Emma’s New Beginning Ch. 03

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Hi everyone, well I did intend this to be done in two halves but I just couldn’t stop writing and so here it is, the conclusion to Emma and James’ story in full. I may yet write more about their friends as I’m rather fond of Taff, so there’s a possibility you may get to see more of them in the future, but for now I am working on an altogether different story and thinking of taking ‘Heroes, Villains and a Vampire’ further.

If you haven’t read the first two chapters then I recommend you do so, as otherwise you may not understand the characters fully.

Thanks for reading, I hope you like the ending!


She nervously adjusted her hair in the mirror, checking that the clips were holding it securely in place. Adding clear gloss to her lips, and touching up the eye-liner around her large brown eyes before sighing, she headed downstairs to wait. She could hardly believe she was about to go on her first date in years.

Glancing at the clock she saw it was 8:02pm and James was slightly late. He’d been so sweet the night before, and he’d given her four orgasms with his fingers and mouth. Maybe she was finally getting some good luck with men. As fun as it was though, she doubted anything much would come of it, he was only 20, too young, and far too beautiful to be tied down. It scared her in a way, just the thought of him had made her smile several times throughout the day. Not even the copious amounts of washing up she’d had to do after the party could stop her humming happily to herself.

Her heart began hammering hard against her breastbone when she heard the knock at her door.

James hoped Emma would like the play he’d brought tickets for. Several of his college friends were acting in it, and he wanted to find some common ground between them, other than the strong sexual attraction they clearly had for each other.

As she answered the door to him he whistled in appreciation. She was wearing tight fitting jeans, sexy high heeled sandals and a red halter-neck which highlighted her luscious dark hair and eyes. She looked bloody gorgeous and he couldn’t wait to be seen with her.

“Wow, you look sexy as hell.” He told her, unable to stop grinning at the sight of her.

“Thanks,” she blushed, “You look great too.” He really did. In a simple pale blue shirt paired with his trademark pale denim jeans, he looked good enough to eat.

James leaned in to kiss her softly on the mouth. Breathing in her unique scent of musk and the soft, feminine perfume she was wearing.

“Are you going to tell me where we’re going?” She asked him.

“Well, I hope you like the theatre babe, I thought we could check out a play a few of my class mates are acting in.” He barely resisted the temptation to cross his fingers.

“Sure, I haven’t been to one in a while so it’ll be lovely.”

He took the opportunity to place his hand on the small of her back as he ushered her to his car. He didn’t usually take women to plays, but he wanted to share something he loved with her. There was something almost vulnerable about her that made him want to protect her. Holding the door open for her, he appreciated her long legs before taking his seat on the other side.

“So, we didn’t really get much chance to talk about you last night. What attracts you to acting?” She asked him as he started up the car.

“I love performing of course, but it’s the way that you get a fresh start with each play. I’m someone with a difficult past, a completely different life to the one I lead one now, and I like understanding what makes that character tick, what in their past affects them. Why they react the way they do, what is going through their head as they make decisions. Who doesn’t like to pretend to be somebody else once in a while?” He explained, turning left to head towards the college theatre.

“So what kind of life have you led?” She was enjoying the chance to get to know him better, she knew he was wonderful with his tongue and considerate but hardly anything personal about him.

“I guess an average one with a few twists. Dad left me and Mum when I was about 5, but she never really started seeing anyone else until recently. That’s partly why I moved out, I wanted her to have her own space as I always felt like she was avoiding the dating scene because I was around.” he risked a quick glance at Emma’s legs folded into the space next to him. “I fucked around a bit when I was younger, dabbling in drugs and shoplifting. Nothing serious, but for a while I was someone I didn’t even like. Then I got caught and put into a program for teens where I discovered the freedom of acting. You got any skeletons in your closet?”

“I guess a few. I was stoned or drunk most of the time I was at college. My parents are still together, still bickering one minute, hugging the next. I got arrested for streaking once, when Holly and I ran naked across a pub car park” She stared at her hands, wondering why she didn’t have the guts to tell him about Steve. She just didn’t kağıthane escort want him to look at her that same pitiful way everyone else did. It’d be even worse if she told him the whole truth, not just about his death, but what living with him had been like. He’d probably think she was weak.

“Why on earth were you streaking naked?”

“Some bloke offered us a hundred quid if we did. We’d spent the last of our money in the pub instead of buying food and it seemed a good idea.” She grinned.

“Did you get the money, or just arrested?”

“We got the money, and let off with a caution. It was definitely worth it not to eat beans on toast for four more days, plus we got another night out on the bloke who was hoping he’d be able to get something else out of us!”

“You wicked woman, getting a man’s hopes up like that. I’d have loved to be there.”

“Yeah Holly, well, she looks great naked.”

“I meant to see you Emma. You looked fucking gorgeous naked last night. Anyway, we’re here, let’s go get a drink at the bar before we take our seats.”

Emma blushed. She didn’t think she’d ever get used to his compliments.


James grabbed Emma’s hand and led her out of the car. The play had been great, it was a comedy about a group of house mates and how they reacted when one of them died suddenly. Really touching, yet uplifting at the same time. Emma had sat completely still and seemed to enjoy it as much as he did. Although there were times it bought a tear to her eye, she’d laughed most of the way through it.

He decided he wasn’t going to push things with her, let her have the option of inviting him in. As badly as he wanted to continue what they’d started last night, she hadn’t given him any hint of how she felt.

She dug through her handbag to find her keys, her fingers suddenly numb. It’d been a lovely night, but it was one thing to invite a man to stay the night when she was drunk, quite another when she was sober. Her fingers found the keyring right at the bottom of her bag and she looked at him, wanting to ask him to stay again but not wanting to put any pressure on him.

James watched the emotions cross Emma’s eyes, and he realised that she was probably nervous. Grasping her shoulders, he pressed his lips against hers, finding the soft murmur she gave entrancing as she welcomed his tongue into her warm mouth. He seduced her with his mouth, thrilled at the feel of her under him, the smooth silkiness of her skin. She pushed him away gently and held him tight as she rested her head on his strong shoulders.

“Would you like to come in? I mean it doesn’t matter if not, but I’d like you to stay again.” She whispered.

“I’d love to spent the night with you again.”


He slowly nudged her legs apart, dipping his hand into the centre. She groaned and wriggled her hips in an effort to get him to dive in and stop teasing her with the slow careful strokes of his fingertips.

“Oh, that’s nice, but please stop teasing me.” She moaned.

Grinning he looked towards her bedroom floor and wardrobe, noting their dishevelled clothing where they’d ripped them off each other’s bodies, before spotting exactly what he needed.

“Wait right there baby.” He instructed, jumping down from the bed.

Grabbing the bathrobe, he pulled loose the long strip of silky soft cotton material that tied it together. She was surprised, she could imagine just what he wanted to do with it, but she hadn’t expected him to be so deliciously naughty already. She was looking forward to playing this game.

“Oh no, you’re not going to tie me up are you?”

“Mmm. You’ll see.” His wicked smile made her heart beat faster as he straddled her, drawing both arms up over her head so he could tie them together.

James loved looking at her, and laying there with her wrists tied together, breasts gently moving with each breath she took, he thought that she looked more beautiful than ever to him. Thanking her silently for having an old cast iron bed frame he secured her wrists to the head of the bed.

His balls were hanging above her face as he finished binding her, tempting her tongue, wondering what he’d do to her for the unexpected gesture she gave in and reached out, licking along his heavy sack.

“You naughty girl,” he moaned, “You’ll pay for that. You’re mine and you’ll do as I say Emma or there will be trouble.”

Sliding down her body he stared into her eyes, and she felt the delicious thrill of having someone take control.

“I understand James.” She whispered, voice husky with lust.

He bit down on one of her nipples firmly, making her cry out at the feel of his teeth digging in. Easing off he licked the hard tip gently, the tenderness that remained increasing the pleasure from his ministrations to it. They’d already spent a couple of hours wrapped up in each other’s arms, touching each other with fingers, tasting each other with tongues. Emma was blown away by kartal escort the way he had made her burn for him, the way James felt when he’d been buried inside her. Now he wanted more and she was only too happy to give it to him.

Suddenly she felt fingers probing at the swollen lips between her legs, stroking her clit firmly before sliding deep inside while his thumb took over making circles, around and over her clitoris. Gasping she ground her pelvis onto his fingers. Despite the orgasms she’d already had she felt herself needing more, more of him and the pleasure he seemed determined to give to her.

“You dirty girl, not had enough yet?” He whispered into her ear, fingers wringing out the agonising pleasure slowly.

“Oh James,” she groaned, “It’s you… you make me want you so much.”

Her pussy started to squeeze the fingers inside her as her body bucked, arms trapped, and the orgasm rode over everything, making her senses tingle with bliss. He didn’t even pause, just carried on slipping his fingers wetly in and out, the thumb pressing down harder as she screamed at the strength of her release.

“Oh fuck… Oh my GOD!” She cried out, no idea how on earth he’d managed it as her body convulsed with another orgasm right on top of the other one. “Oh shit James, it’s so fucking good! Feels so fucking great!”

He watched her, body writhing at the orgasms sending her into space, and smiled at the pleasure he was giving her with just his hand. As she started to quiet down he fastened his lips over her neck and bit down hard, increasing the speed of the motions his fingers were making. Instantly she clenched his fingers once more, her arms wildly trying to get free of her bonds.

“Oh… OH!… ARGHH!” Emma’s entire body buzzed with pain and pleasure. Her legs shook crazily, chest heaving erratically as another orgasm destroyed her senses.

“Stop, stop, too tender… please.” She moaned as the nerves in her clit tingled sharply.

James was amazed at her orgasms, he’d been hoping to get more from her, but the multiples she’d experienced at his hand were more than he’d imagined. Removing his hand from her dripping wet pussy he licked the juice off the three fingers that had worked magic on her, before placing them to her lips where she greedily sucked them into her own mouth.

“I think you can take more,” he growled into her ear, “I want to see if you can take more. But first I am going to put my cock in your mouth and you’re going to suck it.”

Emma licked her lips when he withdrew the fingers drenched in her juice. She loved sucking his beautiful cock, feeling it stretch her jaw wide with it’s huge girth. He slithered up the bed towards her head, and gripping the base of his hard cock he angled it towards her welcoming mouth. Slipping it between her lips where her tongue flicked the head rapidly, stroking all the parts of it that drove him crazy with lust.

She built up the momentum gradually, struggling to push her head forward to take more of him inside her mouth from the position she was in. Her hands itched to be free, to grip hold of his hips and pull him hard towards her so that she could take it all down into her throat. But the tie from her bathrobe prevented her, so she put as much effort in as she could, wriggling her head while increasing the vacuum her mouth made around the delicious shaft that was sliding in and out with gentle, slow pumps from his hips.

Moaning, he fought the urge to thrust himself all the way in, he didn’t want to scrape her teeth, or worse cause her discomfort, but she was driving him insane, making him need more and more. He gave in, reaching to untie her so that she could angle herself better for him. Leaving both hands tied to each other he freed them from the iron frame. Instantly she turned onto her belly, encasing him deeper. The sucking and slurping noises increasing. As she worked on him, her arse wriggled behind her, tempting him with the smooth curved shape.

“Enough. I want you on your hands and knees now.” He ordered, planning on burying his cock balls deep inside her wet pussy.

Immediately, she arranged herself as he’d told her. Arse high in the air, pussy aching to be filled despite the fantastic orgasms she’d already received. She watched as he stroked the shaft of his cock, pre-come oozing out of the wide head, while his teeth ripped open the second condom packet of the night. She wished he could just thrust into her and fill her up with come, but she wasn’t on any kind of contraception and she had no idea of his sexual history.

He slapped her arse as he moved behind her, rubbing his erection against her pussy, leaving her bum tingling with the fire of the smack. She’d thought it impossible to get any wetter, but she felt it pooling around his cock as he smoothly shoved it inside her.

James groaned at the feel of her pussy surrounding him, soft and tight around his dick. He wasted no time in building up the movements he made with küçükçekmece escort his hips, he moved hard and fast, his balls slapping furiously. Holding onto one of her hips with a hand, he used the other to rub her clit in time with the pounding of his cock. She was moaning, making those beautiful sounds he loved to hear coming from her mouth, letting him know that she was already approaching orgasm fast.

“Oh, God… I’m gonna come… Fuck me harder!”

Emma squealed as his palm smacked one of her arse cheeks hard before pummelling her like a drill. He had no mercy as he fucked her as hard as possible, her toes started to curl as warmth spread from her clitoris to the smooth walls of her pussy where the muscles squeezed down hard around his width.

“Yes, yes, YES!” She wailed loudly, explosions happening everywhere at once.

Removing the hand on her clit, he gripped a firm round breast, his hips not pausing for a moment, cock still thrusting rapidly, balls still pounding her pussy relentlessly. Her moans fading down to soft gasps as he continued his assault on her. Her arms collapsed, and she lay her head in the trapped hands, her arse still high in the air where he thrust at her, rocking in rhythm with each lunge at her centre.

He felt his balls tighten, ready to spill his seed, but he wanted her pussy to clench around him again and bring him to the point of no return with it. Using the wetness around her cunt’s lips he lubed a finger. Placing it at the opening of her arse’s hole he rubbed it to see what her reaction would be like. More moans escaped her mouth. He slipped it in slowly, as she cried out at the welcomed intrusion.

“You dirty fucking girl… You like my finger in your arse Emma?”

“Yes, yes!”

“You like having both holes filled at once baby?”

“Oh James, you just make me feel so good.” She groaned.

She almost passed out in delight as the finger started plunging in time with the impact of his hard cock in her pussy. He was driving her right over the edge with the naughtiness of what he was doing to her holes, she’d never felt something so delightfully wicked.

“Come with me baby, I want to feel you come as I let go.” He asked her. His words sending her right over the edge, wanting to feel him burst inside her. Her body shuddered almost violently as she felt muscles in her pussy and arse squeezing both thrusting cock and finger. She screamed as the orgasm took control, pulsating wildly.

James moaned at the sensation of her rippling and spasming around him, his cock firing hot come ferociously, leaving him tingling everywhere. He leant down and kissed her shoulder before rolling to one side and disposing of the condom full of his seed.

Emma was panting and laying on her back when he got back on to her bed. She looked thoroughly fucked and completely beautiful. Sated, he released her wrists, flinging the tie onto the floor and pulling her body into his arms.

“Shit, you’re amazing Emma, you know that?”

“It’s you who’s amazing, I’ve never come so much in my life!” She groaned, feeling exhausted.

“Sorry if I got a bit rough, I just needed you so badly.”

“I’m not going to complain, I like it rough at times.” She grinned at him.

“Well I loved giving it to you rough. I need to buy you a toy, I want to tie you down spread-eagled to your bed and see how many times I can make you scream.”

“What toy?”

“A big vibrating cock that I can shove into you again and again.” He smirked, absolutely enthralled by the idea of her at his mercy while he used one on her.

“Oh, well I already have one, so no need to buy me one.”

“Really? Fuck, I wish I’d known!” She kept on surprising him.

“I may not have been interested in men for a while, but I still had a sex drive and needed something to take the edge off. In fact I have more than one.” She chuckled at his amazement.

“And just where do you hide these toys?”

“Look in the top drawer next to you.”

He did, shuffling over to the edge of the bed and sitting up to take a good look. James couldn’t believe his eyes, there were about four cock shaped vibrators, and something with straps on that resembled a butterfly.

“Those are just the smaller things. I do have a couple more larger ones and some other stuff in a vanity case under the bed.” She informed him, liking how his eyes lit up at her secret treasure.

“Oh Emma, I swear, you are such a dirty fucking girl.”

She just looked at his face and smiled. Refusing to compare him to Steve, who’d hated anything even slightly kinky with her, she grabbed his arm and pulled him back down to her level.

He wrapped his arms around her, letting her snuggle onto his chest, their legs entwined. He had a feeling he would never get enough of her, she was perfect. Naughty, yet sweet at the same time. He wasn’t sure if he’d ever want to let go of her, his mind coming up with different scenarios he could worship her body in.


Letting out a sigh, she shoved her bed sheets into the dryer. Every part of her ached deliciously, reminding her of past five nights of passion with James. He was amazing in bed, one moment tenderly kissing every inch of skin, the next telling her to suck his cock like the naughty girl she was.

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