Evelyn , Ted Fuck for the First Time

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“Can I come in?” Evelyn asked.

Uncertain, Ted held back the door to let her in. Tentatively, Evelyn stepped inside taking in the huge room with a whistle. As he’d been upgraded to a suit, not only did he have a separate bedroom and living room, but a balcony too and panoramic windows that looked out of the New York night skyline. The cold lights of the city were the only thing illuminating the room, casting Ted’s face into shadow. He wore jeans and a thin t-shirt, no flat peak in sight. He had never looked so gorgeous to Evelyn.

Her heart thundered in her chest as she made her way further into the room. Ted folded his arms, growing impatient as he watched her head to the balcony doors.

“Can you go out there?” she looked back at him.

“Sure,” Ted sighed, going out onto the balcony. He leant against the railing and watched as Evelyn cautiously stepped outside. She was hit by a sudden gust of chilly wind. Instead of cowering away from the cold, she embraced it, taking a deep breath. Her hair was loose; Ted had never seen it like this before. It hung down her front and back, almost to her hips. Evelyn kept her eyes closed, swaying in the icy wind. Ted could’ve stayed watching her forever. Yet, he couldn’t shake Doni’s words from his mind. He and Evelyn, it could never be.

“Why are you here, Evelyn?” Ted questioned firmly.

Evelyn’s eyes shot open and as if waking up from a dream, she shook her head and moved closer to him.

“Remember on the night of the Games?” Evelyn said gazing up into his cool blue eyes. She gulped back her fear and kept going “When you asked me why it would’ve mattered whether you’d slept with Schuyler? And I couldn’t give you an answer?”

Ted switched his focus out to the city. Evelyn didn’t stop.

“And you told me that I should come find you if I was ever able to tell you why.”

He barely nodded in acknowledgement.

“Well, here I am,” Evelyn’s breathing was unsteady as she spoke, her eyes fixated on the side of his face. She saw him grit his teeth, the tightness in his jaw. She watched as he swallowed before he finally looked at her and spoke.


“I-,” Evelyn’s words caught in her throat. She found herself staring at her shoes instead, unable to meet his eye “I-,” she tried again “It would’ve bothered me,” she blurted “It would’ve mattered to me if you’d slept with Schuyler because I like you,” she gasped at her own words “I like you a lot, Ted. I think about you all the time.”

“Yeah?” Ted viewed her closely.

“Yeah,” she nodded.

Hands, arms, legs – his entire body – trembling, Ted leant closer. Encircling one arm around her waist, Ted slipped his other hand into her hair, cradling her head as he kissed her sweetly. He felt her moan against him, her arms wrapping around his neck, drawing him closer. It was as if they’d both been missing a puzzle piece and now they’d found it; the picture was complete. And it tasted delicious.

Soon, his hands were no longer around her waist. Teasingly, they crossed over her bum and down to her thighs making Evelyn giggle and shiver, kissing him feverishly. In one swift move, he was lifting her up off her feet and carrying her indoors. Evelyn continued to kiss him, her legs around his waist and her arms gripping his shoulders where her nails dug in deeply. Ted groaned with satisfaction and disbelief.

This was really happening.

With Evelyn White.

Carefully, he placed her on the sofa. With one knee between her legs, Ted lay on top of her, trailing his kisses down from her lips to her neck. He listened as she moaned louder, halkalı escort tugging at his short hair and reaching into the back of his t-shirt. She luxuriated in the weight of his body, the heat of his chest pressed against hers. Hungry and gasping for air, she tugged him closer. She yanked his t-shirt off over his head, running her hands over his shoulders and chest. All the while, Ted continued to kiss her, savouring the feeling of Evelyn’s fingers on his skin. How many times had he dreamt of this moment? He wanted to pinch himself to make sure this was real. When Evelyn’s nails dragged up his back, it was enough to bring him back to reality. This was happening. And it was exactly how he’d imagined.

With one hand tangled in her mass of hair, Ted worked his lips and other hand across her neck and shoulders until he met the top button of her cute owl pyjamas. Evelyn cupped his face, her breath raspy and quick. She licked her bottom lip, gazing at him adoringly. Her cheeks were flushed, her lips swollen from their kissing.

“Oh god,” she whispered, glancing down at her pyjamas “I really never intended for you to see these,” she giggled bashfully.

“Why? What’s wrong with them?” Ted smirked, popping open the first button with ease. Teasingly, he ran his tongue from the exposed spot up to her earlobe. Evelyn moaned with satisfaction.

“Well they’re not exactly – attractive,” Evelyn chewed the insides of her cheeks watching as Ted opened another button, his eyes staying upon hers, a mischievous grin on his lips.

“Evelyn?” another button popped.


“It’s not your pyjamas I’m interested in seeing,” Ted spoke. Another button.

“No?” Evelyn restrained her grin.

“Nope,” he winked, popping open the last few buttons and straightening up. His hands pushed aside her pyjama top to reveal her bare chest. Grasping her sides, Ted leant down and ran his tongue from her belly button up between her breasts as she arched her back and let out sweet moans of pleasure.

Soon, her pyjama top was on the floor with his t-shirt and the two laid bare-chested, kissing fervently on the sofa. Evelyn shivered beneath his fingertips. She sucked and bit at his neck, her hands rubbing across his chest and stomach until her thumb was unbuttoning his jeans. Without a word, Ted stood up to take them down. Evelyn sat up on the sofa, clutching him by his hips and yanking him toward her. Ted watched wordlessly as she slipped down his boxers and kissed the tops of his thighs. His hands disappeared into her hair, cradling her head again as his erection slipped into her mouth. He closed his eyes amazed that this was really happening. She was tender and gentle, her tongue exploring every inch of him. His knees became weak until he was trembling. Much to his disappointment, Evelyn’s lips pulled away from his cock. Hands still groping his hip and bum, she glanced up at him with a playful look.

With ease, Evelyn twisted him until he was sat on the sofa. Then, she was straddling his lap, rocking her hips back and forth. Ted’ss hands planted themselves firmly upon her waist, groaning as she ground her crotch against his. Their kisses became messy as Evelyn started fiddling with her pyjama trousers. Ted had to stop to catch his breath. Evelyn tried to carry on when he grasped her hands.

“Slow down,” he said breathlessly. His hand reached up to touch her face. She pushed her cheek into his palm, her eyes closed in ecstasy “Slow down,” he whispered again, thinking suddenly about Evelyn’s past sexual experiences. He had seen how rough Smyth could be. How harbiye escort he’d want a girl to take control the way Evelyn was now. Had Flynn been the same? Ted wanted to show her how he made love.

With one arm around her waist, he flipped her onto the sofa until her head and back were pressed into the corner. On his knees, one hand on the armrest, he leant down until his lips could encircle her hard nipples. With his other hand, his forefinger ran from her breasts over her tummy and to the rim of her pyjama bottoms. He listened as she shivered and moaned under his touch. He grinned.

Pulling his lips away, he watched smugly as Evelyn lay beneath him, writhing and chest heaving for air as his fingers slipped into her pyjama bottoms. Their eyes stayed fixated upon one another as his hand reached between her spread legs. Ted realised then exactly how much Evelyn liked him. He grinned even harder, his thumb grazing her soft clit and watching her squirm with delight. In small circles and with his lips returning to her neck, Ted rubbed and kissed until Evelyn was tugging at his hair and screaming his name. He had dreamt long and hard about teasing Evelyn White.

Soon, he was backing off of the sofa until his knees were on the floor. Evelyn’s eyes opened long enough to see him pull off her pyjama bottoms. His hands rubbed the length of her legs all the way to her toes. His eyes stayed upon hers. That intense gaze that left Evelyn powerless. Her heart was leaping and bounding in her chest; her ribs ached from the pounding. Her head was swirling; she was dizzy with happiness and pleasure. Trembling fingers ran through his short hair as he kissed from her toes to the tops of her thighs. His torturous teasing was driving her crazy with desire. She was frantic to feel him, every inch of him, deep inside of her. She’d always thought Ted was gorgeous; he looked even better naked. Little did she know, he was thinking the same thing.

“Fuck-,” Ted stopped kissing her and straightened up with a sigh.

“What? What’s wrong?” Evelyn sat up suddenly, concerned that the worst possible thing had happened. That she had started her period. She would have to start sooner or later – especially now she wasn’t pregnant. That thought stuck in her head and Evelyn didn’t feel as turned on anymore.

“I don’t have a condom,” Ted exhaled, sounding rather irritated “Fuck.”

“It’s okay-,” Evelyn stroked his cheek, gulping back her anxiety. She had taken her pill that morning. She always took it now. But would it be wise to risk it? Ebony would say no. “It’s fine. Who would?”

“Wade?” Ted questioned.

“Ebony’s on the pill,” Evelyn shook her head. None of their other friends would be having sex on this holiday.

“Oh god, I know who would,” Ted bowed his head until his forehead was against her thigh. She stroked his head softly, cherishing the moment. It felt right, being this way with Ted.


“Declan,” Ted moaned. His best friend always carried them – ‘in case I get lucky innit’.

“I will be right back,” he said slowly, still contemplating.

“Hurry,” she whispered just as slowly. She didn’t need to gesture down to herself for Ted to know what he would be missing if he wasn’t quick.

He had never run so fast in his life and when he returned, condom in hand the room was still in darkness all except from the one lamp in the living area. Evelyn was sat in the armchair wearing Ted’s Streetfighter t-shirt – and nothing else.

“Any luck?” she asked, eyes alight with hope.

Ted said nothing. He simply held up the condom ikitelli escort packets.

Evelyn grinned playfully and stood up in the armchair. Ted exhaled heavily at the sight of her. His t-shirt hung perfectly from her petite frame, except where it grew tight over her large breasts. Silhouetted in the lights of the city outside, Evelyn’s hair was like a dark curtain. Even from across the room, Ted could see the green of her eyes, like a feline in the night.

He paced across the room and swept her up into his arms. Legs around his waist, he laid her back on the sofa. Hungrily, Evelyn ripped off his hoodie as he kicked off his shoes, all the while, the two kissed messily. Ted shucked off his boxers as she pulled off the t-shirt. With Evelyn’s back in the corner of the seat and her legs spread before him, he almost lost it all then. He tore open one of the condom packets and slipped it upon his erection. He listened as Evelyn’s breathing quickened. He felt as her hands ran up his arms to his shoulders, tugging him towards her.

With one hand cradling her head and the other encircling her waist, Ted slid inside of her. They both groaned loudly and deeply, the overwhelming sensation flooding their bodies. Her knees were to his sides as Ted rocked back and forth, sliding deeper and quicker, listening as Evelyn began to moan his name. Nails in his back, her hand in his short hair, Evelyn’s bare body was wrapped around him. Ted closed his eyes, steadying his excitement. Already, sweat beads covered their chests. He kissed her sweet damp neck, her groans of pleasure like honey. Evelyn raised her hips to meet his as he quickened his pace. Her hands were on his hips now, clawing and yearning for more. Ted chewed on his bottom lip watching as her ample breasts bounced with every pound from his hips, her face contorted in ecstasy. He couldn’t help but grin with satisfaction at the sight of her beneath him. He placed one hand on the armrest by her head and lifted one of her legs up onto his shoulder. Evelyn let a whimper of delight as he slid even further inside of her. She gasped for air as he nibbled and sucked at her neck while his other hand rubbed down the back of her thigh and between her legs. As if she wasn’t in heaven already, Ted’s thumb began to rub across her clit, heightening her pleasure to a whole new dimension. She hadn’t wanted to be loud. There were neighbours either side of them.

Oh, who cares? This is the most amazing thing in the world.

Her head was dizzy and her limbs trembled as Ted’s cock pumping deeply and expertly into her pussy. She clutched at his sodden back, her nails making long marks across his skin. Evelyn pressed her lips to his cheek as he continued to bite at her neck, taking deep breaths of his delicious scent. She had wanted this for so long. To be like this with Ted; every inch of him sliding into her pussy, his hands on her naked skin and his lips caressing her. She pushed her head back further into the sofa as a great tsunami of bliss washed over her. Tingling in her toes, rushing up her legs until she was shivering and writhing, screaming his name. It exploded like fireworks up her stomach, through her chest and into her thumping heart; down her trembling arms, over her neck and out her mouth with another scream of almighty pleasure. Her head was swimming, her vision blurring and her ears ringing as the orgasm engulfed her. It was the final straw for Ted too. Seeing her crumbling beneath him, physically pulsating from the pleasure he’d given her, he couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Burying his face deeper into her neck, her hands cradling his head, Ted collapsed into his orgasm, hips thrusting one last time as he came. Breathless, sweaty and fulfilled, the two clung to each other. For a few minutes, they simply breathed. All the sexual tension that had been built between the two had climaxed, leaving them truly satisfied. At least, for now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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