Emil replied, his cock now pointing up 90-degrees.

Lara flashed him a flirtatious smile and pursed her lips together to blow him a playful kiss. The poor young man was completely entranced and totally under her spell.

Still swaying to the sexy music, Lara unfastened her bra, which finally released her gorgeous tits out into the open. Damn! They were fucking amazing! She cupped her bare breasts, raising the left one to her crimson-colored glossed up lips. With a look of mischief, she stuck her tongue escort bursa out to flick at a tender pale nipple, all the while keeping her eyes fixed on her one-man audience.

Holy Shit! Emil couldn’t stand it anymore; after stroking for only a minute or two, he felt he was going to cum any second.

“Lara, I’m gonna cum.”

“Mm … I’m not done with my special show for you, don’t cum yet honey…stop stroking for a minute,” she instructed. Emil did as he was told.

“Then come here,” he beckoned from the bed, holding his arms out to her.

She gladly fell into them, still in her skirt and high heels. The only thing left on her upper torso was the daisy necklace he had given her for Christmas.

“Let me take off my skirt and panties, baby.” In the process of slipping off her underwear, Lara noted the plentiful juices left behind generously by her swollen pussy. In no time, she was completely naked, except for the dainty necklace and her high heels.

Instead of falling back into Emil’s embrace, and remembering what she promised him in the backseat of the car that afternoon, Lara decided to lie face down on the bed, with her stomach flat on the sheets. Her pussy had excreted so much fluid, that it had well overflowed into her ass, so she slightly wiggled it at her man. At that angle, she made sure he could see her little opening.

God Almighty! Her moist asshole looked fucking delicious, thought Emil, as he couldn’t help but stare at it for a good minute. He was contemplating…

Seemingly of its own accord, almost without informing its owner, Emil’s tongue found its way to Lara’s inviting sphincter. His tongue, though inexperienced, possessed considerable skill, as Lara would pleasantly discover. It knew how to tantalize and titillate, probe and prod, wiggle and tickle, tease and taunt, and most importantly, lick and suck the hell out of Lara’s juicy hole.

“Fuck! Goddamned! Shit!” was all Lara mustered, and it all came out in a slurred murmur.

After minutes of rimming Lara’s scrumptious ass, as if guided by sheer animal instinct, Emil stuck an index finger into her tiny hole, an action, which immediately elicited a shudder. Emil wiggled his finger around, which brought on more gasps and moans. Lara was officially becoming delirious, as her mind was clouded and driven by blind lust. Her slut smut mouth was getting ready to take over…

“Oh Emil, fuck me baby! Fuck me now, for Christ’s sake! I need that cock in my ass!” Lara was stirring and swirling her hips. Similar to Emil’s tongue, her hips had taken on a life of their own, as her entire body was writhing in ecstasy. She was now begging for Emil to sodomize her.

He slowly pulled his finger out of Lara’s hole, and then positioned himself above her, behind her. He would hump Lara doggy-style.

Truth be told, Emil’s cock seemed so thick that he didn’t know if it would even fit inside Lara’s tiny little ass; but one thing was for sure, he was damned well going to try his best to make it fit.

He put the tip of his cock at Lara’s moist opening, rubbing it around a little, again eliciting a long moan. He then applied slight pressure.

As Emil continued to push the tip gently inside, Lara’s eyes rolled up to the back of her head, her mouth left gaping open. She was moaning almost uncontrollably at this point. Emil stopped, not wanting to hurt his angel.

“Go on baby, push it in deeper,” she encouraged him. She was ready for him to “fill her up” with his “affection.”

Emil stuck his cock deeper into Lara’s ass, stretching it out, filling it to capacity. Her eyes remained shut while her mouth remained open.

“Deeper baby, push it deep inside me…” she was almost pleading.

Emil complied slowly, and eventually found himself deep into her guts.

“Oh God, baby, that feels heavenly…” Lara indicated to her lover. Being fucked through her backdoor, Lara found out, was a completely new and unbelievable sensation.

Now, Emil let Lara’s moans guide how much pressure he would use to push his cock in and out of her ass. But inevitably, the feeling in his groin would have a say in the matter as well.

“Are you gonna cum inside me honey? Are you gonna cum inside my ass, baby?” she asked naughtily.

Emil couldn’t find the words to reply. Since his breathing had rapidly sped up, and all the blood in his body had flowed into his cock and balls, he simply moaned loudly in response.

“Rub my pussy, honey, finger my clit, please!” Lara implored him. Emil did as instructed, using his fingertips to pleasure her G-spot, and after only a few seconds, Lara started expressing a sense of urgency.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum!”

She barely got the words out when Emil suddenly heard the loudest wailing cry he’d ever heard out of a human being…


Down the hall, Michael had been sleeping soundly, when he was suddenly woken up by a woman’s desperate screams. He quickly sat up in bed. Alarmed that something terrible had just happened, his head was still foggy and his vision was still fuzzy when he hurried to the window looking out onto the street. There was no one out there.

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