Eric and Emily

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Emily sits on the back porch steps enjoying looking at the stars on a beautiful cloudless cool autumn night. Eric comes out the back door, his hair still wet from his shower and sits down behind her, pressing his thighs against her, leaning his head on her shoulder and wrapping his arms around her waist. She leans backwards into him, closes her eyes and sighs with happiness. They sit for a few moments just enjoying each other’s company. Neither speaks, no words are needed between them.

Beginning to feel a bit frisky, Emily arches and straightens her back just a bit to rub against Eric’s shorts. He gently tightens his hold on her waist and begins nibbling her ear lobe, down her neck, sliding her shirt and bra strap off her shoulder and following with his lips. As Emily sighs with pleasure and goose bumps being to cover her arms she remembers they’re outside. She whispers to Eric, “Let’s go inside.” Eric releases his hold on her and they stand. He holds one of her hands in his and uses the other to open the sliding glass door that leads to the bedroom.

He lets her go inside first, follows, turns, shuts and locks the door, putting the curtain back in place. Emily trails her fingers down his back, making little circles and running them just below the waist line of his shorts causing a shiver to run up his spine. Eric turns to face Emily. As his body moves she keeps her fingers in the waistline of his shorts allowing them to trail along him and end up at his stomach. Eric frames her face with his hands and leans forward. He runs the tip of his tongue along her lips, kisses her gently increasing the şişli grup yapan escort intensity until his tongue slides thru her parted lips to meet hers.

She moves her hands to his back holding on tight as he runs his hands down her shoulders, along the side of her breasts, her sides to the hem of her shirt and begins to lift it over her head. Their lips part and Emily raises her arms so Eric can remove her shirt. He unsnaps her bra and she wiggles her shoulders so it can fall to the floor with her shirt. Eric bites her shoulder causing Emily to shiver and kisses his way across her collar bone then down to her breast. As he flicks his tongue over her red peaked nipple he slides her jeans down her hips. Her jeans fall to the floor when Eric grabs her ass with his hands and presses her hips to his. Emily’s hands have removed Eric’s shorts and worked their way back up to grip his shoulders tightly.

She walks him backwards as he continues to lick and suck her nipples. Eric’s knees hit the edge of the bed, he losses his balance and falls backwards drawing a little giggle from Emily. He slides backwards on the bed and starts to sit up. Emily places her hand on his chest and shakes her head no. She has other plans. She crouches on the bed and crawls up his body, dragging her nipples along his legs, thighs, hips and stomach. Now Emily is straddling Eric, his hard and ready cock pressed against the outside of her pussy, as he lays patiently waiting to see what she has planned.

Emily lowers her head as if to kiss him but moves her head to the side şişli masöz escort at the last second. She licks his ear with the tip of her tongue before sucking his ear lobe into her mouth and flicking it back and forth with her tongue. Eric’s hands hold her at the waist as he begins to rise and lower his hips, rubbing the lips of Emily’s pussy against his cock. She releases his ear and kisses his neck, his shoulder, down his chest to his nipple. As she flicks and sucks one with her mouth she gently pinches and rubs the other with her hand. Quickly, Eric rolls her over so he is on top. He pulls away from her and trails his fingertips down her chest, her stomach, to her neatly shaved and wet pussy.

Emily trembles as Eric lowers his head, placing her legs over his shoulders. He licks the moisture from her pussy lips taking his time with her. He parts her pussy lips with his tongue then uses his fingers to hold them open and exposes her sweet, wet, pink pussy to him. He licks her pussy and slides just the tip of his tongue inside her as his thumb circles her clit. Emily moans and grips the bed sheets tighter in her hands. As Eric slides his tongue further and further into her pussy and rubs her clit faster and faster Emily bites her lip to keep from screaming in pleasure. Eric can feel the muscles in her legs twitching against his shoulders. He can feel her pussy muscles clenching his tongue and knows she is close.

He increases his pace as she lifts her hips and spreads her knees wider for him. As she comes he continues to lick her, relishing in her sweetness. He şişli otele gelen escort lowers her legs and kisses his way back up her body to her mouth. As they share a deep passionate kiss Eric begins to enter her. Emily lifts her hips to him only to have him push hers back down. Startled she gives him a questioning look. Eric grins at her almost devilishly, reaches on arm under her and flips her to her stomach.

He lifts her hips, spreads her legs, and leans forward. His hand reaches forward and rolls one of her nipples between his thumb and finger as the head of his cock begins to enter her still wet pussy. He eases into her slowly, glorying in the way she cocoons him. Emily grabs the headboard, arches her back and spreads herself wider for him as Eric enters her. As he being his beautiful rhythmic movements inside her he reaches forward with the other hand and grabs her shoulder. Emily moans as he pulls on her shoulder, shoving himself deeper inside her. He knows she loves it deep. Remembering she also likes it a bit rough he releases her shoulder and grabs a handful of hair, pulling her head back as he continually drives himself in and out of her warm, moist pussy.

She hooks her ankles around his knees and spreads herself even wider for his as she arches her back even further. Eric’s head drops backwards as he moans her name in time with her moans of his name. Emily can feel his cock begin to twitch and dance inside her and knows he’s close to cuming. Eric pulls her hair and pinches her nipple harder as the first spurts of his cum burst from his engorged cock. The feel of Eric’s orgasm triggers Emily’s and they rise to heaven together.

When Eric’s cock has stopped throbbing he releases Emily’s hair, leans forward to lay his stomach on her back, kisses her shoulder and rolls them both to their sides. He places his arm under her head and lays spooned behind her in bed, both of them tingling and to comfortable to move.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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